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Current Hello I Rp'ed with Vatrou on the fallout site, recently he mentioned the Roleplayer gulid so I decided to check it out.
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Hello my name is Lewis I live in England, Hertfordshire where we drink tea, drive on the left side of the road and 6/2(1+2) = 9

I started roleplaying on the fallout site several years ago to help with my writing and have been hooked ever since... Heard about the roleplayergulid a while back and decided to check it out..

Will probably update this in an years time.

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Steve cooper- Turrets, drugs and Paramilitary women – Night time

Despite the reputation of mentats being the smart man’s aid and jet being processed shit addicts took the two drugs somewhat oddly worked remarkable well to together with the Jet focusing the user’s increased intelligence and perception from the mentat.

Upon taking both drugs Steve was able to build a “standard” (for wasteland standards alteast) field “assault turret”, A motorized assault rifle jury rigged onto a handmade platform with support legs. Usually this would take several hours to build but drugged up Steve had managed it in three and then got an interesting idea... A chair turret

Like its name suggest the “chair turret” was simply a wooden chair loosely attached to the turret but from an distance, when placed up on the wall it could very easily be mistaken for an machine gun placement but one that fired on its own, allowing the operator to fire their own gun and perhaps catching a few raiders off guard. .

It is done... but raiders? Should perform recon... Given the limited time parted the quarry faction should still assume my loyalty.

Packing up his tools Steve headed up stairs and found Edgar sitting at one of the lounge table drawing some sort of picture whilst Johnny was dealing to some caravan workers, seemlying wanting an extra “boost” on the road.

“Edgar there is a turret and chair in the basement, would you kindly bring it upstairs for me?”

“O-Kay stevey”

As Edgar brought the turret up from the basement Steve went to his room, putting on his jacket, equipment belt/pounce and grabbing his rifle Steve also spent a few minutes combing his hair and putting on a pair of eyeglasses.... after all his eyes weren’t getting any younger.

Finishing getting ready Steve head back downstairs to the lobby/entrance area where Edgar had carried the turret and chair. “Here let me take the chair, now would you kindly follow me? I plan on placing this turret out by the museum."

With the sun now set it was rather dark and cold on the street of Salem especially with the lacking functioning street light and the town's location near the Atlantic ocean but in the distance roughly in the location of the old lighthouse there was odd dim green light, providing the town with some lighting.
I wonder what that light could be. Could the atom children have fixed the lighthouse?

With the chair in hand and Edgar following him Steve walked though the lonely streets of Salem (although there was still some people at the diner) with the pair made their way up the hill towards the old museum of witchcraft. When the wall is finished the turret (and perhaps others) would be placed on or perhaps behind on an elevated platform but for now simply placing it in a cover position... perhaps the museum’s car park would have do.

As they approached the car Steve noticed that someone else was here, it was the paramilitary woman who had shot at Rook and seemlying had become friends with the twerp although apart from her name, Frieda she had refused to reveal any of her past to him. she also seemed to be spending her time with the doctor.

“Hello Possible paramilitary woman Frieda do not be alarmed it is me Steve and employee Edgar, we are just setting up this turret I built to help with raider attacks.”

Oddly Edgar cheeks blushed at sight of Frieda and he stared at the woman, somewhat nervously for a few movements until Steve waved at him to drop the turret.

Dropping the turret & Chair Steve began to positioning the turret behind one of the wrecked cars which would provide it some cover and then attached the chair “ideally this turret will be placed on the wall, once it has been finished of course."

"The chair is to fool people into thinking it’s a machine gun position only for it to fire on them when they get close.....Although for now I guess it will give you a place to sit.” Steve chuckled on
James William- Getting Moving Again

“Not far. Only a few hundred yards.”, he said while looking off towards Steve and Corrine. They seemed to make it out alright, but he’d make sure in a sec. He refocused on James’s wound. “You fit to continue? How does the arm feel?” he said before turning to them “Are you two fine? I heard someone getting hit.”

“The.... thing attacked Connie.”James replied before commenting on his arm “It’s still attached but probably the only positive thing I can say.” James chuckled as he wrapped another bandage around his arm “It fucking hurts, I can barley move it and I can’t even feel my fingers..”

if I couldn't see them i'd think i'd lost them.

Apart from bandaging the wound there was little James could do, even if he had the correct tools he was no doctor so after finishing with the bandaging James placed the box back into his backpack and used his rifle as counterweight to stand up properly

Can’t use this anymore... walking stick perhaps?

After Standing up for a minute or two James slowly and with slight pain tucked his damage arm into his jacket’s front pocket before speaking to the group “I can move... but it will be alot easier, even crippled to get back to town with the power armour especially if we run into any more fish whatever the fuck face monster thing that was… Are they usually that big?"

“No knowledge on them, see what Corrine thinks”, brotherhood replied starkly.

James turned to Connie “do you know what that fish thing was? Oh and take this.” James asked as he offered her his level action rifle “I can’t use it anymore.”

A few minutes later everyone was ready to move out “I’ll take point again. I didn’t take too hard of a hit.”, brotherhood stated before turning around. “The vetibird is close. We should try to sneak the rest of the way to avoid anymore encounters. Plus there’s probably some creatures near the wreck attracted by the explosion and fire. We could get the drop on them.”

“I agree with the sneaking but outside of close quarters I’m probably gonna am next to useless in a sneak attack and I’d rather not risk getting clawed by Mr. Fish head again.”

Next time I probably won’t be as “lucky”
@Stitches @DinoNuts Okay lets see.... starting on page 10 (dino's last post)

Doctor west and Frieda reveal pastes to each other

Celeste meets Adam and hit it off (going on date soon I think)

Brandy fixes up wheelchairs, Eliza is given one and taken home by Shelby and Waylon. Have spent most of the day at home looking after Eliza

Betty an new Npc starts at the diner, several new people have also joined the RP (see CS page) although some haven't posted for awhile

Brandy punched betty in the diner after falsy accusing her of cheating with ace

Mary find the horse Steve tired up outside the diner, cleans it up and goes riding the horse, meets Rick who attacted some cultists.They shoot and kill some of the cultists with several people hear guns shots

people go to investage the guns shots, Sara kills the remain cultists before going to the hotel and meeting celeste and Archie (robot) Steve arrives shortly later and is view suspiciously by Sara.

Mary and rick go back to her house and eat some food. Rick, who is not use to wasteland food rejects Mary's cooking. meets the doctor and the pair acknowledge each other (both men are from the instuite)

Ace and Brandy has sex :D

Frieda joins the militia, Lorelei joins later. Frieda askes to paid (and receives payment) Lorelei does not

Steve goes up to hotel roof and chats to rook (about the wall and good mutants) , Sara hires a room and starts developing a crush on celeste before falling asleep.

Both frog and Crimson have been Real life problems (crimson is in hurriance area) so not much going on with cultists but raiding plot? blewing.

Rook jumps down from hotel and marks out spot for gate, notices raiders approaching and promptly slaughters most of them. Steve rushes down from hotel roof, briefly chats to girls calls brandy a twerp, tells Sara to put some shoes on and tells celeste gun fight will be over quickly.

Steve leave hotel and shots surrending raider. Both Adam and Lorelei appear and Steve justifies shooting and suggests blaming it on others. Adam is not convinced and walks off fearing raider attacks.

Frieda, doctor west, rick get diner or drinks at diner and listen to radio report. Lorelei joins them after chatting with Steve for abit

Steve loots raiders, taking an corpse "blood bad" to the clinc, much to the shock of the doctor before heading to back to pleasure den and begins to build turret

Brandy rush back to town and is happy to see ace isn't hurt. the pair are chatting

Lorelei notices rick is different and begins to interrogate him. Rick is drunk and gives funny response.

Sara conforms celeste


I think that's all the main points

Steve Cooper - Evening

Rabbit waved her hand dismissively while her mouth was full of water. Then she turned to look at Steve again. “No…I’m going home.” She looked down at the mangled corpse. “Looks like you get to clean up after yourself after all.” She gave a half-smile and trekked back home.

“Nah... I’ll leave it for the hotel’s robot, probably the only thing those general atomics trashcans are good at.” Steve replied before turning back to the raider corpses “Probably should give one to the doc though.” He muttered to himself with rabbit a good distance away now.

Before that however Steve partook in the long standing tradition of looting the people you kill! or well watch being killed in this case. Searching the raider corpses Steve was able to find a handful of bullets, a small bag of drugs and a pair of semi-decent boots.

Should give these to fly girl hehe

Finding nothing else of value (or alteast to Steve) he stood back up and strung the rifle he’d taken earlier around his back before picking up the raider corpse that rook had punched in the face. Although the raider's face was managed to hell compared to the other raiders this one had lost very little blood and whose body was perfectly intact, making him ideal "candidate" for a blood/organ bag.

With the (mostly) fresh raider corpse over his shoulder Steve slowly walked back into the town and towards the clinic. Pasting the diner along the way he noticed Rabbit had put her overcoat back on and that the doctor was there, chatting to hotshot and the guy who had been on the horse earlier on.

Walking by Betty called out to him “Hey Steve some harlots where here earlier on looking for you, I sent them to that your club.”

“Thanks B-Bomb.” Steve replied before calling out to the doctor “Hey doc I found you a blood bag, I’ll leave
them at the clinic for you.”

Making his way past the diner Steve entered the church and put the raider corpse down on one of the empty pew benches. With any luck the doctor should be able to get 2 maybe 3 prints of blood out of the raider's corpse.

Some use may come from the punk

Leaving the church Steve heading back to the pleasure den where very loud “grunting” and "moans" seemlying of pleasure could be heard coming from up stairs

“Hey Steve-o” Johnny, who was reading the diamond city newspaper behind the front desk called out “some more girls showed up apparently they saw your sign? Either way I’ve already got them working up stairs, some caravan boss hired them both for the whole night.”

“Dirty bastard” Steve chuckled “but we need people like them to spread the word about this place so make sure he get’s A-grade service.”

“Already handled but I was thinking perhaps we should get a radio ad too? That gun store has an ad on there so why not us? Maybe get one in newspaper too”

“Good idea but the town got attacked by raiders today so I’m gonna help out on defences first... no point building up the PD if some punks are just gonna burn it down.” Steve replied as he headed for the basement “call me if you need anything.”

“will do” Johnny stated as he turned back to reading the newspaper "looks like those gunner guys got beaten."

beaten by a bunch of farmers.. shameful disgrace of an merc company...

The basement of the pleasure den had not been cleaned out and was cluttered with various pieces of furniture, clothing and spare/scrap pieces & tools which they had cleaned out from the shops and (for now) dumped down here but in the centre of room there was a small, cleaned out space with a wooden table in the middle.

Time to build a turret... Swallowing a mentat pill Steve picked up a sew machining that had come from the tailor shop and began to use it and various spare/scrap parts laying around the room to build an motor for the turret.

Motor, power supply, legs, gun, and then targeting system
Steve cooper- Rabbit – Evening

"Yeah, if they're drugged up rape fiend raiders.”

“They are drugged up rape fiend raiders, hell this moron though it be an good idea to attack an super mutant, a super fucking mutant with an baseball bat.... I highly doubt his friends are any more intelligent” Steve commented back as he pointed down the dead raider armed with an baseball bat. “Besides I only shot one.”

Cult on the otherhand might check....

Steve then suggested turrets and traps with the man also commented on "Yeah. That's one side. Take a look around you; we're surrounded on three sides by water. We'll still need foot patrols along the coastlines. Then there's the gate into town, that'll need siege reinforcements. Too many good towns have fallen overlooking the importance of a strong gate. Maybe weld sheet metal or weld some steel together and make something like those ancient castles. And a slit in the door that can be opened to look through when need be if there's no one on the wall."

Sieges? Castles? Where or perhaps I should say when does this guy think we are?

“Look pal we aren’t in bloody 12th century England and who the hell do you thinks’ gonna attack the town? The Enclaves 101st Sigma squad? I agree on having a strong gate, strengthen it against explosive too but we are mainly gonna be raider punks and whacko cultists... no need to go overboard on defensives...”

I doubt many of them can swim anyway..

Rook the super mutant then spoke up “Looks clear right now. Have to find good place to make it look like fight happened then. Rook will get back to wall. If anyone knows how to weld, bring welding things with you. Rook founds lots of metal and wants to get this up quickly. Faster wall is set up, faster town is able to defend itself from bigger threats...”

“I can weld but don’t have a welder so will have to build one after the turret.” Steve replied pausing for an few second as he didn’t want to suggest getting her to help but with threat of attack everyone was needed “the twerp... err Brandi might know too I think, recall Acey saying she builds stuff”

Once rook and the trader man, Adam Steve overheard saying his name was walked off to continue on the wall or simply down the road Steve turned to non-overcoat, who was now covering up her raisins and briefly though of a new nickname for her.... Non-overcoat was indeed abit too long..


“That’s you new nickname.” Steve chuckled “but what do you think of my idea of setting the cult and raiders against each other? Despite what medieval said I doubt they would check the bodies wounds or alteast I doubt the raiders would.”

“Although if you think it’s a bad idea tell me and I’ll start building a turret instead, you can come and watch if you like... little guys have saved my life on more than one occasion so it’s convenient to know how to build one.”
James Williams- The retreat of the ugly mcfishface monster

Pushing the latch James popped open the sawn-off shotgun, placing the gun on his chest he pulled out the spend shotgun shells as ugly mcfishface monster thing spat out more of yesterday's diner but this time hitting Brotherhood before turning its attention to tour guide who had just speared the creature.

As ugly mcfishface let out a frightening water-logged gurgle of pain before swiping at Corrine with one of its large hands and sending her crashing to the ground.

Shells shells where are the shells..

Reaching into his jacket pocket James took out to fresh shells, popping them into the shotgun he picked the gun up, flipping the barrel shut he got read to aim again when ugly mcfishface, having just been shot by Steve quickly ran into the fog.

“That’s right fuck off!” James chuckled before sighing in relief and dropped the shotgun back onto his chest… he’d just barely avoided become whatever the fuck that was lunch but James couldn’t sit and relax, his arm was still bleeding..

“Hey can someone help me up?”

Brotherhood who had now cleaned some of the gunk off himself walked over and helped and helped James onto his feet. Taking off his backpack James sat down on a semi-comfortable looking rock which for the most part had avoided being covered in blood.

Opening up his backpack James took out a small white box which had “United States Army, Enclave general purpose bandages.” Written on the top, with a slightly faded “E” symbol in the corner. "anyone need bandages? got some here."

Placing the box on his lap and opening it James took out a bandage and began to wrap it around his arm wound... Whilst doing this he attempted to move his arm, we was now able to “feel” parts of his hand and it could see that he hadn’t lost it but attempt to move it cause severe pain...

“Probably gonna need surgery on this...” James grunted his arm stinging as he continued wrapping the bandage “How far is it to the crash site?”

“Will be alot easier, even crippled to get back to town with the power armour especially if we run into any more fish whatever the fuck face monster thing that was...”

"are they usually that big?"
Steve cooper-The Non-overcoating- Road into town/evening

“…the hell is going on, Steve?”

“Just some raider punks who thought they could extort the town, this one attempted to beg for mercy but he know the town’s location and that the wall isn’t finished.... not worth the risk.” Steve stated as he holstered his 50. Deagle pistol

Would have just gathered up some more raiders and attacked the town again...

Steve then turned to face overcoat except today she wasn’t wearing it... “You’re not” Steve stated as he checked out non-overcoat, somewhat muscular she was thinner than steve had expected, perhaps due to her suffering from malnourishment at somepoint? Her... assets were also larger than fly girl’s but not as big as Celeste. “Wearing your overcoat.”

“Guess I’ll have to come up with a new nickname for you then Non-overcoat.” Steve chuckled on as he winked at Lorelei.

Before Steve could say anything else an man around Steve's age with greying and hair and perhaps an trader of some sorts judging by the multiple pockets on his clothes ran up to see what was happening, "Hey! What is it, partner? Bandits? Mutants? 'claws, God forbid?"

You’d think we just be standing here if it was deathclaw’s?

“Just some raider scouts... Rook pretty much deracinated them single handily but this is the second time hostile forces have attacked the town today, next time we may be not be lucky enough for it to foolishly poorly armed Punks.”

“But I have idea, we got raider corpses here and atom cultists over there.” Steve said as he pointed to the dead atom cultist “we pick up their bodies and dump them on main road... make it look like they though each other.”

Bending down Steve picked up one of the raider’s rifle and examined the gun’s barrel... for an raider’s weapon it was in decent condition “with any luck they will blame each other for the attack and whilst they are busy getting revenge we can finish off the town wall.”

I can use this...

“Should also build some traps and turrets to guard us and any blinds pots we have until the wall is finished and then once built save us from having to man all of the wall 24-7."

should atleast have one person on the gate though.
Steve Cooper- Don’t fucks with Salem- early evening

“Was Fawkes one of the Eighty Sevens? Rook did battle with many of them. Strong, but stupid. Too straightforward in how they act. Like children with guns.”

“87? Or wait you mean "Orange" super mutants... Yes Fawkes was one of them, maybe even an original one since he had an old vault suit on although he was alot smarter than the regular orange mutants, much like you I guess.”

“Rook will put all his efforts into Salem. Rook won't let this town get taken by Deathclaw’s, raiders, or Adam Sons. Rook has beaten them all in the past, Rook can do it again.”

“Atom cultists” Steve corrected “But yeah you protect the town from bad people.”
I wonder if I could exploit this... perhaps later on...

Rook rooted around in his bag for a moment before pulling out a bit of red chalk. “Rook should get back to work, will have to ask others later on about if they have things for welding. Rook has found a lot of scrap steel we can use for wall making.”

“Could probably make an welder...” Steve replied “but good thinking with the chalk, mark out where the gates should go, I’ll stay up and call out if I think it’s an good spot or not. ”

Rook nodded before jumping off the building...

Steve had seen people in power armour jump down stair case before but that was one floor... this crazy mutant son of bitch had Willing Jumped off a three story and remarkably as Steve looked over the edge had landed okay and seemlying unhurt..... “Crazy motherfucker...”

Unaffected by jumping from a height that would kill a normal person Rook then made his way over to road and marked cement with a large red X. “Good Spot!” Steve called out.

One the main road, plenty of space for travellers but also defendable once wall is built

That was when Steve... and seemlying Rook as he quickly took off for his shack noticed a group of people approaching town but judging from armour and oddly coloured hair this wasn’t an group of traders but raiders... Likely scouts from a nearby camp.

Punk kids have no chance against Rook....

Deciding to get up close view of what would be an Blood-dome level beat down (no way those punks where gonna kill Rook) Steve opened up the Hotel roof hatch and climbed down. Making his way back down to the lobby Steve could here a twerpish voice; someone else had come to visit them. “Oh Celeste, thank you for the wheelchairs. I fixed two up and Shelby's girlfriend Eliza was allowed to leave the clinic because she didn't have to walk on her injured leg.”

“Heya twerp.” Steve called out as he walked down the staircase into the lobby and turned to face the short curvaceous woman “Madam, Rook is currently eliminating some raider scouts we spotted from the roof; please do not worry about the noises....They will be dead pretty quickly”

Steve then turned to Fēi nǚhái (ooc: Fly girl) who had seemlying just jumped out of bed, barley dressed and to the great disapproval of Steve... bare feet “First rule of combat, protect your feet.”

“I’ll go and check on rook although I don’t expect those raiders to much trouble for him, go put some shoes or something before coming out yourself.” Steve seemlying ordered to the woman before walking out of the Hotel.

As Steve had pretty much expected the raiders, including one who’d seemlying only been armed with a baseball bat (good luck against an super mutant with that) had been no match for rook. By the time Steve had left the hotel only three... No two where left, with rook literally destroying the third raider’s skull with a single punch.

Never get into an fist fight with an super mutant..

The Final raider put up his hands. “Woah woah woah!” He said, Rook stopping in his tracks. “I get it. I get it. We are not gonna show up here trying to extort caps. Fine, I get it... Lemme go and you won't see me again.”

With Rook seemlying hesitating Steve drew his Deagle Pistol “and how do we know you won’t just come back with a bigger group to extort us? Our wall isn't finished yet and it won't take you that long to round up a gang large enough to outnumber us... I have a better idea, how about we use you as an message.”

“An message?”

“Yeah, don’t fuck with Salem or you’ll end up dead. "Steve chuckled as he pulled the trigger.
Steve Cooper- Roofing with Rook- later Afternoon

“Rook was thinking one near Inn, here.” He pointed a short ways down the road, then drew a line with his finger all the way to where he was building the wall at first.

“Yeah that’s a good spot.”

“And another there, both ways in front of town, but town is surrounded by water, easier to protect town that way. Also, if we take barge and move it to other side of town, where bridge used to be, and lock it there, can be good way for people to leave in emergency.”

“Shouldn’t be too reliant on the water protecting the town, more people than you think can swim.” Steve replied as he looked down at the boat, unsure from up here if it was working or not. “Hadn’t considered using boat.... that could be useful but getting it working could be a bitch. Or do you already have it working?”

“Rook cannot build wall alone though. Rook is one person, and some times spots will take more than one person. Does Steve man know how to make cars work again? There are two truck cars on other end of town, would be helpful in moving materials.”

“Cars?” Steve said as scratched his hair and though for a movement “Never worked on a car before but I guess I could have a go? But even if I got a car-truck running do we have any fuel for it?

Pretty much everyone per-war seems to have a car so can’t be that difficult to fix. Fuelling it will be the bigger problem

Rook sat on the edge of the building, his legs hanging off as he looking over the landscape before them all and was oddly silent for several minutes “err.. Rook?” Steve asked but seemlying couldn’t get an reply out of the mutant.

"Long ago, Rook used to be in town many weeks from here. Rook helped to build wall, almost built entire wall himself. Towns people said Rook was only here to make them feel safe and lure other mutants there. They threw Rook out, shooting at him and being mean. Rook came back weeks later to try to talk it over, but Rook discovered town was gone. Deathclaw’s had moved in and killed people. Rook doesn't want to see that here.
Karma overlords an depressed super mutant...

“If that’s true then those people were short-sighted, cheap bigoted assholes...Fuck Building a wall would be counterproductive and make it alot bloody harder to raid the town...”

Assuming he’s telling the truth about that

“But if you built the wall anything like this one then you shouldn’t blame yourselves for their deaths... not your fault if they didn’t use it properly.”

Although even the Enclave with all their fancy gadgets and armour got slaughtered taking on a pack of deathclaws so they were probably fucked either way... those fucks can climb so walls would have been useless.

“You know I once met a friendly super mutant before... his name was Fawkes, he had a big Gatling laser and with the help of a Vault kid he stopped some bad people from poisoning the water in DC.... got an shiny medal and House in Canterbury for his heroics.”
Steve cooper- The Hotel- Mid afternoon

“....and I’ll take care of the next group that makes the mistake of showing up too. In the meantime I’d suggest you keep those eyes up and turning, wink at me again and I’ll set them spinning.”

“Aggressive? I like that.” Steve said as he purposely winked at the woman again “and sure you, me and few others in town could take out the next group of stragglers that wander into town but what if they come in force Fēi nǚhái?”

Church has gotten alot more aggressive since the brotherhood kicked them out of DC

The small curvaceous woman who’d been hiding behind the desk cleared her throat. "I believe Rook is building the wall. Archie showed him to the roof but I, ah, haven't seen him, since. He might still be up there." She gestured towards the robot. "Could you show Mr. ... ah, what was your name? Up to the roof?"

“Steve, Steve cooper pleasure to meet you Madam.”

"Absolutely, manager! Mind the stairs, this way, please..." the robot turned and went up the stairs branching from the foyer.

“Robot do you know when those atom losers moved into the crater? How many there are? If they are attacking travellers on the road Might be a good idea to clean them out before they start causing trouble for the town...”

"Manager Celeste has named me 'Archie', which is just fine, sir. Now, a crater, did you say? Last I knew, the moon was inhabitable to most aerobic life forms. Did that change with the Great War?"

Why would I be asking about the moon...?

“No not the moon robot, the crater just outside of town by the lighthouse.” Steve groaned at the robot “fuck it... Command override vocal audio house, Robert access core programming"

No wait Robco didn’t make Mr. handy robot, crap what’s the code for them again?.... Should have written them all down...

“Forget it, just take me to the roof robot... although quick question, are you the only robot here? Does... Manager Celeste have other robots?

OOC: @Callyx I'm not sure what rooks doing on the roof so left it vague.. will edit or remove this part if you decide to have rook leave before steve shows up.

Reaching the roof Steve spotted rook “Rook, the short madam downstairs... Celeste I think her name is said your building the wall? Good idea but you’re making a mistaking having three doors... We don’t have enough people yet to defend them all and will just make it easier for raiders to get in.”

Steve then walked over to the edge “Should have two doors at most, the main entrance on the road and side door on the beach.” Steve stated as pointed to places he though the wall doors should go.

Could also have a drop down ledge but need to figure out the right place to put that... maybe on the northern part of the wall?

“Apart for that looks like you’ve been doing an good job on the wall.... err Good work Rook.”
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