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1 yr ago
Current Apparently I'm now suffering from antidepressant induced manic episodes. Explains why I was so wired last time.
1 yr ago
Losing whatever side effect was keeping me up now. Gonna go drool into my pillow for a dozen hours... Night all.
1 yr ago
....fuck i'm old
1 yr ago
Waiting for dat live action Star Blazer adaptation.
1 yr ago
I got it a couple days ago.


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Hey there, thanks for the click. I'll try and keep this simple do avoid losing your attention. As the title says this is for Lewd 1x1 RPs, so 18+ only please. Look below for the pairings and drop me a PM if you see something you like. A kink list is available upon request, but I'm open to just about anything. Anyway, that's me, so have a look below and I hope to hear from you soon.

*Bold is my role*
- Master x Slave
- Classmates
- Servant x Heiress
- Monster x Warrioress
- Monster x Princess
- Kidnapper x Victim
- Brother x Sister
- Mother x Son
- Father x Daughter
- Neighbours
- Minigirl x Regular Sized Guy
- Student x Teacher
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