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Current DMC5, Power Rangers, so much stylish combo games to play and I don't have a good PC to try them all. #FeelsBadMan
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Just can't wait to put some of the crazy plot twists I have in mind for my RP. Shit's gonna hit the fan REAL HARD.
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Happy new year!
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Tried that site "I write like" twice. One got Dan Brown and the second got Lovecraft. IA IA!
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All your base are belong to us.


Brazilian roleplayer.

Currently not involved in any settings, and still coming back from a hiatus.
Fantasy elements are mandatory on every roleplay setting I do, since most characters I play as have typical superhero/videogame villain archetypes combined with unusual elements (Such as ninja characters being anarchist errants who toss the traditional "assassin for hire" roles through the window - being more akin to Street Samurai in Shadowrun, succubi being deceptive predators, Egyptian goddesses ruling mega-corporations...) for the sake of variety. In other words, a typical fantasy kitchen sink with tropes being twisted and blended into crazy storylines.

If you ever played Dungeon Fighter Online or Herowarz (Both of which actually offer crazy stuff like robots and mages living together in harmony), that's how my roleplay scenarios are built. I often merge this with a lot of worldbuilding. For that matter, players who are actually interested in things out of usual have bonus points in my book. Settings, characters and such will be posted as soon as I start updating my personal roster/scenarios. So stay tuned!

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This update had a load of exposition, and sometimes I get carried away with stuff.

One of the things I really thought that required to be explained was the reason for why the gate of nemesis is a thing - Zaph's mommy is a bit of an Airhead at times, and she REALLY loves history.

I also always wanted to make one of those "In the beginning of the world" stuff Dungeons and Dragons seems to be very fond of, but instead of a bunch of cosmic chess players with medieval stasis fetish, I just went with the "Ancient Astronauts" narrative and magic stuff. I never liked the idea of having dozens of gods messing up with the world because they're bored.
Rafflesian Palace Entrance

Queen Carmine of Rafflesia approached the place shortly after her arrival in the kingdom. She could feel the vampire's aura in the air as she calmly walked in the place. A warrior, a sorceress and a descendant of a hero of yore before anything, Her Majesty maintained her composure while witnessing people being shocked by Frost's display of intimidation. Frost however, vanished shortly after. Carmine barely had time to face him.

Rafflesia Capital - Castle's meeting room

After the demonstration of the evil spell, everybody was trying to know what was going on. The young wanderer however, kept his composure and started telling the knowledge he shared. As soon as he started to talk, the queen arrived. She gazed upon him and the two crossed eyes. Carmine felt a strong heat on her heart as well as a cold, flinching aura that was common amongst adventurers like him.

And then he started to speak...

As he was about to finish, Carmine cheered. "You do seem to know a lot about the story of the world, young one!" She had one of those exaggerated sweatdrops and an embarrassed look as everyone gazed upon her, recomposing herself shortly after.

To which Chris calmly replied, "So... after I've explained what I know from the myths of our ancestors, there's no one that needs to be sacrificed in order to keep the Gate of Nemesis from opening."

Ammiras then looked at him. "And the reason for why you bested the ghouls at the streets earlier is..."

"Ramirez mentioned the term 'Oriental Blue' out of a sudden. It's a book of Heroic tales common in the eastern lands. After the place of which I learned martial arts was burned to the ground, and its name forcibly erased from the records, I've decided to use my knowledge to be like one of the Heroes from this book to fulfill my vows of never using my arts for evil."

Everybody remained silent. The young wanderer sat down on a chair and Wulfrick was the one to break the silence, "We are at a loss of words. Your Najesty, King Ozias, has his concerns for his daughter, her highness."

"And I am aware of her status as a descendant of Maya - I had explored and read a few books regarding the culture and story of this Kingdom, as you see, Master Wulfrick. I am only here on behalf of orders from his Majesty, but I don't believe to be fit or in proper condition to stand in front of two Wind Masters..."
Iselian Commonwealth Capital - Ivory Palace

A meeting just finished. Queen Carmine walked away towards the exit of the palace, and she was more than happy to see that her diplomatic abilities worked on her favor. Her rather extravagant clothing called for attention whenever she walked on, but people paid her due respect because they knew who she was. Besides that, she exhaled pure charisma and charm. A single smile of hers warmed any cold hearted person that came to talk to.

A descendant of the Grand Master of the Wind, Maya, who sealed the Gate of Nemesis with the power of the Wind Dragon, Sylph. While she walked to the airship that brought her to the Iselian territories, and calmly walked inside.

The ship started to sail and drift through the skies, circled by a convoy of armed airships that stood close to the Queen's main transportation at all times. She wondered about her husband, and her daughter. Carmine created a small sphere of wind on her hand and smiled, thinking about the progress her progeny had after all the training and studies. To her credit, she was very supportive of Zafiria and everyone in the family knew the benefits of offering universal education.

Being a sorceress herself, Carmine knew that a society which everyone benefits from knowledge was necessary to protect her family and her homeland. Her thoughts were cut down when she received a report on an Emerald Orb that she carried with her all times. Ramirez started to talk to her.

"Greetings, your Majesty."

"Greetings, Ramirez. To what I shall owe your request?"

"Your Majesty. Adam Frost manifested himself again, and..."

"About that, I know", Carmine cut him coldly. "Now, what exactly is the reason for why you called?"

"Recently, a wandering Vagabond claiming to be raised in Ashihara Islands had destroyed three ghouls, single-handedly!"

News that made Carmine be dumbfounded with shock. She heard about the mythos that the warriors from the eastern had. Hanging from the Flower Knights from the Kingdom of Silla, the ferocious warrior monks from Shanghai Republic and the legendary Ninja warriors from Ashihara.

Ramirez and Carmine talked about the situation at hand, and the conversation ended with the queen being mesmerized with the idea of a handsome young lad being able to do what entire groups of elite warriors and mages of Rafflesia could not.

Rafflesia Capital - Castle's meeting room

Wulfrick and Ramirez escorted Chris to the room where both Zafiria and Ozias were waiting him. The young lad's breath had became intense and he felt some strange, gloomy aura in the air. Eyes always facing forwards, he walked retaining his composure and soon they were at the court.

Zafiria's mesmerizing beauty was nothing compared to the imposing figure of her father. Something that he knew very well in the eastern lands, is that any Daimyo - a "governor", had a greater rule in the land due to the strict differences between the aristocracy and the peasantry. Trying to keep cool under the pressure that he felt in that moment, Chris bowed down to Ozias, respectfully.

"Your Majesty, King Ozias of Rafflesia. It is an honor for this humble vagabond to meet such an honorable man."

As he went back into a standing position, a thick purple smoke started to spread across the room. Everything froze, with the exception of Ozias.

Adam manifested himself in front of Ozias, smirking in a very frightening way. "Greetings, Ozzy old chap. How's it going? After all... it's thanks TO ME that you managed to marry a descendant of the Grand Master Maya... and your daughter, hmmm... such a beauty you have here. However, I couldn't forget the little aggression you did to me. You disappoint me with your ingratitude."

Frost snapped his fingers, and everyone in the room was busy trying to understand what just happened.
The Searcher of Nemesis, Adam Frost

An alchemist that pursued the secrets of the Gate of Nemesis as a mean to stop aging. An incident known as "Days of the dark clouds", of which monsters appeared in the land of Ashihara, leading to fierce battles between Chris Falcon and monsters (Called Youkai by the eastern islands inhabitors) three months prior to his arrival in Rafflesia.

A few years ago, he was good friends with king Ozias, and both studied about the Gate of Nemesis. Ozias nurtured the idea of meeting a descendant of Maya, a powerful Sage who once sealed the Gate of Nemesis, which could lead the world to destruction as it summoned monsters from a place called "The realm of the black stone".

Frost arranged a meeting with one of Maya's descendants, a Rafflesian scholar that developed a system of windmills to make good use of winds that constantly blew on the region. This scholar agreed to meet Ozias, and Frost actively helped him on achieving his goal. One tragic day however, an attempt to brew a love potion ended up in an accident. The scholar woman drank Frost's love potion, which had two ingredients missing, and she ended up losing her memory for a few days, and with the scholar being totally upset at the two.

While a second attempt did work, however, Ozias grew more and more Jealous of Adam due to the knowledge of the love potion, bordering on Paranoia. Fearing that his friend may have been harboring secret feelings towards the woman of his dreams, he decided to sneak in the Frost Manor and steal all of the love potion bottles for himself.

Ozias, however, was caught on the spot, and claimed that Adam would use the potions to seduce the scholar and get more information on the Gate of Nemesis, thus ending his quest for love in a tragic way. Ozias destroyed most of Adam's work tools in a fit of rage and tried to kill him, but failed.

Adam went into hiding, researching on the Gate of Nemesis by himself, and as he found a way of harnessing its power, he was infected with Vampirism, turning himself into a Nosferatu-like creature that sworn revenge on the king, swearing to make the entire kingdom into a part of the Realm of the Black Stone, by force, if necessary.
There's a lot of things I like doing, and world building is one of them.

By the way, I'll upgrade the character sheet as the story unfolds.
Edit: Zaph's cute. I like your idea for her!
That last post was very detailed and well done. I'll get a response up on Saturday :)

Thanks a lot. I hope you can enjoy this as much as I am!
The Frost Manor

Adam Frost stood carefully watching the spectacle that Chris had did with his ghouls. A grin formed on his face. "This is splendid." He replied to a curious servant spirit that stood by his side, pointing that his skills were unexpected. Frost looked at his familiar, and snapped his fingers. In a matter of seconds, the ghouls became dust and scattered away.

Frost walked on a room of his manor, watching as different creatures that stood in suspended animation were sealed inside what could best be described as cocoons. He knew he was being feared as a villain in Rafflesia and made sure that everyone in the kingdom knew about his megalomaniac desires of trying to harness the power of the gate of Nemesis to himself.

The dark shade that stood beside him started to talk telepathically to his master, "I think that the eastern warrior could be more trouble than he's worth, my liege. Do you think he could be an useful asset in our plans?"

"Yes. Judging from his movements, I can tell he uses the power of Qigong. Eastern ways of combat never disappointed in that aspect, spirit development is taken so seriously that even the descendants of Maya didn't gone far with it. Speaking of which, Ozias still owes me that favor..."

"Master, I'm sensing a slighter disturbance in the air. Someone is using magic."

"That is irrelevant, Spriggan. I need to prepare myself for now, our beloved and benevolent king seems to have forgotten the pact he made with me to marry a Sorcerer, and how he caused me to be like this."

Rafflesia Capital - Merchant district

As Ammiras required his presence in the castle, Chris quickly stood firm and nodded in agreement, following the captain. As the whispers increased, they followed. However, Mentor Ramirez was more than ready to stay at his side and give him all of the details in the fight he witnessed. They walked around and the young ninja looked to the great gate. Two guards raised their spears and Ammiras announced himself, "I am captain Ammiras of the Silver Lion division. I request a meeting with my superiors", he politely curved himself. The guards opened way, and the trio followed to a hallway with several people, one of them wearing a large blue cape and dressed in a grey armor. He also had a thick beard and several scars on his face, wore an eyepatch on his right eye and the other was a fierce, brightful tone of green. This man turned to captain Ammiras as they arrived.

"Ammiras. What does bring you here, amidst these times of uncertainty and fear?"

"Master Wulfrick, a thousand pardons for this unexpected arrival of mine, but... this young lad. Some men during our watch claim to see him slay three ghouls with precise strikes."

Wulfrick didn't flinch. He looked at Chris and analyzed the posture. The seasoned swordsman walked around and made the young ninja be a bit worried. Ramirez, in the other hand, observed the situation and he would simply say everything he saw, and how Chris was supposedly some sort of super hero. However, both remained silent. Until Wulfrick looked at Chris and sat down on a chair.

"Your name, Kid."

"Christopher Falcon, Sir."


"I don't recall, but I was raised in Ashihara."

"Ashihara?" Wulfrick raised an eyebrow. "With that name, and the blue eyes, I can tell you're from some other country. Like Bombardia, Silverland Republic or Iselian States Commonwealth. But you don't seem to be an Ashihara-Jin."

Taking a deep breath, Chris explained how he did get such skills. After a detailed description, Wulfrick looked at him. "If there are any witnesses in this precinct, please present yourselves."

Ramirez stood up, "Master Wulfrick. I've seen with my own eyes what this young lad can do. He manifested an armor and a crimson, wavering cape. His sword danced beautifully, the fierce determination on his eyes, everything was a sight to behold!"

"I take responsibility for the uproar, and yes. I had faced the creatures you call as 'ghouls'. I sensed some twisted energy, like their spirits were corrupted or tainted by some strange energy. They attacked Ramirez and I stood up to him, and..." His explanation was interrupted shortly after.

"Master Ramirez, I heard you reciting the first verses of the 'Legend of Oriental Blue' poem. Mind if..." Wulfrick raised his hand shortly and he stopped talking.

"You see, young Christopher. Right now, we are facing a crisis. Have you ever heard about a man named Adam Frost before?"

"Some rumors about him, but nothing that sparked much my interest."

"Some sorcerers from the National Guild of Magi discovered that the Gate of Nemesis is directly linked to the Royal Family. While princess Zafiria is training herself to be a Magus herself, she needs some help. We are afraid that her knowledge will not be enough to deter Frost's wicked ambitions..."

Chris stood still.

"Gate of Nemesis? I've heard about that. We call it 'Gateway to Makai' in Ashihara." Zafiria came to his mind, and he blushed softly. He was happy nobody noticed that he got flustered.
That sounds lovely :3

Summer heat? Is it summer in Brazil? I've never really left Canada so I'm completely ignorant to the weather patterns of other countries :$

Yes, in southern hemisphere countries, it's Summer. And Brazil is a tropical country, which means that the warm temperatures and low humidity hurts some people bad. And when it's rain season, there's a lot of storms.

And since it's a tropical country, there's insects. Insects, everywhere. Recently, some cities reported lots of scorpion attacks.
We are on the same boat. I too had simple celebrations, nothing too shabby, and went back to sleep shortly after the firecracker shows.

My family visited me and we had nice talks, but it wasn't much of a big deal, however. I'm just happy that I didn't have to leave house, I too am a home-body, and here in Brazil, every end of the year means traffic jams everywhere and summer heat making our lives miserable.

But still, I'm happy to hear from you, and happy new year!
In Roleplaying, a "That Guy"/"That Girl" is an annoying person that creates drama and ruins the mood in every way possible. Either by trying to force down something they like on a play (usually a trait, narrative tropes or fetishes), always using overpowered characters and trying to bring the stories to whatever he/she/(insert gender here) plans to do, or else having their muses have some knowledge that they should not have.

In other words, they disconnect themselves with the roleplays they are doing for the sake of having their fantasies fulfilled. And they always believe they're right.

I couldn't find any thread with stories about these sorts of players, so I've decided to make one.
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