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Bio, this thing, all you need to know is that I've been role playing for years. Ignore my post count cause I mainly rp through pm. I don't have much of a life now so I dream of living in alternate universes.

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The trio follow Aliya most of the way towards the fortress, once she took to the trees their paths divided. Knowing there may have been traps the boys were able to sense possible locations and took longer trails than needed to get around till they met one side of the fortress. From this angle they could see that there was two guards on the ground and three above, though the three rotated so only one was able to be seen most definite at a time.

ALiya managed to attract the attention of most of them so what was left was wait for a good opportunity whilst taking out what they could. The boys weren't exactly stealth experts but they were one of the Earth Fae so it would be easy to get close. Kindle had an idea and called Bius to the side. "While Aliya has the attention of that half we'll infiltrate on this side, toss me to the top of the fortress and I'll take care of those on top while you take out those two and any remain once we meet back up with her." The boys agreed and set up position.

Ter began walking out in the open, approaching the two on the ground and introducing himself. It was weird to talk with his twin but he managed. "Hey, I heard you guys are runnin' a big operation given us Earth Fae a bigger name 'round here, where can I sign up?" The slight distraction was enough for Bius to hold his older sister and launch her like a catapult towards the single visible guard on the roof.

Kindle winded her arm back for a punch, igniting her gauntlet in smoldering ash before landing a flying punch on the man, knocking him out quick and taking cover to avoid the other two from noticing. At this time she moved around and was able to spot the remaining while seeing a little blue figure distracting them. Bius had returned with Ter and the two continued the conversation that Ter had started. As soon as the guards were about to question why they looked similar, the two quickly bended the earth around them and brought down the large wall of the fortress, returning it back to the earth. The fortress stood with three remaining walls and Terbius began fighting the guards in a simple and fun grapple. At this time Aliya had raised her sword and Kindle stepped in to engage the other two roof guards.
"Yeah, lets go," Kindle was ready and actually excited for once for combat. She didn't get to fight often and when she did it was over stupid situations the boys usually put her in, this time was a legit reason to fight and she could go all out, hold nothing back. Kindle stepped out of the tent to call the boys over but she found them standing outside anyways. The two had come back from their stroll around the small town which was now back on its proper foundation. They were just enjoying the company the townsfolk as they praised their help. "Ter-Bius, we got a bone to pick with those responsible for this." Ter-Bius grew excited with one another, pumping their fist in the air before turning and giving each other a high five. The collision of their hands caused a shock wave that shook the air around them, coming from the energy of their excitement and the raw strength within. Kindle turned back to the entrance of the tent waiting for Aliya, "We're ready to go, whats the plan?"

The conversation ended short with fragmentation of the glass window, Eve had given orders shortly after dispatching the Lancer cable. After new information from Yoki the team had to be reorganized, Marlin had no experience with most if not any at all types of vehicles or machinery, he was just glad that someone here could. Looking at the situation at hand he was left to defend the ship from the anchoring Grimm. Or at least keeping them off the ship while the other two dispatched them from range. Marlin knew what best to do with his body for maximum efficiency but it would take a tremendous amount of control.

Marlin transferred his aura to the extensions of his body, primarily his hands and feet, infusing each body part with a different dust crystal. Having mixed elements throughout his aura could become hazardous if he were to 'cross-streams' so to speak, if an extension of his body happen to come too close to another, there would certainly be an explosive reaction between elements. Though this technique would certainly help their survival in the incident.

He dropped a wind crystal to his left foot, this allowed a quick first step which could launch him to different sections of this ship in short time. A burn crystal was infused with his right foot, giving him the opportunity to kick each severed stinger back at the enemy, sending the lancer ablaze with its own weapon. His hands held an ice in one hand and an earth in the other, since Marlin had no sharp objects or weaponry, nor would he know best to use one, freezing the cable then shattering it with force from the earth infused hand made for an excellent combo at removing the anchor points.

Without hesitation Marlin quickly darted to each point the Lancers had attached to the ship, breaking the cable with a quite 1-2, then kicking the stinger. This continued throughout the vast of the ship, though he didn't pay attention to how many were in the skies, he knew there was at least enough to keep him busy. Though the technique was simple, the hardest part was maintaining balance in his thoughts and spirits to keep his feet and hands away from each other. He was the biggest threat to the ship and team at the moment, but at least they were still in the sky.

Marlin took note of all the information she had shared with him about Hansa's sister. It was important for him to know in case the group had separated for the situation called for them to search separately, that and he often ventured alone after dark, having the details on her appearance would be nice to have. He took another drink from the bottle of water before readying himself to stand. That was when the ship shook and rattled his brain as the throbbing came back for a brief moment. He clutched his head and cursed under his breath for getting too drunk the night before. The intercom came on and it didn't help at all. Eve spoke once the captain stopped speaking, "Crap, martial arts is my specialty, unless I have something to throw or shatter like the boulder the other day, I'm useless, unless they are in arms reach."

He stood up as the ship made evasive maneuvers. It was pretty easy for him to maintain his balance, having a tail was a bonus but his nature instincts were sharp with constant uneven terrain. He headed towards the railing on one side of the ship, looking around for something he could possible stock up on to start hurling at the Lancers with blinding speed. "Shit shit, why do I have to be weak in this specific category of fighting."

Marlin was glad to hear that Hansa was doing well, and the fact that he was training even though he was still recovering from his injuries. "That's good, I'd like to see him in action when we get back. Between what you guys taught him and the academy I'm sure he'll be quite the junior hunter." The mission about his sister came up and he would've liked Hansa to tag a long for obvious reasons but the situation didn't stand in his favor. "Speaking of his sister, do we even have a place to start looking? What do we know about her?" Marlin was indeed mainly along for the ride and hunting any Grimm that came their way, it's was he was hired for. However he joined Eve on a much bigger mission, though he didn't know all the details, if any at all, he was mainly concerned for all the information on this operation because they were dealing with a child. Nothing mattered to him most than the young blood of the world.

Marlin didn't know much about the Vytal Festival, but knew it was a big event involving competitions between huntsmen at the academy. It amused him to hear that she happened to lose to someone who was far less experienced than she was, though such a Tournament was based on skill, he knew that much. Bisque must be quite the hunter. Eve mentioned her not only her skill but her knowledge as well, though he was more curious in how well she can fight, and what kind of sparing partner she could possibly be if the opportunity brought itself. With his condition becoming better he could actually focus on a single thought rather than the pain. This allowed him to regain balance and focus on meditating subtlety so that if the need to fight came he was prepared, though he could still hold a decent conversation. "I never got the chance to really say a last goodbye to Hansa, how's he holding up since I was last locked to a hospital bed?"

Taking the bottle she tossed to him, he popped off the cap and started drinking, though he didn't down the whole thing this time, going to try to make it last for a bit, the first bottle was more of a jump start anyways. Though his headache wasn't going to leave anytime soon, the medicine would take effect within the hour and that would help subside it. She mentioned a friend of hers helping the team find a lead while they hunted for Hansa's sister. Though he had a concern, "If your friend is going to do some digging around, can she handle herself or would she need some protection? Just a cautionary thing." He didn't know much about what was going on but knew that Ozpin asked him to hunt and protect the team, being someone of no real alliance to anyone made him extremely expendable and he was just fine with that. Marlin wanted to get up and walk around the ship but he was in no condition to do so. For the moment his thoughts were running through the mission, did they even have any leads on Hansa's sister, and when they find her is she even going to be cooperative.

The room grew empty and it was only the two of them sitting across from each other, Marlin grew dense and worried, trying to prepare himself for the beating he was about to receive. He had never seen Eve angry before and it was definitely something he didn't want towards him again. Though the room was still quiet and his executioner tossed the pill towards him, from Diana, along with a bottle of water. He caught both surprisingly in his condition. Quickly popping the pill in his mouth and drinking from the bottle, squeezing so the water rushed out faster than its natural flow and before anyone could say anything the contents of what was handed to him were gone.

He let out a small gasp after drinking and gave Eve a rather surprised expression, not expecting her to flip tables once everybody left. She mentioned of not keeping communication and he had to admit that he was at fault there, no excuses with such a trivial task. But then Eve mentioned something that rather brought him to heart, he was not alone, not anymore. For years upon years he was alone, fighting by himself and only fending for his own. However he wasn't always this way, for a brief time in his life he had a partner, and the mention of not being part of a team brought that past back. It was best not to bring it up however and reawakened fire started to grow again in thoughts of his old partner.

Marlin rubbed his temple some more, he may have taken the pain pill but it still took some time to take effect. After Eve's little speech ended he had to respond, "First off, I'm sorry Eve, you're right and I should have called you at least. I'm," there was a short pause as he looked past her and out the window, "Not used to being on a team, like you said." He redirected his attention back to her, "I'll help in anyway I can, this is a new chapter for me and so far I'm enjoying the adventure, so I'll do my best to no longer screw it up anyone," he gave her a smile before looking at the crushed bottle of water in his hands, "Do you uh, have another?"
Whilst following Aliya into the large tent, Kindle started to prepare herself to perform healing on those in need. Of course she wouldn't be using one like she did in the alley, instead much smaller artes that didn't use as much mana. The young Water Seraph had extended an offer that seemed to be beneficial to everyone that was included. Kindle thought about it, mainly keeping her younger brothers in mind and how it could effect them. "Avenging this town sounds quite the ordeal, the four of us up against what? A small platoon maybe?" Her voice brought a mood that seemed unsure, but the fact that the town would probably praise them as heroes and give them a safe place to stay convinced her otherwise. She looked back to Aliya with a smirk on her face and fire in her eyes, "Sounds like a challenge."

Marlin grunted at the kick and his head throbbed even more, the cold words from Diana made him cringe. He expected such from her but as soon as Eve yelled at him he ached more, she was loud and wasn't afraid to use her voice on him. He knew his arrival wasn't going to be taken gratefully. Yoki mentioned a small warning with Livid and he hoped that he knew before hand, but at the same time he enjoyed such an adventure. Had he had the chance to drink with her again he probably wouldn't say no, just check his drinks before hand.

He got up quickly only to grunt and clutch his temple as he boarded the airship with Yoki at his side and took a seat across from the rather temperamental Eve. He tried to brace for more of a punishment and flinched when he looked over at Diana. She still had a rage in her eyes that seemed to never go away. He wanted to ask if Diana had any pain pills for his hangover but seeing that he had displeased everyone that morning no one was going to help him out. He leaned forward rubbing his head, "I said I was sorry, I didn't mean to be late."
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