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Was it a day? I don't even remember. OTL I'm just trying to think of a good way to do it, but I guess a week could do it if they kept consistently meeting after classes during the week. Which means more time to form bonds and be friends! Also, I edited my post to better fit this. So sorry, it has been a while since I have read the books.
Yeah, that sounds about right. I was thinking that this day was a Sunday so they will have their first classes the next day. They would meet next Saturday, share ideas together then split up to do some interviewing. When they meet up for lunch, they would divide writing the articles between the four of them, aswell as when to next meet up, which will probably be on the next weekend. So on that weekend, they would spend the Friday Evening and Saturday putting the newsletter together, and then handing out for the Sunday. Which given Luna's deadline, would make the following Sunday the day the names are taken from the cup.
"I was thinking a week before the names are selected from the Goblet," Luna suggested, with a bright smile at the fact that Draco had decided to pitch in his ideas after all. "That way, it gives people a chance to read the information during the coming days before the big reveal, which I think will get the students discussing the event before the names are announced," She explained before writing down the date on the parchment. She then looked to Hermione, as well as Harry before she considered the Gryffindor's words. The Ravenclaw didn't know quite where to start on the Layout. Keeping it neutral was one thing, but they still had to keep it quite appealing to bring people in to reading the newsletter in the first place. She looked down at her parchment, jotting down that piece of information after dipping the end of her quill into the glass jar of jet black ink. "Well, I hadn't considered the colour yet. I do know someone two years above me though who is able to enchant parchment. Whilst I don't think going overboard would be a great idea - We are only third and fourth years - We still could maybe incorporate something very simple, perhaps the school crest at the top of the page which changes to Beauxbatons' and Durmstrang's crest respectively. It would also remain quite neutral as it wouldn't focus on any specific house nor fixated on just one school," Luna gave a smile before she gestured to both Harry and Hermione. "However, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Though I think we have the basics down for now, and with the lovely weather we are having, it would be a shame for everyone to miss out on it," With that, the blonde stood with and started to gather her things, screwing the lid back on the ink jar as well as wiping the quill clean of the black liquid before she placed them inside her messenger bag, along with the piece of parchment that she had been jotting on the entire meeting. "Well, when shall we next meet?" Harry asked, turning his head as the Ravenclaw student went to gather her possessions. "Gryffindor and Slytherin's classes are pretty much identical as we share some lessons like Care of Magical Creatures but yours might be different to ours. You're in a different house and a different year after all," As he spoke, Harry went to put the book away on the shelf behind him, though he already had stacked a few aside, ready to get them checked out. It was OWL year after all, and he wouldn't hear the end of it from Hermione if he didn't do some studying. Luna tapped her finger on her lip before she decided. "Well it might be an idea to meet on tomorrow after class or even after dinner. We can use this evening to brainstorm some more ideas for other articles that we can write, ideas for the layout, and then discuss them first before we split up and get the interviews done. Once we've finished, we'll just meet up in the Great Hall the day after, and then head up to the library to evenly distribute the work load between us" Luna then swung her bag over her shoulder. "Though if you want to talk about anything before then, I'm all ears," With that, she then skipped out of the library, leaving the Gryffindors with the Slytherin. Harry coughed somewhat before glancing away and at Hermione. "I think we ought to go check our books out then go catch up with Ron," The brunette took a glance out the window, spotting his red-headed friend who was still outside with his siblings. "He's still outside, so we might as well enjoy the last of the good weather," He added as he looked to Hermione with a slight grin plastered on his face. "We'll have plenty of time to study - We can even read the books out there too," He then turned to Draco. "..." He opened his mouth to say something, anything. He didn't know what, as memories of each time the blonde's actions had caused more friction between the already rocky relationship they had. First year, he had stolen Neville's Remembrall and ratted Hagrid out for owning a dragon. Second year, he had called his best friend a Mudblood. And only last year, Draco's actions nearly caused for Buckbeak to be executed for no reason. After choking and debating his words for at least a few minutes, Harry gave a civil nod and spoke. "Later, Draco. Just... See you later," He mumbled before scooping up the books and heading to the book check out desk with Hermione. As soon as the librarian had checked each one out with a wave of her wand, he left through the same door Luna had gone, and he glanced back only once before he turned to his friend. "So... Are you... Comfortable with this, Hermione? I can understand if you want to leave," Harry kept his voice lowered as they walked down the moving staircase. "...I can tolerate it. I don't think Ron will be too happy. I can already picture him blowing up over it," He mentioned with a slight chuckle, knowing that even Hermione could see Ron ranting about the Slytherin, even if the Red-Head wasn't even helping with the newsletter. "But it is up to you, ultimately. You're the one who wanted to do this after all," He added before he fell silent, waiting for his friend's answer.
I'm sure we will! Don't even worry, I'm sorry that I haven't posted in so long. Edit: And it is up! Yay and so forth!
Agreed! But the site went down for me for ages, practically every time I tried to write. It got to me a little and I took a mini break. But I haveth returned, I am writing out a post as we speak (Still working on it) and hope to have it up soon!
Well the site having more down time drove me to a breaking point of having to step off the site for a while. I apologise for that. Now I see it is all spiffy and less falling to pieces. Yay.
I'd do a Harvest Moon RP sort of thing maybe. PM me so we can hash out some ideas~ Or cliche high school / cliche anything.
I did though I got sick the other day :C Which absolutely sucks. Anyway I'm going to get to writing up replies tomorrow when I have some peace and quiet (Just me, the house and some fizzy drinks~)
I think the Christmas season has gotten everyone busy, much like myself. But I've returned and I should have a post up soon.
Well I'm so sorry for not posting this and keeping you on hold, but I have been doing Christmas like things for the past few weeks. Nevertheless, I will be working on a reply now!
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