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Writer info:
Name: Faina
Age: 26
Time zone: GMT +2 (Israel)
Discord: iFain#3605
RP info:

- Casual to low advanced writer. I usually write about two paragraphs, sometimes more, sometimes less.

- I only do 1x1 PM RP. I'm up for group rp's as well, but im kinda of bad at keeping up with those.

- I will RP on gmail, facebook, google docs, discord

- I love using chractersheets and face claims! send me gifs send me pictures, anything!

- 18+ only. I'm 26 and ask that my partners are 18+ at the very least

- Third person only. Past tense.

- I don't mind fade to black but I also don't mind playing out the smut if its part of the roleplay, but I do not want it to be the focus of the story, it gets boring.

-Talk to me outside of the roleplay! Lets come up with ideas together!

- If I don't like or dont feel a roleplay anymore, ill tell you, I expect the same responsibility from you.

- I am on daily. I post minimum once a day unless something serious happens

Things I enjoy in RP:
Romance, Drama, Fighting scenes **** , Blood, dark themes.

Fandoms I'm willing to try;
- The 100
- The Hunger Games
- Twilight
- Pokemon
- Avatar TLA
- Legend of Korra
- Grey's Anatomy

Open to ideas and pairings.

I can play male, female characters, whatever you wish.
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