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You can call me Dash! I am 21 years old and I work a full time job! (Just so yo know I'm not just bailing on our writing!)
Interest of mine include:
1) Reading books
2) Writing
3) Driving my truck (oddly enough yes, my truck is very close to me.)
4) Roleplaying!

So now if you want to spark my interest this list is key!

I am open to a variety of different roleplays! Just PM me an idea and I'll probably say yes. I have about 2-3 years experience so there is still plenty of learning to do! So I'm sorry in advance about how many questions I ask.
Also! If you ever want to PM me just to do some chatting I'm always here! I will listen to anyone if they EVER need a safe space.

I look forward to writing with all of you!


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I couldn't quite pin point if I had saw her or not. My instincts are telling me no because I would have remembered such a face. "Well I guess what matters is here and now right?" I explain to her. I go for a shot in the dark and add a small wink at the end and study her face. I look out the window again and I'm slightly surprised to see the sun setting slightly and the sky turning an orangish yellow. Not that I minded. I didn't have any particular place to go. I usually spend my evenings here or at my fathers house, helping him.

"What kinds of things do you do now? After graduation, I know lots of people head to college or find jobs. Not that you need to be doing one of those things, just thought maybe you have hobbies that you like to do when your free?" I tried to gather information Cat. She's so different than all of the others that went to my school. It seems as though she hasn't even noticed the things I am so often bullied for. Maybe we are the same; her and I. Perhaps we are a lot more alike than we think. But also maybe we are completely different. Either way, I wanted to continue to know her.
"Lived here my whole entire life. I actually had plans to move from here once school was done, but unfortunately I can't seem to pick myself up and leave this little old town." I smiled slightly reminiscing on all memories I had in this town. Mostly good, a lot of bad though. "After my parents split up my mom moved away, it's just been my dad and I. I still go see her from time to time though." I watched her get comfortable at the table and it was like a permanent smile had formed on my face. "What about you? I heard you had said your from here? That must be crazy that we haven't bumped into each other somehow." I thought long and hard as to if I had saw this woman before around town and honestly I couldn't pin point any moment that I had.
Okay breath Alex, you haven't blown it yet! I let out a sigh of relief when she laughed. "Yes that definitely counts." I said glancing outside then back to Cat. "I hope I'm not keeping you from other things? I would hate to be a burden." I said hesitantly. Surely this beautiful woman had other things to talk to silly ole me in a coffee shop? The last thing I want is to be making her feel like she has to sit here and talk to me.

I couldn't help but wonder more and more about her and the secrets that lay beneath the surface. I was determined to get to know her more. I had to. Would she let me? What if she wasn't even into girls! I mentally sighed. I could only hope she does.
I feel myself instantly smiling as I hear her laugh float through my ears. A little thing I have recently noticed was the slight gap between her teeth when she smiled. I turned blush pink as I think about how beautiful and quirky this girl is in front of me. As I mess with my lip rings as I listened to her stories, I tuned out everything else around us.

"I'm sorry for the things you have been through. I'm sure it must have been tuff. I mean, it never really is easy." I replied softly. I thought back to when I had things go south in my life and what I have done differently because of these actions. "But it is really exciting to slowly getting back into the swing of things, yeah?" I said suddenly realizing that it might not be and now I've made a fool of myself to just assume her situation.

"I'm sorry I mean if it is getting better, I don't know if it is because obviously I'm not in your shoes- but I promise I wasn't just assuming I mean- " I started stuttering over my words. Crap! Here it goes! I blew it. Why can't I just learn to keep my mouth shut.. I thought to myself as I mentally prepared for the worst.
"No no, It's completely fine don't worry! I really don't mind! I usually sit here by myself, it's nice to be able to talk to someone!" I rambled on. A smile had spread its way onto my face as I watched her get flushed about sitting down. I set the book down and grabbed my coffee that had almost empty and started sipping the rest of it down. "Do you like to read as well..?" I questioned as I tuck a strand of hair behind me ear.

As I sat there throughout our conversation, her voice flowed into my ears like I was listening to light music. I try and hold my strong posture to make is seem like I'm more open and confident with my words as this beautiful woman sat across from me. The bell to the coffee shop is faint in the background as people come and go but I couldn't be less focused on that than I am now. My main focus was right in front of me.
Panic raced through my mind as I saw her gliding over to where I sat. As she was walking over I found my mind in hyper-mode, trying to scan every detail of her face. Only last second did I realize that she had finally made it over to my seat and was talking directly at me. "O- Oh..! Yes I suppose Jane Austen just has a way with her words." I keep it simple so I don't go into a huge rant as to why this is my favorite book at the moment. That would probably just be boring anyway, I think to myself. I shake my head slightly and realize yet again that she introduced herself to me, and I was lost in her gaze.

"Well if we are going by what the universe calls us, I'm Alex. Just Alex," I hesitate and giggle at myself. "It's really nice to meet you. Have you just moved around here recently..? I haven't saw you around." I try and strike up a conversation. Please don't think I'm weird.
When I saw the girl turn around my heart did a little jump. The woman on the other side of the coffee shop that had peaked my interest was breathtaking. The freckles that showered her face lightly contrasted with her skin. Just as I went to steal my next glance, I noticed her smiling at me and waving in my direction. I froze and a blush crept up on my face. Luckily I have decided to shove my face in this book she wouldn't be able to see, I thought to myself as I had just been caught staring.

I slightly turned in my seat to see if there was someone behind me by chance and to my surprise, there was not. I looked back ahead of me and locked eyes with the woman. As if I couldn't be any more awkward, I pointed at myself and mouthed me to the girl then waved back kindheartedly with a smile.
As I continue to float through my favorite book, I glanced around the coffee shop periodically just to stay aware of her surroundings. A little while after I started my book, I heard the door to the shop open and a brunette haired woman walking in. As I observed her through the top of my glasses, trying to stay discrete as I noticed her and the barista conversing about nothing special. Her body was turned around towards the counter so I wasn't able to get a full look.

I shook my head slightly, smiling to myself as I pushed my glasses back up on my face and turned my attention back to my book. I took another drink of my half empty coffee as I hummed quietly. Although my attention had been focused back on my book, I couldn't help but steal more glances right over my book at the woman at the counter. It wasn't the conversation or the volume of her voice that was distracting, it was simply the curiosity of never noticing this girl before. She seems very friendly with the worker and even knew her name!
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