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im an age regressor it's my coping mechanism and it makes me feel safe, most characters will end up being children please don't sexualize my little space and characters, i might be tiny but i am mighty!

basic info: I'm 16, I'm in FFA, newspaper, AP college credit English, ((which is ironic cause my spelling is something horrid)), and Child development, i want to pursue becoming a social worker which works out because i have a bad habit of evaluating people and their characters.

FRIENDS: if you want to be friends feel free to message me I'm always open for new friends!!

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preferred 4-2 liners, good detail, 1x1, mainly want an overprotective male character to care and go on crazy adventures with her.

!!Feel free to pm me!!
walking through the dark and rainey city streets, you pass by an ally way where you hear soft whimpers and a pool of glistening crimson on the ground accompanied with a grown man ... Dead

i will be using my character Lacy, i would prefer 2 lines to a paragraph long, 1x1 but can have multiple partners

!feel free to pm me!
"a vampy little girl wanting nothing but loves and blood"

Name: Lacey
Gender: female
Nicknames: princess, little one, baby vamp (depends on the other charecters preference)
Race: vampire demon princess (white not op)
Age: 16 looks 5
Height: 4"3'
Complexion: sickeningly pale skin
Hair: polar white hair that falls in loose curls at her knees
Eyes: glacier blue but turn black when feeding
Handedness: right
Scars: bruises and cuts apear all over her body
Relationship Status: single
Personality: innocent an unknowing of all things, she kind at heart but doesnt seem to understand right from wron
Mannerisms: crys at the smallest of things and gets scared very easily , her trusting gets her into trouble
Likes: blood, a strong hand to guide her, stuffed animals, anything frilly (has a dress for every occasion)
Dislikes: meanies, killing people, scared of dogs
extra: lacey has an outfit for every occasion, she dresses like the little baby doll she is all decked out in simple lolita dresses and shoes she appears so innocent even with the blood stains

bio: lacey is the princess of demons but as well as a newborn vampire, with concpt of what is to much laceys feeding habits are uncontrollable, after draining the blood from souls that belonged to her father she was kicked out of hell and sent to live on earth with no memory of who she is where shes from, nothing but the crave for blood and a caring and overprotective character
@Dumb1And1Lazyprobably long term and id prefer a paragraph but some times the rp can dial down so I understand if there's a few 1-2 liners as long as there proactive to the story, i need someone who is okay with my character i do have a layout for her i can send
walking through a thick heavily wooded forestyou seem to have lost your way. Soon you come across
a small child with long polar white hair fell in loose curls just at her knees. her skin glowed an ivory pale, with scraps and bruises made like patchwork on her fragile skin. Electric blue eyes filled with tears looked helplessly up at you. "P..please dont hurt me," she shuddered. Her white frilled dress was once incredibly ornate but now covered in fresh blood and muddy rain. Lying at her feet, a large wolf layed in a pool of glistening crimson
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