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Later on, yes. @jimapple thanks for getting the ball rolling. Much appreciated
Piper and her young protege had reached the camp in time to hear the announcement Brax had made. He made a good point, it was dangerous to travel during the unpredictable weather. The heat would mean that people would need more water to keep from dropping dead from dehydration, water was scarce enough. "It's hard to tell, we'll have to send people to look"

"We'll need people to volunteer to go out and look" someone had spoken out to answer Brax's question. The odds of a search party were often risky, as there was no telling if they would find anything, or if they would even come back. Returning parties withstanding, It was worth the risk. Five days of supplies for a whole caravan would not be enough. They were days if not weeks away from the other side and if they were going to make, they needed to stock up as much as possible.

"I volunteer" Piper stepped forward, she was not much of a fighter, but she could hold her own if the group ran into trouble. She did not care what kind of danger was waiting for her, if it meant the survival everyone here, she would not hesitate. If they were lucky, finding a source of water would not take but a few days.
@Savepoison you're accepted, jump in whenever you feel like it
human only
@Nate1008 the more, the merrier. @Jasper19 I'll let it slide this time, but no makeshift tents, remember we're starting off with only enough resources for five days. Anything makeshift will have to be small necessities like canteens, arrows, knives, stuff like that

It was the crack of dawn as the sun had barely begun riding over the mountains. The long cold night had almost ended which means it was time for the caravan to head out before the weather picked up. The wind had been fierce as of late making visibility almost impossible due to sandstorms. The heat as it always was had been unbearable, yet manageable. Supplies were in demand, but there was enough for five days which meant they needed to be within reach of a source of water. The nights were the only time the caravan had to rest, yet the nights were the best time to travel meaning breaks were far and few in order to cover as much ground as possible.

"Come on, you remember right? Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, keep your grip relaxed, pull the string back." During the few times they took to rest, Piper had been instructing one of the children in the ways of the bow and arrow using the rocks around the camp as targets. As the child drew the arrow, he let it go as flew towards its direction only to stop short of its target. She put on a warm smile as she noticed the child's frustration, even though he thought he seemed to be getting nowhere, she had seen his progress.

"That was better"
"I'll never get better shooting rocks Piper, come on, take me out with you to shoot some real targets"
"You're not ready for live game yet, you know that"
"Arrows don't kill rocks"
"Neither do little hunters who can't aim their bow."

She walked over to the child to help him with his aim. As she grabbed his hand and gently guided it to the bow's grip, she straightened his stance for him and gave and put an arrow between his fingertips "Just like this, relax, fire when you're ready." He pulled the string and let the arrow fly hoping to hit his mark. The arrow reached its target landing with a loud clicking sound. The child's face lit up with excitement as he realized he had hit something as he turned to Piper. She could sense the jubilation beaming off of him as she greeted it with slight chuckle and a warm smile.

"See you did it"
"Am I ready for a hunt now?"
"Not yet, you still have a lot of practice ahead of you"
"I'll tell you what, there's a few days before we rest again, if you practice, I'll take you to hunt rabbits."

The child met her gaze with determined eyes as he made her promise to which she agreed. They continued their session as the sun had started to peek over the mountains.
So no one loses interest, I'll go ahead and post the first post today, if not, tomorrow and whoever wants to join after can go ahead
@Jimapple you're good and I guess so, as long as you don't go too overboard with it, That's fine
take a look at your CS once I get home @Jimapple, I'm also in the midst of revamping the OOC right now and yes Gingerboi I've got a few more spots open
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