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Current Sick of crying tired of trying, inside I'm slowly dying. I'm alive but I'm alone, Somewhere in this darkness there's a light that I can't find Maybe it's too far away, maybe I'm just blind.
12 days ago
And again I say.... I hate my life.
30 days ago
hey guys, sorry for not being online for a long time, I was going through a big depression drop but I'll be back in the morning.
1 mo ago
Well my day was going good, but then... -Eye roll- >:(
2 mos ago


Hey, I'm a 17 year old girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and I'm 92 pounds and 5' ft tall. I love cuddling, being outside, and my favorite time of year is fall. I love Peanut M'M's and I also LOVE ICE CREAM. I'll be 18 September 2nd this year:) Love my dog's Muffin and Rocky. pit and an American bulldog. :) Don't mind cat's used to have one named Mew Mew. She was amazing. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I'm for real, I don't care what questions you might have, feel free to PM me and I'll try to respond as soon as I can. :)

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The neko, still very scared of all this, still all very new to her.
She tugs on his hand lightly.
She look's down, playing with her tail, "Y-You to."
"M-my name..., Aleah." She say's shyly.
"M-My n-name?" She say's shyly.
She looks up at him with hopeful eyes.
She doesn't know what to expect, she hesitates in her steps as they grow closer.
She slowly takes his hand and comes out of the bush.
"Well, I t-try to stay hidden, b-but it's not working for m-me tonight." She wimpier in fear.
"I-I"m 1-17" She shakes from fear.
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