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Current *slowly creaks open the door* Er... So its been a while. Boy have I had some issues. Issues I'm not really wanting to talk about honestly, but I am back. That's something right?
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10 mos ago
Sorry for being absent guys! I am in the process of moving house! So my internet is spotty at best atm as I dont have wifi set up yet so using phone data. Ill be back asap!
11 mos ago
Waaaaaaaay the sites back up!
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11 mos ago
When its almost 5am and you didn't realise because you were too busy replying to RPs and PM's x-x Probably should go to bed now... *tiptoes off into bed*
11 mos ago
I'm back (again) Apologies to anyone wondering where I buggered off to. Family can be difficult to deal with. Trying to move out and people just keep throwing things in the way to stop it all. Ugh.
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You can call me Kimi.
I'm 25, female from England. -keep that in mind for time differences!-
I will probably be most active during the evening.
If you don't hear from me within like 3 days during the week, check my status! Please don't harass me for posts! It has happened before and it REALLY puts me off the whole roleplay.

I am happy to RP via discord @Solanyne#3916 if you're interested.

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So... I am finally back from an extremely difficult and awful year in general (don't particularly want to get into it honestly). I am wanting to get back into RPing. I don't want to take on too many RP's but I am happy to start a few! :)
Aw man that sucks big time! I have been REALLY frigging busy outside of RPG D: Its coming up to Christmas so I'm trying to grab all the hours I can at the moment to pay off the bills and manage to get people SOMETHING for Christmas and then I have been ill to boot ;-;
Still here, been super busy lately :/ But still interested!
x'D This OOC is hilarious :')
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In A Past Life
Pairing: Demon x Female Human

Misaka is an orphan. Her parents died in a car accident many years ago. Her mother was pregnant at the time with her baby brother. She lost all her immediate family. She comes from a family of very well known and respected Demon Hunters. Now living with her grandparents, they have trained her in the ways of keeping herself protected from the likes of demons as she is the last of the family lineage.

Her main goal is to find another demon hunter or someone with demon hunter blood and populate the world with more hunters. Their blood isn't like normal humans. The difference being that they can sense demons and have more of a mental resistance to their trickery and powers as well as preform magic. They got these 'powers' from a human and 'good' demon making a pact centuries ago to produce powerful human offspring that could kill off the 'bad' demons. Not all demons are bad, and not all are good.

However regardless of this pact the humans made with the demon, back in the present day they no longer trust any demon due to something happening a few decades ago. Misaka's ancestor, Ayumi, was working with a powerful 'good' demon. They became close. Very close. She was betrothed to another hunter from another family, to help strengthen hunter bonds and keep their blood as 'pure' as possible without inbreeding. As the hunter and demon became closer her husband to be saw it and began to get jealous.

On the eve of his and Ayumi's wedding she spent the night with the demon instead of her new husband. Ayumi continued this affair for a while as she had fallen in in love with him long before their first night together on her wedding night. She did not and never did love her husband. He eventually found out and began telling lies saying he was tricking them and trying to get them all killed, saying he had put Ayumi under a demonic lust spell and the families banded together and had the demon sealed away in an amulet. He was a high levelled demon, killing him would take far too much power and sealing him was much easier. The demon and Ayumi were very very much in love when he was sealed and no amount of protesting and screaming to try tell them her husband was simply a jealous liar they did not believe her. After he was sealed away the amulet was locked away never to be seen or looked at again. Ayumi eventually died of a broken heart. She locked herself away in her bedroom and just refused to eat or drink or speak to anyone. Her family had betrayed her. The demon could have easily killed them all to escape imprisonment but that would go against his very soul. He also loved Ayumi far too much to kill her family.

A few decades later and you have the orphaned girl, Misaka who lives with her grandparents. She finds a safe in the basement of her families large house after helping her grandparents with some spring cleaning. For some reason she cant help but be drawn to it. Its as though its begging her to open it. She of course doesn't know the code as it is locked with magic. She queries her grandmother on the safe later and she tells her the tale of their ancestor Ayumi and that inside is the demon within the amulet. She reveilles the magic used to seal the safe and how to open it as every ten years the magic must be taken away and renewed, to keep it strong. They say they wont be around for the next sealing so it is up to her to keep it sealed away.

Over the course of the next few days of cleaning and almost hearing the pleading coming from the safe she couldn't help it any longer. Her curiosity got the better of her. In the middle of the night Misaka snuck down into the basement and preformed the release spell. Opened the door and revealed a beautiful silver amulet with what appeared to be sapphires. Her hand reached in and she took it out. She looked at it for the longest time before not knowing why but her heart told her to put it around her neck.

As soon as the clasp fastened and it was on her neck she felt a surge of energy run through her as a bright light flashed around her. When the lighting dimmed he walked out of the shadows of the basement with a smile on his face happy to finally be released. The demon knew that Ayumi had died long ago as he felt her heart stop as they were connected after their first night together. But upon his release, looking at Misaka he could swear that it was Ayumi. She looked exactly like her.

So in this if you haven't guessed already, Misaka is the reincarnation of Ayumi. She died of a broken heart but has been reincarnated to rescue her beloved from the amulet. Only if Ayumi wears the amulet can the demon be released but at this moment in time, no one is aware of this. Misaka has no idea she is Ayumi reincarnate and the demon has no idea yet either. It is only through doing things together with the demon that she will begin to remember her past life and that the demon will realise why she and Ayumi are so similar! This one does require you to be okay with sex scenes as the demon has to be very... sexual. It is one of the ways Misaka will remember her past life and the demon. So no fading to black! This RP will require a few flashback scenes. The demon is madly in love still with Ayumi and is heart broken she is gone but upon seeing Misaka his heart flutters as she looks EXACTLY like Ayumi.
I so badly want Kaela to go to D Dorms at some point omg x'D CAN YOU IMAGINE THOUGH?! I mean she hates the class system like but yeh'know :'3
In the Glorious Country of England!

Litter? We'll fine you.
Piss in the lift? We'll arrest you.
Drink after 10 P.M.? Go ahead, but don't be a nob head.
Exceed the speed limit? We'll fine you.
Feed the birds? Go ahead so long as its not rice.
Dump rubbish on the streets? We'll arrest you.
Fish illegally from the canals? We'll fine you.
Chew gum in public? Will ask you for gum
Spit on the ground? Its not illegal. Gross, but not illegal.
Vandalise something? We'll arrest you
Browse porn on the internet? Go ahead so long as its not related to animals or children.
Have drugs on your person? Depends how much you have on you. Enough just for you, a fine. Enough for dealing? Arrest.

It also rains all the time here. People generally don't give a shit about the environment, as there is a lot of illegal tipping on country roads. Also, don't kill swans. It's very very illegal. They are protected by the Queen. :|
@Mae Tis fine take your time :') I'm super patient anyways so no rush~
Finally got my reply out... Sorry it took longer than anticipated I haven't been well, plus stress with job move PLUS bad news today... Ugh =.= It has certainly been hectic on my end recently ;-;
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