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Okay so I've never really been good at these but what the hell? I'm new to the site but I'm an RP veteran. I've been in the trenches since I was about 15 or 16 and I'm 25 now. I like to think of myself as an open book so feel free to hit me up and ask me whatever and I'll probably tell you. I got back into RP because I have a couple ideas I'd like to get out of my head. And I'm hoping to write characters and stories that are a bit out of my comfort zone. Maybe my skills can improve like that. Soooo like yeah, that's me.

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The android eyed Nessa carefully as she hung onto every word. She continued dismantling her weapon piece by piece, nodding every so often to ensure that she was paying attention. Nessa's story was hard to listen to because it reminded Sev so much of herself and her own past. Once Nessa was finished Sev reached out a hand and clasped one of Nessa's. "We are survivors", she said quietly, "The best thing that we can do for the fallen is make sure that their memories live on through us and through our actions". Gently Sev reached up to brush away Nessa's tears. The Star-Born's skin was scalding hot to the touch. Luckily Sev wasn't easily affected by such things. She took Nessa's cheek into her hand as she leaned in closer, "Now come on, that's enough tears for today. I always thought a smile looked better on you". She released her gentle grip before looking around the room in search of the miniature bots, "Meeny, Miney, Moe", she called, "Fetch us a drink please. Something hard. I know Myrn has a stash around here somewhere". The three scrapbots materialized from between the coils of cables running along the floor. Their tiny sharp appendages tapped rapidly as charged off to do Sev's bidding. "Still hard to believe the kid built those when she was nine", Sev said under her breath more to herself," Even harder to believe she's managed to keep them around for this long". The pistol was mostly deconstructed by now. Sev fished the old crystal out of it's casing before replacing it with the one that Nessa had given her as payment. Carefully, she placed the old sapphire on the table next to them before going back to reassembling the firearm. Moments later the scarpbots returned carrying two shot glasses and an unopened glass bottle of liquid that seemed to glow with the same energy as Sev's eyes. They placed the glasses and bottle neatly on the table. "Thanks guys", Sev popped the cap on the bottle and poured a shot for Nessa and herself, "Tonight we drink. We drink to people that we've lost and the people that we've found". She tapped the bottom of her shot glass against the table before raising it again. "To the future", her electric blue eyes looked to Nessa expectantly.
Myrn knelt forward and scooped the small creature up into her arms. Blinking awkwardly as the words entered her mind, flowing like water over her brain. "Huh, so you're some kind of a telepathic puppy then", she said quizzically. Myrn took the piece of tech from the creture's mouth and activated it. The holographic displayed a slightly older picture of Nessa. She appeared to be happy. The only other pictures she's seen of Nessa were the wanted signs all over the Net. "Thanks little buddy", she nestled Ra against her face, "Let's get this back to your mom now okay". The two began making their way back towards Myrn's room.

Six had been watching the medical bay video feed in her heads up display the entire time. She'd posted up just around the corner and waited for.... Whatever Feya was to catch up. "Look who decided to return to the land of the living", Six taunted as the beast rounded the corner. "I won't rat you out if you're worried about that. I've done worse to my share of recruits. I've already doctored the vid footage. In my report we'll just chalk it up to.....Oh, let's say a mechanical failure. So that's two you owe me now Feya and to hear your dear old sweet heart tell it, you're on your last leg with the Council. If you want the Star-Born I suggest you keep yourself in check". The android slowly walked in circles around the beast as she talked, eyeing her like a piece of meat. "They way I see it you belong to me now. One wrong move, the slightest hint of you going full monster and you won't be my problem anymore. So I suggest you take a good long think about what you want out of this little vendetta of yours". She playfully caressed the woman's back with her new hand before strutting down the corridor.
Huge lore dump lol be warned. I'm sorry but this seemed like the best possible time to do it. Also I'm cooking up some new side character to potentially run into.
"Thanks Ness", Sev released her finger, "We'll get through this thing. I should probably give the kid some space for right now. I'm sure she feels a certain way about how I just vanished for all this time". Sev had always sort of assumed that dropping off the map would keep Myrn and her friends safe. She never really considered how they would feel about her absence especially considering everything that they had been through together. Her gaze wondered from Nessa to the photo on the table and her heart sank. "I can't believe she kept this", Sev grinned as she moved to scoop up the photograph as gently as possible. "This was our little makeshift family. That's me, Myrn, her older brother Kanji, Amanzi, Dex and Rondo are in the background there but you can barely see them", Sev paused for a moment as if she were reliving the memory, "I wish things could've stayed that way forever". Sev could recall every single detail of that day. Everything from the smell of the ocean, the feeling of the sand between her toes, the kid's laughter as they played, it all felt like a hundred years ago. "I don't think I've told you my story. My full story. See, years ago the 'secret' facility where I was created and raised was attacked by rebels. They had somehow managed to figure out our location and what the branch was up to. By this point in time we'd already handled over a hundred missions on the Council's behalf. I've always thought that either me or one of my sisters didn't do a good job of covering our tracks. Anyway, the rebels attacked our home killing the scientists and security. They wanted to raze this place to the ground and thinking back I honestly couldn't blame them. We did terrible things. Things that I'll probably never tell you about. I had been thinking of defecting for awhile by the time the attack happened. My sisters thought I had a glitch, that I was defective and needed an update or a straight up memory wipe. Well I used the attack as a distraction while I made my escape. I left my sisters to fend for themselves. I still feel some regret for it to this day but I had to leave. Six hates me for abandoning them and I don't blame her. I assume that the rest of our sisters were either destroyed, captured, or just dismantled and harvested. I may never know. So I escaped, I stole a Guard fighter ship and flew as far as I could before I was eventually shot down and crashed like you did. I ended up on Koa. It was probably one of the most beautiful planets I've seen. There were beaches with orange and pink sand. Crystal clear blue ocean water for miles. I thought I was safe but it turned out that Koa was a war-zone and I had landed smack in the middle of the fighting between the locals and the Council Guard Army. And that's when I met her. Amanzi came and fished me out of the wreckage of my ship. She didn't have a clue who or what I was just that I needed help. She used to have a saying 'hand over hand, you help who you can'. That's just the kind of person that she was.....I loved her". Sev paused and looked longingly at the photograph. She hadn't realized how much she missed Amanzi until she had to talk about her. "After the fighting was done she questioned me to figure out what my intentions were and I told her the truth. That I was running, that I was done with the Council and their games. She gave me two options, she could find another ship and get me offworld where I could continue running, or I could stay and help them fight back the Council forces and help them reclaim their world. I chose to stay and fight. The Council Army was razing villages to the ground and murdering families in the streets. I had to do something to help so I joined Amanzi and her rebel fighters. We fought for months and eventually are numbers started to dwindle. That was also around the time that we found Myrn and her brother Kanji. The Council forces had raided their village. By the time we got there most of the damage had already been done. Their mother and father had been killed from blaster fire from the tanks that the army was using to siege the coast. I'll never forget the faces of those kids when I pulled them from that burning house. I found them huddled together under their parent's bed terrified. From that point on Amanzi focused our efforts on dealing with the civilians that were caught up in the war. Since we had fewer fighters it was a lot easier to move in and around townships to save who we could. We kept running into more and more resistance from the Council Army where we should've had the drop on them. Myrn figured out that they were somehow tracking the Annex that was connected to my brain", Sev reached up to part her hair and show Nessa the scar that was still there. "The Annex connected me to the Council Net therefor they had access to my movements but it worked both ways. Eventually our field medic, Dex, and Myrn had to perform a surgery in order to remove the thing. That's why I'm basically bald in that picture. After that things were fine for awhile. We still hit Council camps for medical supplies and rations to give to the refugees. We carried on like this for about a year or two, time gets a little hazy in wars. Finally I think the Council was tired of allocating resources to a war that shouldn't have went on for as long as it did. I'll never forget that night. We had bunked in the remains of a warehouse and we could hear the bombs dropping before we knew what was happening. Kanji was the first to go. It was quick. I was up and trying to coordinate the remainder of our team to evacuate when I realized that we were short a person, Amanzi. I found her trapped under a mountain of rubble and she was bleeding out from getting hit with the blast. I tried....I swear I tried my damnedest to get her free but it wasn't enough. The bombardment was still going on around us and we needed to move. That's when she grabbed me and looked me dead in the eyes and said 'Sev, my love. You have to go. You have to protect our family and continue to fight for what's right'. She gave me her gun and told me to keep it so that she could continue to fight at my side. After that she.....after that she was gone. Our moral was at an all time low afterwards. As the newly appointed leader I had to pick up the pieces and get us all back in fighting shape. It was hard but we fought with everything that we had. Even managed to get a few hundred recruits from the remaining cities but it wasn't enough. Koa eventually lost the war and there was only a handful of us left. Somewhere on Koa there's a bounty for all of us because we terrorized a few Council buildings before I eventually decided we needed to split up and relocate. And that's how I ended up on that dust bowl where we met. Believe it or not I left it a lot better than I found it. I worked mainly as a scrapper but I moonlighted as a bounty hunter and part time gang buster. I figured it was the right thing to do. So, that's me. My whole bloody story". Sev took out her pistol and gazed at it briefly. The memories just came flooding back one after another. All of the joy and all of the sorrow and horror that she'd experienced in her time on Koa. It felt good to finally talk about it all though. She somehow felt as though a giant weight had been lifted from her chest. She felt free. The android just sat in comfortable silence trying to give Nessa time to process the story she'd just told. It was a lot and she didn't want to overwhelm the Star-Born with anymore banter. She simply placed her pistol on the table and began dismantling it the same way that she had done countless times before. It made sense to Sev. Combat made sense to her as well as preparing for combat. The irony of being a weapon maintaining a weapon struck her with a grin as she worked.
Myrn worked at her desk with tears burning in her eyes. The fact that she had spoken to Sev like that hurt. It felt like a cheap shot to mention Amanzi. Her heart hurt at the notion that she probably upset Sev. Myrn's fingers moved frantically as she worked. It was the only thing that ever took her mind off of everything. Everything like losing her brother and the perpetual loneliness that she faced living in an asteroid field in the middle of nowhere. Tears where beginning to pepper the keyboard as she typed. The pitter patter of a tiny creature stirred Myrn from her emotional spiral. She turned to face the creature with a sniffle, "Puppy"? The girl wiped her greasy hands on her pant legs once again before kneeling down to beckon the beast. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen but it was cute in a weird sort of way. It was carrying something too. Some sort of tech of some kind. "Come here baby", Myrn patted her thighs to get it's attention.

Six merely had to put enough effort into a thought in order to send the report to the captain. She blinked and in an instant it was taken care of. "Check your com for the report", she said getting up from her seat, "And look I really don't care about the details of your...whatever she is to you. I just need her in her right mind and ready to fight when I figure out where to strike next. Contact me again when you have that done. Don't waste my time with anything less because I have subordinates for that". She crossed the room on silent feet, like a deadly specter. Her eyes cut a downward, disgusted glance at Feya as she passed. "And if she's that big of a problem to you then you should have her put down like the beast that she is. I don't have time to deal with dead weight while I'm in the field. I gave her the Star Hopper on a silver fucking platter and she couldn't get the kill. Either fix her or assign someone else to my unit that can get the job done. Now if you will excuse me captain". With that she moved towards the door taking a moment to leave four deep gashes with her new claws in the frame as she walked.
"I learned a few new things", Sev said, "Or rather I remembered a few things that I had forgotten about". She flexed a pinky finger on either hand and foot long, curved serrated blades shot out of her forearms. Myrn jumped at the sudden unsheathing blades. "Not bad huh? There's other stuff t-".
"Nessa needs a break", Myrn cut in, "Nessa needs a break and so do you, Sev". The android retracted the blades with a jarring metal on metal sound. "But the ship", Sev started, "We have to get that thing in shape as soon as possible so-".
"So what", Myrn was puffing out her chest now and standing her ground, "So you can run off and get the both of you killed on some backwater planet? I'll start prepping for the ship maintenance in a second but for now you need to take a break. If you keep going at this rate then you'll just run Nessa into the ground and I'm not letting you do that. We're not fighting a war anymore Seven and she's not Amanzi". Myrn stopped herself immediately after the name left her lips, placing a hand over her mouth as if to take it back. Sev furrowed her brows and a look of frustration formed on her elegant face, "Don't", she said with a cracking voice. "I'm sorry", Myrn uttered as she brushed past Sev to leave the bedroom and vanished into the cavern. Without another word Sev planted herself on the plush seat that Myrn was sitting in across from Nessa. She sat there with her face in her hands attempting to hide the artificial tears that were burning down the sides of her cheeks already. It was rare for Myrn to vocalize herself like that to Sev but whenever she did she always knew what buttons to push and what nerves to hit. In a way the girl was right and that's what hurt Sev the most. After a moment or two of awkward silence Sev lifted her head and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. With a sniffle she turned to Nessa, "She's right and I'm sorry. I'm not real so I don't have a lot of the same feelings that you get and I'm realizing now that I've been pushing you pretty hard for these last couple of days. Between trying to keep you safe and seeing my sister again I've been a little inconsiderate and selfish. Just know that I have the best intentions for the both of us. We'll get your name cleared and I'll go back to doing my stuff. Promise". Sev reached out and offered Nessa a pinky finger, hoping that the notion of a pinky promise wasn't lost on a Star-Born.

Six admired the captain's bravery in speaking to her in the way that he did. It was almost refreshing considering that most Elites never spoke back or either avoided her completely because of her reputation. "You're right captain, I don't care", Six crossed the room and sat in one of the chairs and crossed her legs, "But if it means that much to you I'll give you a summary of what happened. We tracked the Star-Born and her accomplice to the ship depot. We'd split up beforehand and I was to distract the android that she was with while Feya here took on the Star Hopper herself. As you know things went left for the both of us and the targets got away. The next time I saw Feya she was beaten within an inch of her life and practically foaming at the mouth. It was pretty disgusting honestly. If you need anymore details I'd be happy to send you the report that I already filed. How's that"?
Myrn listened intently as Nessa spoke, casually thumbing through the book that she'd just handed over. The pages were worn with notes and sketches scrawled in the margins. A lot of the earlier chapters were elementary and uninteresting but the later chapters involved topics that were way more juicy. At a glance Myrn read brief passages on inter-organic robotics and theories of automated intelligence. The young woman's mind was already brimming with new ideas for experiments and projects. By the time that she was done skimming Nessa was in the middle of rambling on about her own difficulties that were similar to Sev's. Myrn gazed at the woman wide-eyed for a brief moment as she basically spilled her guts. She looked visibly distraught the more that she spoke. "Whoa whoa", Myrn spoke in a quiet and calming manner, "It's okay". She casually nudged the table separating them to the side with her boot and moved on her knees to pull the Star-Born into a much needed embrace. "It's okay. You're safe here I promise". The poor girl was shaken up from everything that had happened up until this point. Sev was designed to just keep going and going but Nessa wasn't. She was probably worn out from fleeing and fighting for so long and it was finally catching up with her. "Listen", Myrn withdrew and took Nessa's hand into her own, "For as long as you're here this is your home. What's mine is yours and all that. I'll see if I can talk Sev into slowing down a bit. At least while you guys are here". As if on que Sev came walking over to the bedroom area with a look of satisfaction on her face. "I learned some new tricks. I think-", she paused taking notice of the state Nessa was in, "Did I miss something". Her glowing eyes flickered as her gaze darted from Myrn to Nessa and back again.

"That's hardly any way to speak to a lady, captain" Six mused. She was posted up with her arms folded against the door that led to the medical bay. She was only half interested in what he was talking about. While their lover's spat was mildly entertaining, Six couldn't be bothered with the details. She held out her new arm like a woman observing her freshly manicured nails, her fingers flexed and barbed claws formed on her fingertips. "So why am I here? Our targets have gone to ground for now and I was actually starting to enjoy my downtime. I had hoped that this one was in fighting shape again", Six jabbed a clawed finger in Feya's direction. "But I can clearly see that's not the case. With that being said you'd better have a damned good reason for disturbing my investigation of the Star-Born's location". She eyed the soldier like he was prey, the orange of her eyes narrowed to near slits. The android wasn't joking either. Six was never a fan of having her valuable time wasted with such trivialities, especially for some Council monstrosity that she barely even knew. This was why she preferred working alone. Meatbags always found a way to make things needlessly more complicated. "Speak! And it better be good", she commanded.

It all happened in less than a second. Once Myrn plugged the final cable into Sev's back her consciousness left her body and floated in a seemingly endless void. At least when you're in space you have stars, nebula and planets to gaze at. This wasn't the case in cyberspace. Suddenly a pinprick of light poked through the darkness followed by an intense brightness. Sev found herself surrounded by all manner of lights and code just floating in the space around her. It was a little overwhelming since she hadn't been on the Net for awhile now. She floated through the space until she found the program that she wanted to activate. Sev thought to herself how funny it was that this actually used to be a part of her brain. She reached out with a hand completely made of blue light and code to activate the simulation program. Sev only had to think in order to manipulate the Annex from that point on. The light and code that surrounded Sev began to shift and move to form ground under her feet. From the ground the code crawled up to create walls and sides of buildings and from there it created an artificial sky. Sev had successfully managed to recreate the alley where she'd first encountered Six. Every single detail from the miscellaneous puddles on the ground to the ships flying along the skyline. The grime and sand of the alleyway began to materialize under Sev's boots. Once the scene had completed, Six began to materialize as well. A slender column of red light and code emerged from the ground before shifting and into a perfect recreation of Six, heated knife in hand. Thankfully this digital version of her sister wasn't much for small talk. The digital construct of Six pounced towards Sev, utilizing some of the techniques that Sev recognized. Sev managed to hold her own in the brawl, going on the defensive so that she could observe her sister and look for tells in her movements. Six' attacks seemed wild and unpredictable at first but there was a method to her madness. It took a few moments for Sev to realize that Six only went for killing blows and if she wasn't able to capitalize on that then she would move to attack vitals in order to cripple her. Sev stood her ground and defeated Six in a couple of very brief rounds of combat. The data that she was gathering was going to be vital in surviving against Six in the real world. With each win Sev bumped up the difficulty of the simulation until she inevitably reached a level that she couldn't win against. The electrical feedback that she received from the injuries in the simulation hurt in a real enough way that she was motivated to apply what she'd learned in order to win. About 20 or 30 fights in, Sev began receiving notifications in her heads-up display. They turned out to be suggestions for weapons and enhancements that she'd long forgotten about. In the real world a wry grin tugged at the unconscious Sev's lips.
Several of Myrn's makeshift bots brought over a small foldout table and sat it down between her and Nessa before bringing over a very well made tea set and setting the table. "Meh don know about a technology scale", her islander accent slipped, "Everything that I know about robotics and technology I had to learn for myself. Sometimes for survival and sometimes for fun. I've just always had a knack for this sort of thing". She reached out and picked up the teacup in front of her before blowing on it and taking a sip. She shot a quick thumbs-up at the group of bots and they responded with their own awkward version with their claws and pincers before scuttling off in every direction. Myrn wiped some lingering grease from her hand onto the legs of her jumpsuit. "Sev wasn't always like this ya know", her gaze was fixed on the far corner of the cavern where Sev was hooked up, "She practically raised me in a way. Back then she was fun and a lot less serious. Or at least not as serious as she is now. Eni, go get the thing", she commanded one of the bots that resembled a spider with four clawed legs. The tiny bot leaped into action and began traversing the room, making it's way towards a small storage container next to the massive plush bed. It returned moments later and placed a well worn photograph on the table. Myrn slid the photo towards Nessa's side of the table. There were several people featured in this photo. One was clearly Sev only her hair had been shaven extremely short and there was a very obvious surgical scar on her head. She was smiling, and not the half interested smirk that she does now, this was a genuine smile like she was in the middle of laughing. The android actually looked happy. A younger version of Myrn was being held in Sev's arms. Her face was covered in grease and her hair was a wild and tangled mess of red. Next to them was a young boy that looked to be around Myrn's age at the time of the photo. His hair was the same fiery red as Myrn's except it was twisted into short dreadlocks. The young man was proudly holding up a small fish by it's tail. Another woman was leaning onto Sev's shoulder. She appeared to be human and probably in her mid 30's or so. Her dark brown skin glistened with sweat, enough to soak through the fatigues that she wore. Her navy blue curly, textured hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her eyes were seemed to match her hair color and they were fixed on Sev. Most importantly there was a sidearm holstered to her leg. The very same one that Sev carries to this day. A couple of alien figures could be seen in the background. They appeared to be semi-aquatic but they were hard to make out. "All of us learned how to fish that day", Myrn chimed in, "I just wish that she didn't have to fight or hide anymore. It's all that she's ever known. And ever since Aman-", Myrn caught herself and promptly cut her next statement off with a sip of tea. "Nevermind, I'm just rambling now".

Six had been sitting in the surgical chair for what felt like days as Mother and her lab assistants worked to repair the damage that had been done to her body. Small needle-like robotic arms poked and prodded at her shoulder, knitting the circuitry and infusing more nanomachines into her body to aid in her recovery. Hours later most of the wounds she'd sustained bad been repaid completely however the remains of her arm had been detached from the shoulder down. Mother had spent the majority of her time at a workbench piecing together a replacement. Six just sat silently, almost too afraid to speak which was a rarity. Finally Mother approached holding the replacement arm. It was as elegant as the one Six had previously however it was different. The most obvious feature was that it was completely black. The metal was the color of obsidian and twice as durable. The fingers and joints were segmented as if it belonged to a suit of samurai armor instead of a person. Mother moved to begin the process of attaching the new limb to Six. "Mother, why doesn't this arm match the one that I had", Six asked quietly. Mother didn't answer her right away, she just continued to work on attaching the arm. Occasional sparks flying from the tool she was using to fuse the connections. "This is your punishment", she said simply, "Every time that you return to me after failing to retrieve Seven, I will replace something of yours with something....Ugly". Six averted her gaze from Mother as she worked. The woman's words echoed inside of her mind. The two of them sat in an uncomfortable silence until the procedure was finally complete. "Observe the additional features of your arm before you enter the field again", Mother informed Six, "Do not fail me again". With that she gathered her tools and assistants and left the androids quarters promptly, leaving her with nothing but the ambient sounds of the ship. She was in the middle of zipping up her stealth suit when the door to her room suddenly slid open once again. "Ma'am", the Elite recruit said with a salute.
"Have you ever heard of knocking private", Six's orange eyes could've killed the young woman with the glare that she was giving.
"I'm sorry ma'am", the recruit continued, "But your presence is being requested in the medical bay".
"Alright, I'll be there", Six sighed, "Dismissed soldier".
The recruit saluted once again before turning on her heel to leave. Six wondered what her companion had gotten herself into and why they would bother her of all people. She flexed her new arm and just looked at it for a few moments. It was a monstrosity, and now so was she. With a sigh she made her way through the blast door of her room and into the busy corridors of the ship and headed towards the medical bay.
Sev placed a hand on Nessa's shoulder and gestured towards her in a presenting fashion. "This is my partner in crime, Ness-".
Gasping with excitement, Myrn brushed passed Sev, "The Star Hopper. Wagwan". Without even giving the Star-Born a moment to respond Myrn pulled her into an embrace. In spite of her size the teenage girl was pretty strong. "I think your bounty went up about a hundred grand the last time I checked. That must mean you're doing something right if The Council wants you dead that bad". Sev grabbed the young woman by the back of her collar and casually pried her away from Nessa easily lifting her about a foot off the ground. "Hey tone it down, kid. What did we just get done talking about"? Sev sighed, "Come on. We need you to focus". Myrn nodded, still vibrating with manic energy while she moved to collect her rail gun and helmet from the hangar floor. As the trio began to make their way through the doorway that Myrn first appeared from, Sev regaled with the story so far. She covered pretty much everything from the crash, Six's ambush, and the battle at the ship depot. Making sure to add a few flourishes and embellishments because Myrn was always a fan of bombastic stories. "So, your sister's alive but she wants to kill you because you defected. Ness is being hunted by some monster and the entire Council fleet is turning the galaxy upside down to find you both", Myrn pieced the story together aloud, "Is that about right"?
"Well when you put it like that it sounds kind of hopeless but yeah", Sev responded. Myrn led the way into a massive space. The white panel walls and floors were practically covered from top to bottom in graffiti, paintings of cute cartoon characters and arrows pointing, labeling ports and areas. All manner of tools, scrap, and miscellaneous bits littered the floors. In the center of the room was a massive blue screen with a mess of text and code crawling across it, sitting atop of what could only be described as a wall of consoles and smaller computers. Cords and wires crawled along the floors and walls to unknown crevasses. Smaller work stations were set up on the far right side of the massive room. One appeared to be for ship maintenance, another appeared to be for weapons and the last seemed like it was for general tinkering and experimentation. The ceiling was even higher than the one in the hanger. The only difference was the stalagmites that draped over the cavern like so many fangs. It was a beautiful mess of creativity and technology. "So what can I do to help you guys out", Myrn placed her weapon and helmet on a shelf near the doorway.
"Well for one we need sanctuary while we lick our wounds and figure out our next move", Sev began, "Next our ship could use a face-lift. I mean a complete overhaul. New ID signature, new paint job, repairs, and we really could use some guns on that thing. I'm willing to help you with the labor too. I know it's a lot".
"Mi deh yah, yuh know", Myrn slipped into her native language, "It's fine. On a busy day I'm doing way more than that. For now how about we relax? Sounds like you two could use a break. I'll brew us up some tea or something".
"I'll pass for now", Sev retorted, "Do you still have the Annex that I left with you? I need it to run some simulations".
Myrn sighed with disappointment as she gestured for the ladies to follow her over to a far off corner of the cavern. They arrived at yet another screen with a console connected to it. Sev ran a hand along the center piece of the console. The were flecks of long dried blue blood on the device. "Can you hook me up please", Sev asked as she grabbed an empty metal chair and sat with her chest against the back of the seat. "Sure ting", Myrn went behind the console and grabbed three long cords. Sev through her jacket to the floor before pulling up the back of her shirt. Three ports began opening on her back in sequence. First the back of her neck, then the middle just between the shoulder blades and the last was just at the small of her back. Myrn connected eatch cord with a small clank. Almost immediately Sev slumped over. To someone unfamiliar with this particular android activity she appeared to be unconscious and in a sense she was. However, her brain was no longer functioning in the physical world but operating in the digital one instead. On the screen overhead, Sev could be seen doing battle with Six once again. They would battle for a few short moments and either Sev would die in the process or win the fight. The battles continued one after another and each time Sev would attempt to do something different.
"Come on", Myrn sounded sort of down, "She's gonna be at this thing for awhile. Let's get you some food Nessa". The girl motioned for the Star-Born to follow her towards another area of the cavern. They found themselves in a smaller cove where the walls were curved. This appeared to be the Myrn's living space. Small bots scampered about on the massive plush bed in the corner. "Ay guys we have guests", she commanded, "Get to work on some tea please. Be gentle with the cups this time". The cobbled together machines rattled into action, scampering over to what appeared to be a stove. In moments they had brandished a pot and cups. Myrn flopped down on a giant plushy pillow before tossing a second one to Nessa. "I hate it when she gets all super serious about everything. She never wants to hang out".
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