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Current I'm not lurking any profiles. I'm just snooping as usual.
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DMC5, Power Rangers, so much stylish combo games to play and I don't have a good PC to try them all. #FeelsBadMan
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Just can't wait to put some of the crazy plot twists I have in mind for my RP. Shit's gonna hit the fan REAL HARD.
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Happy new year!
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Tried that site "I write like" twice. One got Dan Brown and the second got Lovecraft. IA IA!
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Brazilian roleplayer.

Currently not involved in any settings, and still coming back from a hiatus.
Fantasy elements are mandatory on every roleplay setting I do, since most characters I play as have typical superhero/videogame villain archetypes combined with unusual elements (Such as ninja characters being anarchist errants who toss the traditional "assassin for hire" roles through the window - being more akin to Street Samurai in Shadowrun, succubi being deceptive predators, Egyptian goddesses ruling mega-corporations...) for the sake of variety. In other words, a typical fantasy kitchen sink with tropes being twisted and blended into crazy storylines.

If you ever played Dungeon Fighter Online or Herowarz (Both of which actually offer crazy stuff like robots and mages living together in harmony), that's how my roleplay scenarios are built. I often merge this with a lot of worldbuilding. For that matter, players who are actually interested in things out of usual have bonus points in my book. Settings, characters and such will be posted as soon as I start updating my personal roster/scenarios. So stay tuned!

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"Looks like we won. Yeah!" He said cheering lightly. A few bruises here and there, he gazed upon the thugs knocked out cold in a pile that was nearby. Who knows if he could be fighting like that some day? Kurenai Ryu had a flaw of being subpar in one vs one duels, but he always had to improvise in his days of livestreams where he was alone with mutants, he had to adapt himself to that situation.

The mess being finally over, he stretched himself a bit and waited for the signal to go back.
The premise:

A Hansel und Gretel-esque action fantasy story focused in adventure and world-building.

Alucard and Sakura were inseparable friends. Their friendship and bonding did not develop into a romance, however... meeting by chance, and forced to fight together, the two made a promise to each other: "should we ever survive for three battles for our lives, we will be siblings from that day on". Time passed, and after an intense battle that culminated with the defeat of a magician named Ozymandias, they lived their lives in peace.

As the pages of history were written, Alucard and Sakura's legacy would be forgotten... until one day, the forces of evil set their eyes in the world, and the worshippers of Ozymandias are gathering together in hopes of reviving their god and plunge the world into total chaos.

So who exactly are they?

A dhampir (Half-blood vampire) that left the luxury of his castle in pursue of glory. Young and prodigious in the art of fencing, his weapons were the rapier and a pair of muskets. He became infected with Vampirism while fighting to protect his homeland, and traveled the world searching for a cure. Fortune smiled upon him when he met Sakura, and she gave him a mysterious medicine named "Jesai", that got rid of the bloodlust and the hypersensitivity to light, as much as he ocasionally needed some blood drinking to avoid suffering with side-effects of the cure.

A wandering Onna-bugeisha from the kingdom of Ashihara who traversed the world in search of the monsters that ravaged her hometown. Met Alucard in her travels, and offered the Jesai medicine to him in order to cure him from his disease, and the two became close friends ever since. Sakura and Alucard chose to live as a "Brother and Sister" couple in lieu of forming a romantic pair.

A villainous alchemist, who was searching for the legendary realm of Eden, Ozymandias tried to achieve godhood by learning to create life with his own hands. He's also a powerful necromancer and he created the monster who infected Alucard with Vampirism. As he was defeated by the friends turned siblings, his soul wandered to a place known as the Gate of Nemesis, where he bid his time for centuries to revive in the mortal world. As time passed, he earned worshippers, who saw him as a god, and the cult started to unleash monsters all over the world in hopes to bring back their master to live.

So what's the plan?
My character is a boy, who befriends a lady. She can be anything.
"Can they be descendants of Alucard and Sakura"? Yes. Still, the brother-sister relationship is part of the play.
In the air my eyes drew skyward
There you were in a blaze of glory
Giving reason to my life

Travis Stebbins is love, Travis Stebbins is life.
Hope you enjoy your stay.

I've got an awesome anime princess for a Romance RP and even rolled for a streets of rage-based narrative.

I'm sure you'll find something fun here, too.
Granted. It never stops raining. EVER. Hope you own an ark.

I wish to be cured of my adhd

You're cured of the disorder, but you develop OCD.

I wish internet was used only for scientific researching.
"In my defense, I spend my time reading. It was part of my duties back in Ashihara, your majesty. Unfortunate as is, education was a privilege for the warriors and nobles. Only recently, this had a chance to change - the peasant rebellion of some years ago brought some good turn in events. And there's the..."

His words were interrupted by a running soldier that nearly rolled on the ground as he dashed into the room in panic.

"Y-your majesty! I bring terrible news!"

Everybody stopped and listened to him as he was telling them, in between exasperated sighs, about a monster who was attacking airships landing on a port nearby. Carmine sighed, looking at the situation. "My lord... Our soldiers don't have the same access as the magic power as the magi of the guild and most soldiers are busy investigating the presence of more Ghouls in the capital area."

In that moment, the ninja stood in front of the Soldier. "Do tell me where this is. I will go there and investigate."
Chris had a nasty feel of the two guys being too much for his fighting style - It had a peculiar flaw of being not so effective when it comes to one-on-one fights, as Kurenai Ryu Taijutsu is more focused on facing groups of enemies rather being focused on direct duels, like Kyokushin Karate, for example.

He was there, busy, getting something to wipe down the blood of his wound, and followed Llexe shortly after. With such a limitation in his martial art, staying away was the best solution. Chris also heard Light claiming she could regenerate herself, with her Wolverine-like heal factor, but the same couldn't be said about the other.

Still, while he got a neat look at Cobra and Viper... wow. A few more slashes and that unlucky woman would look just like something out of the mutants he fought in Brazil.
Viper and Cobra appeared shortly after Chris had taken down his foes. He looked at the twin girls and cracked his knuckles. For him, there was no place for Chivalry on the battle field and the two women seemed to be formidable opponents.

Both were weapon wielders, which made things far more interesting. He tried finding gaps on their defense or holes in their attacks, but the synergy of the twins was very polished. When he saw Kiyoshi using after images to get their attention drawn, an opportunity seemed to be appearing soon! The ninja used his fast parkour movements to make cover on the Samurai's part. His goals were only of disposing of potential threats. While he wasn't hiding or anything, his motives were rather clear. Even though the Snake sisters could perceive the little bluff on his part, it would at least be a nice little gamble to lure them both together. If Chris could distract them, he would have an advantage on a sneak attack as his fighting style was great for facing multiple enemies at a time.

All he would need was Kiyo's clones to start either distracting Viper or put Cobra into anticipating her defense. Then, his kicks would do the rest - Shirohebi, being a mixture of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and acrobatics, would be more than enough to exert some pressure on Cobra's defenses and Oborozuki could put Viper out of balance. Even if some thug prepared an ambush, they were so ridiculously weak and unskilled that they could be sent flying to a nearby trash can with a single Sparta kick.
Two more punks stood on Chris' way as he just finished playing with Trio the punch. He smiled softly after wiping the blood from the knife slash that he received. "Looks like you got lucky, lassie. But this time we're not going to go easy on you!" One of the two bikers roared as he was cracking his knuckles.

His reaction was to yawn at the bully's threat and scratch the back of his head. "Whatever, chump. I had to hold myself back and let them give me some hits on purpose, because you are just that weak. Besides, the fact you always attack in numbers and go for people who can't defend themselves says quite a lot about how much your strength and fearsome reputation are nothing more but a mere facade."

This time Chris was serious; He had some fun playing with the other three thugs, one of them he just let go, albeit somewhat conscious. When the two came rushing and ready to fight, he was already in his fighting stance. The playful persona gone, just the adrenaline rush he was barely able to contain. The first thug tried to come with a combination of jabs, all of which he dodged with grace. Then, the biker was countered with a fierce kick to his ribs, followed by another two on his solar plexus and his face. While flinching, Chris performed a scissor grapple with his legs and tossed him towards the other.

While the two were getting themselves up, or rather, struggling to, Chris just went to a nearby oil can and smashed it. A pleasant, and ironic surprise followed as a succulent turkey leg in a luxurious porcelain plate was waiting for him. Once he finished the meal, it was time to finish the job. The second thug came close, but fell down after getting hit by a sweep and knocked away with an Oborozuki. He had hit a wall and slowly slid downwards, and on his eyes, two comical spirals spinning.

KO: Biker Thug 1

"Hey, don't run away, you're the next." Chris was faster than him, and as his opponent was trying to run, his parkour abilities gave the ninja an advantage. The man was caught in a scissor joint and dropped. "You know, I could kill you right now. But I have orders to keep you alive."

"P-p-please! I surrender! Don't hurt me!" The man was crying. His pants were wet after he emptied his bladder in sheer panic. "I don't take surrenders. Your friends are very tough when it comes to people who can't defend themselves, but it's time for you to know what happens to those who prey on the innocent." Chris sniffed the air, feeling the strong stench and sighed, "Damn, how much of a whiny coward you are!"

In a short burst of fury, Chris threatened to stomp on his face. The biker fainted in fear and Chris let him be. "All right, who's next in line?"

KO - Biker Thug 2

Total KO: 4, 1 injured.
With all the introductions and greetings done, there wasn't much to do after all. Chris just watched the conversation unfold and Eve give them the briefing of the situation, when someone came rushing and nearly had a heart attack just by looking at Light and it caused him a mild chuckle. "If only that guy knew the shit I had to face..."


The storefront's entrance was being safeguarded by some guys, apparently a gang of bikers. Oooh, just like in those old movies! One of them held a steel pipe in his hands and the other was swinging a heavy set of chains, both looking menacingly at the young ninja.

"Toots, 'dis no place for a charming lady like ya. You'd better leave now because we're in the middle of work, because we don't discriminate between men and women!"

"I don't care about your business. It's sad to see you're so weak you need to rely on weapons, however. Back at home, I kicked Ice bricks thicker than that stuff you're holding. By the way, does it reminds you of someone special, or are you merely compensating for something?"

"Compensating for THIS!" Chris was taken back but dodged the smack that he was going to receive with that iron pipe smoothly. He smiled at his aggressors and cracked his fingers, did two squats and two short leaps. "My turn to show compensation for this gesture of kindness, then!"

It was on. A third thug carrying two kukri knives on his hands approached. A smug formed on the face of the ninja as the man shouted, pointing his knife at him, "KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER, NOW!" As the bikers tried to assault him, he just made his fighting stance.

The first thug - the one with the iron pipe - was greeted with a ferocious Oborozuki that sent him three meters back from where he was. Then the chain holder attempted to wrap it around his neck, and managed to get a hold of Chris as the knife wielder came in. Both were then caught in the white snake grapple technique, and were slammed to the ground as the ninja grabbed his chain and tossed it away.

"You guys are quite obnoxious. But Kurenai Ryu ninjutsu does not approve of ruffians like you! BRING IT ON!" By this point his fighting spirit burned with a roaring fire, adrenaline rush making his blood boil in excitement after getting the first hit on the thugs. They responded by having the Kukri wielder unleash a flurry of slashes at his chest.

A kick to the fist was the reaction to the frenzied cuts, none of which seemed to hurt him. One of the knives fell down to the ground and Chris was able to deliver some attacks to his torso. The biker flinched with the beatdown he was receiving, but didn't fall at first. Then, he was whipped with what would be the sole of his tabi shoes stamped on his solar plexus. He fell backwards, rolling.

The Ironpipe Biker, Gale, tried to come from behind, but Chris dodged in the last second and heard a loud thump followed by a sweep kick. Gale fell down to the ground but recovered quite fast, and looked at the ninja with a grin. "Don't take me for a fool, kiddo. I'm a blue belt in Sambo, and don't think I'll take it easy just because you're cute."

"Then show me what you can do." Chris just smiled back. He was happy, playing with him as Gale quickly went on for a roundhouse kick. He was deadly and heavy, but clunky and predictable, and Gale missed by a wide margin. When the biker thug tried to see where he was going, Chris was already leaping over him, his feet closer to his chest. "Seiryuu no mai!" A shout was heard, three roundhouse kicks followed the spot where both his lungs and his face would be. Gale was tossed somewhere near where the bikes were stationed.

Injury: Gale

Fog, the chain wielder, recomposed himself and grabbed the chains. He was spinning it furiously, but Chris was able to mantain the focused looks on his eyes and read every movement of the biker. While Gale was bulky and all muscular, Fog felt more like an overweight wrestler with a large belly. With the chain, he was quite a formidable opponent. Still, nothing a taijutsu expert can't handle.

Fog went straight for his legs, wrapping the chain at his right heel. He tried to toss Chris against the wall, but he bounced and used the momentum gained to counter that throw, getting the obese thug by surprise and unleashing an Oborozuki that made him go in a 60 degree arc before hitting the floor.

KO: Fog

Storm grabbed his kukri after wiping out the blood from his mouth. "You stupid fucking BITCH! YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD RIGHT NOW!" The biker tackled the ninja with a berserker rage, slashing with his knives as much as he could, every strike followed with a roar. While he was able to scar Chris' belly a bit, his rage turned into panic when the ninja jumped over one of those trash boxes, somersaulted over him, and Storm nearly felt he was going INSIDE that thing. Chris just assumed he was claustrophobic, but he wouldn't give him a heart attack. Instead, Storm got a roundhouse kick in his face, with the sole of the tabi stamped all over his cheek.

Chris then grabbed the kukri and tossed it away. He turned back and walked a few steps. "Kisamara ni sonna you na gangu wa hitsuyounai." Storm fell down to the ground, fainted.

Ko: Storm

Total: 2 KO, 1 Injury
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