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6 days ago
Current I'm like a shitty 90's grunge album made a wish to become a real boy
26 days ago
i just started my first rp that i'm gming myself. i am both excited and terrified
1 mo ago
who wants to lie in a cornfield with me and hope we get abducted by aliens


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Mandy noticed the approaching aircraft and pointed it out to her sister.

“Hol, that’s the Protectorate!” Both breathed a sigh of relief, but their hopes fell when the newcomer to the fight lobbed… something at the craft that sent it careening off-kilter. This was bad. The people that had come to stop the chaos were in danger. They were professional capes, though. They could handle it, right?

Holly, high on adrenaline, didn’t consider sitting and waiting for help. Acting on instinct, she projected the car door at the man who took down the ship.

Only after the projectile left her area of control did she realize, I just got rid of my one form of protection and engaged someone that’s clearly out of my league.

Mandy seemed to realize the same thing, giving Holly a look that said, what the fuck did you just do, you idiot?

Well, if I’m going to die, I might as well make it big.

Holly steeled herself and prepared or the consequences.

"Send my cinders home to mother"

really really sorry i haven't been around!!! been having issues with distraction, family, health stuff, and general depression

i'll try to post more here in the future


A crowd had assembled around the lobby within a few minutes. Normally, this would send Devon scrambling to the nearest small space to avoid everyone, but she was just too tired to care. So, instead of retreating into her Shame Closet (which she couldn't even do in the first place), she just sat upright and gave her neighbors her sleepiest smile, laughing a little at the comment about forming a religious group.

"Can we worship Macho Man Randy Savage? Because he's my personal lord and savior."

Hearing her own voice, she realized she could be easily mistaken for drunk. That's just what happened when she was tired, though.

It was a good thing the Felix offered his apartment to her until Myrna could get her own unlocked. If she hung out in the lobby any longer, her loopy ass would inevitably make a fool out of herself in front of her neighbors and then she would never ever be able to leave her apartment or show her face in public again.

Standing up, she said, "Yaay, party at Felix's place!"

oooh, i'm into this!
my cs is still in progress whoops sorry i've been working slow
in the meantime, enjoy a wip of my char picture
working on my cs; should have it done tomorrow
just for funsies, this song is what's going through Eren's head pretty much always
@Silent Observer
(ノ*°▽°*) omg thank you!! i'm glad!
i finally finished omg

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