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I'm just going to leave this here: youtube.com/watch?v=U1qEZHh…
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Once I get my new hard drive for the second laptop, I will attempt to turn the dell laptop into what is referred to as a "hackintosh." I already have converted the disk images of the Mac OS.
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I'm broke. I can't pay attention.
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Sorry boys, but I think lions have the right idea. If you want something to get done, leave it to the women.
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Thought of the day: Leave it to a Windows PC to do a Mac computer's job. That is all.


You have reached the profile of Lamb Of Goth. Please PM me if you need to reach me, I am usually nice, easy-going and forgiving, unless you piss me off. Anyway, here is a little bit about my roleplay styles and choices.

I will pretty much do any roleplay, as long as the plot is interesting and I have a character that can fit.

I will do 18+ roleplays, though I will also take part in non-mature roleplays.

I try to put as much effort into the roleplay as the other(s) do. Meaning if they is short replies, expect a short reply from me. Same goes with longer replies.

Please at least try to have good grammar and spelling, as it is sometimes hard to read if there is lack of grammar and good spelling.

Centered, bolded, underlined, italic and colored text is not a must, but it looks like you put more effort into the roleplay that way.

I will do male x male (yaoi) and male x female. I am not too sure about female x female (yuri) but I wouldn't totally object to it.

The Thirteen United States Triple Crown Winners:


Sir Barton (1919)


Gallant Fox (1930)

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Kiba let out a yelp of surprise and pain and he felt the bullet hit where his hip connected to his spine. His front legs gave way, but his stubbornness prevented his back legs from doing the same. He looked to where he saw the deer, mentally cursing as he watched the doe exit his line of sight, scared off by the noise of the gun and Kiba's yelp.

Letting out a growl, Kiba tried to force himself to stand up, and give chase. But, a new scent hit his nose, and the large white wolf looked around, before realizing what the scent was and where it was coming from. He had been shot, and his wound was bleeding, staining his white pelt a scarlet color. But Kiba was determined not to fall, despite the fact that pain was making it hard to stay up.

"I have dealt with worse pain than this. But why can't I stand all that well?" Kiba wondered, before he finally lost the battle with his body to stay upright and fell to the ground, breathing heavily.
Kiba's wolf form was much larger than that of a normal wolf, almost the size of a small horse. This was a typical size of werewolves when they were in their wolf form, so Kiba wasn't too small or too big in terms of werewolf size. But, to someone who never seen a werewolf before, it would almost be too fantasy-like and if they ever saw a werewolf for the first time.

Kiba didn't noticed that there was someone in the trees. He couldn't smell anything other than the deer and the natural forest scents, and it didn't occur to him to look in the trees either. He moved in a little closer and paused, making sure that the doe didn't noticed him before he went for the kill. His ears twitched as he listened for signs of another predator in the area. He knew that humans sometimes covered their scent somehow, but he also knew that if one were to listen close enough, they could hear a human no matter how silent the human intended to be.
Can I be Sonic the Hedgehog and my OC, Sapphire the Dragon?
I'll try to reply this weekend.
@Komorebi Are you starting or I am starting this roleplay?
LOL. This summer has been a brutal one, with the heat.
@LunarMist Agreed. The old one terabyte hard drive died, so I decided to buy a two terabyte to replace it. Thankfully, Microsoft recognized the it was the same motherboard, so I didn't need to buy Windows again. I also have all, if not most, of my important files on a external two terabyte drive, so it was easier to put the files back on my computer.
@LunarMist Maybe. Not a hundred percent sure. I just got the new hard drive my laptop. Windows 10 is installed, and I am in the process of putting my files on the new hard drive.
Characters look good. Are you ready to start?
Do you want to insert Lightning McQueen in my next reply, or no? I can wait if you want me to. You'd have to let me know though.
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