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So in the not so near future I will be running a Iron Kingdoms campaign. One of the races is something of a half ogre. It is called an ogrun. From errata and such I believe it is a LA 2 race, and from my understanding because it is a large, so it has +1 reach, and it also has been giving a +1 to AC. Which results in the 2 LA. If I drop the +1 to AC can I call it a +1 LA? Any familiar with IK I would really appreciate the help.
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I'm currently building a NWN moule at a painstaking pace. I would like help with the plot. Basic Premise:

Its oriental themed
Its basicaly a revenge story
It starts with a flashback with the character remembering how his father was killed by Teh Uber Evil Lord's troops
Then there's a flashback where he remembers his failed assassination attempt on the lord
The lord spares his life and throws him in the dungeon to rot
In the dungeon, the character finds the Necronomicon
Character reads Necronomicon and is transported to some wierd place with Yog-Sothoth in it.
Makes bargain with Yog-Sothoth. In exchange for his soul, Yog-Sothoth will free him from prison. Yog-Sothoth splits his soul into parts, and whenever he dies will claim a part, then send him back. (I.E Ten lives.)

After that I have no idea where to go. It has to end with him dueling with TehUberBadLord in the Void.

TehUberBadLOrd is a Hastur worshiping guy, and is really arrogant.

I need ideas! Please?
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