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4 yrs ago
Current @Gunther Since when was I fueled by dreams without a goal?
4 yrs ago
@LadyAnnaLee I won't hope to understand what you're going through right now, so I can only say this: No storm lasts forever. Take care of yourself, and it'll be alright, in the end.
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4 yrs ago
Understandable. Have a good day, nonetheless!
4 yrs ago
@Ruby Do you, too, require emotional assistance?
4 yrs ago
@LadyAnnaLee Or so you thought. *Long-distance hug.*


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I've played quite a bit of D&D and several PBtA games, so I'm quite familiar with tabletop and tabletop roleplay. As for my experience with CoC in particular... I've read Old Man Henderson, but that's more or less it, and I don't think that's quite enough to qualify.
I'm interested, but I have no experience with playing CoC - is that acceptable?
Banned for thinking this thread is for killjoys only.
i might withdraw from this rp, or at the least become highly inactive. a lot of things have come up in a very little amount of time irl.
Banned for being accurate.
Banned for accusing me of hypocrisy.
Banned for banning someone for banning someone.
Banned for banning me yet again! xD
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