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Current Hello I Rp'ed with Vatrou on the fallout site, recently he mentioned the Roleplayer gulid so I decided to check it out.
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Hello my name is Lewis I live in England, Hertfordshire where we drink tea, drive on the left side of the road and 6/2(1+2) = 9

I started roleplaying on the fallout site several years ago to help with my writing and have been hooked ever since... Heard about the roleplayergulid a while back and decided to check it out..

Will probably update this in an years time.

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Steve Cooper- Bleeding to death- Midday?

"That's quite enough of that," He said gruffly, "Good lord you might have shot me..."

“Jesus I said I was sorry.... think I might have whacked my head during the fight.” Steve replied back but before the doctor could reply Frieda came in carrying a wounded Brandy. Steve wasn’t a doctor but he’d seen get
the shit scared out of them and little twerp defiantly had that look.

Probably the first time getting attacked by an overgrown lizard.

"Her shoulder's bloodied up, I didn't really look at it," Frieda said to Arthur. "I found her in her basement. She was hiding, maybe? I honestly don't know. She had knocked down both shelves, whole place is a mess."

“Probably though the deathclaw couldn’t get her down there... she’s wrong though.” Steve replied as he noticed his chest was still bleeding. Steve attempted to adjust his position to stop the bleeding but it only caused to bleed more and hurt...

Fuck this is starting to string....

Steve looked down at his deathclaw wound; the baby claw had dug rather deep although it appeared (to Steve anyway) to have missed his important organs. However the wound was bleeding rather badly and despite Steve’s best attempts with his jacket sleeve he was unable to stop the bleeding, only causing hurt more.

Looking back up Steve saw that Frieda had left and Ace was now here, with some of chest wound judging where he was holding the blanket the doctor had given him. Frieda then re-entered the clinic and began clearing the mess at that the back door as Acey and the doctor focused on the little twerp.

I do not want to fucking dying here...

“Excuse me doctor? Could I get some FUCKING MEDICAL ATTENTION?” Steve shouted which only caused his chest wound to hurt even more...”arrgh”

should tell them about the stash
He then turned to Frieda “You...Go to the pleasure Den and find Edgar.”

“Just shut up and listen, when you find him say the word “paradise” and then tell him to get the medical drugs supplies for you...It’s in an Military medkit, small green box with an white & black cross on the front....
Posted in wrong section :P

But I shall use this to post an picture of the medkit steve was talking about :D…

Steve cooper- ????-????

Striking the creature in the back of neck and causing it the bleed the deathclaw mother threw let out an angry loud roar before swinging its powerful plated tail in Steve’s direction...

Oh fuck....


Steve awoke.... he was no longer in the diner but resting in a rather comfortable metal bed. Looking around the room it became apparent he was in Doctor Holmes talon company clinic which had been set up on the 3rd floor of an old per-war hospital in downtown DC.

Noticing Steve had awoken Doctor Holmes approached his bed “The mission was a success.... Now rest up and you’ll be back on feet in a few days.”


There an explosion outside followed gunfire which became louder and louder before the clinic’s doors where punched open and sent flying into Doctor Holmes. Turning back to the doorway Steve watched as three power armoured brotherhood troopers entered the room, the leader pointed at Steve and almost screamed “kill.” in a deeply muffled voice...

Terrified and not wanting to die without a fight Steve sat up, drawing his 50. Pistol and began firing at the brotherhood soldiers “fucking die tin-can mothefuckers...”

Bang, bang, bang, bang, Bang, Bang


Suddenly Steve was no longer in Doctor Holmes’s clinic but Salem church, sitting up on one of doctor west’s cot beds with his (emptied) 50 Pistol in his right hand and several new bullet holes in the old church’s wall.

Collapsing back onto the cot bed Steve dropped his pistol on the floor and looked at the deathclaw slash wound on his chest “Sorry doctor I though the brotherhood..... never mind, it was just a Bad Dream”
Captain James William- Mother cultist fight part 3

"Atom is a false god!" One of the cultists shouted back, "The Mother preserves this island and its people!"

Mother? Who the fuck is the mother?

Having killed the meat hook welding cultist and the Gecko creature dying of its wounds next to Connie there was two atom or Mother it would seem cultist with Castner zapping one with his laser rifle the final cultist screamed and charged out in reckless abandon, hoping to kill as many of the group before getting gunned down.

Unfortunately for the Whacko his suicide attack would not last long with James putting a plasma bolt into them as well. The cultist let out a screech of pain as a large chunk of their body began to liquefy from the heat of the bolt. And they collapsed to the ground dead.

A blissful silence descended on them as the green glow of plasma faded. “I think that’s all of them” James muttered as he began the awkward process of reloading his plasma defender with one hand.

Suddenly, two more armed cultists burst from the undergrowth. James rushed to reload his pistol as he was now defendless as the two cultists rushed towards them but just before they could attack a crackling volley of rifle shots took them down.

Longfellow, the railroad agent rose and a few others came out of the woods, guns still smoking.

"Not as spry as I used to be, but hell if I still got it...." Longfellow muttered with a grin and judging by the smell still half drunk.

“Thanks...” James replied as he finished reloading his pistol “when we get back to town I’m buying you whatever drink you want.”

James then went to pick up his rifle as he did he walked passed Connie and noticed the cult priestess she had ditched the fire to grieve over had been the town (Ex)-Mayor he’d shot at earlier and that she’d been an synth...
Troubling... Do the cultists process the ability to make synths? Or was she replaced beforehand? And by who?

“Co## ## #ver”

James looked around he could not see where the voice was coming from; someone must be attempting to contact him though the chip or he was going crazy in the fog.....

“Thi## is Doctor ##O #ct### D###### from the ####### do you ## me ############# ############# ############# ######### ########”

The voice then stopped, either the fog or distant from where they were calling from prevented James from getting a clear signal... assuming again he simply wasn’t losing it in the fog or blood lost from his arm wound.

"NO!" Rose shouted loudly and knocking James back into reality

It was the railroad agent rose, rushing around the dead cultist bodies she was ripping of their mask and looking at their faces, it would appear she knew them and was seemlying confirmed she dropped to the floor "T-t-they're"

She stammerd, "..They’re...Synths."

The cultists can’t have the tech to make synths.... can they?

Brotherhood hesitantly walked up to the sobbing Rose, and put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry for your loss”, he said uncertainly. He decided to risk a question. “What were these synths to you? Why would they all join the cult?”

“And not just the cult, an off shoot faction group.” James replied before turning to Longfellow “During the fight that one there.” James said as he pointed to the cultist he’d partly melted with the plasma bolt “declared that Atom is a false god and that someone or something called the Mother preserves this island and its people”

“Any idea what or who they might be?”
Steve Cooper -Deathclaw Attack–Morning


Steve had been worried about people stumbling across a pack of sleeping ghouls in one of the apartment blocks but what he hadn’t expected was a (hidden) deathclaw nest and ofcourse it had to be brandy the bloody little twerp who would stumble across them and even worst began leading family of fucking deathclaw’s directly towards town.

“THEN WHY FUCK ARE YOU RUNNING TOWARDS ME? DO NOT LEAD THAT BITCH STAIGHT TO TOWN! HEAD TO OCEAN! HEAD TO THE FUCKING OCEAN.” Steve replied back as he fired a shot from his level action rifle at the mother deathclaw.

Should be able to piece its skin

Wenether the bullet had hit or not the Mother Deathclaw simply shrugged it off and continued to charge after Brandy who had seemlying pissed off somehow..

Luckily for the twerp Steve’s turret locked on the deathclaw and began firing, it didn’t last long with Mother Deathclaw ripping the turret from its mount like it was nothing but a nuisance but the few seconds gave brandy and (more importantly) Steve time to escape.

Bitch fucking killed Terrance... worked all night on that

As Brandy ran toward an old trailer Steve headed to back to town, hopefully with enough combined firepower or something from Waylon’s shop they could kill that Bitch and her kids, unfortunately they wouldn't have time to prepare as Steve wasn't coming back alone....

Looking back he could see that four of five Baby deathclaw's had stopped following their mother and where following him directly into the town centre. Although smaller, weaker and presumably less pissed off that their mother they could still cause alot of damage and kill an unprepared person.

“Fuck....ACE, FRIEDA, WAYLON, BARNEY AND WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE YOU.” (ooc: Gorge) Steve shouted out as he reached the town centre and jumped though the diner window “WE GOT DEATHCLAWS INCOMING”

“Steve what the fucks going on? W-WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Betty screamed as she saw the deathclaw following him.

"A Giant fucking overgrown lizard, now find some place to hide."Steve replied only to be slashed on the upper chest by one of the Baby deathclaws that had lunged into the diner attempting to strike him.

Caught off Guard the blow, whlist not powerful (compared to it's mother or an adult claw) it knocked steve off his feet and caused him to drop his rifle on the floor. The now somewhat stuck in the window fame the deathclaw thrashing began around attempting to strike him Steve who was only just out of it's reach on the floor.

With his rifle out of reach Steve pulled out his 50. eagle pistol and began firing at the creatures head "FUCKING DIE!!!!!!" unlike with the Mother these bullets hit, shattering the creatures skull before blowing it's head clear off and covering Steve in Baby deathclaw blood.

Too fucking close.


No No No do not tell me that twerp lead the mother into town.... fuck, fuck, fuck..

Getting back up onto his feet Steve watched Brandy stumble and fall on the ground, the Mother slashing her arm and getting ready to make the final blow... Taking a deep breath Steve aimed his level action rifle at the mother deathclaw’s head and fired.
A scardey cat who won't take one for the team and is leading a pack of deathclaws in to town

and got Steve's new turret destroyed :(
Steve cooper- S&W Weaponry - Morning

“Looks like ¾ x 10 thread pattern. Give me a couple of days and I should be able to build one for you, we can settle on a price then, sound good?”

“Yeah, that sounds fine. "Steve “If you need any parts, tell me and I’ll keep an eye out for them.”

“As far as the 9mm ammo, 2 caps a piece and the Cobray will set ya back... $350 caps.”

“Reasonable price.” Steve replied as listened to Waylon talk about the gun “ I went through the entire pistol, checked head spacing, springs, cleaned and oiled it up. She should fire like a champ, oh, and I worked the firing pin and bolt, she's a full auto now. She has a bit of muzzle rise under fire, but if you're sprayin’ and prayin’ in close quarters she'll make a person into Swiss cheese real quick.” Waylon laughed and finished counting out the ammo.

“Good to hear but I reckon the gun will become abit more controllable once the silencer is on... even looks like it was built to have as standard issue.”

He swapped the ammo and pistol for Steve's caps; he reached out and shook Steve's hand, “Enjoy, thanks for the business. I need to run upstairs and check on Eliza. Say, have you seen Shelby? She hasn't been here since I woke up, seems a little off to me.”

“No but Maybe she’s checking out the vetibird, speaking of which Acey was the one who called for it, made some deal with the tin-cans for an generator but idiot forgot to tell every-“ Steve replied but stop when he felt something buzzing in pocket.

Reaching into his pocket he took out the vibrating item, it was the turret detector; something or someone had attracted the attention of his turret but it wasn’t red yet so hadn’t fired upon the target... yet.”

“Looks like my turret’s picked something up, perfect timing to test out my new gun.” Steve chuckled as he left the store and made his way towards to the turret when suddenly the buzzer began to flash red... it was now engaging with hostile forces.”

Turning back to face the diner he called out to Betty “Put the coffee on and hunker down, something is attacking the town.”

Rushing up the hill to where his turret was pumping out bullets Steve saw Ace, the guy from the horse and Rook fighting off several mutants who appeared to a fighting another heavily armour super mutant. Out of range for his new pistol Steve drew his rifle and began firing at the mutants.

Outnumber and outguned the mutants were defeated pretty quickly although one had fallen back and seemed to be trying to escape. Once the fight was over Steve made his way over to were the others had gathered. “Looks like my turret was a success, but what’s going on here? Who’s that armoured mutant?, Why where those Wankers attacking him.”

“And whose blood is that.” Steve added on as he pointed to the blood trail leading into town.
Captain James Williams- FIGHT!


"Murderers!" cried the cultist, seemlying engaged instead of scared shitless by the death of their cult squad commander.

Should have seen this coming.. Oh well

Chaos quickly erupted with two of the cultists taking out and firing their makeshift “rad-rifles” or whatever they were called at the James but for Captain James alteast the underbrush was able to hide his position as the cultist missed.

Aiming his Plasma defender James began to fire back at the cultist (shoot check one?)

The Third cultist however took out a meat hook and lunge at Corrine who had charged in with her spear but luckily for the islander she was able to dodge their attack.

Perhaps she can disarm them.

Meanwhile the mini-Gecko creature had swiftly rushed at Steve, blocking his attempts to stop it the creature jumped up and bitted deep into arm. Thankfully Steve was able to get his sidearm out and began to fire into the creatures head... very few things can survive point blank magnum shots to the head.

should be able to deal with on his own...


James turned back to see that Connie, seemlying Crying had crumpled herself over Dead cult leader’s body and right in the middle of the on-going fire fight “DO YOU HAVE A DEATHWISH? GET THE FUCK DOWN NOW.”


Not wanting Connie to get shot in the crossfire James stood up, still firing his plasma defender at the cultist he dash forwards to an piece of the crash vetibird which he hoped would provide cover like the log but would be out of the way of Connie. (Run/shoot check two :)

Optional: Should a cultist get up close to James he will throw his plasma defender at them and then pull out his shotgun
Captain James William- shooting at cultist.

He shook his head. "Even being caught at night out here with members of the Brotherhood might be enough to make them decide that you've chosen a them the wrong side....and who knows what would happen to you then. It's just too big a risk to take."

“And that’s assuming they even believe we are brotherhood... I might be able to pass with my enclave uniform but why would they think you two are brotherhood? No offence but I don’t think they are that stupid...”

Well the grunts might be fooled the leader shouldn't

Steve then looked over at Castner. "there is something about this "Nucleus" that you should know..", Steve continued, "...from the markings on some of Corrine's tools I think the sub docked there is a missile sub, which means it might still have nukes on onboard....the big city killing kind. Something will eventually have to be done about that." He then added. "If we're gonna fight them here, you're best suited to lead

“Well if the Submarines commander followed standard protocol they would have fired those nukes off in 2077 when china attacked.... I don’t know if was different for subs but most US nuclear devices required a launch key and possibly a password to fire them.” James replied back.

May be different on subs, don’t always have contact with land.

“Take the key and they won’t be firing”

And it would be pretty hard to manually set one off.

“I suggest we shoot the leader, the one with the fancy hat along with that gecko thing and then demand the others to surrender. We can ask them about the submarine and if it has any nukes on-board. Atom fruitcakes worship the bloody things so should be common knowledge.”

Launch key info might only be for high-ups however...

With the plan seeming in agreement everyone got into position with James learning his rifle on a nearby log and aiming it at the cult priestess. botherhood crouched in the underbrush, and took careful aim at the small gulper with his laser rifle whilst Steve worked his way around to a different position, choosing a spot from where he could fire from a prone position behind hard cover, such as a tree or rock.

Once everyone was in position James and Steve fired their level action rifle's at the cult priestess whilst Brotherhood fired at the Gulper.

Switching to his plasma defender but staying (semi-hidden?) in the underbrush he called out “THIS IS THE UNITED STATED MILLTARY, SURRENDER NOW OR YOU WILL FIRED UPON.”
just let me know when it should be my turn to post again,

Once Cobra posts I'll be having Steve go check out the ruckus :p
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