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Still looking for a Chat Noir
I may be interested. I have a thief character I'm really wanting to use again. I originally wrote her in the Avatar (Last Airbender) universe, then later in a steampunk one. Not a big fan of writing in the modern era. She's a con artist, natural actress, and.. a cat thief that's afraid of heights. Very emotional character and I spend a lot of time writing in her head.
I may be interested. I also have a male character I'd like to practice writing that has a secret identity. Primarily write female characters though.
Interested in forming a small Miraculous Ladybug group. Could be based off either the show or the "anime" with Felix & Bridgette.

I'd like to play Marinette/Bridgette/Ladybug.

Would obviously need an Adrien/Felix/Cat Noir

Also would need someone to play villains. I'm personally not at all interested in writing the villains so hope someone out there would enjoy this.

Maybe a few writers who take on multiple side characters. Could sometimes be akumitized and get to write the villain.

The biggest difficulty in writing for this fandom though is that only the main two characters would be needed most of the time. This is why I think a small group works best. One person for either main character and a handful of people for side characters.


Not interested in writing smut. T rating and below only. I personally only ship Marinette with Adrien (or Bridgette with Felix) but feel free to ship side characters as you please.
Thank you for the welcome. I've been poking around a bit but struggling to focus long enough to catch up enough on any established RP. Hoping I'll do better tomorrow when I've got my ADHD meds in my system, hah. I may try some of the faster RP first just to ease myself back into it. I've been pretty frustrated with myself and the anxiety I've felt over this. RP used to be so easy for me.
RP used to be my life. I started on Second Life, writing both short and long form RP. Through the years I've mostly written with the same people but... those people aren't available any more.

My best friend and favorite writing partner unexpectedly passed away just over a year ago.

I'm sure I don't need to explain to you what kind of connection you can form with someone you write with. I'm also sure you understand how much of a coping mechanism that RP itself can be.

so... when that coping mechanism, your story-your characters- becomes painful due to the constant reminder of your lost partner... it's a very difficult and complicated feeling.

I miss RP though. I try to write alone and I hit wall after wall. I want to write with other people.

But I'm also scared. Scared of embarking on an entirely new adventure. New characters. Fandoms. Scared of having to organize a story entirely alone. Scared of everyone walking away.

Honestly, I'm just kind of hoping for someone to pull me and adopt me into their story to help me take the next steps to finding my writing voice again.

Fandoms I've written for or have interest in include:

Avatar: The Last Airbender (OC Universe)

Miraculous Ladybug (haven't really written, but have been revisiting and have on mind)

League of Legends (wrote as Lulu )

I enjoy stories with
enemies to lovers, secret identities, crime.

Don't write above T rating.

Am open to entirely original content
Tara watched the young girl quietly step away, logging away what information she had on her for later. There were still more people to feel out before she made up her mind on this whole group thing. As her eyes had been wandering earlier, a man in the back with his luggage had caught her interest, namely due to what he had taken out. The woman moves on over, curiosity easily winning her over on this one particular subject. Costuming. "What's all this?" she asks with a genuine grin, sliding into the seat across from the man. "Are you some kind of an actor?" She'd yet to truly meet another who was also into thieving. Not as far as she knew, at least. His collection here was really quite impressive, and being Rebecca, she didn't mind showing that she thought so.
Mimicking her shrug, Tara looks around the room once more. "I only just arrived myself." Unless you counted all the lurking she did outside the door. "Looks like we missed the 'Newcomer's Orientation'." And the fools behind them hadn't so much as glanced their way to help. The woman looks back down at the girl, still making up her mind on her. She knew from her own experience that being young didn't mean you couldn't steal well, but she wondered what her specialty was. "Maybe we should go spy on the others?" she asks with a teasing tone.
Smart girl, Tara thought. "Rebecca," she holds her smile. "And I was thinking something similar myself. To be honest," she looks up, gazing around the room. "I'm still not so sure about it." Granted she had missed most of the explanation of the job they were supposed to be pulling but... What could possibly big enough to pay this many people properly? Her head snaps back in the girl's direction. "And you?"
Tara glances back mid her walk across the room as she hears the enthusiastic voice call out. Two more people had entered. ... how many people had this guy invited? And one was... a child? Curiosity peaked, she stops, pasting on a pleasant smile. "If you mean the guy running the place, I think he went that way," she nods off in the direction she had seen the man disappear to. Her eyes flicker back to the child. Her entrance had been as quiet as her own had been. If not for the loud woman she likely wouldn't have noticed the girl.
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