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Hey all, Lia, Li, Liali, you can call me either of these or such, and (if it weren’t painfully obvious!) I’m here for some 1x1 Roleplay! I lost my old rp partner many, many moons ago, but never lost my enthusiasm for characters and writing, so, here you find me!

A little (lot) about how / what I write:

I’ve been a writer / rper for around a decade now, but that by no means makes me perfect!

I prefer paragraph – semi paragraph roleplay (while I can write you a novel of a reply, it’s exhausting for everyone, and just filling a page of purple prose doesn’t do anyone any favours) Basically, I feel it flows better, while not losing too much description!

I don’t tend to write graphic, sexual encounters. Not really my thing. Fade to black, sure, if it comes up. I don’t mind adult -themes- swearing, drugs, alcohol, ect, but writing in detail the acts of the flesh? No thank you!

When it comes to romance, I’m comfortable with MxM, MxF, FxF, all’s fine!

I am prone to multi-charry, doubling, casting, whatever you’d call it. I personally enjoy playing a small, diverse cast. It works quite well for me, particularly if two characters don’t quite gel, they have something else to bounce off of. I don’t expect my RP partner to write more than one character if they aren’t comfortable with it, of course.

Supernatural creature RP's are over-done. But I love them anyway. I'm a cheesy sucker for fantasy, slice-of-life, supernatural (genre, not fandom). I can and will rp plot lines with action, adventure, daring, but sometimes I love... relaxed, character-relation building games. It’s cute. 😊

Or schools. Supernatural schools are so over-done. But I love them so. I know, I know, that's disgustingly plain, but that’s why I call it my guilty pleasure! ~

I love Fantasy, Kingdoms, Fighting the BIG BAD, Empires, A rag-tag group of folks on a mission, world-building, creature creating, Western and Eastern fantasy, L O V E I T.

I’m also more than happy to do modern slice of life, no one seems to really be interested in it? Come on, guys! Give it some love!

I enjoy talking to my potential roleplay partners. Sure, we don't have to be BFF'S, but being able to talk and discuss is very important, I feel. It's easier to say "Hey, XYZ sort of doesn't go well with me." And talk out a fix rather than sewing your lips shut on something that's bothering you!

An idea to start us off, I’m always welcoming new ideas!

Favourite genre’s include; Romance (non forced, MxM, FxM, FxF), Slice of Life, Modern, School, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Probably like Subnautica, just getting into this genre!), Action, Drama, Supernatural, or Superhero genre! (Also, erm, magical girls are really cool.OuO)

School for the Abnormally Gifted;

It’s been a few years now, since the myths and legends of the world were discovered to be true. Supernatural creatures, super-human abilities, all of which has not been taken kindly by the states of the world. Despite this strong prejudice, there are schools, built to support and shelter the strange and the wonderful. Your character(s) are of this variety, perhaps born, perhaps newly discovering it for themselves. They have a shared dormitory, but even among the school there’s some division and classification. Furthermore, safety doesn’t extend outside of the institute’s walls.

Feel free to shoot me a PM, I might only have time to read it sometimes (checking my phone at lunch, for example) but I strive to post atleast once a day! I hope we can get along!~
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