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@Martian can there be dragons that are not from earth? Like extraterrestrial dragons or alien dragons. Since dragons I am sure are not just from earth but can also be from other places as well
Plot : Dragons or Drakons have been a part of humanity's strange fascination for over a few million years. But now the reality of dragons have all come to main orbit. 2021, in modern day America several young college students have run across....strange eggs.....only when these eggs hatch can the adventure unfold.

6 Lucky college students 21-24 years of age, have ran across strange eggs and all have unknown unlocked the old cryptic world of the dragons. In Modern day what can these college students do, what happens if the Military catches on? Goverment? teachers? Dangers are endless but friendship and strong bonds can make amazing stories.

6 Dragons

Darkness - Most silent of all dragons these dragons often are the strongest with brute strength

Deep Ocean - Strangest of all the dragons able to fly and glow in the dark and expert swimmers and build more like serpents, is very old by myth and nature, their magic runs deep and old {Taken by me}

Sky - The friendliest of dragons, very selfless and willing to do what's right, very curious and very fast of the breed of dragon

Fire - temperamental dragon, very aggressive and often snappy. Very intense heat and watchful dragon, the most explosive of power

Earth - Peaceful and down to earth dragon often trying to keep the peace as much as possible but very strong and can take massive damage

Venomius- The most cunning of Dragons, very dangerous and manipulative, these dragons get what they want by backstabbing and being the most cruel of the breeds.
Name : vali- Tasik

Age : 3000 pretty old for his race

Race : medical Primoral Alien


-skillful thinking


-Beyond Genius healing Knowldage - Knows all medical and healing abilities

- Tradimensial travel -Can travel between dimensions

- destruction of Soul - Can destroy souls if angered

Name : Shade Raymore

Age : Unknown

Race : Space Nexus Dragon



Powers or abilities

- Shade is able to control white flame also known as soul flames that burns past your skin and muscle and bone and goes straight to what keeps you alive

- Shade is very knowledgeable and very secretive, able to speak to his brother in a language others do not know if they don't want others to know

- Shade glowing white eye is able to see into the future, or the past of anyone he comes in contact with

- Shade is skilled in almost every known way to battle, rarely being caught off guard

Name : Splinter Raymore

Age : Unknown

Race : Void Dragon

- hard to express emotions
-Very hostile to new people
-hard to get along with
-Curious creature
- Realistic


- Solar winds - Create micro solar winds or blast around him, winds up to 210MPH

- Screech of Insanity - His screech can cause those that can't block it out to go insane

- Eyes of Terror- Looking into his eyes create the immediate reaction to flee or run away

- Primordial Magic - Knowsn very dangerous and very old magic

- Pure true Darkness - Makes others be inside of a void of actual true and real darkness, something no one can escape from.

Make a Story with My Characters

Hello I am King of Soul :) I would love to do some roleplays with whoever wants to do it. I merely ask for 2-4 paragraphs per response and to communicate with me if you like to make more ideas. Onward to ideas

Most wanted Reolays

Dragon Riders - Dragons and Riders on an adventure to save the world, something simple and easy to do, can be multicharacter roleplay

Supernatural Hunting Agency - Multi Character agency of hunting down the evil supernatural. Either be advanced humans or supernatural creatures vs other ones. {Think Hellsing anime}

City vs Country Kids - Either City kids are going to a new school in the country, or the opposite, clash of culture and stuff like that, a slice of life and modern-day

Werewolves vs Vampires " Yes that's right, the good old fashion fight between werewolves and vampires, can have dark twists and turns and forbidden love and stuff like that.

Military Camp: Teenagers too rebellious to be trained and tamed by normal people, now taken to a military camp to be put in place.

Hell On Earth - Roleplay with humanity falling part as demons and angels start the end of the world, but really who is winning?

Sci-Fi Agency of Killing- Assassins in the making, a training facility to make the best killers in the year or 3089, upgraded weapons, mind control, and the supernatural twist, dark humor, and blood and gore galore.

PM if you want to try any of these ideas.

Most will be multi character roleplays :)
@Hollows Eve Id join
Name : Zarzirel

Age : Before earth was created

Race : Serpahim Angel


Eternal Light - The light that radiates off of him when angry can blind anyone around him

Holy Heat - Can command the air around him to heat up almost to the same heat as the sun

Ressurection - Can bring back the dead

Angelic Combat - Fights beyond what most supernatural can copy

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