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2 days ago
Current The other day, I heard that Apple sued Samsung for "copying" their operating system. The Android OS is an improvement, not a rip off. Apple needs that explained to them.
10 days ago
Notice how quiet it went after I posted that. Sorry guys and girls, not taking the bait if you want to start a fight.
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10 days ago
I purchased the 2 terabyte hard drive for my laptop because I do video editing as a hobby and for a living. The videos that I am working with take up a lot of storage. I don't watch porn, I'm sorry.
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10 days ago
The new two terabyte hard drive is in my laptop. Windows 10 is installed, and now begins the process of putting my files on the new drive.
13 days ago
Laptop's hard drive died today. Replacement hard drive has been ordered, but until it arrives I am out a computer. Replies may be slow to non-existent for a few days.
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You have reached the profile of Lamb Of Goth. Please PM me if you need to reach me, I am usually nice, easy-going and forgiving, unless you piss me off. Anyway, here is a little bit about my roleplay styles and choices.

I will pretty much do any roleplay, as long as the plot is interesting and I have a character that can fit.

I will do 18+ roleplays, though I will also take part in non-mature roleplays.

I try to put as much effort into the roleplay as the other(s) do. Meaning if they is short replies, expect a short reply from me. Same goes with longer replies.

Please at least try to have good grammar and spelling, as it is sometimes hard to read if there is lack of grammar and good spelling.

Centered, bolded, underlined, italic and colored text is not a must, but it looks like you put more effort into the roleplay that way.

I will do male x male (yaoi) and male x female. I am not too sure about female x female (yuri) but I wouldn't totally object to it.

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LOL. This summer has been a brutal one, with the heat.
@LunarMist Agreed. The old one terabyte hard drive died, so I decided to buy a two terabyte to replace it. Thankfully, Microsoft recognized the it was the same motherboard, so I didn't need to buy Windows again. I also have all, if not most, of my important files on a external two terabyte drive, so it was easier to put the files back on my computer.
@LunarMist Maybe. Not a hundred percent sure. I just got the new hard drive my laptop. Windows 10 is installed, and I am in the process of putting my files on the new hard drive.
Characters look good. Are you ready to start?
Do you want to insert Lightning McQueen in my next reply, or no? I can wait if you want me to. You'd have to let me know though.




4 Years (In Human Years)




Border Collie




Nine is protective of those he loves, even willing to lay down his life to do so. He has a strong hatred of humans. Nine is loyal and can be impatient as he does not like to wait for things, unless waiting somehow benefits him. He does not believe in killing another dog, unless it is deemed to be necessary. Like a typical Border Collie, Nine is very intelligent, but he is also independent, which can get him into trouble if he doesn’t follow an important order.


Nine was born in a puppy mill. Out of a litter of eight pups, six were born dead to the horrible conditions of the puppy mill, leaving Nine and his sister the only surviving pups at birth. One day, when Nine was about six weeks old, more humans came to the puppy mill. Some of those humans took some of the dogs that belonged in the puppy mill off of the property, but Nine, his mother and his sister managed to escape before being loaded into one of the cars that took some of the dogs away. He and his family ran into the forest, and managed to survive out in the forest for a few years, until his mother got ill. While his mother was ill, Nine and his sister did the hunting, but gave of their kills to their sickly mother, who had a hard time keeping food down. One day, Nine and his sister decided to split, thinking that they could cover more ground that way. When Nine returned that night, he discovered that his mother had passed on, her frail frame motionless. Not knowing what to do, Nine waited for his sister, who never returned, even after several days. Nine decided to start traveling, and on his travels, he heard other dogs talk about a dog paradise called Ōu. It peaked his curiosity, so he decided to find Ōu and meet their leader for himself. Since he found Ōu and Weed, he joined the dogs living there and was given the rank of hunter and soldier.


None at the Moment, But He is Looking

None at the Moment, But He is Looking


None, But Wants Some at Some Point
Ginga Densetsu Weed: Nine

Gin, the dog who killed Akakabuto has passed. His son, Weed, is now older and is starting to lose his sight and hearing. However, Weed has no heir, no dog to take his place as leader of Ōu. His son, Orion, is off training with other dogs in another canine paradise.

The dogs who live in the canine paradise that Weed currently rules have spent the last several week panicking. Weed hasn’t chosen a new leader, despite the fact he is elderly and could die any day. But one day, a border collie dog named Nine comes Ōu.

The other dogs are suspicious of Nine, not convinced that he wasn’t some sort of assassin sent to kill Weed. But, despite what all of the others said, Weed accepts Nine into Ōu, the canine paradise.

Times passed by and Nine gained some more trust of the Ōu dogs, and almost gained the full trust of Weed. Nine proved himself to be quite the soldier and hunter, as well as loyal. But, on his travels, Nine heard of another dog, that so evil he makes Hogan, the great dane who tried to take Ōu for himself look more like Weed than a villian. He never heard the dog’s name, all Nine knows about this dog is that he is evil and building an army to attack Ōu and take it for himself. Nine knows that he is taking a huge risk in warning Weed and other dogs of Ōu, since he was almost forced to fight for the new villian, but somehow, by the grace of the higher powers, he managed to escape.

Nine’s morals tell him that he must take the chance and tell Weed, but he is afraid something will happen to every dog, good and bad, if he does. Nine knows that he might be overreacting, but he doesn’t want any more lives lost than needed. And in his old age, would Weed believe Nine? Is Nine able to bring once more to Ōu?
Just letting you know that I still plan on replying. Sorry that I have been so busy.
Okay. I finally replied. Sorry that it took so long.
"Look at that car!" Radio heard somebody say to another car nearby. He had a feeling that the car who spoke wasn't talking about him, but he decided to make a cocky reply. After all, who didn't like the glowing blue Ford Mustang logo that was on his grill? Not to mention the glowing blue stripes that went over his hood, over his roof and down the rear part of him.

"Who doesn't like glowing paint with lights in it?" Radio replied, pretending not to notice Jet's look of disapproval that was directed at him.

The car who had spoken first looked back Radio.

"Not you. I was talking about the female car currently with Lightning McQueen over there." The car replied before driving off, leaving Lightning McQueen and the other cars that were with him in plain view of Radio. Lightning McQueen appeared to be talking, but he wasn't in Radio's earshot, so Radio couldn't hear what was being said.

"I barely recognize Lightning McQueen in primer." Radio thought as he watched the older racecar.

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