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Real interesting, gonna stick around and lurk -- maybe apply or make a character soon if you're still accepting.
Hello! I suppose I should introduce myself.
You can call me Licht. I'm an avid fan of most anime and anime-related games, consisting of:
Magical girls, Touhou, Hololive, Elsword, RWBY, Shonens (Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece)
My other interests aside from anime consist of listening to music, vidya games, graphic design, and looking at cool art.
I'm a professional lurker! If you see me tab in on your roleplays, just think of it as me admiring your work!

I've been roleplaying since 2013. My roleplaying interests usually consist of anime based ones, fantasy, or slice of life. My roleplays usually consisted on shitty forums, so I decided to join one that wasn't from the stone age.
I may join a few roleplays in the upcoming months, depending on how college and such goes.
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