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<Snipped quote by Lasersquid112>

"Wait, what? What the... fuck?" Helmina was shocked and quite flabbergasted about Ice's statement.
Then Berthold's sinister voice echoed after a chuckle, "Ohhh... some slut's blushing... as her boyfriend admits he's in love!"

"Would you just shut the fuck up, busta? At least someone loves me, unlike you, loser!" Helmina paused in shock after realizing what she blurted, "...... Wait, what did I just say? Oh, it's better than nothing. And better than you, busta, of course."

<Snipped quote>

"No! It cannot be..."

<Snipped quote>

"L-look, i-if you're upset, why just keep upsetting yourself further, dude? Go back to where you belong, wherever your true Emperor resides, and mind your own business! Oh, and bring your girlfriend away as well, she's a bothersome disgrace to Whampoa!"

<Snipped quote>

"O-ohhh?" She hesitated but eventually takes his rifle. "......"

"Owwww, looks like this boyfriend of yours love you so much, that he hands over all his treasures for you! Hahahaha!"
"S-shut the fuck up, busta! At least some people trust and love me more than the lonely busta you are!"

She began to ponder some thoughts, but just as she began, Ice also tossed a small gadget to her too. She caught the gadget right away, and then moved a little. She was quite surprised pleasantly, seeing how the shield follows her.

"A shield generator? Very nice... Thanks a lot, homie!" Helmina gave a smirk to Ice.

Berthold then insultingly laughed, "Ohh, so he expose himself and give up his gun just for you, huh, slut? See, after all, you are only a sad slut relying on someone else's helping hands! Without Ice, I am fairly certain you'll kneel before me, the Grand Emperor of Whampoa!"

Helmina's face was blushing hot red in anger hearing Berthold's mean words. "W-what did you just say, busta? Where was you, when we were losing the last war? You're just a cowardly feudal warlord who ditched us all and fled away. A coward who fled away like the busta that he is! Where was you, when we Revitals worked hard to rebuild our nation from ruins? You was sitting on your throne like a fatass, hardly giving any fucks to your so-called "homies"."

"Y-y-you... you..." Berthold's voice trembled in fear and denial, "How dare y-you descrate and defy your Grand Emperor!? We lost t-the war because of y-you, the bandits and partisans tearing our nation apart in the last d-days of war! Y-you bandits stabbed us in the back! And it was not an escape, no, not at all! T-that was merely a setback, really! W-we retreated to the islands, so we may later retake our nations from your filthy slut hands, and take revenge upon the Entente! And what, 'hardly giving any fucks' you say? So w-where are all my troops here for?"

"Blaming us for your problems, huh? What a straight busta indeed. Face it, you're the one who fucked it up in the first place! We rebelled against you for your feudal ways, which brought our nation to ruins and rubbles! Retreat to the islands blah blah blah, huh. More like, running for your petty miserable life of being a straight busta! And now your minions are here to rob us of our own labor!"

<Snipped quote>

"H-hey, what? What do you mean, 'descreate' the 'imperial name', huh?" the many Bertholds backed off from the advancing Ice, while defiantly argued, "Your girlfriend's emperor is the one who's descreating the Imperial name if anything!"

"Wait, w-w-what?! S-stop s-speaking n-nonsense, you p-pretender!" Helmina hastily refuted, while shivering and sweating in fear.

"Oh, look!" Berthold exclaimed with a grin whlist pointing all his fingers at Helmina, "Look at your little slut, pal! She's very a-afraid! Did you ever know she serves another pretender?"

"H-hey! W-what? You're j-just a pretender anyways! Why should we trust your words, the words coming from a straight busta?"

Berthold coughed then continued with his rhetoric, "I have always been the rightful Grand Emperor of Whampoa, for many decades long before you came to this fucking planet. I ate more salt than you ate rice, boy! And the House of Lenggong has a long history more than a thousand of years ago, and we have ruled over many lands from the beginning. While that... who's that, Tschow Konrad? Tschow Konrad, a puny bandit lord who calls himself Emperor after kicking us out from our rightful lands!"

"Hey, Ice. I want to have a talk with you. You hates when others simply call themselves, Emperor, correct? Oh, do you know Tschow Konrad? He's the very Emperor that Helmina serves, another pretender!" Berthold showed a big evil grin and chuckled, "Why wouldn't you challenge him instead, huh? Because your little slut bought your loyalty with her body? Oh, before we continue, there's another Emperor up there to the north, the so-called Emperor of Peiyang. Oh, wait. We have yet another emperor to the south, the Emperor of the Australian Empire. Look, mister... Ice, this is a world of many Emperors. Why wouldn't you just kill them all? Why does it has to be me, me? Oh, I guess I know why. She paid your killer contract with sleeps in the brothel, huh?"

"Would you believe this busta, Ice? No, right? You even trusted me with your gun and shield. This guy is a straight busta, deceit and crap always come out from his smelly mouth. His words cannot be trusted, at all! Punish this naughty boy until he kneels and cries begging for my mercy!"

"Let me tell you, little boy. What if I told you, she too is lying to you? She is afraid, after all. She is afraid, that you would know about Konrad sooner or later, since you know... you are very... concerned about your so-called 'Emperor'. And, do you think a slut who always lies to you are worth loving at all? Huh? And she always lies about something that you care about the most!"

"H-hey! D-don't try to fool him with y-your lies and threats, busta! Konrad is a Kaisar, not an Emperor!"

"Kaisar is the Whampoan word for an Emperor, Carl. You must have done a very bad job in the Academy back then. Not a surprise, considering how much of a slut you are." Berthold chuckled, "Stop trying to cover up Konrad's truth. He's also a busta calling himself Emperor, too."

Berthold exclaimed with a big evil smile, "Ohhh, I almost forgot! Dammit, I forgot to bring more of my gadgets! What did you just say, huh? 'not an Emperor'? Uh-oh! You just denied your beloved Konrad of his authority! What a loyal slut, and a loyal Revital! Imagine Konrad's charcoal face when he hears of this! Prepare to, uhhh, have a stay with Konrad in these so called love dungeons and enlightenment camps! Hahahaha!"

"So, Ice, what do you think? What are you gonna do now?"

How would Ice react? Would he trust Helmina over Berthold? Or rather would Ice began to question everyone including himself? Or quite unlikely, would he turn over to Berthold's side?

"If there is another pretender on this world, he will die when I am done with you." He shrugs as if it's really nothing. "You're weak. The rest will be weak. The Imperial banner shall fly once more." He calmly looks around at the Berthold copies. "Well? Are you too much of a pussy to fight me ten against one? If you're all you say you are then you shouldn't have a problem. Of course, I'll still end up slowly crushing your head in my hands while you cry for mercy, but I'll still accept whatever odds you want. Do you want more soldiers for me to kill? I can do that." He smiles grimly. "For in the grim darkness of the future, there is only war. My Emperor, my Imperium, all that I served, fell and burned before your people knew this planet existed. The Imperial Creed survives. I am the Emperor's Hammer and I will strike."
(OOC : I think I need to be more creative and also watch more shows... I hope you don't mind the quality of my writing lol)

<Snipped quote>

*many of the Royalist troops cowardly fled away*
*even many of the Phantasm Panzers, the tanks disguised as trees, tried to escape in cowardice*
*but all of them were forcefully blown back to the battlefield by strong gusts of wind*

"No cowardly escape, damn! I am your Emperor, god dammit!"

*some of the Royalists still attempt to flee, fearing Ice much more than Berthold*
"I just can't, good sir! Ice is real terror! And he's more terror than you ever do!"

"Y-y-you... you..."

*a massive tides of shockwaves, tornadoes and tsunamis was unleashed at the fleeing Royalists, utterly annihilating them*

"No desertion unless I let you, spineless cowards!"

*Ice's plasma shield reflecting and amplifying attacks back to the Battlemagi*
"Cancellation Magic - Dethro!" All of the reflected attacks dispelled into thin air.

"Kami Crack!"

Through the atmospheric spirits, Berthold disturbed the magik flow and electronic flow within and around the plasma shield, in an attempt to disrupt the shield, tear Ice's and Helmina's bodies, and knock off any fancy gadgets they may have. The spell did not seem to affect Helmina much, but Helmina was knocked off guard and fell to the ground before rising up again.

"Arcanic Runes with Arcane Blast!"

Several glowing runes soon emerged from thin air. From many directions, these runes then skillfully maneuver their way, trying to glue themselves onto Ice's plasma shield. If these runes were destroyed before they reach the shield, they would blow up into great arcane waves which might do some damage and knock enemies. If the runes got onto the shield, chances were they may disturb the shield to some degree or even dissolve it entirely.

Meanwhile, Berthold continued to hurl tides of water and wind in desparation, drowning and tearing many of the Revital troops apart, while also trying to tickle Ice and Helmina.

"I cannot believe this... I thought you are a mere simpleton inside a simple space suit..." the pretender Emperor said with a voice, his tone full of annoyance and a bit of desperation. "Oh my... why does our civil war bother you very much? Why wouldn't you just leave this planet? Fallen in love with this slut, huh? Enough to get yourself seduced by her, huh?"

Ten supposed copies of Berthold soon showed up before Ice and Helmina. The copies of Berthold were perfectly solid, although the magikal essences within them were seemingly different and off. These copies of Berthold, however, burst some uncontrolled giggles while trying very hard to suppress their smug faces.

"I can smell the fear coming from your mouth, Berthold. I thought you're the legendary Kim Jong Il who can change the weather at will? Afraid, huh?" Helmina taunted in response.

"No way. Y-you punks are only lucky because of y-your boyfriend, Helmina... Once w-we finish him off, then i-it's time to bow before your rightful Grand Emperor." one copy of Berthold said, while chuckling uncontrollably, "You slut!"

Helmina blushed in anger for a moment hearing that, she then turned to Ice and shouted, "Eh, did you hear that just now, Ice? This coward says he's the rightful Emperor!"

"For the record, Helmina, I'm not entirely certain whether or not I'm your boyfriend now based on this." When the runes approach the shield, Ice casually notes them. "Operation Eleven EM." The shield complies, emitting a powerful electromagnetic burst that sizzled the runes out. When Berthold claims to be the Emperor again, Ice has a much less calmer reaction. Looking over to Helmina, he hands her his rifle. "Hold this, please." He tosses a small gadget to her as well, and the plasma shield moves to protect her since she's holding it. He calmly steps out, the waves of power rippling over his suit as the runes on his armor glow brightly. "Berthold the Pretender, your time has come. No longer will you desecrate the Imperial name. No longer will you disgrace the men and women buried on Titan in His name. No longer will you bring pain and suffering. Today is the day your judgement. Is. Passed." He grins and raises his fists, prepared to take on every copy there is and then the bastard himself.
<Snipped quote by Lasersquid112>

The self-proclaimed Emperor was nowhere to be seen, as he was quite far away and invisible. A chuckle came from this self-proclaimed Emperor. "Oh, really? Do you really know--"

"Whoah! Helmina's boyfriend is so tough..."

<Snipped quote>

*Ice would be met with more resistance from stubborn Royalist troops and tanks while he headed for the voice*

Helmina was somewhat alarmed by Ice's latest words. She thought,<It's a good thing we have the Whampoan tongue... once he hears Konrad also calling himself the Emperor, then all hell would break loose indeed... We shall call him Kaisar from now on.>

A chuckle was heard from the voice. "Jadequa!"

A massive tide of greenish water came embracing Ice and Helmina, flinging them into the air before landing them afar. Helmina did not take much damage, but the water left her nauseated and disgusted.

"Damn... that water was shit... water... burn the water, boil it or whatever..."

Helmina tried to toast the water with her magiks, but it was not quite effective. The water would be really sticky and gluey to slow down movement a lot. The sticky water also heated up, as it slowly turned into jade... Parts of Ice's suit may partially crystallize into jade, and Helmina has many of her belongings now coated with jade. Helmina herself, however, was resistant to the crystalization.

"My sexy uniform... my candies... my pistol... fuck..."
Helmina then conjured a magikal sphere shield on herself and Ice, halting the crystalization and healing them both.

The voice finally made his response after another giggle, "Ahahaha. Oh, really? Helmina's Boyfriend. Are you the Roman Pope or something, thinking you crown the German-Roman Emperor or what? And what's this Emperor's Chosen? Let me guess, is this Emperor's Chosen some fatass nigga of the Revival Society?"

*dozens of trees suddenly turned to tanks in blinks of an eye, shooting concentrated heatwaves at Ice, then revert back to being trees right after that, rinse and repeat,*
*four fast Fleenzub Fighters came from the front and then rained down rounds of lasers and plasmas at him and Helmina*
*meanwhile, six more Fleenzub Fighers came and hit Ice and Helmina from behind*
*entire battalions of armored battlemages hurled shockwaves of massive explosions towards Ice and Helmina, from many directions -- north, east, south and west*

*several powerful laser beams hit Ice from afar, with the rays dispersing to others directions and hitting others*
*Helmina was hit by some of these rays*

"Fuck! Owwwwwww... damn you, pirates..." Helmina later got up and grabbed her weapons, "Nigga, you can't stop me!"

A burst of laughter came from the mysterious voice. "R-really? Just look at yourself, babe! You're so freaking hot! Hot enough for your head to forget wearing your combat suit to war! I guess your head is thinking of your boyfriend too often, huh? Just some Prism rays and we have a hot chick over there! Woo!"

Helmina suddenly blushed, "F-fuck! My sexy uniform gone and my body exposed!"

Helmina was now almost completely naked, and her entire skin was blushing red like an oven.

"Go back to the brothel, little lady! Your boyfriend will clean your mess up!"

Helmina gasped slowly as she slowly clenched her fist. As her breaths grew bigger and noisier, so did her tight fists began to burn in crimson flames... "You stupid fuck! Listen up, you dickhead, I am not some brothel bitch! On the other hand, you are! And you took away my precious uniform! Nobody simply fucks me like that! I will never be dominated, never, ever!" as she spoke, her face also turned glowing red and hot, while her eyes was ablaze with bloody flames...

The jade slowly melted before an enraged Helmina, and the greenish water was boiling as well. The boiling water soon turned dark crimson, and a few savage hounds emerged from it. The jade, on the other hand, turned to crystals of glowing red.

"Oh no, the chick's going to fuck me! I'm so afraid, milady!"

Dark chuckles echoed from Helmina, "'Milady'? Ohhh, and you sounded so desparate to be fucked... you want me to fuck you? You asked for it, dickhead... I will make sure... you have a very good time... to get punished and fucked, dickhead!"

"Ohh, wouldn't your little boyfriend be jealous then?"

"Ice's not my boyfriend, you are, no, he is, no, you are--" All of a sudden, Helmina's great fiery presence cooled down away. She was now back to her usual self, except she was somewhat awkward and blushing, even chuckling. "Damn you. But still I'm going to fight you, unless you surrender your sorry dick."

"Flames of Crescent Moon!"

*A wave of bluish flames came charging for Ice, hitting many friends and foes alike in a straight line until hitting Ice*
*a greatly powerful flame set Ice ablaze*

"Hey, look! Gotcha! Haha!"

A tall and well-built man packed with muscles, yet with a childlike face, stood miles before Ice and Helmina grinning like a maniac.

"Huh, wh-- shit! I exposed myself!"
"It's time for some action, dickhead!"

The suit superheated the exterior, hot enough to keep the liquid from solidifying. He closes his eyes, holding a gauntleted hand up and chanting within his suit. After a moment of this, he grins, looking directly at the man. "The Emperor Protects." As he says it, he closes his hand into a fist and slams it into the ground. A powerful plasma shield generates from around his armor, runes glowing around the border. Helmina is easily contained within it and the munitions fired prove ineffectual. The rays, although penetrating the shield, don't do so much as scratch the paint on his armor. He turns around, his eyes glowing with a mystical light, and points at the Fleenzub Fighters with his hand in the position of a finger gun. "The." A fighter went down. "Emperor." Another followed it, the engines smoking. "PROTECTS." The other two simply exploded in midair. He turns around and swings his rifle into his hands, firing at the six approaching from behind. Whenever the rounds hit their target, a thick black fluid coats the machinery and then expands, shooting rivets out and making the machines detonate in midair. The Battlemagi's attacks did nothing to the shield, and they were reflected with force tenfold.
He raised his voice, speaking to the men attacking him that yet lived. He stepped over to a wounded enemy soldier, bringing him into the shield with a wave of his hand, and picks him up by the throat. He looks into the man's eyes and speaks a few words. The man screams in agony and pain and terror as his body slowly, slowly disintegrates into black dust. He shakes his head after a minute, apparently disgusted, and snaps his neck with a flick of his wrist. The body continues disintegrating. "All of you foes who still survive, heed these words: Should you lay down your arms and flee or surrender, you will live. Should you continue attacking me, you will beg for a death as quick as his." He stops talking and looks around expectantly at the men disguised as trees, scowling. Under his breath, he says, "Damned xenos tech."
Helmina also grinned in passion as she awaited the coming battles. "Ice? A cool name indeed, but it's too short so I shall call you Eismann then. Anyways, the enemies await to be punished... and we must go ASAP. Follow my lead,"

She turned to her underlings and announced with a clear voice, "*ehem* Vorwärts! Pertahanlah Raichkan woteis, dan aziarlah kuitang jatkan lieblichnyan Lektionkan!" ("Forwards! Defend our Reich, and teach them a lovely lesson!")

"[Ja, Puan Helmina!" ("Yes, Lady Helmina!")

(OOC : Excuse me, I'm quite bad at writing action scenes with fancy sentences, but I can improve, I guess,)

After taking another pink candy of hers, Helmina then led Ice and her underlings to the frontlines, while dodging airstrikes and fighting enemy paratroopers on the way.

"Scheisse! Deckenlah Dirimun!" ("Shit! Cover yourselves!")

A massive fleet of fast airplanes swept by and unleashed showers of energyballs as bombs. Helmina quickly leaped her way to the skies and leashed out a few swings from her glowing blade mid-air. She sliced many of these energyballs into exploding pieces, and unleashed gusts of strong wind bouncing some of these energyballs back. Many enemy jets were struck by the bombs and blew up as a result.

Helmina then landed onto the ground swiftly with a big grin. While enemy airplanes were blowing up and crashing down in the background.

They thus continued their running. However, a few seconds later, mysterious dark laughters could be heard from afar. A sudden aura of suppression and pressure emerged, weakening and slowing down Ice and Helmina. Three regiments of well-armored troops, battlemages and Panzers soon followed and encircled the 44th Regiment.

Helmina chuckled and sniffed with a prideful smile, "Looking for some--"

A huge ball of blazing purple struck Ice on the back, sending him flying backwards for miles and possibly dealing tons of damage while likely leaving his suit ablaze with strong purple flames.

A deep, dark masculine voice soon echoed thunderously, "Gutentag, jungnye Puan wakus. You seem to be very powerful and smart, indeed... If only you would stay out of this mess, or fight for my side... too bad, you serve the bandits instead of me, your rightful Grand Emperor..."

"Berthold...? Tschan Berthold? T-this... cannot be..." a stunned Helmina responded...

"Ohh, my young lady. Yes, indeed, I am none other than Berthold, your rightful sovereign... I have come to take back my rightful place on my throne. Step back, or you will be sorry..."

"We shall see, poor old man. You must have forgotten to take your candies, no? You're no longer Mahakaisar anymore! Quick, go back before you get hurt in battlefield! It's no playground, my love!"

"Heh," the voice of Berthold sniggered, "Really? I think you got it wrong, young lass. You're only a young little lass working for the wrong team and who only knows rhetoric. I have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice!"

"Not that proverb again. Could you be any more creative than that?"

"Are you trying to run away from battle? Sure, you very well should run away, if you know better. Who knows--"

"Ice, attack! Lawanlah, Askarmun wakus!"

The brave troops of the 44th Regiment soon engaged in a deathly fight with the Royalist invaders. Great battlemages in fancy black combat suits rained down showers of fireballs and roasting rays upon their foes, with elite stormtroopers and Panzers of their own further bolstering the assaults. Helmina hopped and sprinted back and forth, slicing and cutting up many Royalists into pieces of burning meat on her way.

*but suddenly, melting heatwaves and kinetic energies came hitting the Revitals from somewhere buried amongst the trees. incinerating many of the Revitals into oblivion*
*huge laser rays from somewhere quite distant came blasting Revitals, and splintering to other nearby targets once hitting a primary target*

*Helmina tried to swung her sword towards her foes, but the swinging merely sent forth a feeble wave of warmness*
*Helmina picked up her staff-rifle trying to blast her foes, however the energyballs and rays that came out were weakened, but still able to hit some foes with considerable damage*

"Guess I have to make use of ammos then..." Helmina coughed as she loaded her ammos. She then turned to Ice and said, "Ice, help teach these pirates a good lesson."

"See? You could do little but talk and laugh like a sad silly... prostitute like you are, milady... heh heh heh... Don't count on your ammos, you will eventually use up all of them! And you even had to rely on, this, uhhh, newfound boyfriend of yours from, let me guess, the outer space?

"Shut the fuck up, you lovely little boy! He's not my boyfriend!" said as Helmina began spraying big fiery bullets onto the Revitals, tearing through flesh and punching through armor alike while sending her victims ablaze in bright flames and explosions. "What if I told you, you are my beloved boyfriend, little knight?"

As usual, Berthold laughed it off and then replied, "Who knows? Perhaps you are a loveless chick who wants love so badly. Very well... let's see how your new boyfriend fares in this battle! And we shall see, who shall laugh till the very end!"

He's sent flying, but his suit stabilizes itself midair and he stops his momentum quickly. He sprints back into the fray, firing angrily at this pretender who says he's the Emperor. "YOU WILL DIE!" He sees a Battlemage preparing a spell to attack him, and he unleashes a spray of rounds so powerful that one of the rounds killed five men alone. He continues sprinting, taking the enemy's fire like a tank, pointing his gun's barrel in places where death soon follows. Grimacing as another Battlemage hits him with a purple blast, he shrugs off the blow and kills the man and continues charging. Once he's as close to the voice as he can be, he straps his rifle to his back and grins behind his visor. "You think yourself fit to even pretend to be the Emperor? I am one of the Emperor's Chosen, and I will decide that!"
So far, Lady Helmina was enjoying the talk with this fascinating outlander very much. But all the whlist enjoying his tales, she wondered about what to do with this super futuristic marine here. He was a very cool and awesome guy, with powers and techs that would prove very useful for the Reich, but also very hazardous should he ever run amok. Should she left him wandering freely? Should she keep him capitve? Should she enlist him in the army? If he did end up in the Revital ranks, will he eventually overpower her and the Revival Society? Would this Marine overshadow every dominance she held over her underlings? Would his presence invite foreign galatic powers in the affairs of Terra?

Wait, Helmina hasn't even known this guy's name yet!

"Uhmmm..." she asked, "What is your name, if I may ask...? Also, do you have any idea what you are going to do here in the near future? And any plans for the far future?"

A few seconds right after she asked such question, her futuristic Pickelhaube began to ring and glow. Her train of thoughts were interrupted.

"Babi betul..." she cursed in frustration, while putting her goggle back on.

After glancing at the clock over the wall, she casually clicked on her headset and listened. A thunderous, commanding voice of a man suddenly greeted her. Her eyes opened in shock. ("It's the damned warlords! They just came all of a sudden. Our shores are under attack, and Kwongtsou itself is under assault too! Take up arms, fight for Whampoa and safeguard the Revival in the upcoming battles! Show our power! These warlords must be taught a tough lesson! Vorwärts!")

"Wotei diserang den Krigstuanmun'i! Kuitei dah datang sinikan tibe-tibe. Pantaien woteis diserang, dan Kwongtsou zuge di bawah Angriff'i! Angkutlah Senziaten, zuanglah untuk Wongpoukan dan wahrenlah das Revivalkan dalam den baldnye'i Shelaten'i! Tunziuklah Kuase'i woteis! Ini Krigstuanmun mesti diaziar betul-betul! Vorwärts!"

As she listened to the urgent screams, Helmina was getting herself drenched in sweat. Her mouth opened widely for some seconds, surprised. For brief moments, she shivered slightly as she was shocked. She had never expected it. And worse yet, it completely disrupted her train of thoughts.

But very quickly she calmed down and recovered. Then she chuckled and asked mockingly in disbelief, ("Really? I thought we are very tough while they are very weak and poor?")

"Benarkah? Wa ingat, wotei kuat sangat manekale kuitei adelah lemah dan miskin sangat?"

("Yes, Puan Helmina, it's real.")

"Ja, Puan Helmina, itu adelah benar." Recordings of battles and wars soon played out before her eyes, in the goggle. The Pickelhaube would also project such recordings out for others to see.

Fleets of pristine skyships came sweeping in, some dropped paratroopers, some bombarded factories while some engaged black skyships. Two armies of spiked helmet soldiers, hoisting the same flags but constrasting uniforms, fought against one another throughout the shorelines. Some Revital troops, wearing darker stylish combat suits, came evacuating the civilians but were met with a handful of insurgents and rebels. Futuristic Panzers were also seen sailing their way very quickly toward the landing shores while blasting warships and soldiers on their way. Behind those amphibious Panzers were entire fleets of mighty warships rallying across the great sea.

("Colonel Helmina of the 44th Regiment, you shall hurry and aid in the defense of the capital, immediately!")

"Oberst Helmina des 44. Regiments, pergilah cepat menolong dalam Pertahanan'i des Tausheng, sofort!"


"Baik." The transmission soon ended.

Helmina then turned facing the Marine. She then showed a big smile and asked, "Well, I've been called to the defense. Our nation is under attack by some feudal warlords and pirates. I think you yearn for some blood to spill, my dear. Would you like to come along with me? I don't think staying here in peace or wandering around at this time would be any helpful for you. And promise me, don't bring harm to our loyal troops and civilians, only the bad guys, okay? You may be unfamilair with all this, so come with me and let me guide you,"

His eyes widened with excitement. He slammed down his visor, checked his ammunition count, and cocked it. "Bioparasitic rounds locked and loaded. They'll die slowly. He stands and speaks into the helmet. "Deactivate internal biosphere and reroute power to servo accelerators Alpha through Omega. Activate Protocol 2.63-5. Upload combat log to TacNet." He sighed and rolled his shoulders inside his suit, then cracked his neck. "Suit, play the song. You know the one." He smiled as an Old Terra song started playing in his helmet. "Kill, kill, fire at will." He opened his visor and spit out the cigar, still smiling wickedly. "And the name's Ice."
The song I'm about to mention in my post.…


<Snipped quote by Lasersquid112>

Helmina looked at the rifle with interest. Her own nations have sufficiently advanced weapons, but only energy weapons have any sorts of indicators, and even then the indicators only show power bars. She seemed to be also amazed about the rifle being plugged into a spacesuit. She nodded and let out a big smile, but then she quickly retracted the smile.

She reached out to her pocket, pulled out a bar of candies. A faint magikal scent came as she opened the bar of candies. She then took a pink candy out and put it in her mouth, swallowing it in pleasure.

As the otherworldly marine began to speak, she and a few other Revitals took out their notepads and began to jot down things.

<Snipped quote>

"Whoah... Your empire must have been great." the captain expressed in amazement but also looked at him with some confusion and disbelief. But she then turned to look at the rifle, then nodded slowly. "Hmmm..." she continued to listen.

"Hmm... wait... Devourer? Who the fuck was that? Was that some sort of eldritch demon? Sounds fucking tough, even your powerful empire could not deal with it, at least without a hard fight..." Helmina mumbled as she listened and nodded.

She continued to listen, while beginning to ponder about possible answers in her head. And she also wrote some of her doubts and questions inside, too.

A seemingly powerful empire of humanity that dominated an entire galaxy. Looking at his futuristic suit and rifle, it seemed quite plausible. But it is also likely just a random futuristic tyranny brainwashing the people. But what is a Devourer?

<Snipped quote>

"Hmmmm... didn't matter... enemy was on board... but missiles dropped..." a quite puzzled Helmina mumbled. She then took another pink candy and placed it in her mouth.

"Hmmm..." she smiled a little noticing his sadistic smile, and slightly nodded. But it was somewhat also worrying for her, but she kept her concerns well concealed...

The cigar caught her trivial attention, and she quickly jotted down his love for cigars in the notepad. Otherwise, nothing much happened. Somehow it reminded her of her love for her candies.

<Snipped quote>

"Sounds like a cosmic horror very much..." said as she took a sip of her coffee.

<Snipped quote>

"Either way, it seems you have no choice... wait for death, run to death, or fight to death..." she remarked, then suddenly a question came in her mind. "Oh, wait, or did the Devourer offer you guys and gals any sort of deal? No?"

"An illusion... lovely..." the lady captain commented as she peered at the hologram with interest.

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The lady was very moved by the great speech from the hologram. The tale made her smile greatly, but also some tears came out of her eyes. Upon noticing her tears, she looked away for a moment, removed her tears before looking back and mumbled... "This... reminds me of Lieutenant Adnan... He was a brave hero also, fighting for his homeland despite all odds against him... he was the one saying, 'we will fight till the last drop of our blood'..."

For the most part, she simply nodded and smiled listening to his tale silently.

"'We cannot lose, Marines. We have already won.' Ahhh, what a cool slogan you have here..." she praised.

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"Wow, hundreds of thousands of years...?!"
"Hmm, looks like you care about your gun very much, eh? It must have went through many battles together with you," she asked out of the blue.

Then she came out with a random comment... "Hmm... final bastion of human hope, but too bad they did not send ladies with you guys too... If not, then those others elsewhere can make love and make babies to pass on their heritage..." she finished her remarks with a chuckle.

Then she asked again, "So how were the foes you were facing? They sounded very tough and powerful even for your futuristic empire. Are they all extra-dimensional beings and cosmic horrors?"
He chuckled and shook his head inside of his helmet. Then, he did something unexpected. Reaching back, he took off his helmet completely, then pointed above his eyebrows. Embedded into his skull were eight squares of pure gold. "I served four centuries. Each of those is fifty years. I remember every victory of the Adeptus Royalis in that time. We fought and killed and warred for so, so long, and quite frankly I never got tired of it. Not for a second." He puts his helmet back on, clasping the airtight seal and repressurizing the artificial environment inside. He breathes deeply, preferring the clean air inside the suit over the dirty shit outside of it. "Suit, pull up the last scan of a Devourer taken." The suit whirred for a moment, then a bioscan signature with detailed analysis of a... Creature pulled up. There was simply no other way to describe it. It towered over Helmina, quadrupedal, and charged a group of Marines. They were utterly dwarfed by it - it was easily five times taller than they. The Marines fired, their weapons just streaming death, firing at 30 rounds per second with a 500 magazine round, just like mine. The creature burst into flame but kept running towards them, seeming like the embodiment of death itself. Four of the five Marines broke formation and fled back to where the front now was, but one of them dropped his rifle, charging the thing with his bare hands. The beast revealed a new weapon, four tusk-scythes of pure bone emerging from its face quickly, matted with blood and gore from Marines who had done this very thing. It swiped its head back and forth, but the Marine grabbed onto a tusk, flying along with it. He uses the momentum and leverage to shatter the tusk, a large portion of it coming off in his hands. In one fluid motion, he executes a perfect turn, the tusk burying itself in the creature's eye. He starts working it back and forth, swinging by it, and eventually jumps onto the still-living beast, which was trying to shake him off. He grabs some of its skin, tearing it off, and punches a hole clean through a foot of bone. The creature collapses, the Marine jumps off, grabs his rifle, and follows his comrades. His armor isn't even scratched.
"That's me. That's one of the baby Devourers." When Helmina asked about them offering a deal, he actually laughed as if it were some sort of funny joke. "The Devourer didn't know what a 'deal' was. Kill, consume, reproduce. That's all they did. They saw us as inferior and thus tried to kill us off and consume our biomatter so they can go destroy another billion galaxies. Don't doubt for a second that they've killed billions already. Eventually they'll see that life came back here and then we'll be in for another war. Another bout of glory and death and chaos. They had no language other than the language of steel. As for ladies? Our strength isn't genetic. We undergo surgeries to make us beyond human, as you know, since I've lived over four hundred years. And as for my gun?" He picks it up, looking at it with sincere admiration. "This is a C-16 Mutilator. There were many like it, but this one's mine. Untold thousands have been killed by this weapon, and before the day I die, untold thousands more will, too."
"Hmmm... hmmmm" Helmina gasped in frustration, and clenched her fists in some anger. His last words of insult seemed to have irritated her somewhat. She backed off a little and gave a distressed glare at him. She then lifted her head upward as she began to explore possible options in her mind.

If she handed him the rifle, he might go rogue and break free without leaving a word or two, but there is also some chance for him to actually talk. But if she didn't, this troublesome outlander wouldn't comply, either. She had some bad feelings about this, but she somehow also felt that she should return the rifle to this strange outlander. Can she really trust an alien?

But she is a strong lady, and she has great responsibility for she is the one in charge of the 44th Regiment. And she hates to be humiliated and punished. And either way, they have great numbers and powers, the odds are in their favor.

"Fine, fine... promise me, do not go crazy after you got your rifle, and tell me your story... We keep your secrets and you keep our secrets, deal?"

If the Marine agreed with Helmina's deal...

She then shot a menacing glare at the Bomoh. The trembling Bomoh nodded and promptly returned the marine his rifle.
"Now, now, little boy. Your beloved gun is back in your hands. Do not go running amok, and do tell us your story. Don't worry, our nation has its own share of fucking shits to deal with, and your empire seemed very advanced, far more advanced than ours. We won't be there to get your nation, no worries."

"I want to hear your story. What is this Confederacy that you spoke of? What sent you flying here?"

He accepts the rifle and takes a curious little cord out of it, plugging it into a socket in his suit. He then unclips the magazine, looks at it, nods, and reinserts it. Helmina can see a glowing LED "500 ROUNDS" readout on the side. He smiles and adopts a casual stance. "Well, my empire is, from what I've gathered, long dead. We spanned star systems, this galaxy was OURS. None dared oppose us because of our Legions. Then the Devourer came." He shudders and his suit jerks awkwardly, trying to mimic the movement. "But before those days of Hell, though, we were unstoppable. We were Legion. Billions of billions of billions begged for mercy at our feet until we blew their heads off. Entire worlds, entire star systems, reduced to their base atoms. All at the press of a button. That's the power we, the Confederacy of Mankind, wielded." He sighed softly. "Didn't matter, though. What use is a Planetary Destroyer's missiles when the enemy's on board, tearing through the crew? We dropped missile after missile onto civilized worlds, ones with trillions of people on them, and simply obliterated them. One second it's a thriving hub of commerce, the next? It doesn't exist." He speaks of it passively, and Helmina can catch a glimpse of him smiling if she cares to look. He then grimaces, and reaches over to his hand, and... Pulls his hand off. But underneath that blue gauntlet is an actual human hand that goes foraging around in a pocket. It finds what it's looking for and brings it up. It's a cigar. He pops open his visor and puts it in his mouth and then looks for a lighter, finds it, and lights the cigar. After a few puffs, seeing that it's satisfactory, he puts the gauntlet back on. "Now, where was I? Yeah, the Devourer. Worlds fell like dead flies. Pop, there went a sector. Earth? Wiped out in a heartbeat. What's Sol? Wiped out in a week." He sighed and puffed on the cigar. "But us humans? We're fucking stupid. A smart race would've given up ages ago, but we kept fighting. I was put on the Last Stop, as we stationed there learned to call it. What was it our commander said...?" He looks around with his eyes and through the transparent visor, Helmina can see data flashing across it. "Ah, yes." A hologram of a battle-scarred veteran, his armor scorched and cracked and dented, appears not an inch in front of Helmina. After a moment, it begins to speak in the voice of a man who has seen glory, who has seen victory and prestige, but also of a man who has seen Hell and walked his way back; who had seen many losses and many, many friends and family die horribly. But he spoke strongly; " 'We do not know what our chances of survival are, so we fight as if they were zero. We do not know what we are facing, so we fight as if it was the end of Creation itself. No one will remember us now and we may never be buried beneath Terra, so we will build our own memorial here. The Corps might lose us and the Confederacy might never know we existed, but the Enemy - the Enemy will know. The Enemy will remember. We will hurt it so badly that it will never forget us until the stars burn out and the Confederacy vanquishes it at the end of time. When the Devourer is dying, its last thought will be of us. That is our memorial -carved into the heart of the Enemy. We cannot lose, Marines. We have already won." A cheer goes out, many millions of men strong, and a scout comes up beside the Commander. He nods, takes out a cigar, and lights it, smiling. "Tonight, Marines, we dine in hell.' This. Is the day we fought. This. Is the day we died. Scores of us gone in seconds, but we fought and beat them back. We built walls and cover out of the corpses of our brothers and our foes. Didn't change a thing. There were just too many of 'em. Wave after wave after wave... The right flank fell first. Then the left. Me and my men? We were the final bastion of human hope. We loaded up men into drop-pods; I got forced in even though I wanted to finish consecrating that planet with the blood of my enemies. I was in hypersleep for... My suit indicates five to six hundred thousand years." He unclips the magazine of the rifle and checks it again, making sure it's in perfect condition - it's clear he cares about this rifle quite a bit.
Likewise, the Revitals also looked at the otherworldly marine, puzzled and also alerted.

"Ah no. This is Earth, really. This is really Earth." the Bomoh replied assuringly, "But I sense otherworldly essence from you... Have you come from another dimension? Likely." ("However, I have sensed some otherworldly essence from you... Have you come here from another dimension? Probably.")

A soldier hastily rushed to the room and shouted, "Puan Helmina dah datang! Puan Helmina dah datang sini!" ("Lady Helmina have come! Lady Helmina have come here!")

The entire room soon fell into a deathly silence. Thuderous footsteps could be heard not far away as someone slowly strolled her way. At the same time, a menacing, yet alluring scent could be smelled from afar. As each second passed, the footsteps only got louder and the scent grew stronger. A high-ranking female in a fancy battlesuit stepped in. She shot the marine an alluring gaze, before clearing her throat and spoke in a sexy, yet dominating, feminine tone.

"Ehem! Gutentag, Pelajanmun wakus! Bagaimanekah leitei semue? Kenapekah bisingnye sini tadi? Lututlah di depan Puani leiteis." ("Ehem! Good day, my servants! How are you all? Why was this place so noisy just now? Kneel before your lady.")

The other Revitals all knelt before her. "K-khabar baik, Puan woteis, kamsiah sangat." ("We're f-fine, our lady, thank you very much.")

Helmina seemed to have sensed something unusual in her camp. Helmina then looked around and soon she noticed the marine. She promptly pointed her finger on him and said, "Ohh tengoklah, wotei mempunya di sini jatki asingnyen Pendatang'i! Benarkah dier deh yang membuat Bising tadi?" ("Ohh look, we have here a foreign outlander! Is he truly the one that made the noise?")

The bomoh nodded and said, "Ja, Puan wakus. Wotei--"

Puan Helmina interrupted the bomoh and said, "Ja, ja. Wa tahu, lu tak perlu berulang Ceritekan tadi. Wa sudah mendengar Semue yang berlaku tadi. Bagilah wa bertindak." ("Ya,ya. I know, you don't have to repeat the story just now. I have listened to all that happened recently. Let me act.")

She then sat down right in front of the marine, then gave him a gaze and a smile.

"So, is it rude if I don't introduce myself before a newcomer, hmm? And sorry for our funny tongue, hehehe... So here I am, Puan Helmina -- Teau Helmina von Saantau -- Captain of the 44th Regiment. And of course, I am a sexy mistress to these poor fellows!" this lady captain, Helmina, proudly exclaimed with a big evil grin.

"Anyways, young lad, let's me and you have a talk, shall we? What shall we talk about? Anyways, outlander, maybe you don't know what the fuck is Whampoa, and maybe you are all confused and befuddled. Right, dear? So let me tell you our glorious fucking history. And after that, I want to hear about your story too, boy!" she leaned a bit closer to the marine, then backed off to normal.

"So, as this tiny little shaman has said, we are Whampoans, and this, Whampoa, is our lovely country. You may find our culture a very fucking crazy clusterfuck. Indeed, it is, and we are proud of it. Our current culture is a melting pot of Lemuria's beauteous ancient culture, blended further with the other lovely cultures... we have German designs, we have Malay heritages, we have Chinese foods and we have Japanese spirits. Blended and mixed like a yummy rojak and a cute little bastard. And, of course, my dear, there are tons of fucking reasons in history why is it as such..."

"Our history begun a very long time ago, stemming all the way back to the ancient time of Lemuria. Our Lemuria was a very beautiful and glorious nation long ago. Many fancy lovely castle in the blue skies, amidst the heavenly clouds. Elegant villages and towns in the midst of an ancient forest." she said with a proud and happy smile, but then he suddenly withdrew her smile and continued in a sad cry, "However, it has been gone and sunken in the depths of sea all of a sudden. What a fucking shame indeed. The Lemurians, our foremothers, were scattered as Lemuria sunk into the deep fucking sea. Lemurians became a wandering people in Asia, homeless and hungry. Then after wandering here and there for many thousands of years... our foremothers finally settled in places such as Cantonia, Taiwan, Nusantara and Japan. We were living peacefully for many centuries later, then came the Chinese Empire."

She cleared her throat and proceeded with a dark solemn voice, "Since then, we, the Whampoan people, have been living under Chinese feudalism for many damned centuries. Our ancient ancestry and culture was buried and denied by the Chinese invaders. Our sisters and mothers were denied their worth and were dragged to slavery and drudgery. We were forced to forget about Lemuria, speak in their fucking ching-chong tongue, live in the way they Chinese live, and finally we had to kneel before the Chinese emperors! What a fucking disgrace to us Whampoans, the glorious descendants of Lemuria!"

She heaved a sigh and showed a smirk on her face. "However, every cloud has a silver lining, they say. And fucking true indeed. In the midst of this shithole, we Whampoans have fought the goddamn Chinese and the many other conquerors, who crave to devour and consume our nation. Countless heroes and messengers have descended to guide us Whampoans to our destiny and glory."

Her eyes suddenly opened bigger and glittered in glory, "We have this great pirate mistress, Puan Sekjong (Ching I Sao). She, a self-made woman and a widow, who led the Cantonian pirates fucking up Qing China and the British Empire! And she's one of my greatest idols as well!" She had a pause and looked upwards at the ceilings, grinning like a happy lark as she thought of her heroine.

She then continued with the story of some other supposedly "Whampoan" heroes, but as she went on, she began to sound quite bored unlike before, "Then we have this Jose Rizal, a lovely writer born in Spanish Phillippines. He have spread his mighty ideals and visions far and wide, but alas, few listened to him and he ended up getting killed by the Spanish conquerors in the end. Encik Sun Jatsen (Sun Yat-sen) and Encik Tsiang Kaisek (Chiang Kai-shek), two of Whampoa's greatest heroes, have brought the damned Chinese Empire to a collapse and made Whampoa great again. Without so much fucking wealth as the other fat and lazy warlords, these two heroes actually managed to mold the Whampoan Legion in the middle of desolate poverty. They had crushed the feuding warlords, united the Whampoans under one banner, and fiercely defended Whampoa from the Japanese and the Chinese. Leftenan Adnan, a good boy hailing from Malaya, had also sliced many of those Japanese sushis in Singapore."

She let out a sigh of relief after having finished telling the tale of the other heroes. She then smiled again and went on storytelling, "And finally, under the reign of Kaisar Tsai Pai-hsiang, we Whampoans rose up, as the mighty Holy Huaxian Empire... The tides have been turned, and we came conquering China for once... Never once people thought this day would come, where we ruled over China and we took on their name! The rulers of fucking Holy Huaxia! We have also held many crusades all over the world, bringing all the lovely lands from Malaya and Japan under our domination! Yes, domination, it was fucking domination! I am so proud and I very much wished I could be as powerful as him! We also went for Africa, to hunt a terrific gang of clowns, while also pushing our frontiers far and wide!"

"Alas, Emperor Pai-hsiang has already been dead for long. After his death, our Empire was carved into a few big pieces. Many years later, another emperor stepped up and united all of Whampoan under the Holy Huaxian Empire again. A few powerful dynasties have risen to rule Whampoa in peace and unity, and with each passing day our Holy Huaxian Empire grew stronger and bigger. But the peace did not last for too long. We have lost these powerful dynasties, the damned throne is missing of any emperors for around a century. The lands of Whampoa had been divided amongst feuding warlords. Another feudal age came, with tons of fucking feuds and wars tearing Whampoa apart. Worse yet, the Harkyiuian Triads and their Shadowspawns came raining down from the skies like the cats and dogs they are, ravaging and assaulting Whampoa in their frenzy. But we Whampoans have beaten these beasts back to their beloved Alastorn."

"After nearly a thousand of years have passed, we see countries like Nanyang and Taiwan rising as great powers. At that time, the Holy Huaxian Empire still stood, but weakened and scattered beyond salvation. They were still part of this Holy Huaxian Empire, but they also held lands outside, and the imperial authority was pitifully weak and impotent. That Huaxia was fucking pitiful by that time, nothing more than a ghost of the past age, and an overglorified piece of useless shit. Finally, death came striking like a loud drum. The Indian Empire and the Peiyangese Empire came marching to our lands, spreading revolution and leaving destruction in their wake. Those fuckers have dominated the Whampoan people, and finished off the Holy Huaxian Empire for real."

"Then, we rose again and fought them back to their lands. Peace was then restored, but sometimes India and Peiyang were still there to poke our Whampoa every now and then. Poking us Whampoans like fucking mosquitoes and flies, very annoying indeed. Many decades have passed, all of us were growing tired of their stings, and we Whampoans could also wait no longer... to unite our motherland as one! Thus, we have risen to fuck their puny nations, and gloriously we have proclaimed the founding of our Reich!"

"However, the good scene did not last lost, for we were dragged for another damn war. That time, however, we were defeated and we lost. Those useless feudal warlords have left our country in chaos and poverty. Many enemy countries have swallowed parts of Whampoa, and they have also sucked our wealth dry like the leeches they are. Gangsters, warlords and petty partisans have sprang like mushrooms growing after a heavy rain."

"Then, this great glorious man -- Tschow Konrad -- our current emperor, have risen and led the Whampoan people for revival. We have fought many foes in our revolutions. In the end, much of the Whampoan mainland is united under his wise rule. He has made Whampoa great again! Whampoa is strong, and will always be! Only a few petty feudal warlords remain in the outlying islands and in Africa. Soon, we shall rise and conquer Earth for the Whampoan glory!"

As Helmina finished her storytelling, she looked around left and right, and left an evil smirk on her face. Her eyes seem to hold great ambitions and hopes for her nation, and for herself. One can really feel her menacing presence and her lust for love and glory, if one stares at her eyes long enough.

"It is your turn now, my little boy. Speak. Lady Helmina wants to hear your tale." a smiling Helmina said, but her smile seem to be quite thirsty and menacing...

He nods as the story is recorded, reviewed, and checked out by the Neurological Scanner. He simply shrugs when she tells him to speak, and points to the C-16 Rifle. "Give me my rifle or I won't tell you a damn thing. I'm on a hostile planet with unknown lifeforms who have advanced weaponry, and you think I'm going to just spill that kind of information? I think you're off your rocker."
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