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@A Lowly Wretch I think I didn't make my intentions completely clear. Ferron's goal was effectively to poison the tree with heavy metals.
The roots have definitely killed a few dwarves. I will spare you the details, but there are some super-dead dwarves.
> Ferron : This tree is causing me problems, let me try to stop this tree from being a problem.

> Everyone else : This is new and I don't like it. Destroy it, and when our attempts to destroy it fail, try even harder.
@Stern Algorithm-Gammaton
@A Lowly Wretch- The Spire

Ferron looked over the scroll to ensure that its contents were true, and once he certain of that, he had rolled it up and pressed his thumb against it. A metallic seal formed around his finger, and he then placed the scroll on his person. He then replied Gammaton, having used that time to formulate his thoughts.

"As I have said, trust is a commodity. It is something that can be traded, but like all commodities, it gains its value through scarcity, and mismanaging it can lead to disaster." he said in his same, dry, monotone voice.

He paused for a moment, and then continued, "Nothing on that map is secretive. You may do with it what you please. Now as I said, I have an urgent matter to attend to, so I hope you will excuse my hurry.

He said, walking out of the hut with slow and deliberate steps. Once he was returned to standing above earth and soil, he slipped into the ground and begin to move towards the new pillar.


Once he arrived, Bishop was waiting for him as he had instructed. The mercury construct once again had scouted the pillar, and had handed his creation a sphere containing what he it had detected. The information only confirmed that the fear spiral was not a singular incident, and strengthened the connection between these spirals and the earth's core. He would need to investigate later, however for the time being, he needed to deal the encroaching roots.

He spent a few moment trying to engineer a solution while avoiding the planet aura. While he could use his influence in a region outside of the aura, that would require him either spend a greater amount of energy to cover the same amount of area, or surrender more territory that his dwarves could expand too.

However, he then looked at the plants of fire and ice and saw opportunity. He had found it difficult to create plant-life, and yet this spire does it easily.

First, he conjured pillars of iron, copper and tungsten from the ground around him, and used his power to throw into the plant aura, firmly planted within the ground. He next created powdered gold, silver and platinum, and scattered them in the influenced ground. And finally, he created snake-like constructs of mercury, lead and chromium. They burrowed into the ground of the sphere of influence, filled with a singular purpose, to cling to the roots of the great tree and slow its growth.

Once his work was done, he waited and he watched. The other gods in this region did not completely escape his notice, but he did not pay them much mind.
Waiting on Stern to continue with Ferron. Considering doing something with Quill, just don't know what.
"He could quite easily be a consideration for one of the fastest gods of Tabrasa"

And here I am with the god of travel.
@Stern Algorithm-Gammaton

Ferron paused for a moment, "Trust is a commodity not so easily bought. You seem to labor under a misconception, I have placed you at even ranking with our fellow siblings. I can not speak for my fellow siblings, but you are untrustworthy because you are dangerous, and you are dangerous because you are powerful."

The towering god then nodded, and placed one of the scarab constructs into his bag. "I accept the conditions of this transaction." he said, as he took the other construct and using his influence reshaped into a golden sheet of paper.

"This paper has a map that will lead to the colony on one side, and the conditions of the government you are to impose on the other. If we have concluded our business here, I really must attend to urgent matters elsewhere." he said, rolling of the paper and handing it to the sitting god, while reaching his other hand out to receive the scroll.

On the paper was written, "The Church of Ferron shall be the central church of the dwarven colony and have the authority as such, however the worship of the other gods shall not be barred. The government shall be stable in both of times of peace and war, encourage merit, and shall benefit the useful and creative arts. The rule of law shall be used to benefit the dwarves and their culture, and shall not be used to unduly harm them in any way. Gammaton relinquishes his right to alter dwarven law without promise of Ferron once it has been firmly established. Ferron reserves the right to alter dwarven law in anyway, and is the ultimate authority of dwarven law."
How would a god of knowledge and mystery work. That might actually end of making a lovecraftian nightmare.
@Stern Algorithm-Gammaton

Trying to gauge Ferron's reaction by his face was pointless. His face was obscured by the power imbued into his earthen cloak. However even if Gammaton was to extend his senses beyond the artificial obstruction, Ferron was motionless and he simply looked toward the insect god with a stern expression.

However, Ferron did internal react to the mention of the concept of the greater god, though he shown no external reaction. He thought back to the spiral of fear, and how it was created from the core of the earth. This was a troubling revelation, however he had little time to look into the matter. He was unsure what exactly to conclude from this information, however it did reveal how little he knew of the core, and posed the possibility that there was already an entity lurking beyond the deepest wall, though he could not assume that as an absolute with how little he knew of its mysteries. However he decided against sharing this information with Gammaton. Knowledge is valuable, and scarcity is the source of all value.

Ferron paused after Gammaton finished his speech, "I still have no intention of attending this assembly if it can be helped. However, I did require your aid and thus I believe it is only appropriate to explain why your request is unreasonable. I would also hope that we could move forward in this discussion in good faith, and you would not try to manipulate my emotions.

You make the claim that it will be of little cost to me to attend this meeting, however I inclined to disagree. Not only do I value my time, but I will place me at great risk. I have no promise that this assembly will not lead to violence, which I believe is the natural result of having so many gods confined within such a small place. Even beyond that more than sensible reason, it will threaten my neutrality and danger my ability to make arrangements with those opposed to the meeting occurring, such as Dirka.

But I do not believe you are mad. I believe you are simply blinded by your own idealism if this your genuine thoughts. However, I have no fear that a mortal would replace me. If a mortal was capable of stealing away my chord, then I would be unworthy of it. As for this supposed greater god, few gods are my senior. If there is such a greater god, they have been remarkably inactive since the first of our brothers and sisters were born, and for a time being are not a great concern."
His voice was mostly monotone, however he had put special emphasis one those last few words before taking a short pause to continue this thoughts.

"Allow me to propose a counter offer, as you bringing law to my creations is firmly within your personal interests but attending the grand assembly would be strictly opposed to my own interests. I would rarely being such a meeting without a strong offer." he said, grabbing a small bag from below his cloak and emptying its contents into his hands.

The golden scarab startled to life in respond to removed from its container, and it scurried along Ferron hand until after a few moments it rested within his palm. He lifted his other hand, and suddenly a small mound of gold appeared on it. The scarab then flew from one hand to other, and rested on top of the golden mound. After a very short amount of time, the scarab had molded the metal into a replica of itself. The replica then flew to the opposing hand.

"This small construct is very potent, a single scarab could construct an entire swarm. An entire swarm could construct buildings, or demolish them. The only way to have the order you seek is to maintain it with a strong hand. I am offering you something that would drastically increase your grip over the mortal world, which you have appear to have a keen interest in."
Also, I am sorry Hayim, but dwarves are now the mortal enemies of trees.
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