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Lock sleepily answered the phone after Shock kicked him towards it. Once he realized what Carver was getting at, he kicked Shock to hand her the phone.

"Thisbetterbeworthit," she mumbled.

Upon hearing Carver's suggestion, she immediately shot awake and grinned at this new development.

By morning, the countdown clock would be back to normal.


Upon entering the square, Jack looked up at the countdown clock. Why did it now say 14 days? Perhaps there was a malfunction...but it still didn't explain the town's memory loss.

"I'm going to speak with Dr. Finklestein," Jack told Sally. "Maybe he can look at the countdown clock."

"And I'll see what I can find about the water," Sally promised. "There was a fog a few days ago..."

Jack leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Tell me what you find."

He then made his way to the Finklestein household. Sally walked to the little courtyard bordering the square to enter the witches' shop. At the ring if the little bell, Aggie perked up, happy to have a customer.

"Oh, hello, Sally!" she said brightly. "What can we get for you today?"

"I actually just have a question," Sally said. "Is there anything that can cause temporary memory loss?"

"Forget-me-lots," Agnes replied matter-of-factly, as she climbed up a stool to stock some inventory. She frowned as she wished she had her broom to assist. "Why?"

Sally brightened. Of course!

"Jack and I were trying to get to the bottom of what happened with Halloween," she explained, "and noticed that no one can really recall what they were doing. I think maybe something affected the water."

Aggie started to pick up on it.

"And it might be forget-me-lots." She crossed her arms and put a thoughtful hand on her chin. "Forget-me-lot powder would do it - if it were dry. It loses its power in the water."

"Unless mixed with an activator agent," Agnes reminded her, "like sundew sap."

"You would also need quite a few of them," Aggie said. "One whiff of a fresh forget-me-lot can make one lose their mind for an hour or so, but dried and powdered, they lose their potency."

"And if mixed with fog juice," Sally said, "we have a recipe for disaster."

"But who would--" Aggie started, then stopped.

They all knew exactly who would go to those sorts of lengths.
Lock's tail flicked in agitation. Carmilla didn't know, of course, but given his recent conversation with Lillith, it stung, possibly more than it should. He quickly reached up to kiss her cheek so there wouldn't be an awkward pause, and felt more than a little relieved when she became affectionate with him again. Lock rested his head on Lillith's shoulder and made a soft noise of contentment when she nuzzled him again. He watched Carver wander off towards the shop, and just quietly sat on Lillith's hip as the girls hashed out their plans to visit the human world until he got bored enough to slip away and find his siblings.

The rest of the day went by in an awkward tension as more citizens started to regain their memories and tried to figure out what they were doing the day before. Most came to the conclusion that they were doing some sort of preparation or other. Dr. Finkelstein took a look at the countdown clock to check for any malfunctions. Jack made rounds around town to check on various citizens and try to piece together what could have possibly happened. Sally assisted where she could. What could have possibly affected the entire town like this?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel wandered around town to observe, though they never stayed anywhere for too long. Their prank would likely wind down within the next day or two, and before the sun went down, Shock made the executive decision to make one check tomorrow, but otherwise stay in the lair.
Lock settled himself on Lillith's hip again, then glanced to Carmilla. Without Shock there to give the younger vampire sister a headache, he often got along with her on his own terms.

"Who's the unlucky girl?" he asked, with a curious flick of his tail. "Or is this another fling?"

As the twins turned the conversation to a girl's day, Lock began to lose interest, more for the lack of trouble to cause than anything.

"Guess I'll leave you to it, then," he said. "I've got tricks to play."

In a moment or two. He'd just gotten comfortable again.
Lock stepped down to the ground and unwound his tail once Carver loosened the vines from his throat. If anything, his amusement at the whole matter gave Carver's story a bit more weight. His smile never dropped.

"Of course not," he said.

Lock was tempted to cross his fingers. Carver's threat kept his hands where she could see them. While her vengeance couldn't rival Shock's, he knew the pumpkin creature picked up most of her troublemaking lessons from his older sister, and that was enough to allow him to think twice. His amusement having run its course, Lock gestured for Lillith to pick him up again. He had been quite comfortable before Carver pulled him away.

"So you guys doing anything else today besides solving the mystery of the mysterious spices?"
Lock's grin remained even as Carver grabbed his throat and pulled him away from Lillith. He grabbed the vines near his throat to keep his own weight from pulling him down, then swung his body to hook his ankles and tail around her vines to further mitigate any damage to his neck.

"Oh, come on, Carver," Lock said cheerfully. "She already got you back for it."

His tail tightened around her vines to bind them together, but that he didn't otherwise try to fight back said enough: all he wanted was a laugh at her expense for the moment, and nothing more.

"And bringing it up now will just put a target on both of our backs. I'd rather keep her attention on Barrel."

Which would unwittingly clue in to the rest of the group what sort of mishap happened with who, but he didn't care. Lock hung like a sloth from Carver's vines, then turned to Carmilla. He gave her a weird shrug while he held onto the vines.

"Wasn't us," he said, then gave a knowing glance to Agatha. "For some reason, we can't get into the building if the shop's not open."

Lock grinned at her. He knew perfectly well about the hexes the witches put on their building to keep him and his siblings not only out of the shop when it was closed, but the living areas upstairs as well.
Lock let her, and rested his head on her shoulder. For now, he was content and comfortable. He glanced to Agatha as he slid his tail behind Lillith and gently curled it around the back of her legs.

"Beats me," he said. "Knowing Shock, something wonderfully unpleasant, but since we like Behemoth, nothing too serious, so I wouldn't worry about it."

He perked as he listened to Carver explain the prank on the Finklesteins. Slowly, his mind put two and two together as he realized the nondescript prank that backfired on Shock had to be this one, as Carver hadn't caused any trouble there since. The corners of his mouth lifted into a grin, before he started laughing so hard, he almost fell off of Lillith's hip.

"No wonder she was so pissed!" he exclaimed. "Go big or go home, right Carver?"
Lock took the deathline for what it was.

"Y-yeah," he said. "Maybe it's better to wait until next week."

He flicked his tail.

"Give everyone time to adjust."

Shock turned to Agatha.

"Be careful which ones you send out," she said, with the faintest hint of sweetness in her tone. "Mortals can't hold their arsenic, after all."

Barrel caught that note of sweetness along with his sister's agreement to give the spices away, and knew exactly what she was doing.

"Hey!" he cried. "You're already punishing me for--!"

Shock quickly reached up and clamped her hand over Barrel's mouth. Even with her gloves mitigating some of the sharpness, Barrel felt her nails digging into his skin. He gave a startled, muffled cry and grabbed Shock's wrist to try to pull her vice-like grip from his cheeks, to no avail. Shock's tone became even sweeter as she made him face her. Her glare combined with her sharp smile sent Barrel shuddering as he realized how badly he nearly screwed up.

"Why don't we see if Behemoth found our little present in the pumpkin patch?" she asked. "Since we couldn't play tricks last night, I'll settle for other trouble."

Barrel wondered what trap they set up, then realized as his sister pulled him away from the group that she was making an excuse to bow out and keeping him from saying anything else. He whined, but since he couldn't pry her fingers away, he had no choice but to go with her. Shock shot Carver a knowing glance as she passed by, to keep an eye and ear out for any damage Barrel might have caused. Lock watched them go, then flicked his tail.

"He screwed up one of her pranks the other day," he said truthfully, and to try to draw the girls' attention away from Shock and Barrel. "Shock's still a little sore over it."

Lock carefully nuzzled against Lillith, making sure to tactfully choose his movements and avoid triggering something in her mind.

"Better him than me."
"Ow!" Barrel cried. "No it's--!"

He quickly realized what Carver was getting at. He thought.

"I was offer to take them off her hands?"

Lock perked as he tried to calculate the days quickly.


He gave Shock a quick glance for help. Maybe she better remembered, because it definitely slipped his mind. Shock realized it too, but made no indication of such.

"...I, uh," Lock said, then suddenly twitched his tail as he thought of a way to salvage this. "...Well, with Halloween being over already, what else is there to do?"

He nuzzled against Lillith as she pet his hair.
Lock grinned and happily walked over to his girlfriend, though he knew to be careful. He stood beside her and avoided nuzzling against her in case it brought anything back, though his tail flicked in annoyance at Agatha.

"If they didn't hear the fight we got into last night."

He chuckled. Shock and Barrel joined in for a second, though Shock sobered first.

"We didn't get a chance to play tricks last night," she said with a scowl. It became a smirk as a thought seemed to come to mind. "Though, the day's still young. Any volunteers?"

Barrel looked to Agatha.

"What's this about spices?" he asked.

Lock and Shock both forcibly refrained from rolling their eyes.
"Those are highly restricted," Shock said with a smile.

"Wonder why," Lock said, his own smile matching hers.

Shock got the rest of the cards and threw them in the box.

"Certainly not because of anything we did."

The two of them turned to Carver.

"Go for it," Lock and Shock said together.

Shock headed for the slide once the game was cleaned up.

"I'm gonna get something to eat," she said, "and then we'll head out."


It took a while for the tricksters to get ready and head into Halloween Town proper, but they made sure to act just as dejected as yesterday. Shock pushed Clown out of her way on the way in, just to cause some ruckus, but otherwise, she and her brothers didn't go out of their way to cause too much trouble.

The skies were overcast, and not many other citizens were out and about. The Corpse family passed by without incident. With business being as slow as it was, Agatha was actually out today, talking with Lillith and Carmilla near the steps of Town Hall, where the twins could safely be shaded for a moment and not have to hold up their umbrellas indefinitely. Lock made it a point to quickly hang behind his siblings so they could pass by and hopefully not risk reminding them of yesterday.

"It's just the strangest thing," Shock overheard Agatha say. "I don't know where they came from, but I've got a bag of spices in--"

She turned to the tricksters.

"You three!" she exclaimed. "Mind explaining how our brooms ended up stuck all over our shop?"

Shock stepped forward first.

"Got any proof, Hagatha?"

Agatha placed her hands on her hips and pouted.

"No, but who else could it have been?"

Shock smirked and shrugged.

"Beats me," she said. "Maybe the gremlins decided to change things up."

Barrel looked her over, and was already wondering if there was a way to trick her into giving him the spices. Without alerting her to why he wanted them, of course.
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