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I am not the hero nor the villain, I am not evil nor am I good. I am the force that levels, the power that devastates. I am Lightning.


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Raven could feel the concern coming from the others, it was an odd thing feeling, one that she had not felt in a long time. "I am unharmed, I just need a moment to recover." she says as she hesitates to move her hand to the girls hand though she dares not make contacted. "I will catch up later when I am able, please do not let me hold you up." she tries to give a smile to reassure the others but it doesn't quite seem convincing.

La Vida: Wayward House.

Athena allowed herself to slip into a meditation like stat to focus on the stitches, her breathing was steady, and she was perfectly still. After Athena had finished the stitches on the boy was probably the best work that Ashlyn had ever seen. The teen leaned away from the archer and let out a sigh of relief, who ever this guy was literally took a bullet for her. She could see the boy coming to so she stood to give him room in case he woke up fighting.

Athena watched as the dogs allowed the boy in red to pet them and smiled, she had no clue why there were dogs in the med-bay, but they were so cute. She had guessed they belonged to Ashlyn, though she couldn’t recall. Athena looked around the room as if she was searching for something and almost looked panicked. However, the man’s words snapped her back to the present.

“uh-not, a hospital.” She replied as she focused in out the boys paled face. “This is uh-umm…my home-our home.”

The young woman seemed to blank out for a moment before speaking again, “Sorry, my name is Athena and the sleeping boy over there is Matt and that is A-uh…” she paused. She did not want to give Ashlyn’s name out, but she could not remember her alias.

“Oh, we have pain killers…somewhere around here…um…I just can’t seem to remember where…” she began to search the room.

La vida: Nate's house

Resting on the couch with Katarina’s slender frame draped comfortably over the furniture as if this was her own home. She browsed the internet searching for memes on her phone when an app notification interrupted mid dancing cat video. She checked the notification and nearly dropped the phone on her face when the video started playing. There in the sky, her friend, fighting a powerful meta. Kat sat up and intently focused on her phone. She watched Athena being pushed back by the red-haired woman and finally be struck down by lightning before the video feed was cut.

Katarina sat there silently thinking of hundreds of scenarios, was her friend dead? Surely Athena was still alive, she was a powerful meta herself. In her panic she forgot that Photon was still in the room and was unhearing for a few moments before she got up.

“I have to go…” Kat said before vanishing with the sound of air rushing to fill the spot where she once was.
Raven stood her ground firmly as the two warriors approached her, she did not like how loud or how demanding they were but they were royality where ever they were from. She looked to the other "heroes" around the room and thought if they were really heroes, they seemed different from what she thought they were supposed to be.

"I-I will try," Raven responded wearily. Raven had already used a great deal of magic calming down the crowd and opening portals, she had needed time to rest but she pushed herself even more and shadows gathered around her and within the shadows a portal had opened to the city where the sewer tunnel was still open. Raven began to sweat as she struggled to hold the portal open. "Quickly, I can not hold it for much longer..."

La Vida: Wayward House.

Tonight, the moon would find her way inside a very bullet ridden van finding an unconscious girl and boy. Athena would stir to wake and blink the blurriness out of her eyes and as her vision comes to she discovers that she is sitting in a parked van in the passenger seat. Athena rubbed her temples trying to soothe her horrible headache, the lightning strike hadn’t hit her directly, but it had damaged her eyes. No matter how much she blinked, the blurriness would not leave her. The ringing in her ears had faded and she could hear just fine and she let out a breath of relief.

Athena then realized this was not where she had been before she had blacked out, she had been falling out of the sky. “That woman, she must have saved me…” she says has she holds her head. She looks around and takes in her surroundings. It had looked like someone one was living in this van, she looked to the floor of her van and found the boy who she assumed lived in said van.

The girl clicked off the seat belt that and was glad the boy had at least thought of safety first when he grabbed her from where ever she had been. Athena stood up as best she could and crawled to the back, she needed to find out why this boy was also unconscious. She then realized she was in her socks and her hoody was gone, was she robbed while she was unconscious? She pressed the thought to the back of her mind as she struggled to the back with out stepping on the boy.

Athena first checks if the boy is responsive and when he doesn’t respond to her calling, she checks his breathing and his pulse which she finds. She examines his body which she notices that is very…well kept, however, she finds blood on his leg and sees a that he has a wound that was wrapped in an attempted to stop the bleeding. Blood was seeping out of the make shift wrap, she needs to get him to a hospital but looking around seeing all the bullet holes she thought this guy would probably not want to get the police involved.

“Okay I guess you’re coming with me,” she says to the unconscious boy. Athena jumps into the driver’s seat and starts the vehicle, she was not the best driver and her vision was darkened. However, she had to get him back to the house and properly take care of his wound. She did not know why this boy had picked her up but seeing the van and the boys state she could tell he had saved her.

They were not far from the house and it only took a short time to get back home, once home she had disabled the ward to allow the boy to pass through the ward and took him to the med-bay. She had found Wild-Heart lying in one of the beds and Matt sleeping in a chair. Athena floats the boy into one of the clean beds across from Wild-Heart. Athena hurried and grabbed a suture’s kit, she had unwrapped the wound and cleaned it then started closing the wound. It was her first time stitching up a wound, but she had seen Ashlyn stitch animal wounds. Her hands were shaky but with her telekinesis she was as steady as a surgeon.

R&D Lab/Med-Bay

Raven looks at the device in Lena's palm and realizes that she had the same device with the symbol on it, she takes it out and compares it to the other. "They are the same, you must be one of the people they pulled another dimensions. You are right it would be a good idea to report this to the agents, they would know what to do from here," she says matter-of-factly. She places the device back into her pocket and holds her hand out to Lena. "It will be much faster to travel through the shadows, if you do not mind of course." she says waiting for the girls hand, though, she did not need to have contact with her to teleport.

The two would be surrounded within her shadowy soul-self and they would appear back within the room she had left, she had hope that the others had settled down by the time she had gotten back and it would seem the more annoying few were gone, though, they all were annoying if she was honest.

Raven calmly walked over to R and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. "It seems there is something going on with in the city, I was able to destroy these shadow creatures and calm the civilians but it would seem Lena seen something more troubling in the sewers..." Raven reported then turned to motion to the young girl.

Los Angeles

A woman wakes up from a week-long coma, she finds herself in a sterile ICU hospital room, she has tubes coming out of her nose, mouth and arms. The woman struggles to move her arms and grabs on to the tube in her mouth and pulls it out becoming panicked at how deep it had reached. She then starts working on the other wires and tubes ripping them away from her body as alarms from the machines she as connected to start blaring. As she begins to move the pain in her chest and head cause the woman to pause and take respite.

A team of nurse rush into the room to find the woman that had been in a coma for a week struggling to sit up. “Ms., I need you to lay back down!” one of the nurses says as they gently hold her shoulder. The red-haired woman smacks the nurse’s hand away, “Where’s my family!” she demands, though for some reason she already knows.

“please ma’am, lay back down, a doctor will be here to explain everything a moment…” the nurse replies trying to calm the woman down.

The air in the room begins to seemly come alive and gust of wind builds as it circles the room causing anything that is not strapped down to begin to be carried with in the building current. One of the other nurses picks up a phone and speaks into it as calmly as she could, “Code: Ash! Code: Ash!”

The lead nurse speaks again, “Please calm down, your family…your family didn’t make it. I’m so sorry…” The nurse says holding her hands up to show she wasn’t going to hurt the woman. “Ms. Blake please calm down, you are going to hurt yourself or one of my nurses, please Ms. Blake we are only here to help.”

Victoria Blake closed her eyes and sat back down on the bed, the wind subsided, and the room was peaceful once more. The woman put her hands over her face and began to weep for her family, she thought of her husband the teacher who tried to make La Vida a better place through education. Her Young children, who would never get experience what this life had to offer them. The lead nurse, a Hispanic woman no more then 30 years old sat next to the grieving woman and placed an arm over her, she could not begin to understand the loss the woman felt but she could at least give Victoria a bit of comfort.

Suddenly several boots could be heard coming down the hall way as men in full riot gear stepped into the room with large automatic rifles pointed at Victoria. “Ma’am step away from the bed and put your hands behind your head. The nurse jumped up with her hands in a defensive position. “wait, what is all this, my patient just woke up from a coma, you all need to get the hell out!” she demands. The officer grabs the nurse’s wrist and throws her into another officer’s arms. Victoria startles at the sudden movement puts her hands up defensively. The officers react as if she was about to smite them with her meta powers and fires their weapons. Victoria instinctively slips into the elemental plane where she is untouched by the bullets the widow behind her is shattered. Victoria is overcome by an anger she had never know before and as she comes back into the material plane she winds jets into to hospital room and forces the anti-meta unit to the floor. She jumps out the now open window into the twilight sky as she discovers she is 30 floors up, however, the air gathers around her and her bare feet are gently set on the warm cement.

Victoria felt her whole body shake from exhaustion and she fell to the ground, she put her hands under her to pick her upper body off the ground. However, she did not have time to rest as three black vans rolled up on her and a squad of people clad in all in black and armed to the teeth. She did not give them time to get into a position as she slammed her fist into the cement and the ground around her rose up shielding her from their sights. As her assailants circled around her location she released her powers once again causing the earth around her shoot out and collide into the armed soldiers.

In the chaos she used the moment to make an escape as she used the wind to shoot up into the darkening sky. Though, she could not stay skyward for long. She landed a few blocks away and rested with in an ally. Yet again, she did not have much time as she heard more boots stomp toward her. Victoria gripped the corner of the building she had rested on as she broke off a large piece and threw it at the approaching men and as they entered the ally the chuck of building broke up and peppered them causing them to take cover and once again she takes flight. As she has a bird’s eye view of the city she sees more of those black vans closing in on her.

Victoria did not know why this was happening, she had doubt that these men were part of the LAPD was it some enemy she had made in the Justice League? Was that the reason why her family were killed? She felt the anger boil over and as she hovered over the city clouds began to form above and with flick of her wrist lightning struck the ground near one of those black vans causing it to collide with another car. Her red hair whipped around behind her and her hospital gown was thrashing around he, she raised her hand to the heavens readying another bolt to strike the now motionless van, however, a force struck her back causing her to fall a few feet.

It was only a short flight from La Vida to down town and she knew she had to go when she the news broke that a powerful meta was wreaking havoc in the city. She knew that La Vida had been in chaos ever since the gangs started killing each other with no rhyme or reason, the at least respected each other not to start something like this before.

“Athena, I don’t like it there are other people that can handle things like this. Please, just sit this one out…plus La Vida is already going crazy. We need you here.” Matt argued.

Athena put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and gave a reassuring smile, “I’ll be fine and Knight and Wild Heart can handle things here without me. Besides, this is the reason why we started this in the first place right? Putting good in the world and making people remember our names.”

Matt rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but smile, “you know this isn’t a game…but you gotta do what’ya gotta do.” He said putting his fist out for Athena to tap with her own fist.

Athena met Matt’s fist with her own, “I know it isn’t, but you know why.” Matt’s smile turned to a frown. “Yeah, I know…” he retorted.

As Athena got closer she could see the damage that the meta had caused, she just had to follow the path of destruction. The sky had been mostly been cloudless all day, but it seemed that the weather had changed, though she couldn’t remember the forecast calling a storm. However, she looks into the skys and saw something so awesome she had to take a moment to take in what her eyes were seeing. Was this some wrathful red-haired god taking out her vengeance out on the city below. No that’s silly she thought it had to be the meta she was looking for. As the woman rose her hand to strike again Athena shot her own hand out sending a force wave hitting the woman’s back.

“Hey, lady! This needs to end now, you’re making trouble for other metas that get bad rep cause people like you!” Athena says as she floated to be at equal levels with Victoria.

“Little girl, you don’t know what’s going on, just head back to the ground and stay out of my way…” Victoria says as she looks for the van again.

Athena felt a bit slighted that the woman just blew her off, but she pushed the feelings away and made a grasping gesture at the red-head. Victoria felt something grab her and hold her arms to her side and was officially annoyed with the girl.

“Okay, you want to be a hero, let me give you a lesson in taking a fight with someone above your weight class!” She called out. Victoria arched her back and called the wind to her, Athena was felt the winds pick up and was suddenly trapped in a whirl-wind, the girl’s hair started to smack into her face and made it harder for the girl to see and the air was being sucked from her lungs. Athena lost focus and let Victoria out of her grasp as she tried to take in air.

Victoria sight went blurry has the exhaustion crept in, but she wasn’t some newbie that couldn’t last in a fight. She took in a deep breath and waved her hands in a circle pattern, collecting water particles from the air until she had a ball of water between her hands. She aimed it at the girl and small orbs of ice rapidly fired at Athena meant to pepper her with hail. Athena tried to fly out of the hails path, but it seemed to follow her so instead she held out her hands and created a force barrier and she was able to breathe again.

“Okay, this is not going well…” Athena told herself as she was forced to take up a defensive position. She hadn’t noticed the channel 52 news helicopter until then and felt embarrassed. “Great Matt is watching and he’s going to be so angry that he was right.” She thought out loud.

Victoria watched as the teen blocked her attack and steadily increased the force of the hail testing her defensive power. “Sorry, but lesson is almost over, I would put everything thing into that shield of yours. It’s going to get a little rough.” She says as she reaches to the sky once more then with her arm down like if she were striking something and lightning followed and hit Athena’s barrier straight on. Thunder cracked as the flash of energy exploded in Athena’s face. She had successfully blocked the lightning but the mere force of if hitting her shield threw the girl back and start to spiral toward the ground. Athena couldn’t tell which way was up as she tumbled in the air still blinded by the lightning, though that was starting to fade as she began to lose consciousness.

The red-haired woman frowned at what she had done, she had let her anger get the best of her and she had taken it out on this young hero, she was not proud. She called the wind again to slow the girls fall as she sped after her easily catching the unconscious teen. Victoria land them both in the shadows of the nearest ally and sent Athena down. She checked Athena’s breathing then checked her eyes for damage. It seemed that she would be alright, having done that, she took the teen’s hoody and shoes.

“Sorry, Hun, I’m going to need these more than you,” Victoria tells the her as she slips on the girl’s converse over her bare feet. She was fortunate that they fit. Victoria could hear the helicopter coming for them, so she called the wind once more to carry her somewhere she couldn’t be followed.

The dangers the shadows hold.

In a poorly lit business office sits a woman starring up at the darken clouds, she sighs as she rests her face on her hands as she lazily in her chair. She already knows her men have failed to capture Elemental Girl or rather Victoria Blake. “Capture the girl, she is most likely going to be come a problem with our project in La Vida…do not fail me again…” the woman’s voice is silky and calm but has a hint of anger. “yes sir of course,” a man replies and quickly leaves the room. The woman sits alone in the shadows of the room and gives a dangerous smile, “it’s almost time to kick off phase two…”

La Vida: the streets > Wayward House.

The drones hovered over Wild-hearts unconscious form and projected a light that caused Ashlyn’s body to rise a foot of the ground. Matt was happy that his anti-gravity tech actually worked, he hadn’t had time to test the tech, but he knew it theory that it should work just as expected or blow up raining hot metal on Ashlyn…he would make sure to not tell her that bit.

Matt mostly ignored the strange man, he hadn’t seemed like he was going to try to stop him and didn’t know if that was a good thing or not. Matt simply looked at the guy and shrugged, “right, have a blessed day…” he said sarcastically and followed the drones out and down the apartments and into his car.

On the ride back, Matt made sure to drive as safely has possible so that he would not be noticed by the cops. The drones scanned Wild-Heart taking her pulse temperature and blood pressure. She seemed fine but there was some damage in her ears. and up until now he hadn’t noticed but they were being followed by a swarm of bats. “what the hell is that all about?” he asked Ashlyn and of course she didn’t answer.

As they got closer to the house he could see one of the streets were blocked off and a swarm of police cars at taken up the street along with emergency vehicles. “Oh shit, what’s going on now?” he asks Ashlyn and again she rudely does not reply.

Once they get to the house Matt brings Ash to the room they use for a med-bay, it was clean, and he had some tech that he was working on to enhance the normal regenerative factor everyone has. But for now, they only caused rashes. And it didn’t help that Ashlyn’s little beast were trying to investigate and whining as soon as they smelled their master and they seemed to have been worried. “Get out, no dogs in the med-bay!” he yells at them as he tries to fight them out of the room.

Suddenly Matt realized that he hadn’t deactivate Knight’s entry pass to the house, he opened the door allowing Artimas and Apollo into the room as he runs to James’ room. It had been emptied, he was here! He backed into the room looking for the murder, not sure if he was still in the house. He looks around the room and finds the note that he has left and reads it. Matt backs into the wall and takes a deep breath, “what the hell is happening?” he says trying to take in all the information.

Matt deactivates Knight’s entry pass and if he was in the house still he would be hit by the ward and be forced out. He makes his way back to the medical bay and sits with Ashlyn and her dogs, he did not have the energy to fight them again. As he sets back into his chair he remembers Athena and quickly takes his phone out and looks for a news feed.

Black vans began to close in on Athena’s location as she lays in an ally unconscious and defenseless, unknowing of the danger she is still in.

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La Vida: the streets.

Matt had been listening to the chaos happening around La Vida, his police scanner program picked up on multiple shots being fired and warned that Wild-Heart was on scene. Matt knew that Ashlyn was more then enough to take out some punks with guns but still he worried for her and wished he could be more useful in times like these. However, on his screen he saw that Knight was in the area and heading toward her. Matt was always on edge around the guy, something about James gave off a don’t trust this dude vibe but that only made Matt more attracted to him.

Matt gave a sigh of relief, soon Knight and Wild Heart would handle the gangsters and get back to the house and so would Athena. Matt didn’t like that Athena went to LA to stop a meta from causing a scene in the down town area, but she argued that there would be no one else, all the big heroes were always on the east coast, so it was up to her to help.

Matt had been watching Athena fight a meta with multiple elemental powers, the news had been covering it since Athena had intervene. The woman had already destroyed a few streets and caused damaged to a few buildings, thankfully no one had been seriously injured. Matt made a note to himself to work on a uniform for Athena, she was out there fighting a crazy meta-human dressed like she was on her way to a mall, the only thing that made her look like a super-hero was her dumb domino mask.

Suddenly Matt got a ping on his scanner program and he brought it to his attention, the report had said that the vigilante Knight had been taken under arrest for the murder of sevral police and gang members. Matt’s face went flushed as he thought about all the deaths that had to do with cuts and stabs from the past week, there’s no way, he thought. Moments later he had another alert this time it had been ab unconscious woman dressed in crazy clothes and red hair, EMS was requested.

“Shit!” Matt cursed. He looked at the monitor watching Athena, she was being pushed back by the powerful meta and was forced into a defensive position. The teen gritted his teeth, he had to do something, and he was no help to Athena here. He ran to the garage and used his mind to activate a car that looked like a Ford Focus RS and climbed in. The techno-path plotted a course to the address the EMS was called to and sped down the streets passing a police escort on the way. He panicked hoping the police wouldn’t go after him because he didn’t have a driver’s license and didn’t have time for a police chase. However, they seemed to be more preoccupied with something else since they did not turn to follow him.

Matt followed Wild-Heart’s signal to an apartment building, two of his sphere like drones quickly shot up the building looking for the signal, they had found it and alerted Matt. He was glad he was there before the EMS, they surely would have unmasked the hero and Ashlyn’s identity would have been revealed. It didn’t take Matt long to find the woman, but he was huffing loudly when he got to her. Though she wasn’t alone, some man had been over her and looking at her.
The teen panicked and his nanites began to cover his hands as he out stretched them aimed for Sam. “Get away from her or I’ll blast you!” He yells as his drones fly over the woman’s body ready to extract her.

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