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Anigma Fluxx - Strange Auditorium

"...less competent..."

Had Zionne been in a normal situation, she would have bristled at being called less competent. However, the situation they were in was anything but normal and even though she thought of herself as being a fairly smart individual, perhaps she wasn't. She pushed the thoughts away and focused on the rest of what the pixelated man was saying. Logic dictated that it was in her best interest to keep the information they were being given in mind and heed his instructions. If Mister Reid was to be trusted was another thing entirely though there was really no time to argue his merits and demerits. There was no choice but to trust him.

Nothing was making any sense yet Zionne's brain began processing what small information was made available, her mind straining to grasp at what was presented as facts. Here was Anigma Fluxx according to the man in the TV. It wasn't earth. Though the things around them wasn't entirely alien looking, the place definitely didn't look like anywhere she'd been to. Were they in a different dimension? A different world? An alternate reality? It felt like she was somehow transported into that strange TV series her godfather was so fond of... The Twilight Zone.

Planned and by accident. What did that mean? How can something be planned and at the same time be an accident? Her mind immediately translated it into something that was easy for her to understand. It was like saying that a woman planned on getting pregnant and at the same time accidentally conceived. Huh. When she put it that way...It was still confusing yet somehow, it strangely made some sort of sense.

The sizzle and spark that rippled through the television towers was enough to push everything that was running through Zionne's mind aside and pump adrenalin into her system. Her eyes immediately fell on the brightly colored VHS tape as it clattered on the floor, recognizing the casette thanks to her godfather's hobby of keeping what she liked to call "outdated, ancient things." From her vantage point, she could make out the words "Eat Me" printed on the artifact, the smaller words beneath it unreadable. She had no idea what it contained but her first instinct was to grab it. Playing it might give them more clues on where they were and why there were in this place. With that intent, she took a step forward, her foot suddenly slipping. Catching herself before she fell, she looked down and noted that the floor had somehow started leaking water. It was almost at that exact time when the electricity snapped back on, filling the auditorium with noise from strange, chaotic tv shows. She immediately looked around them, worry etched on her face. Electrical cords and wires strewn about and dangling above water was bad news. Very, very bad news. It would only take one spark to--

As if taking a cue from her mind, purple electricity sparked across the room. Zionne cursed under her breath. Electrocution was definitely not the way she wanted to go and she doubted that her companion would want the same fate. She quickly looked around, her eyes falling on the stage, on the ladder, at the scaffolding and at the door. Her survival instincts immediately chose the door. It was the closest and the most logical choice. The best way not to be fried alive was to get as far away as they could from the fatal water-electricity pair.

As Sarah rushed forward, so did Zionne. She sidestepped a live wire and scooped up the VHS, hugging it to her chest as she avoided an arc of electricity that almost shocked her had she not ducked. She looked at Sarah who was running towards her. "Come on, this way! The door's not that far!" she yelled over the cacophony.
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I'd like to post another reply since Emma interacted with Allegra but I thought it better to wait for others to post first...

Allegra looked at the people who began talking. She could hear them but her mind refused to comprehend what they were saying. Extremely worried for her friend, she slipped into some sort of trance-like state, playing what she heard over and over in her head. She tried to piece together what could have happened from the little that she heard, Eva's scream frightening her the most. Outwardly, the only action she did was glancing down every few seconds at the phone she held in her hand, hoping that her friend would call her or send a message.

It wasn't until someone made a move to go out that she snapped out of her trance like state. She extended her hand, the word "no" forming on her lips but several people beat her to it. She dropped her hand and watched silently as her neighbors argued the logic of keeping the door shut. She agreed though some part of her still wanted to go out and try to find Eva.

But if she's already dead...

No, no. I can't think about this... must not think about this. Eva will be all right.

She pushed the possibility to the back of her mind and convinced herself that help would somehow come for her friend.

"M-my friend was out there when all this started," came her shaky voice. She cleared her throat and tried to steady herself before continuing. She figured that it would be best to speak out what small information she had with the people she was living with rather than keep worrying about it herself. It may somehow be of some use. "She was on her way here when the fog started to get really thick. She said traffic wasn't moving. She couldn't see if there was some sort of accident or anything but we heard screaming. She sounded terrified. And then the glass shattered... I-I don't know if it was Eva's window or her windshield but all I heard was her scream after..." Allegra bit her lip. She took a long, deep breath before she continued. "I tried calling 911 but I couldn't get through to them."

She glanced down at her phone. Nothing.

April 3, 2021, Saturday, 11:43PM
Highway 37, By the Pembina River

Zionne let out a deep sigh. She had been sitting in her car parked beside the Pembina River for over an hour, trying to muster up the courage to drive all the way to Caulder's Hollow. It had been easy to agree to her father's request. Pass by Caulder's Hollow, go to Peter's house, pick up the painting and then go on her merry way. It sounded so simple but it was anything but. If it were, she would have done it already and would have been on her way to Michigan hours ago. She stared at her hands gripping the steering wheel, her knuckles white from the effort. Though it had already been two years since her godfather disappeared, the pain and shock that she felt was as strong as it had been when her parents first told her of his disappearance. The familiar unanswered questions surfaced in her mind. Where was he? Where did he go? Why did he go? Why so suddenly? Was he coming back?

She thought back to her godfather's last email. She had just told him that she was coming over to visit and he had been so excited about it. He asked so many questions about what she wanted to eat and what she wanted to do during her visit and for a brief moment, it felt as thought the old man was his old cheerful self again, back when Rose was still alive. She laughed bitterly. There was no excitement now, no happiness, no cheerfulness. All that was left were bitter thoughts of how the man she thought of as her second father would just up and leave without saying anything.

Did she still want to know where he went? Would she even care to find out? Would it even matter anymore? Maybe he left some clues to his whereabouts and all she needed to do was to look for it. Maybe he was waiting for her to find those clues and find him. Or maybe all of these thing were better left alone.

With a firm shake of her head, she reached for the ignition of her car, deciding that it was better for her not to go digging into something that she might end up regretting later on. With determination shining in her eyes, she told herself to just go through the chore her father gave her as fast as she possibly could and then leave without looking back. Two years without any word from her godfather was proof enough that he no longer wanted anything to do with her. Her hand barely touched the car keys when she noticed something shimmering in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and was surprised to see her car door shimmering and pulsating as though it was alive.

She narrowed her eyes, the pulsing of the door seemed like it was following the rhythm of her heart.

Lub dub. Lub dub. Lub dub.

Am I imagining this? She felt her heart quicken its pace and with it, so did the pulsing of the door. It was both disconcerting and mesmerizing. Without thinking, she reached out for the handle and carefully opened the door. As soon as she did, the pulsing stopped. She gasped when a flight of stairs met her gaze instead of the gray concrete of the highway.

"Of course it has to be something like this," she muttered, not particularly bothered by the fact that scenery before her was anything but normal. She looked up the stone steps to the door at the top. It was wide open and she could feel a strong pull towards it. "Story of my life... reach for the top and get to that door and then when I go through it, it'll just be another flight of stairs, another door to reach," she shook her head. "But what the hell," she said, throwing caution in the air and letting that strange sensation pull her. She grabbed her phone, automatically tucked the penlight into her pocket right beside the small swiss army knife that she always carried with her, slammed her car door shut and then began climbing the stairs.

Surprisingly, she got to the top in a matter of seconds. She stared into the door, trying to see what was beyond it but everything was too bright for her to make out anything. For a brief second, she hesitated and looked back down the stairs, contemplating on going back to her car. "Too late," she murmured when she saw that the vehicle was no longer there and replaced with nothing but gray mist. "I guess it's down the rabbit hole for Alice," she chuckled despite herself and wasted no time stepping into the light in the doorway.

Location: ???

Zionne blinked as she waited for her vision to adjust from the glare of stepping into the door. As soon as it did, she looked around, a mixture of horror and wonder on her face. She had no idea what to expect from walking through the strange door but the place she stood in now was far from anything she'd ever imagined. It was as if she'd walk into some sort of post apocalyptic scene from a movie. She made a quick survey of her surroundings. She stood in a huge, dilapidated, abandoned hall with light streaming from the cracks overhead and rusted wires hanging haphazardly here and there from broken machineries. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to make sense of the words written on the tattered banner on the walls, quickly dismissing it when it didn't make any sense. She looked up, blinking at what appeared to be several bright moons peeking through the larger cracks in the ceiling. The last time she checked, the night sky only had one moon. Did sitting in the car for a long period of time made her start hallucinating? Exactly how much carbon monoxide did she inhale?

She looked to her right and her eyes fell on an unfamiliar brown haired girl standing a few feet away from her. The girl was slightly taller than her but appeared to be younger. Was she a hallucination too?

"The car wasn't even running..." she murmured to herself as she stepped forward, her attention automatically snapping towards her feet and at the strange consistency of what looked to be normal tiles. "What the--- Do you know where we are?" she asked out loud. She figured it couldn't hurt to ask. Maybe her hallucinating mind may somehow know exactly where she was.

But before she could determine if the girl was indeed a hallucination, one of the television pillars came alive. Her head snapped towards the screen. Though she paid attention to what the blue man labeled "Mr. Reid" was saying, his words barely made any sense. Tyrant's empire? Unicorns? Personal doors? Glass Wind?

Carbon monoxide toxicity may include agitation, confusion, depression, lethargy, impulsiveness, hallucinations, confabulation, distractibility, memory problems... There can also be visual disturbances, syncope and... seizures, Zionne enumerated the symptoms in her head. There really was no other explanations to where she was, what she was seeing and what she was hearing. And she seemed to fit most of what she enumerated: she was confused and agitated back in the car, then came the impulsiveness of getting out of the vehicle and into the bright doorway and then now this place, the girl, the pixelated blue man... What was next? Was she going to faint? Would she go into seizure?

And then a clearer person came into focus on the tv.

โ€œI only have a few minutes before the cameras cut back to me. Sarah, Z, listen to me. Get the fuck out of here. Change your name if you have to.โ€

"W-what? Did you just... talk to m-- us?" she asked, feeling extremely foolish for talking to the television.

"No, no, I'm almost there. There's just a bit of traffic jam... I think there was an accident or something. This fog is making it hard to see the road properly."

"Well hurry up and get out of that traffic jam. I made dinner."

"Oh my god. I hope you're not planning on poisoning me with your out-of-this-world culinary skills."

"Oh, haha, very funny. The lasagna actually came out way, way better than the last time you were here. Besides, it has to be the best. This is gonna be our last dinner here before we head to New York."

"Well, then I can't wait. Though, lasagna might be cold by the time I get there. This fog is getting thicker. I can barely see the car in front of me now... This is so... weird... Maybe I should--"

"Is that... someone screaming?"

"I-I don't know. I can't see anything... Wait... W-what is that? What is that? Oh my god, oh my god--"

"Eva? Eva! What is it? What's happening? Wh--- Hello? Hello? Eva?"

Allegra silently stared into the fog in horror, her mind replaying the phone conversation she had earlier with her friend over and over in her head. A strange scream followed by her friend's terrified voice. Then came the sound of shattering glass. Was it Eva's window or maybe her windshield? Did something crash into her car? Eva's terror filled scream before the line went dead was what frightened Allegra the most. Being in the car would have kept her safe. But what if something or someone came in? What happened to her? Was she okay? Was she...

Allegra bit her lip, refusing to even think about it. Eva was okay. She had to be. She tried calling 911 right but all lines were busy even after several tries. She tried calling Eva again but she couldn't get through either. She ran downstairs with her car keys, figuring she might be able to help if she can get to where Eva was but the sight of the thick fog stopped her, the screams and the sounds outside freezing her in place. Her mind scrambled for what else she could do despite knowing that there really was nothing to do. Unless she wanted to be an idiot and walk into something that was obviously stupid to walk into. Alton did and it was obvious he wasn't coming back in.

"We're fucked, aren't we? No one is going to come for us. Not the police. Not the military. Face it; we're already fucking dead no matter what we do.""

The words cut through Allegra's thoughts, the small comfort of thinking that help was on its way to Eva was abruptly stamped out. If no one was coming for them then no one would go and help her friend either. She looked around and finally noticed that there were more people in the apartment complex's lobby now.

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