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Current taking a break from rping for a little while. i'll be back soon enough but i really need to work on my mental health. hope everyone understands sorry
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@Mae saaaaaaame
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i was literally up all night and i just realized i could have written posts during that time fuck i straight up just read fanfiction and cried for like 6 hours
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saw thor ragnarok the other day and now i really want to do a Sakaar rp but i caaaaaaaan't
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sorry in advance to anyone i'm rping with if my posts are slow/kinda bad, my brain isn't working right lately i'm kind of a mess bleh (シ_ _)シ


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Wearing: X | Location: Forest

Skye jumped a little when he realized someone was coming up behind him. He regarded the woman warily, but relaxed quite a bit when she started petting him. If his little possum-face could smile he would have; instead, he just pushed his head closer into her hand, chasing the comfort.

His confusion at the situation only grew when ax-guy asked about someone called the Daimyo, but the confusion was replaced with fear when sword-guy stated his intention to cause general mayhem. The man started charging some kind of magic, and Skye, trembling, huddled closer to the nice woman.

Oh my god I should have just gone back to sleep!

Wearing: X | Location: Forest

Skye was frozen in place as several trees fell down around him. Thankfully, he wasn’t crushed, but the situation didn’t show any signs of calming down. As the swordsman turned to engage Hannah, Skye dove behind a particularly large tree trunk and seemingly disappeared with a soft poof, leaving his hoodie behind. In his place was an opossum bundled up in the fabric. In his panic, he had unconsciously transformed to make himself smaller.

What kind of mess had he stumbled into? Who were all these people? And why was he the only one who seemed the least bit bothered?

Wearing: X | Location: Forest

Skye was about to respond to Hannah, relieved that she wasn’t mad at him for snooping, but he was interrupted by a commotion. A man had come out of the surrounding foliage wielding an axe, and another man had dropped down from the trees, taken down axe-man, and threatened him with a scythe.

Skye was at a loss for words. All he could manage in response was an undignified, “Wait- wh- uh… What?”

Wearing: X | Location: Forest

Skye felt like a deer in headlights as he watched the guy’s appearance change. The swords definitely didn’t make him feel any safer. The girl had definitely heard him talk, and was looking around.

He timidly stepped out from behind the tree, waving awkwardly. Hopefully he didn’t seem threatening at all (not that he normally was threatening, but the last thing he wanted was to scare these people).

“I know this seems really creepy. Uh, sorry. I’m Skye,” he mumbled in his normal near-monotone voice. He hoped it wasn’t apparent how uncomfortable he was.

He kept an eye on the shape-shifting man, mentally preparing himself for anything.

Just then, it occurred to him that he hadn’t even had to deal with this awkwardness. He could have just turned into a crow and flew away with Barb. Dumbass… Well, it was too late now.

Wearing: X | Location: Forest

Skye had been walking for a few minutes when he heard voices ahead of him.

He murmured to Barbara, “Interesting. Sounds like a woods party. I’m gonna snoop.”

He crept closer to the people talking, keeping himself hidden behind a large tree. If he were in a different mood, he might have approached them and said hi (because it’s not every day he finds other woods people), but he had just woken up and all he really had energy for was being a creep.

Suddenly, a loud CAW made his heart skip a beat. Barbara had fluttered off of his head with a smug expression on her face.

“You betrayer,” he hissed. Barbara cawed again and flew off.

Skye froze in place. There was no way those people didn’t hear that.

Wearing: X | Location: Forest


Skye jolted out of his peaceful sleep and opened his eyes to see dark feathers and a beak inches away from his face. Which crow was this, again? Steve? Debra? Derek! It was Derek.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Skye mumbled, “What’s up, man?”

“CAW!” Derek reached under his wing and pulled out a five dollar bill. He looked at Skye with an expectant expression.

“Aw, thanks buddy,” Skye stuffed the bill in his jacket pocket and took out a handful of cat treats. They were freeze-dried chicken, nothing too unhealthy. Derek gladly ate them and flew away, cawing his thanks.

Skye yawned, looking at his watch. It was almost midnight, not nearly the latest he had ever been awake. He sat up and lifted himself out of the soft patch of moss he had been sleeping in. If he was awake, he might as well take a walk.

His peaceful mood soured a little when he thought about his plans for tomorrow. His family was going to some fancy party and they were forcing him to go. He would have to clean up, wear a stuffy suit, and fake-smile at a bunch of pretentious rich people, pretending he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. Well, if there was one good thing he could say about events like that, at least the food was always good.

He heard a loud caw, and another crow fluttered down and settled on top of his head. He recognized her voice, this was Barbara. She was always good at telling when something was bothering him.

“Hey, Barb. You joining me tonight?”


“Thanks,” Skye smiled, walking further into the woods.

❣ Tennis Court - Lorde ❣

As she arrived at the performing arts center, Mieke was experiencing a manageable level of anxiety. Her mind was still full of potential ways the situation could blow up spectacularly, but those were a soft background presence rather than a screeching alarm. Her relative calmness was largely due to what she had spent most of the day doing.

➳ ➳ ➳

The fact that she had unconsciously summoned her stand the day before had bothered her. Just because she was freaking out, she could have hurt people by accident. And, well, she was going to watch the same performers who inadvertently made that happen, so she had to make sure it didn't this time. Naturally, she had to practice.

Since she wasn’t about to traumatize herself again, she focused on figuring out how to make her stand appear on purpose. It was a good thing she was alone in her motel room while she did it, though because the entire affair was ridiculous.

She tried yoga, meditation, clenching all her muscles and making “HHHNNNNGGGGG” noises, but it was only after she flopped back onto the bed in defeat that she finally managed it. She felt feathery wings around her, and opened her eyes to see her stand’s face looking down at her.

“Oh, hey there.”

Her stand made a “chirrp” sound in response.

“It’s weird that I don’t have anything to call you, right?”


“Well, what do you want to be called?”


“I’ll— I’ll keep thinking.”

➳ ➳ ➳

She hadn’t gotten any further on the name idea, but she had at least gotten a handle on summoning her stand. She was at least confident that if things went south, she could do the first step well. The crowd had her on edge, though; in busy environments she was always afraid of getting lost.

She gladly accepted the lanyard from Leonard and stowed it in her bag, trying to stifle the nervous jitter in her hands. She wondered if the performer she talked to earlier would recognize her. She had no idea if that would be a good thing or a bad thing (probably more on the bad end; she was always the kind of person who would hide when she saw any old classmates in public).

“So, do you think we should go talk to them before or after the show?”
i'm interested! i have an idea of someone who can commune with animals, but only trash animals, like raccoons, rats, roaches, etc.
got a cs up! (´。• ω •。`)
Name: Skye Penrose

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Familiar

Powers/skills: He can transform into any animal he’s seen up close, and communicate with animals; though only “trash animals” like crows, rats, possums, raccoons, etc. actually like him. He’s not entirely sure why. He can’t cast spells himself, but if he forms a close bond with a magic user, he can enhance the strength of their magic.

Crush: None (yet ;3)

Relationship: Single (Gay)

Personality: He’s chill and low-energy, often to the point of seeming dumb. Despite how he comes off, though, he’s capable of surprisingly intelligent conversation when he’s in the mood. His life’s philosophy is to go with the flow and worry as little as possible.

History: He’s the youngest member of a very old and distinguished family of familiars that has assisted magic-users for centuries. Skye never exactly fit in with his family due to his penchant towards the less glamorous ends of the animal world, and his lackadaisical lifestyle.

Other: He likes dumpster diving, and he’s trained the local crows to bring him money.


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