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Bio, this thing, all you need to know is that I've been role playing for years. Ignore my post count cause I mainly rp through pm. I don't have much of a life now so I dream of living in alternate universes.

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Marlin glared at Diana as she set his flask down, he figured it may have been her. Given a little more thought he would have asked her directly but he was not only in pain but drugged so he wasn't thinking before he spoke. Instinctively he went to reach it and winced in pain. Not only did she place it just out of reach but on the left side of him. He could barely lift his damaged arm and using his right was out of the question with the angle. He sighed and cursed to himself, "God can't a guy just have a drink around here."

With such an injury Marlin was bedridden for a couple days, though not alone, Livid's concussion was enough to keep her the same. Forcing to spend time together for a couple days the two were able to get along and find out they had much in common. With his aura regenerating his body was able to heal much faster. Simply his aura amplified his body, since there wasn't any broken bones and all there was was his muscles tissue shredded and ripped, he would be released with in short time. Leaving his arm bandaged so it would restrict his movements, he threw on his vest and finally grabbed his flask, taking a long swig from it before tucking it away and glancing at the lustrous woman. "Ready to get out of here? Shall we go catch up with the others?"

Marlin took her name as a mental note so he wouldn't forget, she was a very peculiar person. Even though she was attacking Eve and gave the team quite a hassle, her attitude and the way she handled herself would make her possibly great company to have. Before he could respond Yoki appeared from the corner followed by just about everyone in the hospital. "WAIT!" he shouted loudly interrupting Eve and staggering his body while half laying in the bed, "You were all eaves-dropping on us? What the hell!" He looked down towards his legs while trying to recollect his thoughts on what had just happened. The room fell silent for a minute before Eve gave him a soft smile, he hadn't received such a face in such a long time he forgot the last time he did. It was a face that showed that person cared and was concerned. Before responding he looked down at his wrapped arm and left out a loud exhaust of air, "It's not the worst I've been through, I can tell my muscles are split and torn to shreds, but once my aura restores my healing will increase quite a bit so I'm not concerned, just in pain and could use a drink." He patted his thigh to where his flask would normally be, "Wait, where's my flask? Which one of you has it?"

Trying his best to fix his position and sit up-right, he listened to all she had to say. With his back straightened out and his arm extended and resting he looked over to the color woman, "Fine cat?" He asked while looking her up and down, "No I don't have the hots for Eve," responding to defend himself first, "I'm part of her new team now so I help her out when needed." He looked down at his arm, he was pretty damaged, but it wasn't from a bar fight, he took note of that she experienced bar fights enough to know a good concussion. She was already starting to sound like someone he could hangout with and have a grand time, unlike the rest of the team, maybe Yoki. Marlin sighed to himself before returning another of her questions, "I infuse dust with my body, normally I have a pretty level headed mind set so it doesn't backfire but something tonight left me feeling uneasy," his tone changed to a more upbeat as he remembered when he was training, "Guess I wasn't thinking clearly and I self destructed," he laughed it off, "It's not the first time." He was wondering where the others were but no one seemed to be around, he turned his attention back to the girl, "I'm Marlin by the way, Marlin Skyy."

From the time Marlin was knocked out on the street to the time he regained consciousness felt like a couple days had gone by. Though during these few hours his thoughts ran blank for the most part, besides of occasional memories from his past. His eyes opened slowly and he could tell right away he was no longer in the street. Looking straight ahead then down at himself he realized he was in the hospital. Glancing down at his arm it was covered in bandages, his vest removed to apply them properly. Immediately his head started to throb. The amount of alcohol he consumed at the bar was starting to effect him in the form of a hangover. Even though prior he wasn't feeling any symptoms due to his liver being amplified by his aura, after the sonic boom his aura depleted while the alcohol was still in his system. He went to sit up using his right hand to push down and prop his back up straight while he raised his left arm to rub his temple, or attempted to. "Ah FUCK, that hurts," he grunted while lightly clutching his arm. He looked around the room to see his surroundings. That's when he realized he wasn't alone, as soon as he landed on Livid a loud shout escaped his lips as his right swung at the air blindly causing him to tip over off balance and land on his arm, "Son of a bitch," he looked back over to her, "Why are you here?" he said quickly and hastily.
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IUt did not take long for the medical transport to arrive, on short notice Marlin was loaded on to the transport cehicle along with all parties involved. During the trip to the hospital where Marlin and Livid would be treated, he had dreams of his past. During his younger years where he was fully cpaapble of performing at his upmost peak capacity. He took on contracts to protect both the city and nearby villlages of Vacuo. Of course at his current age his abilities did not match from wehn he was younger. Though back then he was more of an uncantained self rather than someone of brains. During one of his missions he came across a man that would once be called his best friedn. This man and Marlin fought side by side as they were both hired by the same person to complete the same mission how ever they did not know of each othters incolvement. Marlin figured it was more of a test of strength and skill rather than just a second hire for the job. His brain continued the thoughts of such a long lost companion. THough upon arrival his body was immediately hooked up to machines to moniter his recovery. With his aura pretty much drained from his body from the attack of breaking the sound barrier, his healing would progress at the standard rate of any ordinary human.

She was right, and Marlin almost gritted his teeth in thought, not because she was right but because he wasn't someone to fight all the evils, he only cared about the things that effected him. He wasn't upset, it would take a lot to really throw him off his rocker. Instead he was level headed, calm, embracing the situation and the angered woman next to him. She lives a different life than him, a soldiers life, an elite at that. He couldn't understand how hard things may be for her, but obviously resting wasn't on her daily to-do list. "You, are, absolutely right, there are too many evils, and I'm one who chose not to fight them all." He kept his eyes on the wooden bar as he leaned against it. He was almost pitying himself, realizing that she stood on a level far above his, the difference in respect between the two unfathomable. His thoughts trailed to those he tried not to think about, a wave of depression set in. Another drink wasn't going to fix this. "I hope that one day you won't have to keep your hand on that hilt," leaving on a good thought he stood up from the bar and pushed in his stool while tossing another tip to the bartender. "Have a good night Diana," tucking his hands in his pockets he headed for the door.

Marlin didn't want to bother her any longer and he couldn't bare another drink with what was on his mind. He hoped she wouldn't chase him down, he figured it wasn't something she would do, and he wouldn't stop if she tried to stop him. He was a man lost on a train of his own thoughts. He turned down a dark alley, hoping to find some abandoned mattress to just crash on. Sometimes the beds of the streets were more comforting than those of a hospitable home. Making his way through the alley his thoughts were stopped by a loud shrieking scream from the other end. His instincts kicked in and he ran quickly to the scene, noticing Eve attacked by a brightly colored woman who seemed to be the source of the scream. Without second thought Marlin ran closer, manipulating most if not all of his aura into his left arm and infusing it with a wind crystal, he threw a punch at the air. This attack was done once before when he soloed a Nuckelavee, with it's screeches being drowned out by the sonic boom of breaking the sound barrier. Training for weeks to fight such a Grimm, coming in contact with any such attack had him on impulsive defense. His blind punch at mid air near Eve and the mysterious women, was both amplified by his aura and the dust crystal to an extreme level, leaving his body completely defenseless. He succeeded once again, breaking the sound barrier and creating a sonic boom enough to shake buildings. He hoped it would put a stop to the woman long enough for either himself or Eve to counter back. However the boom was more than just breaking the sound barrier. Marlin's unbalance mind with his thoughts running through his past and covered in a wave of depression caused his body not to bode well with the dust, resulting in a louder sound and an explosion in his arm. Marlin's body flew into one of the nearby buildings and he was knocked unconscious. Unlike other crystals, wind dust mainly effected the speed of the contractions in his muscles, the result of the explosion primarily being internal damage to his arm.

"Suit yourself, if you change your mind the offer is still up," Marlin frowned to himself though it wasn't visible. He had no intentions that night than to just drink his thoughts away, it helped him remain 'balanced' in his head so he could use his fighting method without risk of self harm. Plus he wouldn't have to think on those of his past, triggered memories from things around him, though he hid this from everyone. Drinking wasn't just a form of fun entertainment, it was his prescription. Luckily controlling his aura to enhance the abilities of his liver to keep himself from dying of alcohol poisoning was a bonus. Marlin caught her glancing down at her bags, he suspected that she didn't want to be there. Downing the rest of his old whiskey from his glass and showing no signs of drunkenness, he spoke calmly and rather cheerful, "You don't ever wanna kick back and get away from all the stress, all the problems of the world, even for just a few hours?" He enjoyed her company, even if it was far from friendship, sitting at a bar alone wasn't any fun and he would hate to see her go, "Everyone needs a break at some point, eases the pressure."

Marlin sank into the stool a bit more, getting comfortable as he knew he wasn't going to be moving anytime soon. When she said she ate a part of him was glad that she took care of herself, not that he didn't believe she wouldn't but he hated hearing that people don't eat. While he was taking his old liquor at a slower pace he noticed that her glass was getting lower and lower until it was empty. He couldn't help but laugh, "That good huh? And yeah I ate, I was asking more for your sake, if you wanted a snack I wouldn't mind getting it for you." After licking her lips and setting the empty glass her same attitude returned. A sigh left his mouth, he was rather disappointed that she couldn't relax for just the night, a time where she wouldn't belittle him. "I would assume you don't wanna get blasted but would you like another glass?"

"If it's one thing I know, it's drinking," Marlin smirked to himself as he watched her grab her newly presented glass and bring it to her lips. He took another sip of his whiskey, this time a bit bigger and savoring the flavor of his for a bit before swallowing. Marlin watched Diana sip from the luxurious and aged old wine. Her face flushed red and she nearly peeped out something, he took that as a sign of surprise, she had no idea what she was drinking. Marlin enjoyed this side of her, seeing her that wasn't always strict and hard on things. Though it ended quickly as she caught her bearings again and spoke to him with gratitude. He was glad that she liked it, he would have been disappointed otherwise. "I thought you would like it, you can have a glass on me anytime, as long as I'm here," he brought his glass to his lips, downing the rest of the glass this time rather than just sipping it. Setting the empty glass on the bar got the attention of the tender once more, "Bring up the old the stuff," with that said he set more lien as the the man lifted up an old bottled that appeared to be a few centuries old and pouring it carefully into a glass.

"Gonna be an expensive night?" the man asked.

"Yeah just keep my tab open, Beacon gave me a couple heavy checks so I'm set," with those words he looked over to Diana, "Have you eaten at all today?"
"I just came to drink, why else would I be here," Marlin responded. He realized by her neglecting to look at him that she still wanted nothing to do with him. He took a sip from his glass before glancing at the back counter of the bar spotting a bottle of wine that was opened and set aside, signs of recent use. By the name he knew what kind it was and it matched the color of her glass before she finished it. "Alamos huh, guessing you just went with what was pricey," he spotted her putting the money down. Like she simply bought the glass, savored it lightly but didn't get anything from it, or so didn't really react. Marlin got the tender's attention, "Glass of Chateau please," he wasn't much of a wine drinker but he knew his stuff. Placing the lien on the table and sliding a small cyan dust crystal with it, a common tip and payment between the bar and Marlin, his reputation granting perks. He paid for the single glass as it was presented in front of her in a special kind of glass that was not of the norm. "Relax, I'm not tryin' anything funny, you're in my place of business and I'm gonna make sure my compatriots get the best," he pointed to the glass, "This is top shelf stuff, they say a single glass of this makes you feel ethereal, I say enough glasses of anything gets you shit faced and that's close enough," he laughed to himself before taking another sip from his drink.
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