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Anna Finley

23 || 5'0", 130lbs || café barista
"Fucking.. kids.." muttered a small woman as she trudged down the sidewalk, doing her best to wipe smears of whipped cream off of her apron with her hands. It really wasn't of much use to do that though, so she just slipped it over her head, balled it up, and shoved it into the bottom of her bag with a huffy sigh. The new guy at work had somehow managed to screw up the whipped cream canister and when she had tried to use it, it practically exploded all over her. Well, at least it had been the end of her shift.

Anna hadn't lived in this town too terribly long, and had lucked out by finding a job at a café that was only a fifteen minute walk from her house. The trek helped take away the stress of the day, and she was always finding new little streets to explore that held boutiques or restaurants. This town was very small and quaint, reminiscent of one of those little Christmas village setups that have a train running through them. It was probably due to that that the town had so many tourists. Even though she lived here, Anna herself often felt like she fell into the tourist traps and spent hours perusing niche bookstores and the many specialty shops that were scattered around. And it seemed that today would be no different, for as she rounded a new corner she was immediately drawn to a little sidewalk sign that invited passerbys to view a Clockwork Extravaganza!

The auburn-headed woman couldn't help but stop in her tracks, already mesmerized by what she saw in the windows. It was like looking into the past at all of the intricately detailed dolls, wood worked knickknacks, and puppets that looked like they might get up and start dancing by themselves at any moment. Before she even knew what she was doing, Anna pushed open the door and crossed the threshold, triggering a little bell to go off that announced her presence. A voice welcomed her, and it took her a moment to be able to discern the shop owner from the rest of his shop before he stood up, ridding himself of the dust of his work. "Oh, hello!" she said, watching him move out from behind his desk. The shop was the perfect example of 'organized chaos', as it seemed that the space was simply overflowing with antiques and clutter, but there was still thin and discernible pathways through the room.

The man who had greeted her moved smoothly towards her; he seemed to just ooze charisma and pep. Oddly enough, it was incredibly infectious, and even Anna felt herself smiling. It was like she'd crossed over into another realm; all together the shop and it's owner were bizarre, but it didn't seem strange at all being within the doors, whereas out on the street she would have thought he looked like an absolute madman. Come to think of it, she was the one who was out of place with her plain appearance and modern clothes.

"Show?" she repeated, feeling a little dumbfound and overwhelmed by both the shop and the man in front of her. He towered over her quite easily, though oddly enough she didn't feel threatened by this. Perhaps it was because, in some weird way, she'd entered his world when she'd entered the shop. "I didn't know there was a show, I'd love to see it though. Your shop is.. amazing." she said with a vague gesture of her hand, a grin still on her face.
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(( !o: )) Name: Maerad Larkheart Age: 20 Appearance:
Hi hello friends! As I said, I'm looking for a long-term roleplay partner. I'mma throw some simple guidelines atcha so you know what you're getting into before we get to the nitty gritty.
  • I am an adult over 18 and my partners must be 18+. Sorry kiddos it's time to find the door if you're not.
  • I only RP in PMs.
  • I consider myself an advanced writer. High casual at the minimum, though I usually give what I get. However, I like to work with high quality work if you can't give me high quantity (because you know what sometimes dialogue interactions and other things just aren't going to be very long exchanges).
  • I'm no grammar/spelling police because we all make mistakes and I don't run a totalitarian ship around here. I would like to be able to smoothly read whatever you write, though.
  • I'm comfortable writing any gender. I'm comfortable writing multiple characters. I'm cool with any pairing (I have 0 experience writing MxM though so do with that what you will).
  • I can reply at least once a day 99% of the time, unless I'm sick or busy, and can usually post multiple times a day. I'll let you know about extended absences and I would appreciate the same courtesy.
  • That being said, if you need to drop the RP for any reason, please tell me instead of evaporating out of existence. I'll do the same for you.
  • I have literally no boundaries (violence, language, nudity, whatever), other than obviously awful things (rape, pedophilia, bestiality, etc.). Throw what you've got at me (Please feel free to mention or discuss any content you're uncomfortable with or triggers that you have that. I will be very happy to appropriately accommodate).
    • Disclaimer: I do not write out sex scenes. They're boring and pointless and awkward to me. Please migrate elsewhere if that's what you're looking for.
  • I love chatting and planning in OOC! Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'd love to be friends. <:
Alright, so if you're still here, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm female-identifying. And gay. I'm not in school right now but I have a job. I do art and video game stuff. Yep. Moving on to what you actually came here for, PLOT FUEL! I'm open to anything other than what I list here. Feel free to throw your story idea at me. Hint: I'm the worst sucker for romance so it's insinuated that all of these involve romance somehow. They don't have to though.
  • ***My Savior: My character [Character A] is on the run with her child/or is pregnant. She comes across your character [Character B] through whatever means (they literally cross paths, character B does a favor or helps character A, whatever) and Character B decides to aid Character A in their journey. Preferably set in either modern day or mid/early twentieth century.
  • Post-apocalyptic/dystopian (no zombies pls. unless your zombies are SUPER cool)
  • Medieval fantasy
  • Slice of life (with some sort of drama. or adventure. or end goal. something.)
  • Fandoms? (No canon characters, only dealing with world/setting concepts.)
    • Beyond: Two Souls
    • D.Gray-Man
    • (To be updated)
  • Test subject (humanoid mythical creature) x Scientist
  • (To be updated)
Please PM me if you're interested! I'll probably forget to check this thread unless I'm updating it. Forgive me. Hope to hear from you! ^v^
Hope this is alright! ovo > Name: Joanna Finley >Age: 20 >Gender: Female >Appearance: Joanna is tall and lean, coming in at around 5’8” and 130lbs. She was often teased for being too boney or too skinny, but she mostly shrugged off the criticism. Her white-blonde hair ends in a more grown out bob just above her shoulders, though her bangs are cut a bit above her eyebrows. She has a straight nose, brown eyes, and small lips. Some of her friends like to say that her long lost celebrity twin is Krysten Ritter, though Joanna says they’re full of shit. >She has a mole under her right eye and a septum piercing, thick eyebrows and a penchant for wearing bright lipsticks. She often wears simple black clothes and is never seen without the opal ring she wears on her middle finger. >Personality: Joanna goes by ‘Jo’ to most people and introduces herself as such. She’s often quiet, but is far from shy, simply reserving her voice for when she has something of importance to say. She tends to be overly caring and is the ‘mother’ of her friend group, though her stand-offish air and permanent resting bitch-face intimidates people at first. Joanna loves caring for plants and owns a cat that she adores. She smokes irregularly, usually only when she’s stressed out. >She tends to be rather impatient and temperamental and is unafraid from being bluntly honest towards people, but can become rather harsh if she gets mad. A lot of people have criticized her for being ‘too vocal’ with her feelings, though she thinks that it’s better to be honest and to make one’s feelings known instead of bottling everything up inside. >Brief Biography: Joanna grew up rather quietly and was raised by her older sister, Meredith. Their parents were rather neglectful and apathetic about their daughters, so Meredith took Joanna in as soon as she turned eighteen and could provide for her younger sister. Joanna did well in school and excelled in the arts. She didn’t go to college, preferring to work simple jobs and do what she wanted on her own time. >She never had interest in dating around when she was in high school, seeing how her parents had turned out, she wanted to avoid even the possibility of bringing an unhappy child into the world. Secretly she has a huge fear of commitment and becoming stuck in a cyclical lifestyle. She itches to move around, but stays at home with her sister to be close to her only family member. >Relationship W/ Parent/Guardian: Joanna has an extremely close relationship with her sister, Meredith. Though they often had their spats, they were always best friends and confided everything in each other. The only reason Joanna stays in her home town is so that she can be with her sister. >Virtue: Temperance >Number:
Hey! Should we go ahead and make a character sheet if we want to join?
This looks really cool, I'm super interested! I'd like to reserve a female slot. :)
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