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Name: Trubert Reifsnaider

Race: Human

Faction: Empire - Wissenland

Class: Morr Monk (not a Priest, not able to perform Morr miracles)

Physical Description: 40 years old - Height: 173cm - Weight: 58kg - Hair: Golden blond - Eyes: Pale Grey

Weapons/Armor and Gear: Prayer Book (The Book of Doorways), Morr symbol (a black raven-shaped badge), black Morr robes, writing kit, quarterstaff

Background: Unlike the fertile farmlands of western Wissenland, the oriental side of the province offers a drier and stony landscape. People in Ummenbach, a small village on the edge of the Black Mountains near dwarven hold Khazid Hafak, have almost abandoned subsistence farming in favor of mining and metal trading.

Trubert was a monk in a small monastery of Morr not far from Ummenbach. He and two other brothers were spending their lives in study and prayer, also offering their services to the villagers whenever they needed a funeral.

One day the monastery was raided and razed by a small group of goblins who killed Trubert's brothers without mercy and left him for dead. He was rescued some hours later by Xavier Breuer, the lay temple guardian who was away running some errands. Trubert was taken to Ummenbach and was treated by villagers but remained visibly shocked despite his long religious training.

Some weeks later a small party of mercenaries headed to Border Princes lands made a stop in Ummenbach. That very night Trubert had a dream in which he was following the mercenaries offering spiritual assistance in some dark lair. Since Morrians take omens from dreams very seriously, he joined the mercenaries the next day. Xavier, now unemployed and sincerely devoted to Trubert, decided to follow the party too. The group crossed the Black Mountains south of Ummenbach and stopped by Khazid Hafak and Karak Gantuk holds. There they heard of Karak Eight Peaks, a huge dwarven hold disputed by orks, skaven and dwarfs back in the World's Edge Mountains. They also heard that dwarfs are willing to richly pay humans who accept to fight for them. The party decided the Border Princes wars were pointless compared the gold they could gain fighting for dwarfs and planned to reach the City of Pillars. They were joined by some Dwarf Shieldbreakers who helped them finding the right way and avoid troubles in the Badlands. After many travel weeks they finally reached Karak Eight Peaks...

Trubert is a quiet man, with a dark sense of humour typical of Morr clergy. He spent his life in contemplation and study, apart from theology and the risks of necromancy, he had the chance to study dwarven culture of the near Khazid Hafak hold, gaining some academic knowledge in runes and dwarven language (khazalid). He cannot perform Morr miracles (divine magic).


Name: Xavier Breuer

Race: Human

Faction: Empire - Wissenland

Class: Temple Guardian

Physical Description: 25 years old - Height: 169cm - Weight: 95kg - Hair: Ash Blond - Eyes: Black

Weapons/Armor and Gear: Light Armour (Leather Jack), Morr robe (black robe under the leather jack), a simple spear, dagger

Background: Xavier was born in Ummenbach, third son of a local miner. When he was 16 the Morrian brothers from the near monastery hired him to watch over it and run errands for them. Monks treated him well and he quickly became fond of his employers. His simple life was shaken when goblins destroyed the monastery and killed all brothers but Trubert while he was away. He felt guilty for not helping them in the moment of need and when Trubert joined a mercenaries party he chose to follow and protect him.

Xavier is an overweight but good hearted boy. He is very fond of brother Trubert and sincerely wants to protect him. He knows the basic of fighing but in his 9 years as a temple guardian never had the chance to test his skills.
Am I still in time to join this game? I will PM to the DM the two characters I was thinking to play. Please let me know if they are ok and if I can play.
Hello guys,
my name's Kordian, a not so young player (35 yo) from Italy, looking for some relaxing roleplaying in my spare time as husband and father.

I love Warhammer Fantasy world and I hope to join some game to experience other perspectives and improve my knowledge since the lore is too huge to grasp every cultural/racial aspect.

I'm planning to write some Warhammer fanfiction in my language (I have a plot and gathered lots of information, just have to find the right 'mood' to start...).

Hope to meet you soon!
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