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Nope. #It's Sonic the Hedgehog.
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It's Sonic the Hedgehog!
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You have reached the profile of Lamb Of Goth. Please PM me if you need to reach me, I am usually nice, easy-going and forgiving, unless you piss me off. Anyway, here is a little bit about my roleplay styles and choices.

I will pretty much do any roleplay, as long as the plot is interesting and I have a character that can fit.

I will do 18+ roleplays, though I will also take part in non-mature roleplays.

I try to put as much effort into the roleplay as the other(s) do. Meaning if they is short replies, expect a short reply from me. Same goes with longer replies.

Please at least try to have good grammar and spelling, as it is sometimes hard to read if there is lack of grammar and good spelling.

Centered, bolded, underlined, italic and colored text is not a must, but it looks like you put more effort into the roleplay that way.

I will do male x male (yaoi) and male x female. I am not too sure about female x female (yuri) but I wouldn't totally object to it.

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Not trying to be mean here, but do you actually plan to reply to this? Just wondering so I don't waste my time.
It was foretold that this roleplay wouldn't have interest. Still, like a dumbass, I posted it, hoping that I'd get a roleplay actually started. *sigh*
It was foretold that this roleplay wouldn't have interest. Still, like a dumbass, I posted it.
@Beeve I don't. Just follow my characters' template.
My character(s)

Human form on the left, ghost form on the right

First words tattooed his left wrist:

"So, you're the legendary Danny Phantom?"

Last words tattooed on his right wrist:

"I'm sorry. I am sorry I failed you, my love."


Danny Fenton (Human form)/Danny Phantom (Ghost form)


Billy (by Amorpho)





Fen-Toenail (by Dash)

Fenturd (by Dash)


Ghost Boy

Ghost Child

Ghost Kid

Ghost punk (by Walker)

Great One



Little badger

Savior of the Ghost Zone

Sir Phantom (by Dora)


Water boy



19 Years Old



From(Movie, game, book, TV show, etc) :

Danny Phantom


Half human, half ghost


Going Ghost: Danny can transform between human and ghost at will. This manifests as white rings extending from Danny's waist, then sweeping across his body. His battle cry, "I'm going ghost!" or a variant thereof, often accompanies his transformation. Once transformed, he can use all his ghost powers. He can switch back to human form at will, and can still access some of his powers like weak ghost rays and intangibility in human form.

Intangibility: Danny can turn his body intangible to pass through walls or other solid objects. This power was the hardest for Danny to control at first, often activating at embarrassing times such as causing his pants to fall down while he was asking a girl out.

Invisibility: Danny can make his body invisible to both humans and ghosts.

Flight: Gravity doesn't affect Danny's ghost body, so he can fly through air and space at considerable speeds and heights, as well as walk along vertical surfaces. While flying, his legs often become a ghost tail. His top speed was measured to be 112 mph in an early episode, and he has almost certainly gotten faster since then.

Ghost Ray: Danny can fire green blasts of ecto-energy from his hands or fingertips. These blasts often explode on contact and are powerful enough to melt steel.

Repulsion Field: Danny can send out a pulse of energy in all directions from his body to repel large groups of attackers.

Energy Strike: Danny can channel ecto-energy through his fists to enhance the strength of his physical attacks.

Ecto-Energy Constructions: Danny can create constructs made out of solid ecto-energy in a variety of forms, including concentrated ecto-energy balls, waves, and explosive discs and rings.

Ghost Shield: Danny can generate shields made of solid ecto-energy that can nullify or even reflect attacks from other ghosts. Like his ghost rays, Danny's shields are green in color.

Power Augmentation: Danny can use his ecto-energy to increase his body's physical strength.

Ghost Stinger: Danny can send ecto-energy as electricity through an electric current, negating his enemies' electric attacks and sending them back at the attacker.

Ghost Light: Danny can project light from his hand using ecto-energy.

Ghostly Wail: Danny generates an extremely powerful sonic blast of pure ecto-energy that can destroy buildings and cause severe damage to both humans and ghosts. The ghostly wail is Danny's most powerful ability. This power drains his energy extremely quickly, often forcing him to revert to his powerless human form after just one use. While he is capable of defeating almost any foe with this power, he only uses it as a last resort.

Telekinesis: Danny can move objects from a distance by grabbing them with ecto-energy. Inexplicably, Danny has only been seen using this power once, to give a rake to the Box Ghost, and it is never seen nor mentioned outside of its one appearance.

Overshadowing: Danny can possess the mind and body of a person, ghost, or animal, allowing him to completely control his or her actions. While overshadowing, Danny can still use his powers of flight, intangibility, invisibility, and ghost rays.

Software Fusion: With the Fenton Helmet, Danny can introduce himself into computer software and overshadow his video game avatar to use his ghost powers in video games.

Exorcism: Danny can separate a possessed person from a ghost overshadowing them simply by grabbing them with his hand or using a ghost ray.

Dream Invasion: Danny can overshadow a sleeping subject in order to get inside and influence his or her dreams.
Duplication: Danny can create duplicates of his body that all have his ghost powers and can fight alongside him. After seeing Vlad use this power during their first encounter, Danny spends much of the series trying to learn it, finally mastering it in "Torrent of Terror."

Cryokinesis: Danny can fire blasts of icy energy from his hands or eyes that can freeze enemies on contact, radiate cold energy from his body, and create objects from ice out of thin air. When using this power, his eyes turn icy blue instead of their usual glowing green. Danny can combine cryokinesis with his other powers for enhanced effects, such as firing an icy explosive blast or generating an ice shield to block fire attacks. Danny learned this power in "Urban Jungle."

Ghost Sense: When Danny is near other ghosts, a cold blue mist comes out from his mouth and a chill goes down his spine. In "Urban Jungle," it was revealed that Danny's ghost sense was a manifestation of his then-untapped potential to use cryokinesis.

Pyrokinesis: Danny can generate balls made of ectoplasmic fire.
Spectral Body Manipulation: Danny can bend, twist, and otherwise contort his ghost body beyond the limits of normal human physiology.

Superhuman Strength: Gravity doesn't affect Danny's ghost body, so he can lift heavy objects with ease. In ghost form, he is strong enough to rip through reinforced titanium and can easily lift and throw hordes of enemy ghosts.

Superhuman Durability: While human, Danny can withstand many hits and blows that would cause injury to any normal teenager. In his ghost form, his body is incredibly resistant to damage, and he also has demonstrated a high threshold for pain.

Superhuman Stamina: While human, Danny has the same stamina level as a normal teenager, but in ghost form, he can exert himself at peak capacity for hours before fatigue begins to impair him. In "Reality Trip," he kept the Fenton Jet invisible for an entire night.

Superhuman Agility: In his ghost form, Danny's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond those of a normal human being. He can effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, and perform acrobatic feats such as backflips.

Superhuman Reflexes: In ghost form, Danny has dramatically enhanced reflexes, being able to dodge attacks with ease. In "Beauty Marked," he caught an arrow in midair with his bare hands.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Danny is capable of healing at much greater speeds than that of an ordinary human. He has proven capable of healing from slashes and puncture wounds within a short amount of time, and even his suit appears to regenerate sometimes. At one instance, he completely regenerated his body after Freakshow reduced him to a puddle of goo in "Reality Trip."

Weather Control (briefly): After Danny's first fight with Vortex in "Torrent of Terror," he gained some of Vortex's power, allowing him to control the weather like Vortex. This power was linked to Danny's emotional state, with calm weather while Danny was calm and stormy weather while Danny was angry. Danny lost this power during his second fight with Vortex.

Teleportation: Danny apparently obtained the power of teleportation. His act of teleportation is making his body become slightly disfigured then fading away and appearing in another place.

Vacuum Resistance: Twice, Danny was in outer space without a space suit and was unaffected by the vacuum, though he still needed a helmet to breathe.

Underwater Breathing: Twice, Danny has been seen breathing and talking underwater.


Living with ghost-obsessed parents since birth, Danny had to put up with his parents' "unique" personalities, which often traumatized him. Danny wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up, and had no interest in hunting ghosts. However, this did not stop his curiosity that one day changed his life forever. While exploring his parents' laboratory, Danny accidentally activated the newly-built Fenton Ghost Portal, causing his molecular structure to become infused with ectoplasm. This causes Danny to become half-human and half-ghost and gain an array of ghostly superpowers.

Danny had only had his powers for a month before his first real ghost fight. He was unsure about telling his parents about the accident, and was still trying to get the hang of his powers, often losing control of them at inopportune and embarrassing moments. But after his first battle against a ghost, he realized what his powers were for. Since the ghosts were a serious threat, Danny decided to take on the role of a superhero to protect Amity Park.

Danny soon met Vlad Masters, his parents' friend from college, now a millionaire bachelor. Danny found out that twenty years ago, Vlad became a half-ghost just like Danny, and now had all the same powers he had but with twenty years more experience. Vlad soon became Danny's arch-nemesis.

At first, Danny Phantom was not a particularly well-known or well-liked ghost. His debut to Amity Park was ruined when Walker staged a ghost invasion on the city and framed Danny for it and later when Freakshow took control of Danny's mind and forced him to perpetrate a series of ghostly crimes for him. Events such as these caused the people of Amity Park to hate Danny Phantom (then known to them as "Inviso-Bill"), despite his intentions to protect them. Danny's only supporters were his two friends Tucker Foley and Sam Manson and, unbeknownst to him, his sister Jazz.

In "Reign Storm," after Danny defeated Pariah Dark and saved Amity Park from being trapped in the Ghost Zone, Amity Park finally recognized him as a hero. (It was at this point when he confirmed to the town that his name really was "Danny Phantom.") This also helped his standing in the Ghost Zone, as the Far Frozen began to know him as “the Great One” and “Savior of the Ghost Zone” due to his victory. However, his parents and his then-love interest Valerie, the three people he most wanted to believe in him, still did not view Danny Phantom as anything but a menace.


At first, Danny was an average teenager, awkward and nervous but friendly. Like most teenagers, he had crushes on girls, desires to be popular, a dislike of bullies, and embarrassment about his parents. Unlike most teenagers, however, he had ghostly superpowers. He was afraid of anyone discovering his secret, fearing it would make him go from "geek" to "freak," and longed to be normal just like everyone else. But after he fought ghosts for the first time, he realized he could use his powers for good. This newfound sense of purpose changed Danny into a heroic, brave young man.

In the present, when he's not worrying about ghosts, Danny is kind, easy-going, and helpful. He likes using his ghost powers for good, but, being a teenage boy, is not always above using them to get revenge on bullies or sneak into the girls' locker room. His ghost hunting often cuts into his school work time, but he does work hard when he puts his mind on the task at hand. He loves making puns and exchanging witty banter during his fights, and while there's moments when he under-appreciates his friends, he is thankful to have them.


Anti-Ghost Weapons: In ghost form, Danny is vulnerable to all anti-ghost devices, including Fenton Works and Vladco gadgets and the Guys in White's weaponry. Some anti-ghost devices, such as the Specter Deflector, can affect him even while in human form.

Blood Blossoms: While in the presence of Blood Blossoms, Danny is rendered powerless and suffers extreme physical agony. Vlad, in human form, was able to stand near Blood Blossoms unharmed, so presumably Danny can do so as well.

Ecto-ranium: Danny is extremely vulnerable to ecto-ranium, as all ghosts are.


Whoever his soulmate is


Sonic Maurice Hedgehog


The Blue Blur, The Blue Wind, Sonikku


19 Years




Sonic has been described as being "like the wind"; a drifter that is always on the move and is noted for being free-spirited and adventurous. He values freedom above all else and lives his life according to his own rules rather than the standards of those around him and without concern for what others think, and enjoys nothing more than traveling the world. Endowed with a strong passion for life, he is always moving forward to look for his next challenge. Sonic is most of the time easy-going, cool and care-free. However, he is often impatient, hates boredom and has a short temper. Because of his impulsive nature, Sonic can be reckless and quick to act before thinking, throwing himself into trouble without a second thought and regardless of other's warnings. Regardless, he is honest and always keeps his promises.


He was born to Queen Aleena and her husband, King Julian, who was often called Jules as a nick name. Shortly after he was born, a prophecy came up and Sonic was given up by his parents to live with a different family. When he was about eight years old, he was forced to flee, as Robotnik had his swatbots burn his adopted family's house to the ground. He has no idea if they escaped, but he knew that they were most likely killed in the fire. Sonic soon joined up with a group called the Freedom Fighters and when he was about 16, he took some of his friends to fight Robotnik. To this day, he never saw his parents, both biological and adopted.


Whoever His Soulmate is


None at the Moment


Soulmate: First and Last Words

Everyone on the earth has a soulmate. The first words their soulmate says to them is tattooed upon their wrist. Whenever they write on their skin, the marks appear on their soulmate's skin. When their soulmate sings,its stuck in their head. Yet with all this, there's a downside. The last words their soulmate says before they die is tattooed upon their other wrist.


1. Respect and listen to the GM and any Co-gms I get

2. Do NOT tell me how to run my own rp.

3. Keep romance at PG-13 (Smut can be done in PM or fade. I think as long as it is not public and we are over 18 years, it should be fine. Site mods, correct me if I am wrong.)

4. No OOC fights (if there is a problem, PM me or any Co-gm I get)

5. Always Accepting!!!

@Dealdric It's quite alright. As for the non-human creatures, let's throw them in. Makes all the more fun!
The Stray Dog

For a while in the town that you live in, there has been a stray dog problem. A whole pack of strays roam the city, and they are very aggressive towards humans, causing those who are seen by humans to be shot. Dogs are not captured and taken to the pound in this city. The leader of the stray dog packs is said to be ruthless, and willing to kill a human to defend his pack.

The Stray Dog’s POV

My name is InuYasha. I am the alpha of the stray dog pack that roams this human city. It smells of human filth, but we have no choice but it live here as the humans destroyed our forestland to build their own world. To make matters worse, the humans shoot us on sight. Some of those that were shot make it out with their lives, but most of them die from infection or the moment the bullet went into their bodies. I am willing to sacrifice myself to defend my packmates. Oh, I forgot to mention something. We are wolf and dog shifters, but we rarely show our human form to anyone.

Human’s POV

These dogs. They have been a nuisance since humans first built this city. That’s what I have always been told. But somehow, I can't bring myself to believe that. I mean, dogs are a man's best friend, so I am a firm believer that they are no bad dogs, only bad owners. So, instead of shooting them, can we tame them?

You come home from work one night. On your way home you spot a white wolf lying on the road, injured after being hit by a car. You pull over, get out of your car and see that the wolf is still alive. You are tempted to call the game warden, but you decide not to. You pick up the unconscious wolf and bring him to your house. You put him in the barn, and the next morning, the wolf is gone. Instead, there’s a human with black hair on all fours, snarling at you. What will you do?



The Human Who Found InuYasha
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