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Current Ditched yet again by two people on another role-playing forum. I really shouldn't have to battle to get reliable RP partners. But yet, I still do.
1 mo ago
My friend is currently on the phone with her sister, talking about sex toys and porn. I'm not sure how I should feel about this...
2 mos ago
PayPal just called me and I answered: "You kill them we grill them. Texas roadhouse." When they kept asking for me, and I kept saying "No, you called Texas roadhouse." They hung up.
2 mos ago
Sorry to everyone I have been roleplaying with. I feel like it must seem like I am ditching you, but I promise I'm not. I just keep getting distracted.
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I hate time zones. I hate them so much.


You have reached the profile of Lamb Of Goth. Please PM me if you need to reach me, I am usually nice, easy-going and forgiving, unless you piss me off. Anyway, here is a little bit about my roleplay styles and choices.

I will pretty much do any roleplay, as long as the plot is interesting and I have a character that can fit.

I will do 18+ roleplays, though I will also take part in non-mature roleplays.

I try to put as much effort into the roleplay as the other(s) do. Meaning if they is short replies, expect a short reply from me. Same goes with longer replies.

Please at least try to have good grammar and spelling, as it is sometimes hard to read if there is lack of grammar and good spelling.

Centered, bolded, underlined, italic and colored text is not a must, but it looks like you put more effort into the roleplay that way.

I will do male x male (yaoi) and male x female. I am not too sure about female x female (yuri) but I wouldn't totally object to it.

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A Phantom’s Mother

Chapter 2: Finding The Note

Fifteen Years Later…

Danny’s Point of View

I was in the lab in the basement of Fenton Works. I was hiding from the rest of my family, who thought that it would be great idea to celebrate my birthday, which was today. Even though it was my birthday, I just didn’t feel like celebrating, the reason why was unknown to me.

I was cleaning up the lab a little, since it was a mess from the ghost fight that had just occurred. My parents knew I fought ghosts, and they knew I was Danny Phantom. They knew ever since the Earth was close to being destroyed by the astroid, and I sort of had no choice but to reveal my ghost half. In front of the whole freaking world, and not just to my family or the town, I might add.

As I was going through some old papers that were scattered about, I found a piece of paper that I had never seen before. It looked like a note, and for some reason, I wanted to read it. But, I decided to put the note aside for now, wanting to focus on cleaning the lab.

“Danny? Are you okay?” That would have been my sister, Jazz talking.

Sighing, I grabbed the note and pocketed it before responding to Jazz.

“I’m fine, Jazz. I just don’t feel like celebrating today.” I answered.

I headed up the stairs to main part of the house. They were decorations from the party that hadn’t been taken down yet, and my parents were working on taking them down. I thought that Jazz would be helping with the taking down of the decorations, but she seemed more worried about me at the moment. More worried than usual, I might add.

“Shouldn’t you be helping mom and dad take the decorations down?” I asked, not looking at Jazz as I spoke. I was looking ahead, watching my parents move about.

“I’m more worried about you right now, Danny.” Jazz replied.

“You mean, more so than usual?” I answered, earning a glare from my sister.
“Danny…” Jazz started to speak, but I was already heading towards the flight of stairs leading upstairs to the bedrooms. I wanted to check out the note, though I usually didn’t read the papers that were in the lab, I just organized them, for the most part.

But the old note had caught my interest. Why did I feel so drawn a piece of paper that seemed to be just as old as me? Would it tell me something that I didn’t know? I doubted it, and nearly laughed at the thought. Considering that I still didn’t really pay all that much attention in school, I put the fact that the paper would tell me something new in the back of my mind.

Getting to my room, I opened the door and shut it behind me. The room was dark now, due to the fact it was now about six o’clock in the evening and it was the end of January. I flipped the light switch to turn on the lights, just out of habit even though my ghost half now allowed me to see in the dark. Don’t get me wrong, I can see in the daylight as just well as I could before the portal accident, but the whole thing with the ghost portal made me able to see in the dark. I guess that was one good thing about my powers that I didn’t realize until now, when I actually thought about it.

Wait a minute. I just realized, that in a few months, it would have been a year since the portal accident. A year since I became Danny Phantom, and not just Danny Fenton. It was somewhat hard to believe that it was almost a year. But, maybe it was believable, and that I had just been too busy fighting ghosts most of that year that I totally wasn’t paying attention to the time and the days going by.

Moving to the desk in my bedroom, I pulled out the chair and sat down. I placed the piece of paper down in front of me, but I hesitated to open it. Why was I hesitating? It wasn’t like it was going to make a big difference in my life. It wasn’t going to tell me something life changing, was it? I doubted it, but I still couldn’t bring myself to unfold the stupid piece of paper.

Yes, I was getting rather frustrated with myself and the paper. But more myself than the paper. Still, I stared at the folded piece of paper, giving it that would burn it if looks could set things on fire. I just wanted to ball up the paper, throw it out the goddamn window and forget that I ever found it. Something prevented from doing so, and for a moment or two, I found myself thinking about what was still holding me back.

Letting out a frustrated growl, I started to unfold the paper. I was glad that I had finally managed to convince myself to open it, but after I opened it, I saw the reason I was hesitating so bad.

There were words on the paper, and in rather neat handwriting I might add. But, it wasn’t the handwriting that bothered me, it was what the note said.

The note said this:

This is my son, Danny. I don't have the proper resources to take care of my child right now, so I decided to leave him with a loving family who could give him the life I couldn't. Please, assure him when he is old enough that I love him with all my heart, and that if I would have kept him if I could have. I only ask that you raise him as if he were your own child.

Signed, Unknown

My world started to fall apart right there. So, Maddie and Jack Fenton weren’t my birth parents? They adopted me and didn’t bother to tell me this? Memories flashed through my head, and sorrow seemed to pierce my body. So, everything that I knew Maddie and Jack was a lie? At least the part about them being my birth parents? As my thoughts spun, the same question repeated itself.

“Why didn’t they tell me?” That was the question that kept repeating itself over and over again. Fithteen years, and they couldn’t bother to tell me that I was adopted? So, then… did they celebrate my “birthday”on the day I was abandoned at the Fenton Works doorstep? The note didn’t have a date on it, so I assumed now that Maddie and Jack Fenton didn’t know my true day of birth, that they were just going by when I was abandoned.

The anger that I felt at the moment wasn’t directed at myself anymore. It was directed at my parents. All of them. Both birth and adopted. I felt my eyes flash green in my anger, and tried to calm myself down. I would confront my adopted parents tomorrow, but for now, I had to figure out the best way to confront them, which I admitted that I couldn’t do in my current mood.

Sighing, I put the note in one of the drawers and headed to my bed. I needed sleep, and the fatigue from the long day had hit me suddenly. I didn’t bother to change into my sleepwear, and just closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Yes. :) I was starting to think that I wasn't going to get any interest whatsoever.
My character:

Name: Forfax

Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult (45 Years of Age)

Favorite quote: "Even if I'm losing with my body, my soul is crammed with spirit that will go to my friends...a fucking bastard like you could NEVER destroy that!"

Theme song: Close To Heaven by Breaking Benjamin

Age: In his teenage angel years, but is soon going to become an adult angel

Personality: Forfax is a warrior at heart, and not one to give up without a fight. He is not a mute angel, but he often stay silent unless he feels the need to talk to you. He can be cocky and arrogant, but he is loyal to the angles and he is brave.

Biography: Forfax watched his father die several years ago. His father was killed by a pack of wolf demons. His favorite quote actually came from his father, who said the quote while dying in front of the leader of the wolf demon pack who attacked him. Forfax has no siblings, as he was the only pup in the litter and his mother became infertile after Forfax was born. Forfax was battling the same wolf demon pack that killed his father, when he was knocked out by a ambush. When he woke up, he was chained down to the floor in a dungeon cell, where the guards would often abuse him in effort to break his warrior spirit.

Crush: The demon mentioned in the story

Mate: None

Pups: None
For The Love Of An Angel

Heaven and Hell. The two places the humans and other creatures on Earth go when they die. Heaven is for if you had been a good person or animal in your life. Hell, on the other hand, is for those who have been bad in their lives. But, both Heaven and Hell have creatures that are not known to those on Earth. Heaven has angels, and Hell has demons. The angels were the workers of the gods, protecting Heaven and keeping the place from demons. Demons were the workers on the devil, and they kept raiding Heaven and trying to invade it. This war had been going on since the Big Bang, and will end when the Universe ends. Or so some angels and demons thought. One day, a raid by the demons against Heaven was happening. A young demon had captured an angel around his age. The angel was the demon's first prisoner of war ever. A few months had passed since the demon captured the angel, and the angel was abused to the point of being near death. But, in those few months, the demon had grown attached to angel. Will the demon save the angel or watch it die a slow, painful death? Will the angel ever return to Heaven?
@Frenzy I don't know. I haven't given that much thought either.




5 Years




“They say there’s no such a place as paradise. No matter how far you may walk, it is always the same road. But, in spite of that, why are the same creatures who say that are so driven to find it? Hell, why do I find myself so driven to find it?”


Akita Inu (Purebred)


Northern Star

Rank Within Pack:



Fang was born the runt of the litter. His father had died of an illness before he was born, and his mother gave him the name “Fang” in hopes that he would be strong, despite his small size. His mother’s hopes had become reality. Despite the fact that he is rather small for an Akita Inu, he surpassed most of the members of the Northern Star pack that were still in training. Within just four months, he already was considered a full Hunter and Warrior of his pack. His life, as well as the rest of the pack’s, continued to go on as normal. But when the fighting started, he fought alongside his packmates against the other packs, defending the land of the Northern Star pack.

After the battle was over, having ended with a draw, the some of the wolves and dogs disappeared and were only seen once more eating the corpses of fallen dogs and wolves at night.

Fang is one of the survivors of the battles had been fought, and he now bears a small scar on his right front leg. But, he is smart enough to know that the remaining wolves and dogs have to been smart and strategic if they wanted to live through this madness.


Fang is brave, but not the most intelligent of the pack members. He is protective, willing to give his life to save that of a loved one. He love adventure and he hates being cooped up for too long. Fang’s temper can be rather short at times, but one he calms down from one of his rages, he goes back to his usual friendly self. Fang is not a fan of killing, and will always try avoid it if it can be done. He is a firm believer in freedom and that all life in the world in sacred, from the crawling ant, to the biggest tree in the forest.

Love interest/Crush:

None at the moment, but looking for one


None at the moment, but looking for one


Fang is not a father. Yet. But he wants to be one.
@The Elvenqueen Works for me. I am working on my character(s). I'm trying to decide if I should put the character template with the OOC stuff or the Character stuff.
You’re not dreaming

Warning! This Will Contain Blood and Gore, Violence, Cussing, and Mature Content!

Please note that the sexual stuff will go to PM (Site mods, let me know if that is okay.)

It was all just a blur, everything seemed to be fine. The packs had gotten along, it was full of laughter and joy. Everything had fallen into place almost perfectly, we had a pack meal and all ate a rather good portion of the meat off from our fresh kill we caught as the sun slowly went down. After that everything went downhill, every wolf got aggressive. They brought other canines into the forest which didn't make anything to great.. Even the most sweetest ones that you knew wouldn't even hurt a fly was fighting. Blood was gushed everywhere and wolves bodies were all on the ground, only few wolves - dogs had survived from this weird action that happened. When you walk out there's nothing but wolves eating on one another corpse, you can tell the difference from a normal wolf and a wolf that has gone cannibal. Most of us wolves - dogs fur is smoothed out, pupils are normal, and they actually communicate. The cannibal wolves - dogs have slit for pupils, they're fur is bunched up with mud, thorns, etc. Some of us have to avoid them or some have a lot of strength and are brave enough to take them on. Once they bite you the cannibalism D.N.A goes through your bloodstream, once this happens then you have a maximum of 24 hours until you are one of those sick bastards..

(This is basically like a Zombie Apocalypse but it's just with wolves and dogs.)
Well, I guess I will post this in the actual roleplay section. Others will be more than welcome to join, even if it had started. The more, the merrier.
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