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Though, at least in Rutan dogma, which is where Alex would learned about demons, all demons are dangerous, but not all demons are evil. Just for an explain, a mindless demon that would just want to destroy everything is dangerous, but isn't evil in the same way a hurricane isn't evil.

It also helps that they are nature worshipers, instead of deistic worshipers. They don't have a god or gods that set opposed to demons. And to them, darkness is as natural as it is light, it is just dangerous and they probably have lots of legends about demons doing bad things.
Alex shrugged when Norix didn't want his jacket, and it did look she was starting to warm up, so he took his jacket and gently placed in on the back of a chair. He looked over to Zeke, who was being quiet but at least looked like he was listening.

Alex shook his head when Norix said the tropics. "While you might find some gead snakes in certain tropical areas, that is just from where some might of escaped from captivity. They are actually from my ho.." . He paused for a second, and look liked he started to choose his words really carefully where before he was just saying what came natural, "They are from Rutan, where I spent a lot of my childhood since that is my father's homeland. I got my animal handling training from a college in Duiland, and before I left that region I did some odd-jobs around Rutan and Duiland. My father also insisted that I have extra training with my magics if I was to go so far from the Aosta trees, and for some reason he was insistent that I learned this one spell while I was still just talking about leaving Duiland. Oh, I am sorry, I am starting to ramble on. Though, the least I could do is show you what I am talking about. It is a spell designed to ward away demons and the undead, beyond that it is easier to show than explain." he said.

Alex took his two hands palms out slightly extended in either direction and closed his eye. He began to pull together all of the excess life energy of the whole bar into one spot. His hands started to glow faintly green, as he slowly pulled his two arms closer to his chest and turned his palms towards each other until he cupped his hand into a spherical shape. He then slowly pulled apart his two hands a short distance away from each other, revealing a sphere of green energy hovering between his two hands. He then took his two hands raising them up and away from the sphere and then slowly moved them back down and towards the sphere causing it to grow. He did this two times, and then something startled him, causing one of his hands to reach for his stomach. The orb of green light disappeared and it looked like he was about to gag. Though it quickly passed, but he was left there taking deep breaths.
And you said that your character was going to be similiar to Alexander, though it seems as though you have gone through some revisions, though keep the whole lost archipelago but at the very least changed the name and dropped the life conduit ability.

I thought Kaite and Alex were good foils, and that is still true, but Mikeal is the antithesis of Alex. And unless you want to tell me otherwise, I am going to presume that deamons and their magics are similiar enough to demons that Alex's magic would burn him and weaken his magic and abilities, though it wouldn't react as strongly as if were demonic magic.

To clarify, while I think it is safe to say that life magic innately has a strong negative reaction when interacting with death (necrotic) magic, raw life magic might have some negative effect when it encounters demonic magic, but with his rebuke darkness, it is him specifically channeling the energy and altering it in such a way that it will disrupt demonic energy. And other than the fact that demons bad, there is a reason why he would specifically learn to disrupt demonic influence, and it is as part of his standard training in Rutan magicks, and is as spiritual as it is practical. Though, Alex wouldn't know the reason, other than well, demons bad and I was told to learn this.
Alex nodded, "Well, hello Zeke. hello Norix. As for what I do, I am an animal handler. This right here." he said, motioning to where it looked like the surface layer of the leather had melted, This was caused by acid. I was holding a gead snake and some of its venom dripped on my jacket. Gead snake venom can be really nasty if gets on you, but it also really useful."

He then started to take off the jacket and throw it over his shoulder, revealing a very plain blue t-shirt underneath. Contrasting the wear and tear of the jacket and pants, it didn't look like he had a scratch or bruise on him. His skin looked a bit calloused in some areas, but no more than you would except from someone who did a lot of physical labor.

He then looked over to Norix, who looked like she was shaking a bit. He thought to himself it was winter, and she is reptilian. He wasn't that versed in dragons or dracons, but they are elemental beings, and he thought he heard something about ice dragons, but it didn't look she herself was one. Though he didn't really know what an ice dracon would look like, only that he imaged that they would be white. He looked over to her and asked, Hey, are you cold? If you want, you can put on my jacket. It is a bit beat up, but it is warm. I am not sure where you are from, but I am going to take a wild guess that isn't cold there."
@LordofthePies @sntabe

Alexander noticed that he was quieter than he expected to be, but apparently the dracon heard him just fine. He turned and looked and seen the human sitting near him and noticed the magic circle on the table. He thought it was a bit tackless to be using magic in such a way that it could inconvenient others, but he didn't say anything, instead just holding his finger up to the dracon. and got up and walked away from it, snapping his fingers to find the range of the aura.

Once he was outside of the magical field, he first turned to the dracon and spoke, "Oh no, I am fine. I just got payed." . He paused, and motioned towards his jacket, which was covered in various scratch marks, and in one area looked like it melted a bit "It can be rough at times, but it pays well." he said smiling.

He then turned his head over to the human, speaking up a bit, "Sorry if I had scared you. Um, do you need another biscuit or coffee? I can pay for it. . He then paused for a second and turned to look at both them "Oh, where are my manners. I didn't ask either of you for your names. My name is Alex Crann." . He said bowing and said a short sentence in the Rutan language.
Alexander slowly stumbled down the street exhausted, still in his work clothes. He called it his work clothes, though it was really just a very tough leather jacket over a t-shirt, and some particular sturdy pair of jeans. They were almost closer to armor than street clothes, but clearly not something that you use in a fight. He took off his leather gloves and attached them to a loop on his belt, and then brushed off some dust and dirt that got on his jacket before entering the bar.

Alex has been travelling for a few months now, but this is the first day he was in Sraefin, and his day has been chaotic. First, his transport was late and he had to rush to where he was called to work. It was a bit awkward when he had to change into his work clothes in the bathroom of the person who hired him. Some person with more money then he apparently knew what to do with decided to buy a pet direwolf, and didn't bother to get someone to train it until it was already in his apartment. By the end of the day, the owner made the wise decision and sold it. Though that now means he is now out of a job.

He walked into the Queen of Hearts Bar as he remembered someone recommending it to him. He sat down on one of the nearest seats, not even paying attention if anyone was already sitting there. By time he raised his head up, he seen a dracon sitting on the other side of the table. He stumbled a bit, Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there. Mind if I sit here?"

Alex had been to many places across Duiland. He was use to seeing all sorts of different races, as tourism is a big thing in Duiland, though this time he was the foreigner.
Anyone with discord can make the channel, though it would be a bit weird if anyone but the GM made it.
I use discord a lot, and I will say that I do think it is a much better platform to discuss OOC stuff.
I am going to save my post for more people to finish up their character sheets or get up their first post. I will probably post later on in the afternoon (Central Standard Time, right now it is 9am in the morning)

I haven't actually came up with an origin for the Aosta Trees, but magic is involved. Maybe later in the RP we can explore how and why the Aosta Trees grew, it could even be that no sentient being intended to grow them but they was just seeds in the place and in the right time.

Also, something I should clarify is that Alexander magic isn't radiant. Radiant magic is light magic. Alexander's magic is closer to chi. It is life energy that flows through all living things, Alex just takes the excess energy that is in the air and focuses it. For me, it is less that it is a "good magic" and a "bad magic" meeting, but more trying to pour gasoline in a coal engine. It is just fundamentally incompatible with artificial life.

Edit- An in theory, the same magics that is used to give your own life energy to heal others could be reverse-engineered to take the life energy of others to heal yourself. Though, at least in Rutan where his particular brand of magic is taught, that is about as blasphemous as say, half or three-quarters as bad as artificially creating life in a test-tube.
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