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hey there, I hopped off the site due to a lack of replies, assumed you dropped the RP bc of this but I was too nervous t ask so I just dipped. I just got around t seeing your reply, really sorry Abt that. If you'd like t continue this RP I'll try t be more active from now on
Oleander felt different kinds of eyes on their back, but they ignored them seeing as they were, for now, friendly. They silently surveyed the area, nothing but green and brown filling their vision for the most part. Their antennae served as a second pair of eyes, swaying to and fro around their blind spots to pick up anything, anything at all...

They quickly turned to their right.

If any of them were to look, they would have seen nothing but a harmless line of bushes and trees undulating in the soft wind. Still, Oleander was fixated. They tapped at the sides of their helmet, a decrescendoing series of gentle beeps following it. Then they stuck out a hand and motioned towards the van, their line of sight refusing to leave where they stared.

"What is it?" Matias asked, trying to get a look.

He could barely move a foot from where he stood before Oleander suddenly leaped in front of him, forcing a swear out of his lips. The moth placed a finger in front of their proboscis before signalling towards the van and sneaking behind it.
The village was certainly beautiful, at least in Matias's eyes. Lush flora peppered every inch of land, some even climbing the walls of seemingly vacant houses. Many colors but mostly green painted what would have been an otherwise dull neighborhood. Pixie Village bustled with life, but Matias had never been somewhere that felt this dead.

Oleander's wings clicked behind them, taking them up and atop a terracotta roof that clacked under their boots. It was then that Matias caught sight of their sniper rifle behind their back, something he somehow missed earlier. Looks like they came prepared.

"... You don't think that..."

Matias shook his head, scoffing softly.

"... No, never mind. Let's just look around."
Matias bit his lip softly. He really had nothing to say outside of "I didn't see her either", and what good was that response? Though, he hadn't checked his phone in a bit...


No use saying anything, again, so he didn't. As the van droned and rumbled, he spent his time staring and thinking, mostly the latter. He hoped that the puritans spent their day today thinking about doing a raid than actually doing one. The last thing he needed right now was to see more explosions or, worse, deal with another injured teammate. Iris was tired, and so was he. He was also worried. So much so that he almost obsessively checked his phone to see if there was any feedback from Scarlet, every few minutes, even if there were none every single time he checked.

Comparatively, Oleander didn't bother with such petty human emotions. They were simply grooming themselves throughout most of the ride.

The van seemingly slowed to a stop after what felt like hours upon hours of driving. Matias's behind was so, so sore, but he forced himself up anyway. It was finally time to see what the village had in store for them.


In his small bout of anger, he had completely forgotten that she had left to Pixie Village. Now he was wondering if Oleander knew or even cared. Looking towards the moth, his lips pursed slightly as he prepared what to say.

"I'm assuming we're gonna look for Scarlet before heading to the base?"
Matias rolled his eyes before looking back at Dante dully.

"Right. But don't make it deeper than it needs to be."

He found his coveted key eventually and stuck it in the keyhole. He was rather quick to open the door and step inside, settling down by one of the van's metallic walls. Oleander followed, crouching uncomfortably to even fit inside but eventually finding their place on the other wall.

"Alright," Matias huffed, "Where did you say that place was, Mothman?"

It almost seemed like Oleander wasn't going to answer as they stayed quiet for a good five seconds. Before Matias could insult them, however, their hands began to move.

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