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"Tengoklah! Deh Budak sudah bangun! (Look! This boy has waken up!)" said the voice of a man in a soft voice.
"Ahh, lamenye ni Tungguan... (Ahh, it was such a long wait...)" another man spoke in response.

As this otherworldly marine opened his eyes, he would find himself surrounded by strange Asian dudes in spiked helmets.

One of the men, an old serene man that seem to emit a presence of wisdom, approached the outlander calmly. "Greetings there, s-s-..."
He ran out of words and embarrassed himself. "Alamak! Wa tak pandai dalam Ingrishi. Apekah deh Kate bagi jatki Pendatangi dalam Ingrishi? (Shit! I am not proficient in English. What is the word for a newcomer in English?)"

"Uhhh... (Uhhh...)" a Battlemage in fancy armor replied, "Wa ingat dalam Ingrishi ade tu Perkatakan 'alien'... Tapi wa tak pasti ape Maksudkan ni Kates... (I recall there is a word 'alien' in English... but I am not sure of the word's meaning!)"

"Aha!" the old man smirked after getting help, "Greetings there, alien. We Whampoans say safely arrival to here, our Reich. But we must ensure you headly. (Greetings there, alien. We Whampoans welcome you here, in our Reich. But firstly we must identify you.)"

The old man continued with his broken English, but with some fancy flavors added in, "Spacely rockship yours fell from cosmos and hit soil close to Kwongtsou, nationally capital ours. (Your spacecraft have came crashing down from space and crashed on our lands close to Kwongtsou, our national capital.)"

"So, what happen? Why come down from cosmos in spacely rockship? Why heard the warlike screams from recording spaceship's yours? We want know how you come here, we also want know background yours and spacely rochship yours. (So, what happened? Why did your spacecraft came crashing down from space? Why are there screams of war from the recordings of your spaceship? We would like to know how you came here, and we are also curious of your background and your spacecraft.)"

He narrowed his eyes, looking at the man speaking broken Common, scrutinizing him with his piercing green eyes. He reached up and depolarized his visor, then looked around. He thought it wise to not raise the visor itself, and looked back to the man speaking Common. Speaking to himself, he said, "Activate language translator and compiler." If any hearing augmentation had been done to any of the men nearby, they could hear him, but only as a whisper. If not, then he was just moving his lips soundlessly. "Log one-five-two-nine. Drop-pod crash-landed on unknown planet. Communications link dead. Sentient life observed - presumably humanoid." He activated his in-suit external audio recording log so that this conversation would be recorded. "End log." He turned on the external speakers, allowing his suit to project his voice to the outside world (a combat suit of the make he was wearing is airtight, meaning it has its own atmosphere. The suit deadens sound, and the only way for someone inside to hear from outside is from a communications link or external audio feed, and the only way for someone outside the suit to hear is through enhanced hearing or external speakers) and read over what the suit had prepared for him. Although his suit's external audio feed had been deactivated so he wouldn't have to hear the all-consuming roar of the drop-pod's engines in hypersleep, the suit had read the man's lips, collected a basic meaning of his wording, and translated it to Common. He thought it prudent now to repolarize his visor since he was on an alien planet and then spoke. "I crash-landed here. I was... I am a Confederate Marine. It'd be appreciated if you returned my C-16 now." He pointed to the disconnected C-16 Mutilator rifle, lying disconnected on a nearby table.
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If I'm not too late, I'm up for it.
The Mysterious Meteor

Three teams of special operatives were dispatched over to the crash site. In addition, an extraction team was also brought along to excavate and examine the crash site.
The occupant was taken out from the crash site and then brought over to a tent. Not long after the occupant was taken away, the remains of the crashed object were then disassembled and collected.

With a blend of magik and science, the medics and the shamanistic Bomohmun healed the occupant. Tightly armored battlemages surrounded the tent as well, keeping a tight eye on the unknown personnel while awaiting for his awakening.

The demons in Ice's mind hadn't gone away. In the years and years of his hypersleep, they had assailed him. Attacked him without mercy. No light had shown - all was darkness, darkness was eternity. But suddenly, light broke on the horizon. He didn't know how, he didn't know why, but his training in the Marines had told him - in hypersleep, run for the light.
The enemy was legion and he was running out of ammo. His mind only was so powerful. But he gathered up his willpower and charged the enemy. They were many, skittering and howling their rage at their foe. He brushed them off, firing without heed to his own safety. If he got to that light, the light of consciousness and escape from hypersleep and entry into the Materium, then the nightmare would be over. He crested the last bank before the light and leaped at it, eager to be reunited with his comrades and take up arms again to fight the ene-
He opened his eyes. This was not his drop-pod.
Ah damn, okay
I am intrigued.
@Kuchenlein You still use homies to refer to your men? Surprised the habit from the last RACC came over to this one lol
You've caught my attention. I'm up for it, if it isn't already full.
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