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7 days ago
Current Now that I've returned to it, I missed just how much I enjoyed Roleplaying. I wish life wasn't such a bitch sometimes.
9 days ago
@KaijuBaragon, only Lvl. 1 Crooks do. Lvl. 35 bosses upload the pic they want people to see to their RPG account and just link the avatar.
9 days ago
It's like it takes some really good effort to actually write something in one's BIO. Oh well, one less shit to do in my bucket list of this site.
11 days ago
Every person should hear at least ONE OR TWO Les Claypool/Primus songs before dying.
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11 days ago
Yeah, and also fuck Cliff Bleszinski. I'm glad his trash game died, serves him good for trying to play the videogame community and laughing at them.


So, what can I say about myself? I'm usually quite reserved when it comes to private stuff, but there are some things I can shed some light on...

・I've been Roleplaying for close to ten years now and I absolutely love it. I didn't start on this site particular site though, I was just sitting at school and started writing stories in the last pages of my notebook. I had been a bookworm up to that point, but I turned into an even bigger one after that.
・I adore FOOD. I love it with all my heart and soul. That's what you get when half your family is into the culinary business and one of them is a professional, international chef. Good thing is that my daily walks somehow manage to help me keep my 'below-115-lbs' figure, which is neat.
・I'm a sucker for music. I enjoy most genres, but my favorite ones are rock (of just about every single class (except for pop rock, hair rock or any kind of rock from that cringey era of rock that was the 80s) like classic, hard, alternative, glam (I'm looking at you Bowie), just name and I probably like it), some blues and jazz... I have wide variety when it comes to musical taste.
・I wouldn't classify me as a gamer myself, for I don't really play vidya competitively nor do I have the time to play the 24/7, but I am a casual gamer. I enjoy relaxing and playing some games from time to time.
・I'm a programmer and I repair PCs as well (I'm really good at it). I work as the head programmer of a small company (I was assigned so this year after I finished my studies, completely overruling what my Request Thread once said, EDIT PENDING), but sadly the more you ascend the less you program and its more paperwork and decision-making, diagram-designing and project overseeing than anything else.
・I love reading, my favorite writer is and has always been Stephen King.
・As you may have realized up until point, English is not my first language. If I were to name my mother tongue that'd be German, but alas the alma mater that I attended when I was but a toddler was not German-speaking school, so... I had to adapt to the local language (which turned out to be English), but oh well, I think I'm doing it right... right? RIGHT?
・That's fucking it I think. I can't believe I actually bothered to do a proper bio, hopefully people won't stalk me any further from now on... I hope so....
・Yeah, I used Japanese interpuncts to label each point. Call that cultural appropriation if you will, but all your punctuation are belong to us.
・I'd rather keep my sexuality ambiguous...

I'll leave you with a picture of the most perfect, handsome man in the history of mankind (Rest In Peace, oh sweet Aniki...)

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