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i was literally up all night and i just realized i could have written posts during that time fuck i straight up just read fanfiction and cried for like 6 hours
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saw thor ragnarok the other day and now i really want to do a Sakaar rp but i caaaaaaaan't
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sorry in advance to anyone i'm rping with if my posts are slow/kinda bad, my brain isn't working right lately i'm kind of a mess bleh (シ_ _)シ
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what if i started a jojo's bizarre adventure rp would anyone be interested in that?
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i've got a post coming. sorry, had kind of a bad couple of weeks
sorry i haven't been around much! life has been giving me issues. i plan to get a post done sometime tomorrow


Holly felt extremely out of place in front of this very fancy-looking man in his very fancy apartment. She wished she had gotten a chance to change into something nicer, rather than a shirt with a cat holding up its middle fingers on it and a denim jacket she literally found abandoned on the side of a street.

As the man introduced himself, Holly wondered how someone could have so many different aliases. Do you just introduce yourself differently to everyone you meet? Or maybe different people start calling you different things and it just happens naturally?

“Uh, nice to meet you. I’m Holly. I don’t have a codename or anything yet.”

She awkwardly scratched the back of her head, looking at her feet.

When the alcohol came out, she gained a bit of hope. Liquid Courage, right?

“Y-yeah, I’m old enough. This is great, thanks.”

Song - Lazy Place by Caravan Palace


With a cocky smirk, Kazu dropped her jacket to the ground and prepared to spar, formulating a strategy in her head.

Her plan was to dash around Alice and level a blow to her back, then sweep her leg and quickly move back to catch her breath. Keep on your toes, don’t get distracted, be cool.

Speed and accuracy tended not to be her thing; she was more of a brute force kind of person, but honestly, these people were really cool and she wanted to show off a little.

Taking a steady breath, she dashed to the side and put her plan into action. If it didn’t work, then she’d adjust her tactics.

Kazu had to think on Alice’s proposal. The group definitely seemed like a good idea, but was it right for her? It seemed a bit hypocritical for someone like her to be championing peace. Her whole life at this point was based around violence. There was nothing she loved more than the feeling of adrenaline in her brain and her fist caving in some fool’s face. She wasn’t exactly a “peace” person. However, her mind drifted to her parents. The thought surprised her; she avoided thinking about them so much that it had almost become second nature.

Her parents would have supported this cause immediately. Growing up, she always heard them talking about relations between humans and ghouls, and how they hoped that peace was achievable. She realized, sadly, that if they could see her now, they would be disappointed.

She shook her head. There was no use dwelling on what could have been. She couldn’t turn back time, set herself on another path, or bring her parents back. She wasn’t sure she would even want to. The life she had wasn’t perfect, but it was still hers.

That being said, she could still do her best to help the greater good going forward. Maybe do something her parents would be proud of.

She looked up from her introspection and smiled at Alice, “Alright, I’m in.”

Determination settled in Kazu’s chest as she got up to follow Natsuya to the roof.

@hagroden you bet he is ☆⌒(≧▽​° )


Holly had no idea how to react. Her first damn day in Boston and she had been offered a place in an outlaw group, and in her lap was a lot of money. She stared numbly at the bills in her lap.

“I-I don’t…”

Not knowing what to say, she did what she always did. She looked to Mandy.

Her sister, apparently catching onto Holly’s silent cry for help, spoke up with a calm and confident tone that Holly envied.

“Well, you guys can drop me off at home, at least, because I’m not the one with the powers here. I have work in a few hours anyway. Don’t worry; you can trust me to keep my mouth shut about all of this. But,” she put a hand on Holly’s shoulder, “I think you should do it.”

At Holly’s unsure expression, she continued, “You’ve already proven you can help, and during that huge fight, you were awesome! Obviously it’s your own choice, but I think you can really do some good here.”

Holly was silent for a moment. She thought about the fight and how she felt during it. Yes, she was scared, but beneath that there was something else. She had no idea what is was; confidence? Adrenaline? Power trip? She didn’t know, but it felt good. What did that mean for her? Maybe that would be a good thing? Well, the only way to know…

Holly looked up at Sickle-Cell, her eyes determined.

“I’ll join you.”

SORRY i've been rly busy but everything's cleared up now!
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