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20 days ago
Current @dolerman, best of luck with it! :D
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1 mo ago
@shi12 feel better soon!
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2 mos ago
An opinion as valid as anyone else's.
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2 mos ago
Why not both? Type a very thorough description and do a quick doodle of the character, too.
2 mos ago
Looking for any good sci-fi/futuristic roleplays, preferably with an active group. Anyone have one of those up that I just haven't seen that want to poke me, or just want to point me the right way?


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i might withdraw from this rp, or at the least become highly inactive. a lot of things have come up in a very little amount of time irl.
Banned for being accurate.
Banned for accusing me of hypocrisy.
Banned for banning someone for banning someone.
Banned for banning me yet again! xD
Banned for not being the first one here on this page!
Banned for that left there!
Banned for making a joke I didn't get.
Banned for lack of comprehension of a stupid sentence. smh my eyelids.
Banned for banning the person that banned you for banning me before I banned them. D:
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