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Well, I am pretty sure Seidhara is the patron of redheads.
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If no-one else wants to be his parent, and he is fine with it. I can have Regulus do it.
In Godspeed! 14 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Regulus set to work on his final piece of preparation. He was going to create a castle, and castles require attendants. A part of Regulus want to create his children once he was in the safety of the castle, but Yggdrasil convinced him his children should be of the world should they ever wish to return to it.

One by one, he formed his children. He took wood from Yggdrasil, and molded it in his hands like clay. He took the slightly bit of dirt and sprinkled it on the wooden figurine. Taking a piece of cloth from his own clothing, he then took the scrap and placed it against the figurine back. Finally, he would take one of the leaves of Yggdrasil and press it into the figurine, and once he did, the statue began to glow, then grow, and shift.

He named his children the Sylvan. They were tall, lithe human-like creatures made of flesh and blood. One could easily mistake them for humans if not for colored markings that ran across there torso, arms and face. He created a breeding pair for each color of Yggdrasil leaves, creating them in order : Green female, Green male, Red male, Red female, Blue female, Blue male. Each Sylvan had a hair-color and eye-color of the same color as their lines, which the exception of the Green who had brown hair.

As he finished the blue male, Yggdrasil hummed to, “I have one more color of leaf. But I only have one of them.” she said, and the single gold leaf dropped from her branch, and so he created a golden male in the same way he had created the others.

As he created his children, they were drawn to Yggdrasil, and Yggdrasil granted them their name. Except his youngest child, who attempted to escape the safety of the cave before being stopped a griffin and Regulus lead him back to the tree to be named.

He looked around the cave and made sure that all of his Sylvan, and the griffins that followed him into the cave were still around. Once he completed the head-count, he took his spear and gently tapped it against Yggdrasil, creating a portal that opened in a bright flash of light, engulfed everything in the cave, and then closed in on itself.

Once Regulus had returned to regular space, he was in a large spacious castle, the roots of Yggdrasil running through it. He opened his divine sense, and it appeared nothing was lost in the journey. His Sylvan had made it, his griffins had made it, his reflection well had made it, and obviously his Yggdrasil made it. He named his realm, Menagerie Castle.

He would later resolve to make a food supply for his children and griffins in this castle, but for now, Yggdrasil could support the small population using its magic to sustain them.
He gathered up his children in the center room of the castle, a large corridor-like room that housed Yggdrasil at the far end of the hall. The room itself appeared more like a garden than anything you would expect instead a castle. He then assigned each of his children a role. He assigned the two Greens the task of maintaining the castle, and supporting Yggdrasil. He assigned the two Reds the task of defending the castle, and maintaining the Griffins. He assigned the two Blues the task of using the Reflection pool, and keeping an eye on the planet that they had just left. When he got to the his one golden children, he had nothing, and merely said, “I will assign your task later.” to which he appeared disappointed. But for now, he had alone all of his children to rest and play. They were just born, they should not immediately be put to work.

In Godspeed! 16 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Regulus sat in his cave, pondering the three times. His focus caused him to lose his perception of time, he was unsure if minutes, hours, days, years, or decades had past while he sat in thought. What did it truly matter to a god. His focus was constantly pulled towards the fungus, and the question of whether he had a soul, and if he did, where did it come from.

In his mediation, he had felt his power return to him. Perhaps he could use his godly power to illuminate the answer. He took Anhur in his right hand, and Stormcaller in his left hand. Holding Anhur over the ley, a piece of wood grew from it and dropped on top of it. He then carefully poured some of the water from his horn on top of the ley, careful to keep the water spirit from splash out. He then imbued it with his divine essence, and demanded of it, “Show me my soul.”

A golden, crystalline leave sprouted from the ley. It was then followed by a emerald leaf, then a ruby leaf, and then a sapphire leaf. The moss then began to burst with emerald, ruby and sapphire leaves. The branch grew and contorted, growing branches that bound to the leaves, and grow root that buried themselves into the ground. The leaves organized themselves by color, the emerald leaves bunched up aligned with the trunk of the tree, to their right was the ruby leaves, and to their left was the emerald leaves. The tree hummed to life, it did not use words, but its message was clear, “I awaken Master Regulus.”

Regulus recognized the tree as his avatar. He felt a deep connection to the tree, far greater than even his connection to his griffins. But this was no place for his avatar, there was no room for it to grow, and the world was dangerous. As in response to his thoughts, it hummed, “You do not need to worry for me. There is a clear solution.”

The god nodded, “Yes, that will work. But I need more preparation.” He looked to the soul still in his horn. “I can’t very well leave you there can I.” to which to the tree hummed with an idea, “Yes, that can work.” he said, using his powers to mold the stone up around the base of the tree into a well and pouring the water into the basin, filling it beyond what water was actually in the horn. He then waved his spear over it and blessed it. “Water Spirit, I imbue your dormant form with purpose. You will grant those who gaze into the pools visions of distant areas, and be able to send messages to distant listeners.”

He looked up at his avatar, “You need a name, I name you Yggdrasil.”, to which the avatar hummed approvally.

In Godspeed! 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Kho In the next few turns, I am planning on creating shamanism. Since you (Kho) created animism, do you want to co-create it with me. I guess this could go to anyone, but Kho is the one that did the thing that set up shamanism. (And by shamanism, I mean full-on magic stuff with invoking nature spirits, though I guess spiritual stuff will also be there too)

@Double Capybara I do want to do a collab with Regulus and Kam, I will leave it to you when you want to do it. It could be this turn, next turn, or really whenever. If it is any time after this turn, I can have Regulus be the one that starts the conversation.
In Godspeed! 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
I want Regulus to eventually talk to Kap, and now that he is contemplating the nature of souls might be a good time.
In Godspeed! 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Siehdhara has already given pretty much everything souls.
In Godspeed! 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Regulus had returned to the beach of the gods, but he was not entirely sure why. Unanswered questions weighed heavily on his mind. He looked out into the sea, and once again saw the souls resting the ocean itself, dormant, sleeping. There was also souls in the ground itself, and in his griffins. Grasping his spear, an implement that bonded him to the souls of his griffins, it felt right, but he had no idea what a soul is.

He walked over to some strange fungus, ley he divined. It was the source of the souls, clearly marked by another god who came to this world. Though, if it was created by a god and not inherent to the universe, did that mean there was some universes without souls. He picked up some of the ley, and took it with him.

He was also curious about the souls of the sea. They had no form, no ability to move or think. It was almost sad, as if the souls were lost. He took his horn, and dipped it into the water, using his divine power to collect a single ocean spirit into the horn.

He wanted to examine the ley and ocean water more carefully, but the beach did not seem like a very appropriate place. He walked into the nearby grove with his griffins, and found a cave that been separated from the rest of the underground by a cave-in. It was a good place, and said, calling his griffins inside.

He took the ley and placed it down at the far back in the cave, on a rock that had fell down in roughly the center of the tunnel. He then nudged the rock over to be more properly aligned. He took his spear and stuck it into the ground a few paces in front of the moss and to the right. On the opposite side of the room, he placed his war horn carefully on the ground.

He was not entirely sure what to do at this point, but sat down in the middle of the three objects and simply began to tune his divine senses on the three objects, still careful to keep a connection to his griffins in case someone attacked one of his creations.

In Godspeed! 18 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
What servant of Promus would dare face him without at least five titles.
In Godspeed! 19 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
After my turn 2 post, I will make a character sheet for my stuff. Right now, all my stuff is fairly self-explainatory, I have a giant turtle, flying lions, a spear that spiritually links me to my flying lions, and a war horn that conjures magic fog/rain.
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