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You can call me Dash! I am 21 years old and I work a full time job! (Just so yo know I'm not just bailing on our writing!)
Interest of mine include:
1) Reading books
2) Writing
3) Driving my truck (oddly enough yes, my truck is very close to me.)
4) Roleplaying!

So now if you want to spark my interest this list is key!

I am open to a variety of different roleplays! Just PM me an idea and I'll probably say yes. I have about 2-3 years experience so there is still plenty of learning to do! So I'm sorry in advance about how many questions I ask.
Also! If you ever want to PM me just to do some chatting I'm always here! I will listen to anyone if they EVER need a safe space.

I look forward to writing with all of you!


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As I continue to float through my favorite book, I glanced around the coffee shop periodically just to stay aware of her surroundings. A little while after I started my book, I heard the door to the shop open and a brunette haired woman walking in. As I observed her through the top of my glasses, trying to stay discrete as I noticed her and the barista conversing about nothing special. Her body was turned around towards the counter so I wasn't able to get a full look.

I shook my head slightly, smiling to myself as I pushed my glasses back up on my face and turned my attention back to my book. I took another drink of my half empty coffee as I hummed quietly. Although my attention had been focused back on my book, I couldn't help but steal more glances right over my book at the woman at the counter. It wasn't the conversation or the volume of her voice that was distracting, it was simply the curiosity of never noticing this girl before. She seems very friendly with the worker and even knew her name!
I think I had posted the first post in the IC tab

The bell to the coffee shop chimed as I walked through the door. I breathed in the familiar scent of coffee beans and vanilla as I made my way over to my usual spot by the window. I made it a point to make sure I come here at least once a week and read a few chapters of my books. Its always so relaxing and therapeutic, I very much enjoy it to clear my mind most days. It was just a small coffee shop right around the block from my apartment. Most days I walked down here, others I drove. Today however was an exceptionally lovely day to take a walk.

I set my things down at the table and walk up to the counter to order a coffee. "Just one venti iced vanilla please." I say to the cashier who is kindly making sure she takes care of her guest. As I'm waiting for my coffee I let my eyes wonder around the shop, observing the people around. It sure is slow around here, I thought to myself. Usually on a Monday afternoon it is busier than this.

My coffee was handed to me and I muttered a small thank you and a smile to the lady working as I made my way back to my seat. I settled down and took my book out placing it on the table as well as my coffee and made sure all of my things were in place. I took my glasses out of their case and put them on, blinking slightly to adjust my eyes to them so I could actually read my book. Call me cliché but the romance novel in my hand was actually Pride and Prejudice. I was honestly a sucker for romances. I giggled to myself as I caught myself in my thoughts. I open my book to where my bookmark was laid and started where I had left off.
Hello!! I was possibly wondering if anyone wanted to do a romance roleplay? My thoughts were possibly two young adults, just got out of high school starting to figure out what they want to do in life, getting to know each other and things like that?
Just a casual roleplay to help me get back into the swing of things?

I was looking for a guy or girl from ages 21-25
If you are interested please let me know of you have a better idea to add I would love feedback!
Thread sizes from 3-4 sentences to even 5-6 I wouldn't mind either way, as long as its something to go off of!
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Hello! I am new here myself and look forward to writing with you sometime!
Have you ever had your heart beat so fast you think its going to explode? Or that your so scared for what is to come, that instead of thinking logically, your brain shuts down and all you see is black. Then when your mind deems you safe again, that's when you come back to reality and your not in the situation you once were in? Because I defiantly have. And when I told that to my therapist she deemed it "Chronic Anxiety" And expected me to use medication the balances the things in my brain.

So instead of telling my therapist how I'm really feeling, I laugh to myself as I continue my walk around our local park that surprisingly fairly busy for how abandoned this little town is. The music that blast through my headphones slows to a stop, only for another song to start, more relaxing but still not what some would call "soothing".

Not that I minded that this little town is less busy than the one I had since resided in. This is what I wanted. Something smaller, something less crowded, no people., I thought to myself. I wanted to blend in. I so hated sticking out. It only opened yourself for failure. In a small town, less things happen. I was optimistic on moving away from my old house, away from any friends or family I ever had. They weren't good for me anyway.

I just hope that I can meet some new friends along the way, I thought as I came across a medium sized lake. I walked over to the bench that looks out across the body of water, resting there as I flipped through my phone to change my music.
Hello! My name is Kiersten, I got the nick name Kiki from my 2 year old nice who can't actually say my name!

A little bit about me is that I am 21 years old and I use to roleplay a LOT when I was about 15-17, and I really loved it! I felt I could really flow through some, all kinds honestly. But honestly, it's been a very long time and I would love to be able to start again with all of you lovely people!
So if you are interested in roleplaying with a fairly new writer and wanted to show me the ropes I would be very grateful!
Thanks again!!

Thats crazy that you say that, that you haven't roleplayed in years because I have hopped on here as well to see if I can get back into roleplaying!! Looking forward to roleplaying with you!
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