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Current Hello I Rp'ed with Vatrou on the fallout site, recently he mentioned the Roleplayer gulid so I decided to check it out.
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Hello my name is Lewis I live in England, Hertfordshire where we drink tea, drive on the left side of the road and 6/2(1+2) = 9

I started roleplaying on the fallout site several years ago to help with my writing and have been hooked ever since... Heard about the roleplayergulid a while back and decided to check it out..

Will probably update this in an years time.

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@Lunarshe might be waiting for a bit, walls arent complete yet, and no one is watching them, as far as I remember, Could be wrong. The town meeting being called for will go over those subjects.

Also here is link to our discord chat,

I believe part of the wall is built but the gate and entire left/north side hasn't been started yet. there are also the bodies of mutants, some of the dead baby deathclaw and wrecked turret in this area
Does anybody think they could give me a quick run down of current situation? It would save me a lot of reading.

A Deathclaw nest was discovered in the Salem Museum with deathclaws then attacking the town. We are Mostly recovering from this attack and are about to have a town meeting about it (and several other recent attacks)

Captain James William- Returning to Town

With somewhat of an plan of action sorted out everyone began working quickly as they could to scavenge what they could from the Vetbird. For his role James approached a set of power armour inside the vetibird.

now how I am going to get my arm in there...
Thankfully for James the people at west terk had seeming though of this problem aready as when the suit opened up, the arm section also opened up allowing James to simply place his crippled arm inside and have the suit close around it.

been long time since I've been in one of these... everything looks completely different

Exiting the vetibird James with his new found power armour strength helped the local scavenge the wreckage of the vetibird before picking up some of the corpses to carry back to town. For some reason this also included the Gecko, supposedly because Steve had said Avery would have wanted to be buried with it... very werid but with the power armour the extra weight was nothing to James.

Later on- Far Harbour town..

After an uneventful walk back to town the group began to unload the gear and supplies but before James could exit his power amour one of the Hull watchman gave a shout, and pointed to The Fog.

"Something's coming!" He yelled out.

James turned to Brotherhood "If this is an attack we need stall them up long enough for Brooks (ooc: or whoever is manging the Brotherhood loot) to hand out the weapons and supplies."

Steve then turned to Brooks "start handing out the rifles although make sure people still take there 47-70 rifles, we are still gonna need those against armoured targets."

James then climbed the stairs to the Hull and watched as a cultist wearing some type of painted white armour and carrying an Lantern approached. like the other cultist leaders this was also wearing some sort headgear but this time it was an helmet instead of an mask.
probably expects to get shot at.

The figure spoke with a voice that was filled with both conviction and authority. "Hold your fire" they asked "I'm not here to fight. I'm here to retrieve the bodies of our fallen brothers and sisters. The one you know as 'Avery', we know by another name. She is not the friend you once knew, I'm sorry to say. Captain Avery was dead long before today. The woman you killed...should be with her family, not with you. Do us this kindness...and we will return the favor in kind."

wait... there was an human Avery and Synth? and how do these fruitcakes know about it? If she was an instuite agent she wouldn't have talked and runaway wouldn't replace someone...

As James though about this corrine cloaked an "what " before clearing her throat. "Avery was one of ours, born 'n' raised on the Island, no matter what she...what she chose later," she called down. "She may have spent 'er last days...elsewhere, but her family, her real family, are the folks who stand with me here and behind this wall."

well technically she's an different pe-Machine now

She started to shake. Corrine's emotions were beginning to catch up to her, as well as her fatigue. "Her roots," she began, her voice breaking, "her roots are here, with us. I'm sorry for your loss, but our loss is deeper. Simple as that."

Corrine paused, to realize people were still staring at her. "Ah...oh, I guess I Ya can't have Avery." She looked around to the stony faces of the other harbour folk, and suddenly felt irritated. "Well, ain't I right?!"

"I have an question, well two actually" James stated with Brotherhood armour voice box echoing it down to the helmeted cultist "How did you know Avery was an synth? and do you know why it had replaced Avery?
Captain James William- Planning

"Suh-smooth skin, too. Many long-time cultists don't tend ta look so...well...fresh." She glanced around at the other islanders who had turned to face her while she spoke. "Well, it's true, ain't it?" Corrine shrugged. "Not like I know what it means. Maybe they just haven't been goons long enough ta have lost their hair an' their skin."

"Some people are born naturally more resistance to radiation, Zombie "technically" have high advanced radiation resistance as well although if Rose is correct and they are synths then it wouldn't surprise me if the instuite made them resistance or even immune to radiation....No point building synths to do your bidding on the surface If an little fallout can beat them. "

Could be Drugs although there's no way they got that high quality meds out here.

Connie crouched back down to take Steve's hand in both of hers, once more. "Can we just finish up, here, an' get back to down? Steve and James both need to see the doc. Nothin' about those cultists is gonna change in the time it takes us to get back to town."

"Actually.... Once we have done looting the vetibird we should booby-trap the bodies, hopefully it will "slow down" anyone following us." James chuckled at the though of atom cultist getting blow up.


James then turned around to see Brotherhood opening up the Vetibird cargo and make his way back over to the group "We’re in the money with the supplies and power armour, guys. And there’s one minigun still operational. We just need to get it back to town”, he looked at the jagged bits of hull scattered around “Maybe we could make some kind of sleigh to put the crates on?”

we hit the jackpot... almost worth semi-losing my arm... Almost.

"Well maybe we can use the vetibird doors as "plates" to hold items and have the people in the power armour carry back them to town? how many suits are there?" James asked

(someone Reponses with four)

"Four suits? well then have one take the minigun and be point man, two people carry the loot on the door "plates" and then the final suit user carries Steve and any of the... deceased we are bringing back."

"With the exception of Brotherhood I probably have the most experience with Power armour but even with the armour my arm's pretty much fucked but I can lock the suit's arm in position and carry Steve. No offense but if we run into trouble I know how to move and fight one handed in the suit without dropping him.

Not that will need to move much with the minigun on our side.
If anyone else was in the diner I'll edit them in later

Steve Cooper - Noonish

Acelot shook his head, “The Brotherhood never rebelled from the Enclave, Steve. In fact the two are bitter enemies, but where never one organization… This mutant would have never served with the New California Brotherhood, if anything it would be the Midwest chapter… a misguided group if anything…”

“Midwest? Jesus you tin-can are bloody everywhere aren’t you? And I was referring to before the bombs, or Is that story I heard in DC about Maxton's great granddaddy rebelling complete BS?

“That one is correct in his assumptions” motioning toward Ace, “in California I fought against the brotherhood of steel and the Enclave while part of The Masters Army. Even had a few skirmishes with the New California Republic and those slavers that are out there”

“Must have been pretty powerful army if you where able to take on three high-tech armies at once but I bet that’s also how he was defeated, can’t take everyone on.”

Or for long at least

The Mutant again he looked to Steve while skilfully taking his weapon apart. “The Master was a kind of mutant, he mutated with some computer equipment at the Mariposa military base. This was many years after the brotherhood of steel left the base… The Master was far more intelligent than anyone or anything I’ve ever met.”

Mutated with computer equipment? How the fuck could you even do that? Maybe he means cyborg that got mutated… that could sorta happen.

Gorge then examined the “Masters” plan, turn everyone into super mutants and how he wasn’t particularly proud of the some of the stuff he’d done so volunteer for an long term scout mission, something which may have ended up saving his life if the vault dweller he mentioned was anything like ice cube or the kid from vault 101.

“Well in some sense this master guy was right, super mutants are bigger, stronger and more adaptive to the wasteland than "normal" humans but at the cost of being dumber than a bag of hammer...Well for East coast mutants anyway."

Useful in army grunts but not if you want to build an society

The mutant continued to clean his weapon as he examined how he joined up with the brotherhood in saint louis, staying with them for several years until an ambush wiped out his entire squad and he forced to exile himself after he discovered his based was destroyed.

seems like waste of soldiers doing that

the mutant then picked up his holotag, “Name Gorge, Race Super Mutant, Rank Knight Captain, Height 9’8, Weight 772 Lbs. Serial Number SM573954-23454-9666” reading it off like he remembered it by heart, while saying this he stood and faced Steve taking the bolts and straps off the plating on his right shoulder to reveal the metal skeleton of the armour and his bare skin. Pointing to the brand on his shoulder that held the Brotherhood of Steel’s Midwestern chapter’s emblem and his serial number below it.

“Clearly I killed paladin bob, took his holotag and went through the process of forging the inscriptions on it and branded my shoulder giving it the time it would need to heal and look aged” his sarcasm was dry as he returned to cleaning his armour.

"Okay I admit it, you're legit.... but hey we can use this to our advantage!" Steve replied before turning to Acey as he slowly attempt to get up, winching in pain at one point. "If you're an (-grunt--) a Captain perhaps you can order Acey over there to give us free coffee for life."

"Relax Acey I'm just joking, besides everyone has free coffee today anyway." Steve chuckled as he picked up pistol from the floor although he was unable to find his rifle or submachine gun...No doubt they where still at the diner.

Better get them before someone steals them, too many sick people here anyway.

"I'm gonna get a drink.... Acey once the twerp has been sorted out I think we should call a town meeting and discuss the town defences, we can't keep having every bloody raider, mutie and fucking deathclaw that roams nearby easily access to the town centre..

Even when Rook's wall is built we are gonna need some men, robot or even turrets to man it

stumbling out of the clinic Steve gripped his chest and slowly walked across the street and into the diner. Ignoring the doctor and man he was speaking to for the movement he walked up to the counter and sat down on an empty stool.

"Steve." Betty nervously said with a strange look on face, like she was attempting to do something she had never down before.... Thank someone

"I... Just wanted to thank you for killing that deathclaw." betty stated "If you hadn't of been there... we might not have made it into the basement."

I can see why James does the whole hero thing, feels sorta good

"No problem B-bomb, besides if you died who'd make my coffee? " Steve chuckled, causing pain string in Steve's chest as he body move "Fuck---Although Right now I could do with an Drink... go down to basement and find the strongest shit Acey has and get a bottle for youself too."

"Oh do you know where my guns are? I dropped my rifle and submachine when the mother deathclaw tail whipped me."
steve Cooper- Clinic- Afternoon

“Judging by your assumption and tone I’m guessing you don’t like the Brotherhood of steel”

"I've killed several of them." Steve admitted before grunting pain slightly "So no, not an big fan of the brotherhood or what's left of them anyway."

Brotherhood probably still around in DC

A quiet sigh escaped the mutant before he started his little story telling session. “Listen before I start with the story telling, you should both be aware of a very, well as other humans have put it, unsettling discovery. Other than the good doctor here, I’m probably the most intelligent person in this settlement”

To Steve alteast this was an odd thing start with. The few "intelligent" super mutants Steve had met or heard about where usually Smarter than the average person, no doubt part of reason why they remained "friendly" and they could live an long time like ghouls so they had time to educate themselves but most intelligent person? why start an story but stating that?

"... Okay..?" Steve replied unsure what to think of the statement

The mutant paused, seeming to let his "announcement" to sink in before continuing, now Steve expected the mutant would embellish his story, perhaps he simply saved an tin-can by shooting one guy instead of rescuing him from 1-10 ambush in a burning building but the story the mutant told was outright ridiculous, he was an bloody tin-can?

he's joking right?

Not just an "honorary " one or some bullshit like but an full knight captain with three squads under his command which included more super took Steve a movement to realize he wasn't joking. "Wait... you're serious?" Steve replied "No way you where in the brotherhood, Tin-cans bloody hate super mutants, hell they pretty much wiped out all the Orange ones in DC and would have done the same here if Tom hadn't blown them up."

Putting the bandage back over the Steve's stitched wounds he continued to talk, “I know of those orange mutants, their strain of FEV seemed corrupted or damaged. This in turn makes it, so they don’t stop growing and that sensation is very painful, with that pain comes insanity.”

"Well Supposedly they came from an Vault, so not surprising that Vault-Tec fucked shit up even worst... Most of those bloody vaults are death traps and the one's that were seemlying designed to make life fucking miserable as possible for it's residents.."

and people paid to stay down there... Per-war people were crazy..
The mutant adjusted his monocle before rambling on about Hounds commonwealth mutants used and wonder why they didn't use Centaurs but one word caught Steve's attention, "California"

"wait, California, Brotherhood started there or something after they rebelled from the enclave shortly before the bombs dropped but had to leave after they started fighting with the Bear republic, are you saying you served with them?

the mutant continued to ramble but it was somewhat interesting to follow. "I was turned in 2163 in New California and recruited into the master’s army. The FEV used was a pure strain of FEV II, dip subjects into the solution and bam. Instant mutants. Most had the normal decrease in intelligence, it was uncommon for them to retain their intelligence, rare for it to increase and rarer still for it to greatly increase. I fall into the rare category.”

"rrrrr-igght."Steve replied, almost completely convinced he made the whole story up but decided to give the mutant a chance "that was an interesting story but do you have any proof?"

"California brotherhood may have let mutants serve, especially if they where losing an war to the Bear republic ad maybe this Master fellow existed but how do I know you didn't just shoot paladin Bob down the road and take his tags?"

so you know the holotags are on a chain around his neck

edited post to have them dangling in the air
Steve Cooper- About to have an heart attack- Midday

With a sigh he spoke, “listen here bud, my names Gorge and I’ll be keeping you alive today. So first things first I need you to calm down, your accelerated heart rate is going to get you killed.”

"Calm down? The town just got attacked by overgrown lizards, Twerp over there is shell shocked, I'm bleeding to death and I have a bloody super mutant as my Nurse, You try claming the fuck down after that."

or alteast without getting high

The super mutant or "Goge" as he claimed his name was pulled out an sharp and well-kept knife, “if you do not calm down I will knock you unconscious, and now hold still while I cut your shirt off.”

"err... I think I can wait for the doctor to finish... Doctor, Doctor!" Steve called out as the mutant cut open Steve's shirt "My shirt! Put that knife before you stab me you dam crazy mutant!" Steve cried as he hopelessly struggled under the mutant although even if he was in prefect condition there would have been little chance of getting the mutant to move.

The large mutant proceeded to lay out the bandages across the man’s chest and hold pressure to him, his large hands being more than capable of spanning the entire wound.

"well... alteast you didn't stab me in the eye." Steve replied before muttering quieter "good work... I guess."

The doctor had finished with Mr. Acelot by this point and made his way over to Steve's Bed when the mutant spoke to the doctor. “Doctor this one is going to need stitches, and you don’t want me doing stitches.”

"and neither do I! stupid Brother-In law lost his eye when an super mutant "operated" on him.."Steve replied "Not that you... err do such an error, it was one of the dumb orange super mutants."

Swiftly, Arthur turned around and grabbed his medical bag, pulling out surgical suture and a needle holder. He cleaned the wound quickly with anti-septic and went to work,

"This will sting a bit.." He said.

"This isn't my first time getting stitched up" steve repiled as he bit down on his lip and endured the pain.

That was when something dropped from the super mutant's neck and dangled in the air between mutant and Steve... Dog tags, Brotherhood dogtags to be precise with the Brotherhood little sword and gears Logo on it but why was an super mutant wearing it around his neck?

"So Which Tin-can did you kill to get those?" steve asked, hoping the story could distract him from the pain.
I am, gonna do an post on Saturday
Steve Cooper- Bleeding to death- Midday?

"That's quite enough of that," He said gruffly, "Good lord you might have shot me..."

“Jesus I said I was sorry.... think I might have whacked my head during the fight.” Steve replied back but before the doctor could reply Frieda came in carrying a wounded Brandy. Steve wasn’t a doctor but he’d seen get
the shit scared out of them and little twerp defiantly had that look.

Probably the first time getting attacked by an overgrown lizard.

"Her shoulder's bloodied up, I didn't really look at it," Frieda said to Arthur. "I found her in her basement. She was hiding, maybe? I honestly don't know. She had knocked down both shelves, whole place is a mess."

“Probably though the deathclaw couldn’t get her down there... she’s wrong though.” Steve replied as he noticed his chest was still bleeding. Steve attempted to adjust his position to stop the bleeding but it only caused to bleed more and hurt...

Fuck this is starting to string....

Steve looked down at his deathclaw wound; the baby claw had dug rather deep although it appeared (to Steve anyway) to have missed his important organs. However the wound was bleeding rather badly and despite Steve’s best attempts with his jacket sleeve he was unable to stop the bleeding, only causing hurt more.

Looking back up Steve saw that Frieda had left and Ace was now here, with some of chest wound judging where he was holding the blanket the doctor had given him. Frieda then re-entered the clinic and began clearing the mess at that the back door as Acey and the doctor focused on the little twerp.

I do not want to fucking dying here...

“Excuse me doctor? Could I get some FUCKING MEDICAL ATTENTION?” Steve shouted which only caused his chest wound to hurt even more...”arrgh”

should tell them about the stash
He then turned to Frieda “You...Go to the pleasure Den and find Edgar.”

“Just shut up and listen, when you find him say the word “paradise” and then tell him to get the medical drugs supplies for you...It’s in an Military medkit, small green box with an white & black cross on the front....
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