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Current taking a break from rping for a little while. i'll be back soon enough but i really need to work on my mental health. hope everyone understands sorry
2 yrs ago
@Mae saaaaaaame
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i was literally up all night and i just realized i could have written posts during that time fuck i straight up just read fanfiction and cried for like 6 hours
2 yrs ago
saw thor ragnarok the other day and now i really want to do a Sakaar rp but i caaaaaaaan't
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sorry in advance to anyone i'm rping with if my posts are slow/kinda bad, my brain isn't working right lately i'm kind of a mess bleh (シ_ _)シ


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heck yeah!! jjba is my s h i t
i'm interested!
still here!
Kris Maxwell

⇝ Dark Eyes ⇜


While nursing his headache and debating whether or not to watch some videos and use up the last of his data for the month, a voice made Kris look up from the floor. He really didn’t mean to glare at the girl who approached him, but his face wasn’t exactly sweet-looking on his best days, and the ache in his temple wasn’t helping at all. Realizing this, he tried to smooth out his expression, because while he never claimed to be friendly, he didn’t want to come off as an asshole for no reason. Especially when the person in question was offering tissues for his face, which must have still been stained with red.

It took a second for him to formulate a response; all that came out of his mouth was, “Oh. Uh, thanks. Th-thank you.”

He took a tissue and wiped his face off, trying to forget how awkward he sounded. Once he was sure his face was clean, he looked back up at the girl and froze.

Behind her was… well, something. It looked vaguely humanoid, but shining like the inside of a diamond. Honestly, it was a beautiful sight, but that was overshadowed by just how damn weird it was. Kris didn’t say anything, but the shock was written on his face.

can't guarantee my other posts are gonna be this long but here it is lmao
Kris Maxwell

⇝ Dark Eyes ⇜

⇝👁 Tall Dark and Loathsome 👁⇜

The grating sound of the intercom woke Kris up from his nap, and the first sensation he registered was an ache in his neck and shoulders. With great difficulty, he shifted from his curled-up position to sit up straight in his chair. Rubbing the back of his neck, he leaned back until his head hit the glass wall behind him, and took a look at the time on his phone.

Almost 8:30. Great.

He had only managed to sleep for about half an hour, with another three hours until his flight. He hunched over, resting his elbows on his knees, quietly groaning. This was all too much; he just wanted to go home.

Spending the weekend with family across the country might not seem like a lot to deal with, but it absolutely was for Kris. It wasn’t his family that was the problem; his cousin’s wedding was perfectly nice, there was no drama or fights, and he liked his aunts and uncles just fine. For someone like him, whose average social interaction began with, “Did you find everything okay?” and ended with, “Here’s your check, come again soon,” two days of celebrating with a bunch of people he rarely ever saw was just exhausting. The flights were even worse, as he was stuck in close quarters with people who didn’t even have the advantage of sharing DNA with him. At this point, he would kill to be back in his shitty apartment feeding the stray cats and ignoring the rest of humanity.

Feeling stiff, he stood up to stretch. He didn’t feel rested in the slightest, but since he had just woken up, there was no way he’d be able to get back to sleep. He just had to deal with the waking world for a while, then. He started walking nowhere in particular, eventually leaning against a wall and pulling his hood over his head.

Absently letting things float through his mind, his thoughts turned to, well, what could he really call it? His ability? Superpower? Whatever it was, the new skill that had revealed itself to him over the last few months. An idea started forming in his head. He had drawn an eye near the back entrance of a butcher shop he lived near. When he was bored, he liked to focus on that eye in particular and look through it. The stray cats liked to hang around there, because they always got to eat the leftover meat. It was always cute to watch.

Trying not to stand out too much, Kris covered his left eye with his hand. He closed his right eye and opened it again. Anyone watching might notice that his eye had turned entirely red. It wasn’t like this for long, though; as he tried to access the eye he had drawn, he was met only with a vision of searingly bright red and an intense migraine. With a groan of pain that he hoped wasn’t too loud, he slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor. He quickly stopped his ability, and the pain immediately lessened. His head still ached, but it wasn’t the sharp stabbing pain he had been feeling. He felt something wet dripping down his right cheek. He wiped the sticky red substance off of his face, surprised at how fast his eye started bleeding; normally, that only happened when he had been looking for too long.

Pro Tip: don’t do that again. Shit, that hurt…

Well, he was bored before, but now he was bored with a headache. Cool. He pulled his hood down farther over his head and got comfortable on the floor. He could only hope that no one had seen his little fuck-up.
@ManyThings added what you suggested, gonna stick him in char tab!!

also here's this because i can't stop memeing
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