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Bio, this thing, all you need to know is that I've been role playing for years. Ignore my post count cause I mainly rp through pm. I have a life and a wife but I stay active as much as I can.

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With the Grimms shadowing dissipation behind him, Marlin turned towards the two, pulling out his flask and started walking. He laughed loudly for a couple breaths before speaking to the blonde one, "I'd rather be caught dead than with those losers," he took another swig of his whiskey before putting the flask back into his pants, "Oh, and the guy with the top hat, I saw him, not with him, not my business." Marlin looked at the two up and down, scanning them in sorts, definitely hunters by the way they dressed. He assumed they were apart of Beacon, considering the location of the ruins being so close, which means they know Ozpin.

Marlin stepped closer to the two, ignoring any harsh movements or threats the fox would give. He held a thin protective aura around himself, it didn't cost him much but he was experienced enough to know better than just being bare in front of strangers. "I have no need to tell you who I work for, besides you probably are here because of him anyways." He looked past the blonde staring at the girl, "Ooh hoo hoo, look at you, what brings a fine lady such as yourself down here." Completely ignoring the fox Marlin tried to keep his persona in as much of a less threatening mood as he could. He didn't want to fight, none the less he didn't want to have to kill, especially if these two were working for his current employer.
A deep thick fog rolled in over night and filled with streets of Vaccuo. A place where Marlin grew up and still remained. With all that's been going around he's kept his personal home more in the status of a bunker. He didn't like people and visitors even more. Marlin strayed from tech, liking the conventional way of things, he thought of it more dependable. At his age he no longer searched for work, instead work came to him. Though his bunker styled home, he had a mail slot on the main street, a sign above it reading:

"Marlin Skyy

He didn't consider himself a hunter, though his particular set of skills would be classified as such. With his reputation his name was getting around, but only to those who needed him, he wasn't famous or anything. Those who requested his help would drop a letter in his slot, which fell down a shaft and landed in a basket to the right of his desk. Marlin didn't have much furniture, an old metal chest for his clothing, a wooden desk that was barely standing by a nail, and a spring mattress that had a couple decades of wear and tear on it. He often fell asleep at his desk, a bottle of whiskey in his hand, glancing over the letters and tossing most of them in the trash.

Some of those letters contained requests that were not his style, rescuing lost jewelry, being a bodyguard for some hotshot, or even finding a lost pet. And those that had tasks he was into, didn't pay enough. That was until a light weight letter fell, completely missing the basket, which was full, and landing on the floor near his chest. Marlin looked at it with a face of grimace before reaching down and placing it on his desk. Written to a dear 'Mr. Skyy' which he didn't get often, it was a request from Beacon, an academy from a distant city. The letter was directly from Ozpin, offering a large sum of money if he had succeeded in cleansing ruins that sat just outside of Vale. Marlin hadn't seen an offer with that many zeros for a few years. He had to accept, of course it was perfect for his talents, Butcher of Grimm. Sending a letter back confirming that the deed will be done, Marlin simply stood up from his desk and left with very little supplies, primarily his pouch of dust and a flask.


After a couple days journey Marlin had eventually arrived at the ruins from which he was told to clear. He could smell the Grimm already, primarily Beowolfs. From years of hunting such creatures for sport, he could tell the difference from a certain trait they would leave behind. Beowolfs had a strong smell to them, and the place was wreaking of it. Marlin pulled out his flask and took a swig before putting it back into his pocket. His normal attire consisted of a vest that squeezed tight around his torso, low-cut and wide on the shoulders, a greyish-blue tone to it. He wore a set of covert combat pants with plenty of pockets containing more dust and a spot for his flask, these were black. A belt fitted tight held his pouch of dust bearing the same color as his vest, which also matched his boots. A set of boots that woven up to just below his knees, his pants tucked in. He preferred this outfit to best suit his mobility and combat. He didn't wear any hats, the feeling on his large tiger like ears made it uncomfortable, the same reason why he never wore a coat or a cape, bothered his thick tail.

Marlin mentally prepared himself before taking a step forward, as a practitioner of aura and martial arts, his mental balance was important to him. He meditated for a couple minutes before setting his target in his eyes. With a quick manipulation of aura to his legs he sprung towards the cave entrance and made himself known to the creatures inside. A dozen or so Beowolfs charged out, some bigger than others but no Alpha. Marlin smirked pushing his aura to both his hands and feet, leaving his torso unprotected. These Grimm were small and didn't require the needed or wanted buff from his dust crystals. He jumped at the closest one charging, kicking it twice before finishing it off with another kick that swung around his body. The beast was sent back flying only to evaporate mid-flight. "Still got it," he said with a grin, not 'exercising' lately. Marlin fought the remaining Grimm with ease, a couple punches and kicks and they were no longer around. He knew that was no where near what was remaining in the ruins.

Approaching the backside of the cave there wasn't much to see, only a few markings which Marlin studied for a moment, he could see a repeated placement of a dust crystal. He came to the conclusion that this place wasn't just home to Grimm, considering that the ones he just fought were no where near challenging, anybody could come through. He pulled out his pouch of various crystals, trial and error till he found one that fit and worked. The back wall opened as he suspected. "Knew this mission was bigger than it seemed."

Marlin ventured in deeper, coming across various paths to choose from, but mainly following the scent of Beowolfs. The slaying continued, Grimm falling left and right as his fought his way down, his fists and feet glowing with colored aura from dust. Ice and scorch marks left behind as his signature. Though his task was mainly Grimm, his ears caught the attention of a couple screams. Marlin followed the sounds till he came across a cavern, a large one at that. Immediately falling back and only peaking around the corner. He spotted a man in a white suit, slaughtering White Fang members. Marlin should've known the White Fang would use such a cave, but to hear and see them be killed was not his business. He had a job to do and money to earn. He knew best when to stay out of someone elses business, besides, that man could be trying to make a living like himself, hired killer so to speak.

Quickly leaving the area Marlin continued deeper into the cave. He had been fighting for a couple hours, still not finding the Alpha to such a large pack. But the numbers of Grimm were large. Marlin came across another cavern, an even larger one than that which the White Fang was found. This cavern had a couple Deathstalkers rather than Beowolfs, something that took him by surprise but raised an excitement in his veins.

Snapping ice into both his hands and feet he charged at the two. Throwing a direct punch at one of their stingers headed straight for him, it froze on contact and shattered by the shier force of his attack. He slammed his foot in the same one's claw and froze it to the ground before flipping off and dodging an attack from the other. With one missing it's stinger and frozen to the ground, his fight got a little more interesting. His replaced his boots dust with fire, charging at the free roaming Deathstalker. Another jump and two kicks to push back both claws allowed him to strike the armored head with his fist, presenting his body standing upside down while his hand laid on the head of the Grimm, it's armor broken and missing. With a target on its back the Deathstalker struck down with its stinger, only for Marlin to catch it with his feet, flipping backwards using his legs to slam the stinger into the Grimm's head. The tiger jumped down and walked to the last Deathstalker still struggling at its claw frozen to the ground. Marlin removed the aura and placed it all into his left fist, he amplified it with an earth crystal. Using his free arm to catch to the attacking claw and hold it in place, he drilled his fist into mouth of the Deathstalker, colliding with it's skull and shattering the bones within. Watching the beast dissipate around his arm, he turned his head towards the tunnel from which he came, looking at two figures he sensed approaching just moments ago.
Kaiyo ripped off the melon and tossed it aside, quickly brushing himself off and wiping away the juice with his over sized robes. The hollow laughed at the reapers humiliation only to stop once he realized how pissed Kaiyo was. Kaiyo took off sprinting once more after the small joker of a demon. He wanted to use his zanpakuto but once again reminded himself of the collateral damage.

The only thing he could do was chase it down hoping he could catch it. Kaiyo continued to sprint through the market, knowing he could ignore most of the people around him since majority can't see ghosts. As the hollow ran and jumped around throwing items of bargain sale, including a large fish that was heading for the back of a girls head who seemed to be walking from school. Kaiyo reached his arm out to block the fish, his hand phasing through the girls face, however his body didn't follow. He had ran into the other girl like a brick wall. He now laid a tip the girl, his head resting in a soft place. He groaned and looked to the side before quickly summoning his zanpakuto spirit, "Rika go, try to keep up with him." Kaiyo moaned once more before placing his hands at his side to push himself up only to look at the specimen below him, "Yoko?"
With a gentle smile and a small pat, "Well that's something we'll need to practice on," a small giggle following. Glas was glad that her teammate was okay, even though they just met, she would always care for those who helped. She placed her hand on her skirt as if patting herself, "I'm sorry, I don't have anything that would help you recover but I can make getting around a bit easier. She set her flute down and proceeded to remove her cape before wrapping it around Hansa's neck. "It's pretty old but infused with dust, it'll make you feel lighter, easy on your feet," she gave a small smile with a tilt of her head. She stood up and snapped open her flute to its original longg spear. She knew she wasn't strong enough to help him up but stood in a way to make it obvious that he can use the spear to help him stand up light a walking stick.
Name: Marlin Skyy

Nickname: Mar

Race: Faunus (White Tiger, tail and ears)

Gender: Male

Age: 41

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180lbs


Aura Color: Blue

Semblance: Withdrawl-absorbs target's aura

Semblance Limitations: Target has to be touched and user of aura

Weapon: Marlin is an expert in martial arts and a powerful practioner of aura. Able to use his aura to amplify his physical capabilities.

Favored Dust Element: Marlin keeps a small pouch with many tiny crystals of various dust to power his aura.


Bio: Marlin grew up in Vaccuo, his parents lost to the Grimm at a very young age to which he doesn't remember them very well if not at all. A man had taken him under his care, teaching the boy everything he knew. From the science of dust, to the practice of aura control, to a long lost form of martial arts. Marlin studied and practice hard. He had nothing else in life but what he was taught. The city of Vaccuo wasn't exactly pleasant for a Faunus. A late night walk home and Marlin's guardian was lost to a small pack of Beowolf. He chased them down finding out where their cave was, taking that information to Shade Academy. Their response was not what Marlin wanted, they refused to help, saying the removal of a small pack did not compared to their other missions. This caused him to build a deep hatred for any Hunter or Huntress, they were meant to help people, slay Grimm, and his case was too small. That day he vowed to train harder every day to push his skills and limits to those above any hunter. And so he did, he trained himself and practiced under journals left by his fallen guardian. Years upon years went by and eventually he was ready. Before he was an adult he felt confident to take on the pack of beowolf that killed his mentor. As expected the back still wasn't dealt with and it was much larger than before, if brought to the attention of Shade they may step in but he was going to deal with them himself. With martial arts and aura control at his side, he demolished not only the pack but the cave from which they resided in. From that day on, always underestimating his skills, he continues to fight grimm for personal gain, or the occasional help.
Glas watched the two operate with each other, using both her spear and their skills to dispatch the oversized Grimm. She was quite surprised however to see her partner have such an ability of growing sizes, she thought that it could be a great combo with her spear some day. As the beast fell and dissipated Hansa collapsed. With their primary threat dealt with and knowing the others were tackling the other Grimm, she thought it best to respond to her partner. Glas pulled her spear back to her removing all additional aspects and folding it down to her panflute only to play it and swoop down to Hansa's level. She knelt down with her hand on his knee, "Hansa, are you okay? You really pushed yourself huh?"
Glas watched Sarah and Hansa fight well against the Nevermore. She was happy to be in a fight with others. From her high vantage point she was luckily away from the rubble as it fell around the cage. Sarah wanted a plan and Hansa gave an answer. Though she didn't speak much she had a way to contribute. Glas pulled her spear back to hands, changing its aspects once again, this time to a much larger and sharper spear head, she threw hard and pulled tight so it curves and landed in the beasts chest, it didn't pierce that much but that was her point. "THERE'S YOUR TARGET!" she yelled so the other two could aim and strike together.
Marlin will be born
Glas removed the barbed aura off her spear and jumped off when told to. She landed a good vantage point to see the Nevermore struggling in its new cage. Given the order to go all out Glas didn't hesitate. She concentrated a bit before infusing her aura back into her spear, creating barbs that bent all sorts of ways and cycled around the head, like a complicated chainsaw in the shape of a ball. She threw NeverLand and controlled it with her string of aura as it repeatedly stabbed and shredded the Nevermores extentions.
Glas nodded to Hansa's suggestion, the ruins would be perfect to fight the giant bird of prey. However the Nevermore was going nowhere near the old stone buildings. Her partner wanted to get on top, an attempt to ride she thought. Glas pulled her string of aura as if they were being lifted by an elevator towards the Nevermore. As they got closer she threw Hansa at a different angle, hoping he could find a way to center himself above. Meanwhile she reached her spear and held onto it like an anchor point at the belly of the beast.
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