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Current taking a break from rping for a little while. i'll be back soon enough but i really need to work on my mental health. hope everyone understands sorry
3 mos ago
@Mae saaaaaaame
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i was literally up all night and i just realized i could have written posts during that time fuck i straight up just read fanfiction and cried for like 6 hours
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saw thor ragnarok the other day and now i really want to do a Sakaar rp but i caaaaaaaan't
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sorry in advance to anyone i'm rping with if my posts are slow/kinda bad, my brain isn't working right lately i'm kind of a mess bleh (シ_ _)シ


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"Hold your breath and clasp at Cassiopeia"

Name: Violet Lenora Greene

Age: 24

Occupation: Librarian

Appearance: Violet is the very definition of “non-threatening.” She has a small, thin frame and a soft face usually carrying a warm expression. She has pale skin and tired brown eyes. Her brown hair is straight and reaches her shoulders. She usually wears it down or in a messy bun. She doesn’t dress in a particularly flashy way, usually wearing t-shirts and jeans, or simple skirts or dresses. She’s fond of bomber jackets, stockings, and boots.

Personality: Violet is a polite and pleasant, if quiet young lady. She’s the kind of person who you have nice conversations with every day, but you don’t know her well enough to call her a friend. She’s friendly and inviting, but very secretive. If you do, by some miracle, get to know her, you’ll find that she loves horror and sci-fi to an avid degree. If you get her going, she could talk for hours about David Cronenberg. She may even start to creep you out with her fascination with true crime and real-life serial killers. She speaks about horrific murders with the interest of a scientist talking about their latest findings. To get her to let her guard down, though, you’ll need plenty of persistence.

Organized - Violet’s entire job is based on keeping things neat, tidy, and organized and this skill has spilled into her everyday life. In her home, everything has its own place, and she knows exactly where that place is.

Calming - Her warm demeanor can be a great support in times of stress. She tends not to lose her cool in all but a few stressful situations, and can be a rock for people who aren’t as calm. She’s good at making people feel good.

Mystery Lover - She often reads mystery and crime novels and loves to solve the puzzles within them before the answers are revealed. She has gained a talent for putting clues together and finding potential solutions.

Strong Stomach - Because of her fascination with horror, both real and fictional, she can handle herself around guts and gore.

Miniatures - She likes to make dollhouses and little themed dioramas. She has a modestly popular Instagram account where she shares her work.

Bilingual - Violet is fluent in both English and French, as both of her parents are French immigrants. She used to have a strong accent, but it has faded over time, now only coming through when she’s particularly emotional.

Your Lie:
Violet grew up in the suburbs, in a small apartment with four older siblings; two brothers and two sisters. Her siblings were much more rowdy and extroverted than her, so she often found refuge in books. When they were young, her siblings often teased her for being a bookworm, and she never really fought back. As she grew up, she spent plenty of time at the library, moving from the children’s fantasy section, to the adult mystery and nonfiction sections.

A year or so after graduating high school, she moved out on her own. Since then, she has lived quietly, working at a library and frequenting the local coffee shop. Her life is what some would call boring, but she’s happy with it.

Your Truth: "Truth? That was the truth. I don't understand..."

Theme Songs:
The Spine Song - Cake Bake Betty
Cassiopeia - Joanna Newsom

Misc: She suffers from insomnia and nightmares that she can’t quite explain.
I Accept These Terms
she done \( ̄▽ ̄)/

Juno sat against the wall, covering her ears and humming to try to block out the noise. Her hands were starting to shake, and her heartbeat was quickening. She tried her best to calm herself, as she didn't want to have a panic attack in front of so many people.
She paled and froze at the mention of solitary.

"O-okay, okay, I'm s-sorry..."

Juno tried to explain herself without getting more upset than she already was.

"I just- I can't be here. It's t-too much, I can't..."

She realized she wasn't making much sense, but she just couldn't form the words.

Shit. Shit, there was a fight. Juno tried her best to ignore it, but the anger coming from the fighting boys just filled her with anxiety.

The last straw for her was when the young boy was taken into solitary and his screams were broadcast for all of them to hear. She couldn't hear that. Not now, not when it was real.

She got up from her seat in the cafeteria and made a run for the doors, starting to hyperventilate. She just had to be anywhere else. Anywhere but here.
Juno noticed the fuss over the younger inmate and observed from a distance. She felt sympathy for the kid. To be stuck in a place like this at such a young age must have been awful.

She heard a scream in the distance that made her flinch. Another echo of a past victim.

She sighed, pushing away her food and laying her head on the table. It was too loud here. Too chaotic. If they would only let her have some headphones or earplugs, this would be much more tolerable.
i'm still in. life is just being a bitch
Juno followed the guard, humming to herself. Upon reaching the cafeteria, she sat alone and picked at her food. She watched K-12 messing with the guards, chuckling a little.
Juno had already been awake when the alarm sounded. It had just been too loud to sleep. So many innocent people had died here, and they were all screaming for help, or mercy, or their families.

She had been softly singing to herself to get through the night. It was all she could do; it's not like they let her keep her mp3 player.

Juno had lived her life so far dutifully avoiding hospitals, nursing homes, or anywhere multitudes of people lost their lives. She didn't know how to deal with being stuck in one of those places. She was afraid that she might become one of those voices.

"This place is damp and ghostly, I am already gone..." She sang quietly, waiting for a guard to take her out of her room.
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