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Name : Sievi-Task

Race : Alien Vampire


- Absolute Senses- Since Trevor is completely blind his senses are incredibly sharp, higher then anyone is known.

- Enhanced Bite - His bite is as strong as getting hit by a train

- Master Swordsmanship - Can perform master-like sword fighting, able to move with lightning fast speed and slash and dice without needing to see.

Multilanague - Can speak many languages often learning it by the sound of it
Name : Rachel Peterson

Age : 40

Race : Edhanced Human


- Technokensis- Controls Technology
- Electric Whip- Can summon an electric whip that can cut and wound others
- Sire Voice - Her voice can shock others into a trance
- Magic - Can proform magic

Name : Anatshaia

Age : 200

Race : Imp Of Murder

Name : Lady Roma

Age : 600

Race : Elf Queen{Unknown}, Slave to a Noble family


- Time Control - Can control time around her for only a brief few moments enough to dodge or get away before time starts all over again

- Enhanced condition - Much stronger, faster, swifter and agiler then most supernatural creatures

Name : Yuri Fang

Age : Unknown looks 20

Race : Dragon Samuria


- Water Control - Controls and summons water

- Peaceful Mind- Is at peace with himself and never let's his emotions get the better of him and control over his emotions as a whole

- Edhanced Soul - His soul is a dragon soul making him a faster and stronger fighter then a normal human

- Wind Whip - Can create invisible wisp of wind to lash out at others often creating lasting pains in nerves

Hello Friends, I am here to teach you how to rock and roll with your soul and body :) No really but hello anyway.

Fun Facts

- Been roleplaying since I was young started out really sucky but now have improved
-Write novels too scared to publish
- Lives on a Farm
- Owns 3 dogs, 5 cows, 1 horse, 12 sheep, and maybe around 50 chickens :)
- Happily Married for 4 years
- Loves to roleplay on free time which can be limited to once or twice a week unfortunately
- Anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy and Free form kind of creature making is really fun for me
- I see dead people O.O
Name : Lathiem

Age : 34

Race : Edhanced Human Creature Hunter


-Pryokenis- Control and summon fire at will and mentally as well.

- Unarmed Combat specialist - possess immense combat skills, both offensive and defensive

- Conjure Magic - Can summon demons, angels, creatures, items and elemtal spirits to their aid

- Magic Destruction - Can destroy another user ability to use their magic upon a touch

Best Friend Sci-97: A Space Goddess Snake placed in a core of a metal serpent, Answers he call of only her master no one else's. her fangs and venom can parlize even gods, her coil is strong enough to crush bones and burn skin at the same time. Her eyes can freeze creatures in the middle of battle.
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