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I'm not familiar with the series, though it definitely seems interesting. I'll check it out.
I'm interested, though I'd like to input a character of my own design, if that's okay.
He detects the language, and replies. "放下你的武器對你的健康來說比瞄准我更好。"

He glares at them. Any of them close enough would notice a red LED 500 appear on the back of his 25-pound assault rifle, and all of them could see runes glowing a bright red on his armor.
(OOC : Sorry for the late reply)

<Snipped quote by Lasersquid112>

A Berthold clone got sliced in half successfully and then got quickly dissipated into thin air.

As this otherworldly supersoldier rolled to another clone, a ball of energy suddenly barged in the way and burst into a purple rift.

"Goodbye!" With great force, the rift forcefully sucked the supersoldier into it. The rift then closed down, leaving nothing in its wake.


In a strange, distant land of mushrooms and swamps immersed in the dark...

A rift opened up in the sky, and the super soldier came down crashing onto a vast swamp, unleashing a shockwave that trembled the earth.
The smelly, muddy, corrosive waters of the swamp kept dragging the super soldier down as if the swamp was a monster hungry for its meal. Even more bothersome, several swampy roots glowing in mysterious green hues arose out of the swamp and quickly entangled him.

"Close atmospherics!" He barely shouts it in time to prevent the acidic swampwater from getting into his helmet, and his armor's runes glow brightly as the corrosive, viscous fluid tries to eat away at it. He brutally tears at the roots, freeing himself, and he orders the suit to bring him to ground level. In a bright flash, his body and suit are Warped away a few feet above the ground, and he falls onto the hard surface. "Where am I?" The suit gives no response - this planet was unlogged by the Imperial Navy. It looked like someone would have to reclaim it in His name. "For the Emperor."
For the Emperor. Let it be done.
He is weakest to his allies.
<Snipped quote by Lasersquid112>

Ahh, interesting character. And Ice's mere presence now also left Helmina feeling quite... threatened and disempowered.

I'm curious, does Ice really give a damn about this "Galatic Emperor" thing, or does he just use this as an excuse to mess with Earth empires? Is Ice really loyal to this "Emperor", or is he the real one in charge because "he's Emperor's Chosen, he decides who is Emperor or not"?

And how to defeat or at least weaken Ice, if I may ask?

Ah yes, Ice. Since most things on Earth are run by other roleplayers who are quite busy, Ice could really mess things up and others would have it harder to keep track of things. I thought Ice could help himself going into the dark world of Alastorn. He could end up there either falling into a portal by accident, or intentionally making a portal after hearing myths about this world. The dark world is full of many treasures and wonders hidden in dungeons and woods, but also many horrors and monsters/preys too. And a much tougher empire, as well. So how does it sound?

My reply has to wait for some time though, hope you don't mind.

Ice's loyalty is based off of the Warhammer: 40K empire. There is NOTHING more important than the restoration of his Imperium to him. He'll go to war against entire nations on his own should he feel it'll bring him closer to restoring the Empire.
The armor is SC2, the loyalty is WH40K, and everything else is me. The Imperial Champion part I made up, since he's a Space Marine - a biologically enhanced supersoldier.
You can't kill him by attacking him directly. You have to disable him first.

<Snipped quote by Lasersquid112>

Berthold chuckled all of a sudden and mocked, "Wait, which Imperial banner? The Holy Roman Empire's one, or the Israeli one?"

<Snipped quote>

"Very well then, Holy Roman bootlicker."

One of the Bertholds turned back and let out a thunderous echo, "Call in all of our finest Vanguards, heroes, commandos, elite battlemages, whoever strong enough and loyal to me! We're going to kick a Holy Roman ass back to his dimension!"

"They're on their way now, Mister Charlemagne. Why not we play some games while we wait?" said a Berthold copy with a big evil grin.

*five Bertholds drew their great blazing blades and went spinning into literal hot tornados, which then rushed to slice Ice whlist unleashing gusts of hot fiery wind*
*dark orange fireballs were also hurled all over the place as the bladestorms spin*

*at the same time,*
*three Bertholds shouted, "Arcanic Runes!"*
*glowing runes emerged from many directions and went to hit Ice, exploding upon impact. may likely tamper with his gadgets, though*
*two more Bertholds shouted, "Aqueda!"*
*two massive waves of greenish jade-water went to splash Ice, and slowly crystalize into solid jade thereafter*

He sighs. "Same tricks, same day, is it?" He jumps backwards, the ice splashing onto the ground and crystallizing it, narrowly missing him. The swords don't do much damage, merely chipping his armor, revealing arcane runes beneath it to protect him. The explosive runes hit him directly in the side, sending him flying a few feet, but then they hear a thunderous revving of an engine, and Ice smiles as he reaches behind him. Grasping a hilt that was camouflaged to look like part of his armor, he pulls out a sword that has a chainsaw blade going all around it, clearly just thirsting for blood. When he speaks, his voice sounds deeper and distorted, almost demonic. "You die now. The Emperor Protects."
He charges at the nearest Berthold who was doing a Bladestorm attack, and dives beneath the blade. Quickly, he thrusts upwards, trying to split him in half. Heedless of whether or not he succeeds, he rolls to the side beneath another Berthold doing a Bladestorm and rends his legs.
Mmm, yeah, probably. What I've got in mind for Ice is for him to be a really powerful being that doesn't really give a fuck about anyone. He's a master manipulator and would probably decide to use the chaos and mayhem to his own advantage however he could.

Let's talk about Ice. I'll work on a reply now.
I'm really, really sick now.
I can't reply for a bit until my mind start working correctly again.
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