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Current Hello I Rp'ed with Vatrou on the fallout site, recently he mentioned the Roleplayer gulid so I decided to check it out.
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Hello my name is Lewis I live in England, Hertfordshire where we drink tea, drive on the left side of the road and 6/2(1+2) = 9

I started roleplaying on the fallout site several years ago to help with my writing and have been hooked ever since... Heard about the roleplayergulid a while back and decided to check it out..

Will probably update this in an years time.

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Dragonbud: maybe a [Healing] Check?

OOC: Also John speaks with an Yorkshire (think Sean Bean) accent.

Sir John Blackburn- A Frenchman walks into an Bar

"Hold onto this for me, will you..." the Frenchman stated as he pressed his inferior French garbage, Gras model 1874 rifle into John's hand..

no wonder they keep on losing with shit like this...

"Umm Okay?" John replied interested to see if Constrain would follow though with John's request.

Without another word, he stepped into the establishment with John watching from the door. "You there! Hold up a moment...let me help you.." His steps were calm, as he approached man who had insulted the waitress "Here we go..." Offering his hand, he helped him up, only to smash his left fist right into his face. A kick into his side followed, before Constantin would reach for the head, holding it into his hands, before smashing his knee into the visage.

"Interesting... Even with me he's willing to perform "jobs" John muttered to himself as he watch Leblanc scream "SIT YOUR ASS DOWN..." to one of the local who was about to help his friend... only to have second thoughts after the Frenchman yelled at him.
very intimidating could be useful when I can't persuade someone
"You still have something on your arm. You spilled your drink? Wait, I help you...fils de pute!" the rabid Frenchman declared as he stomped on man's arm attempting to dislocate a shoulder...

"Hmm... maybe abit to brutal, will have to specific." John muttered to himself again as another man stood up. This man had the whole "cowboy" look going on with his double revolvers, the dusty Trench coat and large black hat but a different accent to most of people John had heard in frontier.

[investigation] [knowledge] John attempt to recall where that accent came from.

“I think he had enough? How bout you lay off him?”

this man looks like he could actually put up... how will the dog handle this?

turning around the Frenchman glared at the "cowboy" "Take your fucking hand off, Yankee.." as he Breathed heavy, seeming attempting control himself and not ruthless beat this man like he had done with the other.
so he does have some control.

suddenly the bar doors swung open, John turned and looked at the rather well groomed sheriff enter the Bar. For someone living out the bloody desert this man was rather well clean, looking more like an London gentleman and an frontier town sheriff. His sheriff badge however was rather nice looking. Why couldn't John's department get badges like that?

"Calvin Higgins," he said quickly and to no one in particular, "Sheriff in these parts." he followed up as he looked at man on floor "Looks like he's learned his lesson don't you agree Mr? Well I suppose I missed your names. I'm Calvin Higgins."
Back in the UK Leblanc would have been arrested on the spot.. interesting

"Constantin LeBlanc! I dont take kindly to the abuse of women, nor do the people where i come from! But i agree, sir! He has learned his lesson."

"Miss Aveline."

that was John and Leblanc noticed a silent women entering the establishment, it was women John had seen outside not helping with the coachman but before he say anything the French's Grin moved on his lip. ""Mademoiselle..."

Goddam it... why can't there be a married woman here when you need one.

the wannable seducer LeBlanc a step closer, reached for her hand, and placed a kiss on it. "LeBlanc, at your service, Mademoiselle!" he said as he place his hand on hers, leaving a light trail of blood.

"God dam it LeBlanc, you got blood all over the young lady hand!" John said as he left the shadows of the doorway, reaching into his Jacket pocket john pulled out a crimson red handkerchief from his Jacket pocket and offered it to the lady.

"here take this gar-rifle back" John said as he handed LeBlanc his inferior French Rifle before turning to the sheriff "Sir John Blackburn at your service." he said before giving an small gentleman bow.

"Me, LeBlanc and our companion Kaufman, have to American to investage this new ghost rock material we have hearing all about cross the pond. If anyone here can help or has any information that leads to finding an sizeable source, that we can use I'm willing to pay a commission…"

John then remember these where Americans he was talking to "No wait what do they call it here... ah yes, a Finders fee?"

ooc: Updated to include correct bounty price ($50) instead of $500

Sir John Blackburn- Selina

Never again would John underestimate coach driving.

With the coachman injured, the driver dead and the three euros made an 45minute - 1 hour coach ride to town into an painstaking two hours, any long and horses would have dropped down dead from exhaustion, the coachman following them not long afterwards. Helping the coachman exiting the coach it appeared the town was coming out in full force to greet them, seeming gasping at the sight of the dead Panther strapped to the coach.

There attention quickly turned however when they noticed the injured coachman, within a few minutes several town folk, a elderly catholic priest and stretcher had come and took the injured man to church which is likely doubled as the town "clinic" a common feature in small towns like Selina which lacked an proper European trained Doctor.

Note to self: Do not get injured in this town.

Despite the commotion John noticed one town's people, an young woman carrying some sort of board was looking at them "Howdy Ma'dam"

Just then however John was distracted by Franz calling to him and the Frenchman. "This man has our bounty and drink. Let’s go.”

Following the short man (ooc: what does Zeke look like?) John & Franz followed him into a bar and then across a walkway into a taxidermy shop. John was unsure how successful this man was but judging by roaring Bear and perched Eagle he was atleast a very skilled taxidermist. Have them jump out at you'd be half convinced it was real bear attacking you.
what's someone as skilled as him doing in middle of the bloody desert?

"Name's Zeke, Zeke Ritter. My parents you see, they were from Germany too," he pulls out a flyer announcing the bounty and slips it over to Franz who he had seeming confused for an german... "Come to America for a new life"

could use this to our advantage.
With Zeke being happy and perhaps more likely to talk in the company of an fellow "German" John remained silent and hoped Franz would too.
turning back he looked at Franz, seeming looking him up before continued. "I fought for the Union you know. You got that look about you too. Hard to see sometimes, like that feller you saved? You know he was a Rebel? Well a Reb Deserter but a Rebel jus' the same."

"well technically both sides are rebels to Great Britain." John joked as he noticed Zeke's hand was shaking. "alas that was settled long before any of us where born."

"About your money though," zeke stated as he counts out a large pile of American money dollars into two lines on his counter, pushing some of the coins out of the way to make room. "Now then as you can see the reward offered were five hunnerd, but since y'all only killed the one..." he gathers one line and returns it to the register.

"You and Constantin injured the panther did you not?" John asked Franz "Possible that it's aready bleed to death."

"Them critters been botherin' the town fer some time now. You and yer boys go out and hunt the other'n and I'll give the rest of the money, even though I'd say now with just one a them damn things the town could probably handle it...but I'm gonna offer you a deal"
I'm sure they could but good chance someone would die, why not use the courageous outsiders who no-one gives a shit about.

"Go on." John repilled

"I'll work my magic on this here kitty, you let me display her here for a few month, and then you can have it. That's free taxidermy now and I ain't no slouch." he stated as he gestures out at his shop and the various critters he aready had stuffed. "Don't answer yet now. Take a look. It's a good deal fer both of us why you'll get a beautifully stuffed critter and I'll..."

Before Zeke could finish his strange sales pitch there something appear to happen to Bar, with what sounded like someone falling over and followed up by cute waitress John had spotted earlier pooking her head through the doorway "I've had enough of this shit Zeke, I quit. I'll be on the first train back to Virginia!" before storming out.

"Shit, I figured this day were comin' but she were my best waitress yet. Fine specimen too." Zeke says with a whistle after Lilly heads off on her way. "Anyway, what do you say? I know a few folk in town would be willin' to go back out there with you and get that puma's mate. Another $25 in it for y'all. Me an' you could talk about the old country, share stories. Ain't too many make it out this far."

"excuse me for an movement." John said as he picked up his pile of cash and walked outside, leaving the German and the Non-German to discuss the "Old country." although John reckoned Franz could keep him busy just talking about Prussian little war with France.

porbably be happy to hear about Germany becoming it's own country and everything.

leaving the Bar John went outside and found Constantin "I know I was the one to shot the panther but I want you to have this." John said as he handled the French Frog half of the money "If you hadn't of spotted it.. well it might not have just be the driver we lost."

John then held up the other half of the money and pointed to the Bar "Someone in there just violated the young waitress, teach that uncultured swine a lession and you may have the rest."

Hero John Blackburn - The Bloody Chisholm Trail

John charged behind the wagon, sword raised like he had done years before in the Birtish Royal Army. As he rounded the corner he saw that coach driver was dead, his throat had been torn open by the vile panther. The coachman however was still alive but wouldn't be for long with the panther maw engulf around his head, looking to bite him like it had done with driver.

need to get the critters attention

"Unhand him you savage beast," the Englishman yelled, "or Face My Wrath!"

it appears wild vicious critters could be persuaded as the panther released the coachman from it's deadly Maw. With the coachman haltering out of way John didn't waste this golden opportunity. Aiming his Howdah Pistol at panther he fired and then fired again to ensure he did not forfeit this opportunity to gun down the critter in one go.

the first .476 Enfield bullet found home in panther heads whilst second shot unfortunately only grazed the panther's head. Fearing he was about to get pounced on John aimed and prepared to fire again only for panther to shudder and fall over dead...

ha-haw! Another critter falls to the Howdah

The coachman John had saved slowly stood up, clear shaking he walked over to dead panther and fired his coachgun... having momentarily forgotten that he'd fired both shots.

"Rest easy coachman, the Vile beast is dead unfortunately I was unable to save your friend however." John stated as he looked at dead driver body... John himself was not an religious man like his wife had been but everyone... well most non-French people atleast deserved a good burial.

take the body to town and bury it there..

The coachman kicks the body and nearly trips over it, weakened as he is. "Gotta get out here," he says wiping blood and thick cougar saliva from his face, "all that racket an' all this blood'll bring other critters. Reckon I ought to get sewed up too."

"Yes, hopefully there is an doctor Selina or atleast some who can patch up enough to get the local city... Dodge city I believe it's called

He leans against the coach resting his bloody head on the wood panelling, "Bounty," he mutters now becoming harder to understand, "on the Just gotta drive it back," then reaches up to climb into the driver's seat and falls over.

"your in no position to drive or shoot for that matter, take seat inside and rest, we shall handle it from here." John said as he opened the coach door and helped the man climb inside.

man is panicking... needs to rest and calm down

sheathing his sword John walked around coach to Franz and Crapaud who had since killed or scared away the first Panther "Franz, F-Constantin... The coach driver is dead but I have saved coachman and killed a second panther.."

"the coachman seemed to suggest there is an reward for kill panthers and it's good meat so can you help me load up the body along with driver? the least we can do is take him to town for a proper burial."

John Reloaded his howdah pistol as he continued speaking "Once that's done however let's get the bloody hell out of here. Not sure about you gentlemen but I've just about had enough bloody Trail."
Sir John Blackburn - Chisholm Trail or Thereabouts

One key... "Traits" to be an mercenary (or atleast an successful one) was an imitating look so John was unsurprised when the Frenchmen began to glare coldly at him before blabbering some nonsense in his native tongue. A pointless language in john's mind that only useful for two things: insulting Frenchmen like the Frog and seducing married women.

However halfway though what John assumed was threat or an insult the Crapaud suddeny stopped and looked over to the bushes. "Merde..."


whatever the Frog has spotted Franz also saw as he sheated his knife and drew his Massive Gasser pistol. "Kaufman, Anglais! Over here!" The frog then shout before turning to the driver. "Get back into the carriage! You two..."

"What the devil is going on? have you spotted something?" John asked as he unsheathed his sword and also drew his Howdah Pistol.

suddenly a deep rolling growl, porbably from a panther-like critter came from Bush the Crapaud pointing towards. the Frog didn't even hesitate befoe shooting. "SHOT THE FUCKING THING!" He cried as franz also fired off two shots from his revolver too.

John himself did not fire... His Howdah pistol was rather deadly to critters (indeed that's what it design for) but he had limited ammo and there a good chance the frog and Franz shooting had aready killed the critter which had since gone quiet....

Then out of nowhere was a scream and the sound of clothes...tearing? but even worst it appeared to be coming from the coach!

A second beast?

John turned to see coach driver get dragged behind, the coachman fired his shotgun at the beast, a panther from the looks it before attempting climb out of savage beasts reach but it was too late and man was quickly dragged back behind the coach by the second Panther

[Persuasion!] "unhand him you savage beast or Face my wrath!" John shouted before charging towards the back of wagon, Sword and pistol ready [Fighting] [Shooting] Hopefully he could shoot the panther before it could kill the men.

ooc: Persuasion check is more of a joke but would sort of be funny if it worked.

ooc: Tags added and proved by Bango so include passes aswell

Sir John Blackburn - Chisholm Trail or Thereabouts

“Besides, I figured you’d be used to fighting around the world. I still have that Qing coin you mailed me from China.”

Not the only thing he picked up in china... still can't believe we fought a war over that.

"Keep that magic shit out of my face, Austrian, and i am happy to earn my pay!" The frog replied seemlying almost spitting out the word "magic" in utter hated.

"what that matter Leblanc? afraid of an little...(Pause)...Magic" John chuckled as he finished off his morning Tea..

only have an limited amount of leaves... shamefully I must spread out my supplies.

Emptying out the tea pot John was in the middle of packing up the portable tea kit when the coach suddenly stopped. Whilst Franz and the frog quickly drew their guns John patiently continued packing up his tea kit....The lack of screaming or shooting suggested it wasn't immediately bad and John would have time to finish his task.

Okay lets see going on outside...

Despite not drawing his pistol John look up at Franz and nodded that he was ready, when outside the carriage John would draw his sword. Movements later Franz open the carriage door and rushed out with Crapaud.

Drawing his sword John stepped out carriage himself and looked around.. No bandits, feral critters or undead... everything was seemlying fine and dandy so why had the driver stopped?

“Let’s go see what’s wrong.”

John turned and noticed the driver and Guard Franz hired where standing in front of something. Walking towards them john could see it was body of an young woman who had violently attacked but what had attacked her?

“steh zurück” Franz muttered but then realising Crapaud didn't speak German continued in English “stand back!”. He kept his gun on what remained of her head as he slowly circled her and began searching her purse, presumably for some sort of identification or some clue.

"Dont german me, Kaufman, you know that i hate that!"

John chuckled "Es ist in Ordnung, Franz. Ich kann deutsch sprechen, ignoriere diese Kröte"

kneeling a safe distance away from the woman corpse. John studied the woman's wounds...[investigation] her Midsection had been torn open, left arm appeared to have been torn off and her face was gnawed..

From John's experience [knowledge] he knew they weren’t made with a knife nor were the bones broken cleanly as with a hammer or some such. The cuts are clean as though they happened with one cut and the breaks are ragged. Most likely the work of a large local critter or perhaps one of several monster John knew about?

What large critters do they have in Kansas?... Those large cats things.. panthers maybe?

"They mostly hold onto their belts when they die! Check below her, or cut her belt open, some hide their money in there..."

"Typical Frog" John said as he stood back up "You really have no shame do you? I understand looting from soldiers in battle or worthy foes but an poor peasant women? what could she possibly have to be worth defiling her corpse over?"

"Anyway I'm afraid we there is not much we do for this woman." John said approached woman's head and drove his 1845 Pattern Infantry Officer's Sword though the woman's skull before looking at his companions "Better safe and sorry."

sheathing his sword John slowly walked back to the carriage "I'm not 100% sure what killed than woman but I believe it would be in our best interest to be gone when it returns."

"and yes it porbably will return"

or some other critter might be attracted to the fresh meat.


German line: It's okay, Franz. I can speak German, ignore this toad
Oh shit, didn't realize this was up

It only went up today/last night so no need to worry
Sir John Blackburn - Chisholm Trail or Thereabouts

This Kaufman character will be prefect cover but can you trust him? we cannot afford to lose any possible advantage to the Austrians, especially now that they have allied with the Prussians.

John slowly awoke, he along with Kaufman and the... Crapaud where in moderate nice but cramped stage carriage heading towards the small town of Selina. Taking out his pocket watch John looked at the time..
early, still some time before we reach town.

Rubbing some sleep out of his eyes John open his briefcase, taking out a portable tea kit he had purchased back in England along with couple dozen tea leaves to survive the journey on. Placing the kit on the carriage door's side table in front of him, John began to brew himself and Franz a nice cup of English Grey tea..
Shame we don't have any milk but oh tea, small sacrifice

After a minute or tow the water had boiled, John proceed to pour the boiling water into the teapot where he had placed the tea leave. placing the Tea cosy on top of the teapot he patiently awaited for the tea to brew. Around this time the Frenchmen awoke, like an common brute he can began Cursing before rubbing his eyes and seemlying muttering "Kaufman, pass me the water..."

Looking at the Crapaud he appeared to be suffering under the humid heat, true it was rather underpeasant but it was nowhere near as bad was in Africa or worst Indian. It was so hot in that bloody country that after several deaths from heatstroke the Birtish army changed it's uniform from red to light grey or dirt kaki colour.

hmm perhaps I should have not worn black.... do not should weakness in front of the Frenchman.

Returning the skin back to Kaufman, he would sink back into his eat, before looking at the John, his eyes narrow and with an cold look in them. "So Rosbif, remind me again, why are we marry band of comrades on the way to this Selina? Could we not have performed what every business you had in mind in Doge City?"

I didn't even wear red..

"well Crapaud" John replied as he poured a cup of English Grey tea and offered it Franz " I trust these American's even less than I trust you."

John then poured himself a cup of tea, placing the Tea cosy back on the teapot he took a slip before continuing his conversation with the Crapaud "There have been all sorts of stories and rumours about this new "ghost rock" material and before I invest in anything I would like to confirm what it is and what it can do for myself"

"Likewise we also heading out here for Mister Franz's investigation for the Imperial Society of Science and Magic but I'll let Kaufman examine that to you... again." John added on as he took another slip of tea and turned to look out window..
shouldn't be far now.
I'll start work on an introductory post shortly. We have a bit of a dilemma that I didn't foresee in that there isn't an immediately clear reason for everyone to be traveling together, so rather than start the story that way and leave you all to figure out why you're together I'll start it off with Lewis, Gappa, and Wam's characters (Blackburn, LeBlanc, and Kaufmann) traveling into Selina. We'll work out what the party is looking into and why they come together as we get started.

Perhaps a new source of ghost rock could have supposedly been discovered in/near Selina along with reports that "strange Bandits" have hassling people who attempt to mine it (or however you gather ghost rock).

Name: Sir John Blackburn

stats :




weapons: John main weapon is an Four Barrelled Howdah Pistol that he acquired during the Abyssinia Expedition, Very short range and only holds four bullets but it can drop an elephant. John also carries his 1845 pattern infantry officer’s sword on his back and whilst not an weapon John also has his Gentleman's lion head Cane.

outfit: John's outfit is an three piece suit in a new steampunk-ist style that has been gathering popularity in the UK. On his feet John wears Army issue Hessian boots:…

Other notable items: Marked cards


Worst Nightmare - Being beaten by an Frenchmen
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