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I am sorry, but I will like to officially drop. This is currently my only RP and it has not been captivating me. My staying will probably hurt this RP more than me leaving.
The joke about Natus attacking ankles is that he is to short to attack a person's neck, so he goes for a major artery he can reach.
Fire is particularly useful because it kills new cells as they regenerate. While I guess you could just keep stabbing it until it dies, it isn't as elegant.
Well, fire would actually work against anything that regenerates in theory since it would kill the new flesh as it regenerates, so long as the fire does more damage than the creature can regenerate. However, I somehow doubt that the demon thing would care about being on fire.

Also, not sure if I brought this up, but my character name is Natus, not Natsu. One of my tricks for creating names is just translating word into Latin, and his name translates into "Rhythm End."

Only if you do it in front of a conveniently placed bottomless pit. Should I go get the shovel?
Well, I am not going into my whole philosophy about how a roleplay should be run since I don't think it is the time for that. However, the long and short of it is that I would prefer a smaller more dedicated group over a larger group with little attachment to the rp. I have seen a large RP work before, but that is because it had everyone in much smaller groups of 2 or 3.

Honestly, at this point I am continuing this RP not out of interest but obligation due to waning interest. And having a large cast is a part of that (The roleplay moves slower both in terms of post-cycles and pacing of the story, and the importance of each individual character is diminished for each member of the group)
I feel like this RP is collapsing under its own weight. There are just to many people. Back with the scouts, a single person responded to me, but there are a lot of people in the new group that replied, so is time for me to post or what? And that isn't the only problem, there is also just how many people have left.
I feel like it is safe to say this is dead. Lance was a big part of my motivation to start and run this RP, and I believe he went off to do real-world stuff. I also didn't like how I handle certain things with the RP and over-all it feels rushed. However, it is possible that if I sit down and work on it, I will create a reboot of it, but I do it, I want to do it right and I am just not sure if I am motivated to do so.

If it is one block of grey text, it is either/or. I would have a line of normal text to say if I am changing between the two. Like "And then he thought" or something to that effect.
Natus sneaked close to the group, but on the fringes of their formation. As they got closer, the enemies come into line of sight. He spoke up to the group, but obviously quietly "We have spotted enemies, if we are to proceeded, we need a plan. Otherwise, it is best to regroup with the others. There are probably more instead. I suggest sending one of us back to alert the group as we proceed forward to set up a surprise attack that we spring whenever the larger group is close enough to provide support."
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