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Starting Zone: Lynir - Lv 1 Warrior

"Nice support!" Lynir cried out, selecting Lothair and Vasilisa, inviting both quickly into the party. "The slime is much more tanky than I expected!" Lynir was surprised to not have taken any damage after taking the hit from the slime. Obviously their attack power is not that great, as they didn't penetrate the armor of a level one warrior. "Guys watch out for the duck, it has some kind of plan for us, I am sure of that... It watched me the last few years! Maybe an ambush... But not on my watch!" Lynir seems to indicate that on his right side, just behind a small bush, a duck was lurking in the shadows. However even if they were to search for it nobody would find the duck, as it was not there!

Without further waiting Lynir raised his shield to hit the slime, but it dodges the shield bash quickly. Not letting the miss discourage himself, he hits the slime twice with his sword dealing enormous five points of damage. *This thing must be a tank slime! Maybe it has armor...* The thought that he just had bad luck with his attacks didn't come to his mind. "Maybe magic damage is better against this thing?!".
Starting Zone: Lynir - Lv 1 Warrior

"Woooooah, nice cinematic!" Rudi cried out while watching the camera panning around Thalam. "This is better than I expected..." He sucked in every detail of the shot, trying to analize why stuff was put in the place it is. "Well shit... this is a hell of a lot to look at." Still wondering about the first few things he saw, he spawned on the beach. The first few minutes he just stood there and looked at the ui and interfaces. So they ordered the menu like this, well it is intuitive. The icons are also very nicely made and show exactly what you need to know to understand the function of it... Quests, oh there is a first quest available, nice. Slay 5 Slimes shouldn't be that problematic right? Back to character I guess... Hearing the sound of battle from the north he decided to move in that direction.

Arriving at the slaughterhouse, that was the area where the new players fought the slimes, he got a headache. How the hell can I keep track on what's happening with that many people just doing what they want? He noticed that a few people decided to walk further north, and followed them until arriving at a spot with much less people. Perfect, now let's see the drops after killing a few of those slimes! "I'm not for nothing called 'Die Mauer'!" With that shout he selects the closed slime as a target.

This seems interesting. I would join, if there are still slots.
This sounds interesting

EDIT: Could you tell me which TZ you are using?

"Please take the seat, I would not deny a veteran a seat" Maybe a bit late, however grand duke Lucius was a rather simple man regarding stuff like formalities. Sometimes I wish, I was still a mercenary... That is the sentence he thought countless times since he took Westport for himself. Looking at Philips limp, he thought: I remember that some of the men talked about the hero of Affoia. A real shame that we can't have a training duell, to see if the rumours are true.... "The rewards for our services on the battlefield are never kind to our bodies."

"Hoh, it's nice to hear that Alcander is pleased. What do you think about the ballistae and the training?" Lucius asked, while he walked over to the table to drink with Philip. "Some people don't like the formations and battle techniques we use. They say it's cowardly. I say it's stupid not to try to minimize your own damage." He took up the other glas and drank the rum. Obviously they are not just some stupid nobles that send their men wave after wave into their deaths. "That's some fine stuff you have here." He looked pleased at the glas. "A good drink is better than a gold coin." With that he laughed heartly.

He was thinking hard, while listening to the later part of the conversation. "War you said?" [i]Isn't it always war in these lands?[i] "A new power base and a wife? I will not marry someone I have never met before. If you really want to marry someone to me, you would first let her come here, so that we can get to know each other. May I ask who it is you want to give to me as a wife?"

With that he changed the topic back to the longer and more deadly issue at hand.

"As for the new power base, I assume you want to trade land for military aid. That would depend on the plans. As you know we are under the constant threat of the union. Therefore our troops that could be deployed would only be a small detachment. Hardly enough to attack a town." He looked Philip in the eyes, looking for any information he could get. "I am more than happy to deploy my troops, if you have a plan that will succeed. I might even be able to get some mercenaries to join the force. However I will not send those men into a battle that's lost. So please explain your plan in detail."

A coastal region west of Westport

A detachment of heavy cavalry, under the banner of Westport, is making it's way westward. Rumours reached the city that a large group of robbers attacked a few villages in the region, killing all inhabitants that could not flee, before burning the villages down to the ground. The detachment itself were composed of three companies, each around 100 men strong. After arriving and searching through the villages they found an unpleasant surprise. The villagers had not many things of value, and those things were still left inside the buildings. Bronze coins and other stuff which normally would be the first things to be stolen were still left in the ruins.

"Send a messenger back to the city. I doubt robbers would leave such an amount of valuables behind. I fear that we might have a few union troops in our territory!" The captain of the first company, Marcus, said to one of his men. "Captain.... Captain" A man from the third company came tearing towards him, riding his horse at the limit. The horse came to a halt with ruts behind it. "Captain, Captain Titus found a small union ship in a bay not far from here. They made haste to open waters, as soon as they saw our arrival. By the size of the vessel we can assume that the union should have landed around 50-100 men. Nothing more than a skirmishing group."

Marcus thought for a moment. He beckoned soldier a from his company to come over, before ordering the man from the third. "Tell Titus that we split up, each company moves independently. Whoever finds those bastards sends a messenger to notify the other two companies." Marcus took out a map of the area. "Titus should move on the northern coast. I will move south of him." He turned towards his soldier. "You will tell Gallus to have him move south of us." He gave his orders while drawing lines, with his finger, on the map, explaining the routes of the companies. "I hope we can find those bastards before they burn down more villages..."

The companies split up to find the union raid, after the messages were delivered...

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It was a fresh autumn day, with a strong gale comming from the ocean. A man was looking at the great harbor of Westport, a harbor that has become quite useless. The man had shoulder long black hair, a short black beard, not more than a 3 day beard, and a large scar runs down over his right cheek. He was clothed in a simple black jupon with the red crest of the new Westport, in addition to that he had a a simple unadorned longsword at his waist. He had the presence of someone who has fought countless battles and this man was standing in a small chamber high above the city. His whole appearance is that of a normal knight at best, with the presence he could be a veteran knight, however he is grand duke Lucius Maximus Varus the ruler of Westport. As he looks down to the harbor he laments in a quiet voice to nobody in particular: "A real shame we have several ships, however they can't get out of port without the danger of getting captured by the goddamn Union..."

A guardsman, with the same jupon and a plate armor blow that, entered the chamber, his sword dangling at his waist. "My lord, an envoy from Affoia has arrived." Grand duke Lucius looked at the guardsman who was saluting him. "Tell him to wait, I will be ready soon." The guardsman salutes again and walks away. Lucius let out a sigh after the guard left. "Here we go again..." He checked his attire and look a last time at the harbor, before turning and walking out of the chamber. Dozens of guardsmen were patroling and standing guard in the palace. Those guards were equiped the same as the messenger guardsman, with the exception that those, on guard and patrol duty, were additionally equiped with a shortspear and a large tower shild. Every guardsman he passed saluted him.

He walked over to the throne, as soon as he entered the throne hall. The hall was spacious with a donzen massive stone pillars at the sides. The banner of the new Westport was hanging from every single pillar. The lighting was provided by quite the number of fire in large metal panes. Grand duke Lucius was not alone in the hall, instead there were four of his commanders and three members of the craftsman guilds, as well as a guardsman in front of every pillar, present. "Our guest from the city of Affoia has arrived, let's hear what he has to say." A chorus of the seven high ranking people present answered him. "As you wish." Two messenger guards walked to the big massive wood doors and opened it. Another messenger guard walked in with the envoy. "My lords the envoy of the city state Affoia." After this introduction he bowed down and left the hall, the two other guards closed the door behind him, after which they returned to standby the door, waiting for new orders. "Welcome to Westport, I hope your journey was pleasant." Grand duke Lucius greets the envoy.

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