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Interested, though when I read "Void Lurkers", I didn't think "Compulsory Magic Military."
Neil listened to the emperor's words, and simply bowed his head. "I give you my oath."

He had known what artifact he was destined to use, and let before he went to pick it up, he adsorbed himself in prayer. His concentration was broken when Sue revealed her weapon, and her identity. He had heard of her tale, though he did not know how it ended until now. He knew the situation was dire, though he was not aware of how desperate the emperor was until now.

He finished his prayer, and walked over to a shield made of silver and sapphire. The shield floated into the air seemingly by itself until it was lifted high enough to see the tendrils of shadow that gently pushed it into the air. He carefully grabbed it with both hands and looked into its mirrored surface.

It was beautiful, though now was not the time to admire its craftsmanship nor revere it. It was time to wield into battle, and once the scorn were annihilated from the earth, it would be returned to the church.
Neil stepped forward once the emperor was finished with his speech, and while he stood in front of him, he did not stand directly in front of him. The more observant persons would see that he positioned himself so his shadow was cast away from the ruler. He once again bowed, and offered the prayer, "May the tower's shadow be lifted from your house."

Shadows are very prominent in the lore of the moon, and hold many different meanings depending on array of different factors which most people outside of the Lunan church would be clueless of, however most people would recognize the tower's shadow from old wives tales or ghost stories as an ill-omen, though most would belief it to either be metaphorical or superstitious.

He stood before the king, and paused carefully picking out the words he wished to use, however it is was likely the king already knew what he was going to say. The Church of Luna made it no secret that they believed the moon shield Serenity was by all rights the property of the church, and that it was a most sacred relic. "I have no need for wealth for this task. The signs have shown me I am unlikely to survive this ordeal, and even if I did, I have given up the gold of the nobility and it is not something I miss. I ask that when my task is complete, the holy relic Serenity will be returned to the Church of the Moon."
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After much consideration, I think I want to official drop this RP. I just do not have enough interest to devote as much time and effort as you seem to want.
In Darke Magyk 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I have a rough outline of what I want my character to be, however I am being a bit hesistant, partially because starting a new RP is a bit nerve-wrecking since how quickly they can die, but I am not entire sure if this RP is for me. So I will lurk a bit longer. In particular, I am not a fan of super-long and detailed character sheets. What is the point about writing a novel about a character, when the RP itself is their story.

I do not expect you to change your RP just for me, I just expect common courtesy. I say all of this because I feel it is only fair to you to say that I might not join and my reasons why. I do still believe I can do this RP, I am just not going out on a limb for it.
The room was pitch-black. Footsteps echoed through out the room and a quite chanting was just barely audible. In a long dead language, the chant translates to "Mother of Night, May I never fear the darkness". The chanting and footsteps starting together, and ended together in almost prefect sync.

The sound of someone sitting down on a stone floor followed shortly, as a second sound of metal being placed on stone followed that. A second chant could be heard in the same dead language, that translates to "Mother of Night, May I know the light." As he chanted, four impossible shadows, areas that where somehow darker than pitch-dark, darted in each direction before stopping. Where the shadows stopped, panes flipped over and suddenly the room was cast in twilight as a light from underneath the floor shined through enchanted mirrors.

This revealed a man sitting cross-legged in black robes sitting in the middle of the room, and the origin point of the four strange shadows that retreated back to him when the light started to flow into the room. He started the final chant, except this time he said it only once in the common language, "Mother of Night, May I have guidance"

At that, the door to the room abruptly opened and a younger man, no older than seventeen, rushed into the room holding a letter. The man in the center of the room looked at the room looked at the other man annoyed, and considered chastising the other priest but decided that this was not the time. The young man reached the center of the room, holding the letter out, panting, "Brother Neil, Brother Neil, this letter. It is marked by the imperial seal."

Neil slowly picked up the amulet from in front of him and put it around his neck, "The content of the letter have been revealed to me. Show Father Zachary the notice, and ask him if he would arrange for transport while I finish my prayers. And please, you do well to respect the traditions of this holy ground."
~ ~ ~ ~

In the chamber of the emperor followed shortly by the fire-bearer was the shadow. The guard announced him, "Your Majesty, Neil, Last Heir of House Aurum." To this, Neil merely looked at the guard with killer intent. The guard stuttered, "I am sorry my liege, I mean Neil, Disciple of Luna"

Neil walked slightly behind the other two who have arrived before him, and without a word bowed.
I am very much interested, right now my character idea is either a physician that has little to no innate magic, possibly with Northern trader heritage. I also am partial to the idea that he was born blind in one eye.
Alex took a deep breath and then exhaled. "I think I said it, but I went to school at Aosta City Institution of Higher Learning and Practical Skills in Duiland, long name I know, we just called it Aosta University. Though, this." he said, quickly making a small orb of green energy in his hand by cupping his hand down and pulling it up. "This is something I learned from Rutan. My father taught me. There is a lot of steps and rituals you have to go through in order to attune yourself to the energy. My father always described it as becoming a "living conduit of energy"."

He said as though he was very proud of both of those things, though there was some dissonance in his voice, as his tone seemed to change slightly when he switched between the two subjects.
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