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Current taking a break from rping for a little while. i'll be back soon enough but i really need to work on my mental health. hope everyone understands sorry
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@Mae saaaaaaame
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i was literally up all night and i just realized i could have written posts during that time fuck i straight up just read fanfiction and cried for like 6 hours
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saw thor ragnarok the other day and now i really want to do a Sakaar rp but i caaaaaaaan't
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sorry in advance to anyone i'm rping with if my posts are slow/kinda bad, my brain isn't working right lately i'm kind of a mess bleh (シ_ _)シ


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i don't have that much written down, but i wanted to get something up ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Some callin' me a sinner
Some callin' me a winner
(Tightrope - Janelle Monae)

'Morning, Myles. Like Jensen said, we're just cooking pancakes; I know they aren't normally your thing, so if you want, I can whip up some bacon and eggs for you instead? Man, they always forget about the sausage in that, despite it being such an important part of the meal. Sure, you can have bacon and eggs on their own, but it's just not the same, is it?'

Good, what he didn’t know wouldn’t kill him. He’d keep the whole imitating thing to himself. Food tended to be the worse time of the day. It meant figuring out what he could and couldn’t eat without making glue in his mouth and trying to find a way to pick bits of shit out of his teeth, killing many toothpicks in the process.

“Sure, eggs and sausage sounds good,” Myles mumbles an awkward reply. Looking at Bridget eating a whole roast chicken makes him grateful that he isn’t entirely a freak. If he had to eat a whole chicken he’d about die inside.

“Myles and Luka, I need to speak to you two privately for a moment,” Viorel announces he noticed it might sound like they are in trouble, “you’re not in trouble.” he quickly adds. Myles is looking up at Viorel, he says they aren’t in trouble, but he looks mad. Viorel always looks mad. He needs to carry cues with his emotions expressed on them. Pin them to his shirt or something.

Myles head toward Viorel standing in the doorframe waiting for Luka. Viorel looks at him, could he be less intimidating?

“Morning,” Myles replies.

Viorel nods his head slowly, “And morning to you.” He waits for Luka.

Luka had resisted the urge to remark, “Big Mood” to Bridget’s choice of breakfast. Self-control isn’t his strong suit, but he at least has that much. He’s thankful he did, because whatever Viorel has to say to him and Myles would have to wait until his life wasn’t in danger. Shooting a quick salute to the others, he strolls out of the kitchen.

Viorel looks at the two, the youngest of SYNBAD, though there had been younger in the past. The youth would be the key to the future at some point. Viorel raised a hand towards the stairs.

“Shall we speak somewhere less busy?” Viorel replies to the both of them.

Luka shrugs his shoulders, “Yeah, sure.”

Myles nods quietly. Viorel said they weren’t in trouble, but it feels certainly like they are in trouble. Being pulled away from the others so they can’t over hear, Myles looks at Luka. What did you do? Is his expression. They seem to drag each other in the trouble they create.

Luka responds with a look of his own that says, “I’m just as lost as you.” His demeanor may suggest he knows what’s going on, but he’s mostly just confused and a little worried. Running his hand through his hair (it’s always been a nervous habit of his), he starts to make his way upstairs.

Viorel guides the two outside to see another youth sitting longingly on the curb. He must be waiting for Harper then. It’s a shame that wouldn’t be the case, he leads the two towards the garden before Stirling notices them. Viorel looks back at Myles and Luka. Both look worried and nervous. Inside Viorel panics, outside he looks calm, what should he do?

“The weather is so nice I figured it be better to talk out here,” Viorel states his intentions.

Myles sighs, “That’s a relief. You scare people Viorel.”

Luka relaxes a little bit. “So, what’s up?” He smiles nervously. Even though Viorel had said they weren’t in trouble, he still kind of feels like they are.

Viorel looks at the both of them.

“While I have no problems with either of you expressing yourself with your computer machines, however, there is concerns you may have gathered the eye of some individuals who may cause you trouble. There name is Bewitched, she seems to have pegged you both as an enemy. I don’t want to see any concerns during the parade, this is more a warning,” Viorel replies.

Myles looks at Viorel. Computer machines?

“I don’t know anyone name Bewitched,” Myles look at Luka, “Do you?”

Luka has to think for a little bit, “No, I don’t think so. Is there any indication of why she has it out for us?”

Thinking back to the beginning of his social media presence, he can’t place anything in particular that might piss anyone off. Everything he had posted so far was pretty inoffensive. Mostly just cat pictures, cute outfits, dumb memes, and the occasional ukulele video. He had barely even shown his face.

Well, whatever the reason, he can’t let this mess up their appearance at the parade.

“It seems she is association your connection with Myles against a grudge she has against him. What do you call it, hashtag monster. I am not sure what all of that is about and unlike Laura I encourage you to continue expressing yourself the way those your age should. Just be wary for those out for your metaphorical blood,” Viorel tells them, “Once Foster gets here we will be preparing to leave. Go rally up the crew. Tell them we should be preparing to leave in ten minutes. I merely felt it important that you both come up with a game plan concerning these individuals.”

Someone who had beef with him, to be more specific? Myles look at Viorel, he didn’t know anyone by the name Bewitched. Unless that meant. Why did she always have to come in and try to ruin his life? Couldn’t she keep her life ruined and leave his out of it? It couldn’t be her, could it? Myles looked at Luka, but didn’t say anything at first. Why couldn’t anything around here be simple? The two of them wordlessly thanked Viorel before they walked off back into the station to gather the group.

As they were doing so Myles quickly grabbed Luka by the bicep and dragged him into an open space of the living quarters.

“I kind of have an idea who this Bewitched person is,” Myles tells Luka.

“Yeah? Who is she?” he tilts his head, curious.
Myles looks at Luka. It would have been different if he hadn’t known them for as long as he did, so Myles stares at Luka

“You have to promise not to laugh,” Myles tells Luka.

Luka blinks, a little confused and plenty more interested, “Of course, dude.”

Myles fidgets with his fingers and nervously prepares. How do you even start to begin?

“Her real name is something real strippery, like Krystal, and we have a long internet history. Point is, I think she’s pissed at me cause I….in a state….of,” Myles trails off for a second, “...okay that’s complicated too. She kissed me, I really didn’t want it….but I kind of liked it too. And…” Myles pauses, “Okay I bit her ear off.”

Luka is speechless for a second. That’s… not exactly what he was expecting to hear. “Wow, uh. Okay.”

Curious, he takes out his phone and looks up Bewitched. It’s not hard to find her, as she tagged him not too long ago. Looking at her profile, he doesn’t really know what to say. Her style isn’t exactly his thing, but he can’t fault her for individualism.

“She didn’t look like that when I met her,” Myles tells Luka as he’s looking it up, “She’s messed herself up. She wasn’t like fit, but wasn’t like…” Myles looks at her profile on Luka’s phone, “...shite to look at either.” Myles looks away.

“Point is, this might be my fault and I am sorry I dragged you into it,” Myles continues, “ between us. You’re the first person I ever told the story cause some people protected me. I’m sorry I am failure to the New Breed community that if this was ever found out there could be a whole thing about are New Breeds dangerous. It wasn’t like I thought of mauling your face. It’s the same shite we get mad at cats for giving us love nips. I’m sorry my teeth are bloody fucked.” He pauses. Maybe he should do something to remedy this somehow. Turn himself in, nah that would just get the New Breed community fire. After they were all being well liked too. They even have a parade celebrating them.

“I’ll find a way to fix it, trust me,” Myles tells Luka.

Luka can’t help but let out a sigh, “Come on, man. You’re not a freaking failure. You slipped up once; it doesn’t mean you’re awful forever. And I mean, it’s not like it’s your fault she decided to involve me. Don’t worry, dude. I won’t say anything,” he gives Myles a reassuring smile.

Myles hugs Luka, “Thanks mate. So how bout we go get the crew ready to leave.” Myles gives Luka a razor sharp smile, “Let’s suggest putting Bridget on the roof of the bus. Just to see her reaction.”

Luka laughs, “Absolutely. She might kill us, but I’m willing to take that risk.”
consider me interested! (o´∀`o)

You-you-you're just my type
Oh, you got a pulse and you are breathing
(My Type - Saint Motel)

#OOTD: |||

When he was woken up by Jack knocking, Luka’s thought process went something like this:

“What… Important day…? Wait, what was today…? ...OH.”

He then immediately leapt out of bed, angry meowing reminding him that he’d had a cat sleeping on top of his legs whom he’d accidentally catapulted into the waking world. Almost immediately, he heard Killer Queen’s voice in his head.

“Luka. Why.”

“Sorry! Sorry about that! It’s my first pride parade, though! I’m so excited!”

“A whole bunch of humans all packed in the same place being loud and rowdy? Sounds like a great time. Have fun.”

He winked at her, ignoring the sarcasm, “You know I will!”

Killer Queen curled up on Luka’s pillow as he hustled out of the room and into the shower. She had very nearly managed to get back to sleep when he came bursting back into the room. He dried off his hair, brushed it thoroughly, then messed it up again with his hands to get the perfect degree of deliberate chaos. It took roughly twenty minutes for him to pick out the perfect outfit, but he finally decided on a rainbow t-shirt, cut-off shorts, and platform sneakers (which he always wore during public appearances with SYNBAD, because they made him look taller).

He woke up Killer Queen again to take a picture of him to post to Snapgram, but it took a few tries because, well, paws. She eventually figured it out, though, and it was up within the minute. Luka finished off his look with a jacket and sunglasses and finally left his room, feeling awesome.

He strode into the kitchen and greeted everyone who had congregated there, “Hey dudes! How’s everyone’s morning been?”

Name: Luka Young

Age: 19

Alias: Samhain (pronounced Sah-Ween)

Tier: 3

Years Spent in LHA: 1

Appearance: Luka can easily be mistaken for a girl, which is exactly how he likes it. He looks young, with a short stature and round face, and dresses in a feminine way. He has chin-length blond hair that he doesn’t bother to keep out of his eyes, and a distinct fashion sense. He is fond of bright or pastel colors and plentiful accessories, and can easily be picked out of a crowd based on his flamboyant attire. A frequent cause of frustration for him is his young appearance; most people meeting him just don’t believe he’s over eighteen. His high voice doesn’t help things. Basically, imagine a normal-sounding person took a huff of helium. Now imagine them saying “I AM AN ADULT I SWEAR.” He has a nice singing voice, at least.

When in the persona of Samhain, his outfit consists of an orange cat-eared hoodie, black shorts, white boots, a black mask, and black thigh-high stockings underneath kneepads. The fabric is all lightweight and easy to move in. His undershirt is actually a crop top, but you can’t tell under the hoodie.

Luka comes off as a very friendly, if strange, person. A lot of the time, he seems to be off in his own world, and in conversation his mind can go weird places. Despite being spacey and sometimes inscrutable, he’s easy to talk to and fun to be around. He’s the kind of person who would start singing out of nowhere just because he felt like it. He has a strange sense of humor, finding comedy in the absurd and slightly scary (He once imagined a horse race in which none of the horses had legs and couldn’t stop laughing for, like, an hour).

While he seems unapologetically unique to an outside observer, Luka actually hides plenty of anxiety and insecurity. He tries his best to be confident in who he is, but he’s used to feeling ashamed of himself. His way of dealing with these feelings isn’t a particularly healthy one: He ignores them, and on occasion copes using hallucinogens. He’s honestly kind of a mess, but he tries.

Luka has a talent for music. He likes to sing, and can play the piano and ukulele decently. He has a particular interest in musical theater. That, and death metal.

He knows a huge amount of random, obscure trivia. He can tell you the name of the guy who discovered blood types, but he couldn’t tell you his own. (it’s Karl Landsteiner, by the way.)

Writing - He likes to write stories. He’s not a master or anything, but his erotic Venom X Reader fanfics have a decent following online.

Acting - Luka absolutely would have been a theater kid in high school if he’d had the opportunity. Recently, he’s been trying to get into the local theater scene.

Name: Killer Queen

Age: 2

Tier: 3

Years Spent in LHA: 1

Appearance: Killer Queen doesn’t look out of the ordinary for a cat. She’s a bit smaller than average, and in healthy physical shape. Her fur is very fluffy, making her appear chubbier than she actually is, and white with grey patches. When powered up, the only difference is the appearance of a third eye that emits orange energy.

Personality: Killer Queen has the personality one would expect from a cat. She’s composed and standoffish, but very affectionate if she likes you enough. She’s not particularly vocal, because she doesn’t need to be, as she does all of her talking telepathically. The side of her that really only Luka gets to see is incredibly sarcastic, but also genuinely caring. She tends to act more like his mom than his cat. Her biggest downfall is how easily distracted she is. God help you if she sees a laser pointer.

She is amazing at hunting small animals. If she wasn’t around, Luka’s apartment would have been taken over by squirrels long ago.

She’s surprisingly good at giving advice. Strangely, she seems to have more insight into people’s feelings than many humans (her owner included).

Sleeping - Like any self-respecting cat, she sleeps through most of the day.

Reading - She likes to take in human culture, but it’s kind of hard to turn pages with her paws.

Weapons: The only weapons Killer Queen uses are her telekinesis and claws if necessary. To make up for his lack of upper body strength, Luka wears gloves with sharp metal spikes on the knuckles. They won’t leave any lasting injuries, but they hurt like a bitch.

Equipment: Luka wears a pouched belt containing basic first aid materials and cat treats.

Fighting Style: Luka doesn’t use any one fighting style in particular, as he isn’t formally trained, but he does have his own strategy. He uses his illusions to distract his opponent and hit them from behind. He’s good at close-range melee, which complements Killer Queen’s longer-ranged telekinetic assault. The idea is to overwhelm the opponent with illusions and battery with small objects until Luka can get some good blows on them.

Strength: Neither Luka nor Killer Queen are particularly strong. Luka can do pull-ups, but it’s because of KQ’s telekinesis, not his own strength.

Endurance: Both of them are pretty average, endurance-wise. Because of her smaller size (and because she’s a cat, duh), Killer Queen can’t take as much damage as Luka can.

Willpower: Luka’s coping method of pretending everything is fine until it actually is fine does work, but only to a certain point. He can hold out longer than plenty of people, but he still has his limits. Killer Queen, while easily startled, excels at keeping a cool head in the long run.

Speed: Speed is where they excel. Killer Queen’s telekinesis makes Luka lighter and faster than he is naturally, and she herself is fast even without her powers.

Reaction Speed: Killer Queen is a bit faster to react than Luka, but both of them have pretty average reaction speed.

Name of Ability: Spooky Scary

Character Theme:
Their whole “act” is based around ghosts, poltergeists specifically. Luka will create spooky illusions while Killer Queen throws things around. They’re a two-man haunting, with Cheshire Cat vibes on the side.

Class: Magic - Illusion

Ability Capabilities: Local Illusions

Qualities of Ability: Luka has the ability to produce illusions around him within roughly a three meter radius, or within a single room (whichever boundary comes first). This can include changing the area around him and his own appearance. Typically, he uses this ability to create ghostly images, like flickering lights, haunting apparitions, and other spooky shit. Some of his favorite goofs include replacing himself with a skeleton and making the walls bleed in the shape of an unflattering picture of someone.

Strengths of Ability: Luka’s strength lies in distraction. He can use illusions as a kind of smoke bomb to disguise his movements, or change his face and clothing to disappear into a crowd.

Weaknesses of Ability: Luka can lose control of his illusions in certain circumstances. In particular, it happens when he gets emotionally distressed or high (which is how this power first manifested).

Limitations of Ability: His illusions are still just illusions; if you touch one and your hand goes straight through it, the effect is kind of ruined.

Class: Psychic

Ability Capabilities: Telekinesis, and Selective Telepathy

Qualities of Ability: In addition to human-level intelligence, Killer Queen can use telekinesis to move objects, as well as herself in a way that resembles flight. She and Luka share a mental bond that allows them to hear each other’s thoughts. Thanks to this bond, she can share some of her telekinesis with Luka, making him much more acrobatic and lighter on his feet than the average person.

Strengths of Ability: It’s not hard to find small enough objects to toss at enemies, and depending on the object, KQ can do some real damage.

Weaknesses of Ability: Using her power isn’t second nature to her; she needs to concentrate on what she’s doing. If she’s distracted or startled, she leaves herself vulnerable.

Limitations of Ability: Her telekinesis has limits; she can’t move anything heavier than herself (with some exceptions, Luka included), and her range is limited to her area of perception. This extends to her bond with Luka. If they aren’t near each other, they won’t be able to communicate.


Best-Selling Travel Writer Eliza Young Talks Parenting

“Ugh, this whole interview is bullshit. Forgive me if I don’t want to listen to ten minutes of my mom talking out her ass. I had enough of that when I moved out. She just goes on and on about how packing up and moving your family to another country every six months is a great idea and definitely won’t negatively impact your kid’s life! Like, traveling the world is nice and all, but I think not transferring schools every year is nicer. Oh, and no mention of the homophobia, naturally. Better not say that shit on TV. Don’t want to seem like an asshole in front of the whole country; just in front of your kid. Like I said, bullshit. Sorry for ranting; my parents make me salty.”

Break-In Seemingly Foiled by Poltergeist - Possibly the Work of a New Breed?

“Technically, this one was Killer Queen. Some guys had broken into my apartment, and while I hid and called for help, she used her powers to chase them into the closet and lock them in. When the police came, the robbers were terrified, said the place was haunted. I didn’t mention KQ at all. Just didn’t want a lot of attention pointed our way. Funny thing, that’s actually how I found out about her powers. It had only been a month or so since I adopted her. I kind of freaked out a little, heh. I guess after that, she trusted me enough to let me into her head.”

New Costumed Hero Catches Robber

“This was when I first thought that hero-ing might be for me. It wasn’t even what I meant to do, just luck, really. I was passing a convenience store, and saw that some guy had pulled a gun on the cashier. Something just took over and I snuck in there. I’m pretty proud of how I handled it; I made the guy’s gun look like it was made of tentacles, and he got scared and dropped it. I kept the guy there while the cashier called the cops. Cashier asked me who I was and, hah, this was kind of embarrassing, I kind of panicked and just said ‘don’t worry about it.’ So, that was basically the start of everything. What I was wearing at the time eventually became my costume. Pretty soon after, I realized that me and KQ could make a pretty good team.”

“Live fast, eat ass.”

“If God wanted us to be heterosexual, he wouldn’t have made boys... like that.”

“Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”

“I wonder what future me is doing right now. Probably something stupid. Jackass. I hope he dies.”

(Whenever he’s mildly inconvenienced) “We are in the timeline that God abandoned.”

Reputation: Luka and Killer Queen aren’t particularly well known, generally busting smaller-scale crime in the neighborhood they live in. They have a pretty good reputation in the area, as Luka, being the face of the team, is friendly and affable, even to the criminals he busts. He also has a Snapgram account, but he mostly posts cat pictures, aesthetic, and memes.

Theme Songs:
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you

Chase - Batta
I'll chase you anywhere, I'll chase you anytime

Killer Queen - Queen
Killer, killer, she's a killer Queen

Dead Man’s Party - Oingo Boingo
Don't run away, it's only me

Freeze Your Brain - Laurence O’Keefe & Kevin Murphy
Shatter your skull, Fight pain with more pain

That Distant Shore - Rebecca Sugar
I know that there’s something residing, a terror deep inside me

Burning Pile - Mother Mother
All my troubles on a burning pile

I promise to commit to this RP and be present to the best of my ability. I will communicate openly, post as regularly as my life and mental health allows, and if things go bad and I need to crawl into my grave for a little while, I'll keep everyone updated from the comfort of the ground. And if I actually die, I'll haunt the Discord. (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
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