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Greetings, as the title says I am on the search for a roleplay in the Rick and Morty-verse. I've wandered from Gaia online to other rp forums because, with the right partner, I think it could be endlessly fun. I can post a couple times a day or a week, depending on what seems appropriate for our schedules and the story. I'm very flexible and would love to have out of chat convos about the plot and various ideas we might have as the rp goes on.

Please be at least 21! I am in my mid-twenties.

I have been looking for someone to play Rick as their main character opposite of an OC I have cooked up. I think she could be really fun and their dynamic could be interesting to explore. More info on that later! I would be glad to play the Morty to your Rick as well.

(Btw I'd be glad to double as a canon character of your choice if it's from a work I'm familiar with. We could do two parallel rps or even have them cross over, if it makes sense)

I consider myself an advanced roleplayer, I have a deep appreciation for characterization and interesting descriptive language. To me the rp is not fun unless we are really digging into the settings, the vibe, the character dynamics and dialogue- all the aspects that come together to make a great story.

For this rp, my character is a human who has managed to carve out a respectable place in the interplanetary drug trade. There are a couple ways that Rick might run into her, but after that the possibilities are endless. We could do a bunch of small adventures or something overarching or both! I just want to explore all the best sci-fi tropes and even subvert them as we see fit.

I'd be glad to rp on here, discord or gaia. Thanks for stopping by!
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Thought I'd post here first before starting a search thread...Soo I'm a roleplay vet, I've been writing since around middle school, so it's been over a decade that I've roleplayed on and off. I usually go for fandoms, a few faves throughout the years have been the Gorillaz, Dragon Age, BBC's Sherlock, and Harry Potter. Usually I rp on Gaia but I've been having a harder time finding people to write with so here I am!

I also like writing poetry on the side so sometimes that might come through in my writing. I'm usually reading a few books at once and will occasionally finish one of them. ;) I also have a lot of interest in history, sci-fi, horror and romance so that is all usually reflected in my writing. Also a love of obscure music and pop culture where applicable.
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