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So instead of having a list of prepared spells, it would be more so that we have a set amount of mana, or whatever the magical energy of this universe is?

My posting is probably going to be limited this weekend, since I probably going to be staying with a friend. He has a computer and internet, though we are probably going to be doing stuff most of the day.
So far it seems that our character's magic seem to be completely reliant on our vessels. I would not be opposed to the idea that we have our vessels, and then more experienced warriors can cast spells closer to a Vancian magic system without using vessels, or using vessels more like channels rather than magic being completely external to our characters. I personally really like how my vessel works, except I might of started it out to low (Granted, I am playing the youngest possible age, and my character has other skills) Just my two cents.

Also, I really want Natus to do something, but I feel like it would really stir the pot. I am trying to think if Natus would care more about keeping a low profile, or teaching the sergeant to fear the name Finis. My brain tells me to air towards the side of caution, but I really feel like what he would do if he did anything would be very amusing.

Ah, well I understand that. My misunderstanding was just with your wording, as you said he "needs to post", which I took to mean you was going to wait on him.
Even if he is still active, it isn't like everyone needs to be involved in this scene, so it wouldn't be horrible if for whatever reason he can't post now but is still apart of this rp. He could just be in a different part of the building.
Are people still here? I am currently waiting for KoL post. I can understand people being busy, but lack of activity in RP always makes me antsy with how many RPs I have seen crumble to dust.

Finis had stayed close to the lodging area, surveying it and making sure that he would be prepared if attacked while in this unfamiliar territory. When the night-watch returned, battered and bruised, it immediately caught his attention. And he skulked up to the group without even intending to move quietly.

The sergeant immediately gave him a bad impression. If this is how he acted in response to injured warriors returning back to friendly territory, and if his pride was this fragile, he would likely be nothing more than a liability in combat.

He walked behind the sergeant and began to speak in a soft, but stern voice, "I suggest that you do not allow your emotions to control you, for that has a tendency to be lethal. It would be rational to first tend to the wounded as that is more urgent then you making a fool of yourself. And I suggest you consider your words carefully before you do something you will come to regret, the Finis family do not take threats idly." He said, casually cleaning his dagger with a washcloth.

Natus fully prepared himself for any verbal or physical abuse that the sergeant would throw his way, though he hoped it would not come to that. Sadly, he was not in a position to simply kill him if needed, as that would make this situation much easier to handle.
I plan on Finis appearing and getting involved. Right now, I feel like he would interject himself here, I just don't know how he would deal with this problem. I will post once I have a clear idea what he will do, probably today, maybe tomorrow. And if I don't post by tomorrow, it is probably because I am lazy.
When Natus reached the fort, he did not relax immediately. He went into the shared lodging which he was not comfortable sleeping in, however he had his ways to feel safe while sleeping, most of which seem to be against the military code. He was almost jealous of Esther carefree nature being able to sleep without layers of precaution, however he was a Finis, and carelessness was not a luxury he could afford.

He went into the corner immediately right of the room and took out his journal. He first look at the first page, which had only a few lines of text written on it in a strange text, and began to mumble something to himself. After this, he turned the page to next blank page and started to write quick notes in the same code.
I am planning on posting soon, it is just I am not quite sure what to do with Finis right now. I feel like he wouldn't be opposed to starting a conversation with someone, however he is not much for small talk. As for the shared quarters things, I don't think he would sleep in his actual private quarters, or in beds or mats in general.
How long has it been between this encounter and the first encounter?
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