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How is connected to the external power source, a wire, a transmitter. How would you cut the power source without getting close to the goons.
How would one sabotage this magic tech cage. It is just a plain cage that if you break, it stops working. Is there is a channel power? Is there a power line you can cut?
Is this going to turn into Delicious in Dungeons? I would be fine with that.
I have edited my last post to move us forward.
As quick as his name was called, Natus started moving. Stabbing something as large as a roc with a dagger would likely only annoy it. As he was still moving he pulled a flask of oil from a compartment in his clothes and marked with a red line. He threw it at the downed rock and had it literally explode covering a small patch of his body in the sticky, flammable substance. He took out a match and struck it tossing it on to oiled creature causing a patch of his feathers to ignite.

He then paused, and returned to a ready stance with a second flask of oil ready. He hoped that he would not need to use more of the limited resource, however the more time they wasted fighting the birds, the more time that another threat could attack them.
What does Gradon want Natus to do. Even if he did stab a bird, it would be like poking someone with a toothpick. Would it be reasonable that Natus has a flask of oil and a match and just set the thing on the fire. It would be a head start on cooking it.
I am not sure what argument you are referring to, but I think you are referring to appeal to nature. And if it is, I am not not making an appeal to nature fallacy. The AtN Fallacy is that because something is natural means that is good, which well fallacious. I am not making a moral judgment about the rocs attacking people. I am saying that we don't have a reason to mess with it. This is just something that happens, and besides, ecosystems. Killing predators can have a domino effect downwards, but I don 't think this is the time or place to go into that. And if you aren't talking about that argument, be more specific.
I know this will come off as negative, but criticism is the fuel for change. And I am not saying to change this fight, but to keep in mind for future encounters:

This fight is really poorly designed. Our team does not have the tools to handle large, flying creatures. This could be a good thing. If the rocs were to show a weakness in the team, except the rocs pose very little threat. And not in the sense that they are the main characters and this is a minor encounter, but in universe, rocs aren't that scary. Sure, for a regular villager, a giant eagle is pretty scary, but for military-trained students, who can easily duck and dodge their attacks, there isn't much that they can really do.

Honestly, Regina plan probably would be better. Why do we have to kill them? They attacked us, but as far as I am concerned, they are just territorial beasts and that their presence and their attacking are particularly normal and natural.
Ms Vale answered Shen-Mu, "If you wish to rest, the guest bedrooms are just to the left. We can get you set down in proper dorms tomorrow. I am sorry if this inconvenient for you, but a particularly nasty ghost is eating away at most of our man power. We have plenty of rooms since it isn't to uncommon to house exorcists from other stepsites, just lay down where-ever you feel comfortable."

Ms. Vale then look at Mirela, and a grim look came over her face. "The barrier keeps out all spectral energy, and as such, it simply keeps mediums out as a side-effect. I remember back in my youth, we would just hand out the bracelets you are wearing like candy, but after the incident in ninety-seven where some high-profile mediums went rogue, we had to limit who got their hands on those bracelets. And over time, the SEO made it so less and less people had access to them. If you want to know more about that incident, the computers have a lot of information about it. I just don't like talking about, not many of us older mediums do.

The rest of the day went by without much notice. However, they was warned to get some sleep very early, as they would start their first day of work very earlier.

The group was given an hour between waking up and being marched into a slightly larger than average black van that was otherwise nothing special on the outside. While in the van, the girls were explained their mission through a PA system by Vale, "You are heading to a small hotel on the outskirts of town. It appears that a ghost we dealed with once before has became active again. However, before the ghost was contained to a single room, now it seems she has free roam of the entire building. The building has been completely emptied of people and if you see anyone instead that is not apart of the SEO, get them away from the building as quickly as possible. This is a very dangerous ghost.

The profile of the women who spirit is roaming the building is in the van, as well as most anything you could possibly need to fight her. Priority one is to find out why she has returned to haunting the building and then priority to is to either capture or exorcise her. If you are unable to remove her, simply get everyone out of the building alive. The SEO will send specialist to deal with the building.

The ghost is a poltergeist, able to materialize and move objects. However, she only seems to be to materialize if someone sees her in a reflective surface. Be careful. We would send a more experience team to handle this matter, but this is a priority mission and all of are other agents are tied up in other manners. Do not be frugal in use of the materials supplied to you."
Madam Vale chuckled a bit that the first question she got was about coffee "Yes, we have a coffee machine. However I hope your caffeine addiction can wait for a bit longer. My grand-daughter will give you a tour whenever she finishes a bit of paper-work. The poor girl keeps busy."

Then the iron-exorcist asked about the barrier, she paused and sighed. "This building also serves as a cold-storage for ghosts and haunted artifacts. The barrier is just as much a way to keep things out, as to keep them in. Should a ghost be freed from containment, they will be unable to leave the force-field. However, the same barrier to prevents ghosts from entering and leaving this place also effects mediums, though perhaps it is for the best. I hope that will never need the barrier, but it is also best to prepare for the worst in this line of work."
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