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Internet is down at my house. So, if this RP does continue, I won't be able to post until internet returns to my house.
My internet is down. At a family friend's house, posting will resume when my internet returns.
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My internet is down. At a family friend's house, normal posting will resume when my internet returns.
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Redd was following behind, silent. He did not feel comfortable around other people, as something in his gut told him that they would not accept him if he revealed his true intentions. However, he also needed them. He found Sabu excitement grating, but perhaps useful to get close to him.

He realized that the bugbear and Sabu both had dragon's blood. However, sneaking up on or tricking the bugbear would be much harder. However, it seemed like the goblin had a weakness. He appeared to be egotistical, and seemingly driven by no goal other than to satisfy his own arrogance. Despite being just born, Redd had an intelligence from an unknown source, and he intended on using it.

He casually walked up behind Sabu, and made the remark, "So, you have dragon blood in you? It seems hard to that just a goblin has such regal in them. Are you sure that your legacy isn't just a bed-time story? Though, if you want to prove it. Well, I have a gift. " he said in a very monotone but biting tone.
Oh geez, I was worried this died. I guess Eli was ignored?

It appears we are waiting for our GM to return. He will probably come back, maybe.
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I just have nothing to do with Redd. He is just following along.
Tried to color Natus' speech, but BBcode was not working with me. I will add color coding later.
Natus heard that the battle was over, he was still alert that there may be more enemies coming, but he had to use this time efficiently. He was trained to move without a trace, so he did not need to go back and cover his tracks, however his allies was not as professional.

He walked over to the grenadier, as he appeared to be the most important of the men in whatever hierarchy they served. He took out out his notebook and quickly copy the symbol on his body into it. He was not a great artist, but he had a steady hand and while he could not capture every detail of the design, he would be able to copy it enough that it would be recognizable. Perhaps if he was given enough time to study the design and create a copy, he could create a forgery of it, however he could not presume that he had the time for it.

After he had copied the symbol into his notebook, he took the next page of his notebook and created a meaningless symbol and took his dagger and dragged a blue line down it. He then cut off his hands and legs to hide to obscure the fact the man died from cut tendons and draw attention to the body, and then he slashed his throat. He took the piece of paper and forced into the man's clothing and then turned the body over into the dirt so that hopefully the piece of paper will survive the fire.

He walked over to the captain without a sound, even when he was not trying to be sneaky, it would be easy to miss the short cadet with his light steps in the dark. He did the proper salute and then said in a low, serious voice, "Reporting. I have placed a tracking spell on a piece of paper and put it on the grenadiers body. Should they choose to investigate it and move it within a day's time, I will be able to know. If you will excuse me, there is still work to be done. I will now try to obscure our foot path." he said, leaving to move the dirt to hide any trails either side might of made, and he took a pair of boots from the corpses of one of the enemies to make false foot prints to confuse the enemy. He considered using the shoes of one of his comrades, however in his previous experiences, that would upset them.

Fenrir had been on his knees desperately trying to cover his ears. It physically hurt, and it hurt a lot. His balance felt a bit off and he had a massive headache, but he had been in worse situations. He got to his feet, and noticed that Boros had left, revealing Tumble.

He got a good whiff of the room, and it already smelled like home. He looked at Tumble, and couldn't help but remember Loki passed out drunk in a similar fashion. He just sighed, leaning against the wall, and muttered to himself I might not have my sanity by the end of this, but I have to do it. I owe him much more than this.

He then stopped, and looked over to Nori and made a noise that almost sounded like a snarl to Nori, "I appreciate you standing up to Boros, but if you decide to make ears bleed again, I don't care if you a male, girl, or whatever. Do that again, and we will need to settle that outside."

A city, a town, a forest, a burning forest, a desert: It didn't matter the terrain, all Finis members are trained to be a shadow in both the light and the dark, invisible to normal eyes, not by magic, but pure skill and training.

Natus spotted the target threatening his team. Against an army, he is weak. Against a single man, he is a grim reaper. He had positioned him behind the grenadier, moving without a sound. He reached towards the ground and grabbed as much dirt as he could from the ground, with his blade in his other hand. As he moved, he striked the group with the red-edge of his blade, moving quickly and without hesistiance or pause. And without stopping his stride, he made two brutal slashes against the tendons of the would-be bomber, leaving them with the red mark.

He turned around, and the red marks he left on the ground and the person exploded as he took the dirt and throw it into the crowd to cover his escape. At least one bullet flew towards him, but did not hit. He retreated back into stealth, hoping he had placed enough force into his attack to kill the man quickly. Another sneak attack against the same enemy twice would be harder, but not impossible.

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