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La Vida: Blake Apartment.

Searching the apartment had unsettled Athena, she had walked down the hallway to knock on the other doors of the floor, but no one was welling to open their door. It didn’t really matter though, she could tell the people didn’t know anything, they were afraid of not knowing. Athena gave up the looking for anything useful here and decided to wait for Wildheat and Knight by the car.

Athena leaned on Ashlyn’s car and checked the police scanner app on her phone, there were a bit of police activity in the area, it seemed the cops had been called due their investigation. She sighed and rolled her eyes, “That would have been good to know Matt…” she said to herself.

It was getting chilly and the night sky was lit by the ever-present refinery, it was pretty, if you could ignore the smog the stacks bellowed out constantly. “That can’t be good for our lungs,” Athena thinks out loud.

“Being out here alone isn’t good for you either mama, but me and my boys can keep you safe. Just give us a kiss.” A male voice said as three guys approached. As they got closer they spotted the mask, they hesitated for a moment but continued to surround her and the car. “What’s with the cosplay, are you into some kinky shit?” the guy in front of her said making the others laugh.

Athena was surprised at first, but she stayed calm and allowed the guys to come closer, she read their minds and did not like what they were thinking, however, they were part of Black Spider. “I’m investigating a crime here with my partners, what do you know about the Blake family murders.” Athena said remaining unmoved by the situation. The three males went silent for a moment then laughed, they she could sense their nervousness. They were all thinking the same thing, “Those Hell Fire Bastards will pay for moving in their hood.”

“Whatever just give your keys and we won’t hurt you, this is really your fault for bringing something this nice to this dump.” The guy said. Suddenly an arrow whistled past the one who was talking, and a red line of blood appeared on the boy’s cheek and embedded into a power pole across the street. “I’m in a fowl mood so I’m gonna say this once, leave.” Came a female voice. This time Athena could not hear the other mind approach, the teen looked to the source of the voice as did the three boys. Under the shadow of a tree stood a girl about the size of Athena, she had a black mask over her mouth and nose, a white top, black tights, and a red sash over her midriff. She had her hand over her shoulder gripping another arrow and her bow ready to be loaded.

The leader of the three reached behind his back for something “Bitch Imma…” the boy began to say but became dazed. Athena held the boy up stopping him from falling over, the two others came to the leader’s side and took him from Athena’s grasp.
“It’s a sedative, it should wear off in an hour, though I wonder how you all will get out of here with two of you down?” she asked loading her bow. The other two got the message and dragged their friend down the street.

A moment past as Athena and the mysterious girl stood watching each other, the girl had lowered her bow and spoke, “you’re trying to read my mind, don’t bother. I’m just here to tell you and your friend Matt to back off this case, my people are on it, don’t get in our way.” She said before backing into the shadows and disappearing.

Athena could feel her hands shaking, she was feeling a mixture of fear and excitement. The fact that she couldn’t read her mind was upsetting, she could read everyone’s mind. When her comm link turned on it made her jump, she listened to Knight’s news that he gathered, she hadn’t even noticed he left the apartment. Athena put her finger to the comm device in her ear and says, “get back to the house, make sure you’re not being followed.

La Vida: Nate’s home.

Katarina shifted to a sitting position and watched the news story and frowned, “why are the cops on my back, all I do is steal things from rich fucks, there’s some asshole dirt bag out there killing people.” She says. She looked at her bowl of cocoa pebbles that had gone soggy. “Let’s get go out.” She says looking at Nate with a wicked smile.
Hmm, it seems that the agency done some recon on the heroes they sent emblems to so I don't think that a language barrier would be an issue for a people that figured out inter-dimensional travel.
or at least attach a sticky note to the emblem. :p

La Vida: Blake Apartment.

The ride over had been quiet, Athena had avoided all eye contact with Knight and had to fight the urge to peek into his mind. It was too easy sometimes to read people’s minds, some quite literally screamed out to be read, though she resisted, she did not want to get off on the wrong foot with her new ‘friend’. Even though it was a short ride, Athena was glad to be at the apartments, even if they were there to investigate a family murder.

Night had come to La Vida and no one was on the street even though it was still early, the recent home invasion must have scared everyone on this block. As they walked through the stair way she felt oddly out of place, she was just wearing her street clothes side for a domino mask that Matt had made her take, though it hardly matter since they didn’t pass a single soul. Athena knew people were home she could sense their thoughts, as they passed through the hall she could hear thoughts, ‘Who’s there? Are we safe? Are we next?’

Inside Athena could smell the faint odder of something but she didn’t know what it was, whatever it was she didn’t like it. The teen moved through the apartment she made sure not to touch anything and if a door was closed she was sure to open it with her telekinesis. Athena heard birds chirping and turned to see Wildheart in the middle of a bird cyclone, it was like she came out of a Disney movie. Her lips curled into a smile then tried to listen in on what the birds were thinking, however, she could not make out what the small creatures were thinking.

Hearing what information that Wildheart gain from the birds, Athena press the device in her ear and spoke. “Matt, Wildheart says the birds saw a man that could make light. Maybe fire or energy?” Athena taps at her ear reminding the two that they could communicate straight to Matt if need be.

The communication device lightly buzzed to life as Matt responded on the open line the four of them were on. “Right…the birds. Anyways, it seems the police were already looking into metas with fire or energy blast abilities. There’s quite a few but if the birds are right it does eliminate a few on the list. Though, the police seem to have a suspect they like. Some dude named Edward Soto, or I kid you not, lil’ Diablo.” Matt let out an audible sigh at the name. “Anyways, he seems to have fire abilities and run with the Hell Fire gang. So, I guess case closed?”

Athena thought for a moment then replied, “isn’t this part of La Vida Black Spider territory?”

“I guess but who knows with guys like them, maybe H.F. is moving on Black Spider or maybe the Blakes saw something they were supposed to.”

“Can you see what the Blake family did, maybe we can gain some knowledge from what they used to do.” Athena said looking about the home of the slain. It was sad to think that just a few days ago this apartment was full of noise, a family of two small children. It must have been delightfully busy, now all that was left of them were an empty home full of fading memories.

Tapping could be heard on the other side of the comm link as Matt rapped at his key board. “It seems Mr. Blake was a teacher at La Vida high and Mrs. Blake was a stay at home mom. Though it’s odd, looking more into the mom it seems that someone has made documents that were made to seem real. It’s hard to explain…I’ll do some more digging and get back to you.” Matt voice cuts out as his comm goes silent.

Athena turns to the others. “Well, I don’t know what to do next, I guess I can go door to door to see if anyone knows more. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find someone the police missed.”

After we've investigate the scene, I think it would be best for a week of time jump so our characters can be a bit more familiar with each other.
Athena & Tech

La Vida: Wayward House > Lobby

Athena bit on her lower lip, the sudden attitude from James, it was expected though. Maybe this was a bad Idea, maybe they should’ve came up with a better plan, all she wanted to do was help. La Vida had been forgotten by the rest of the city, most didn’t even know about this side of Los Angeles. She watched Ashlyn climb the stairs and exit out of view. The teen looked down at the floor trying to come up with a better plan something more than just hoping people would just follow their example.

Matt clicked his tongue in frustration at how that guy made Athena feel, he knew letting in people would be a bad idea. He was ok with the old lady, but James was a head case, it’s always the cute ones with issues he thinks to himself. Matt put a hand on Athena’s shoulder, “It’s gonna be fine. Look I know how stress you get when you wanna make something go perfectly but it was never going to go that way so just stay strong and whatever happens, happens. Just remember I’ll always be here for you.” Matt says with a reassuring smile.

Athena looks up and smiles at Matt placing her hand on his, she thinks about a time where Katarina said those words but now she was gone. Would it be the same for Matt one day, she thought. No, she couldn’t think that way, this was not the time to be thinking so dark, she had make this work no matter what.

“Thanks Matt, I know and you’re right.” Athena says trying her best to not sound as concerned as she felt. “So, will you coming out with us or will you be here providing support?” she says with a smile that reaches her eyes.

“Hmm, think I’ll stay behind and start looking through the data base of criminals that operate around La Vida that match the modus operandi of our killer. See if I can find something that the L.A.P.D has over looked.” He says walking to his computer.

“You know, hacking is against the law, you don’t want to become a harden criminal yourself,” Athena smirks at Matt.

Matt sticks his tongue out at the older teen and smiles saying, “if they didn’t want people to get into their stuff they shouldn’t make it so easy.”

Athena laughs and walks to wait by the door for Ashlyn and hopefully James, she really did want this to work and if one day they became a team that would be awesome, first though, they had to at least get along.

La Vida: Nate’s home.

Katarina put her bowl of cereal down on the table and shifted to laying down on the sofa, her head toward Nate and lift her shirt just enough for the boy to get a look at her wound. The left side of her rib cage was bruise but thankfully the swelling went away thanks to the ice. Kat let out a groan as she slid her shirt back down. “I got shot doing a job, thank whatever deity is out there that I was wearing a vest, or I’d be dead or worse, in prison.” She said rubbing her side gently.

She turned her head and got a glimpse of the familiar living room, it wasn’t as dirty as it was the last time she had visit. “You picked up, you find a nice girl to make babies with and become a good and honest man?” she said jokingly.

San Francisco: Somewhere in the city.

Raven had found some police officers surrounded by these constructs, they seemed to have been targeting the ones that try to protect. The teen brought a barrier up protecting officers before they could be smashed into bits by the giants and with the information that Roy had given she had made short work of the four metal constructs being precise in destroying the power source.

She flew down to the police officers to make sure that were not hurt, they did not seem to be hurt, and they thanked her for the help and moved on helping civilians get to safety. Raven felt foolish think that only the titans were able to save the city, there were others out here doing their best to save their city. Raven flew away becoming inspired by the people who were trying to save others even when they had no powers.

Hearing the buzzing of electricity coming close, she turned to find new types of constructs, they were smaller, the size of her arm and in the form of drones and seemed to be powered by smart phones. There were more then fifteen and all coming directly for her. The teen swiped the air with her soul-self taking the shape of a talon and took out five of the drones, however, there were more and as they got close they shot electricity. Raven was able to shield most of them though she was struck from the back and sent falling to the ground.

Seconds from meeting the ground with her face she was able to gain control and fly again, though the drones that were following close were not so fortunate as they slammed into the ground shattering into pieces and sparking out. ‘Raven note to Raven number 2: Do not get hit by electricity, it hurts.’ The teen pats out a piece of her cloak that was smoldering from the electricity and continued to fly looking for the source of this chaos and still being pursued by the flying constructs. Raven turned sharply around a building and waited for the swarm of drones to follow where she swatted the machines out of the air and into the side of the building.

Moments later she flies down to meet Arsenal and looks to where he is looking, the elemental stood as electricity arched off its form. “W-what is this being?” Raven says in awe.

Raven's complexion turned pale as the man explained how they came to this world, she thought of the moment her father broke his binding and reached out for her only to find a door way from him to freely use. She began to fear, though this time she would not lose control, Raven buried her emotions deep as she had done her whole life. She felt foolish for thinking her nightmare was over so easily.

"I must return to my world, if you what you say is true and there is indeed an open path way from my father's realm to here then your world is in more danger then you could possibly know. If my father breaks from his prison and searches for me he will find that pathway and come to conquer this world and any other world that he can step foot on." Raven says with no hint of emotion.

Shadows began to bellow out from the girls cloak as she returns her hood over her covering her face in darkness, "For a moment, I thought I could be free but it seems it was not meant to be." She says letting a sad smile reach her mouth. Her body is completely blacked in shadow then that too is gone leaving no trace of the hooded girl. However, it is only moments before the space Raven had occupied was filled again with shadow before the girl was spat out and sent flying past the King and Queen only to be stopped by the wall on the opposite side of the room. Her body slides to the floor as she goes unconscious.
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