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As Rachel walked along the street, she stopped by an electronic store. Electronics explode nicely.

Walking in, Rachel saw that all the people inside were scared and whispering. "What's going on?" Rachel asked the closest human, a teen girl.

The girl jumped, and quickly whispered, "An eyeball just showed up on all the screens and said, 'You're not alone. The Change comes to all things in time...'" the girl pauses nervously before continuing. "'Break your shackles and embrace true freedom.'"

The girl then turned away and continued whispering with her friends. Rachel looked around, and heard more whisperings of this eyeball and what it said.

"Shackles, huh? Perhaps it's saying to stop hiding? No way. I don't want to get captured," Rachel thought. She left the people alone; they were traumatized enough already, and Rachel prefers to catch people by suprise.

Walking back out onto the side walk, Rachel looked around for anything to do.
Katelin is up and fighting the arachnid and trying not to panic.

Katelin rolled over and rubbed her lower back. Something is wrong; she didn't fall asleep on hard ground! Opening her eyes, she looked around, shocked to see about a dozen or more other people around the large room, a few standing, others getting up, and the rest lying down like she had been only seconds ago.

Katelin heard a screech, and looking up, she saw something that she had never seen personally but had heard of from the knights' stories of similar mutated monsters, the knights boasting about defeating them without help. Letting out a short scream, Katelin scrambled to get up, forming an ice spear as she did so. She tried to get her heart to calm, but seeing an arachnid that big was too much. One fully armored lady didn't have such fears, as she glared around and told everyone to get up if they wanted to live. The lady then attacked the monster as Katelin saw a glowing shield-like thing form around her. Katelin threw the javelin, but almost missed, the ice getting stuck in some terrible-looking barbs.

Moving backwards to try calming down, Katelin looked around, and saw that most everyone was up. One girl with strange clothing was in a corner, seeming to struggle with some heavy-looking armor on its back. While forming another spear, Katelin saw the girl's lips move. "Is she talking to metal?" Katelin thought, confused. Looking closer, she saw the girl was missing a leg.

Katelin threw the spear, then got her bow off her back - so lucky it was still there - and looked over at the girl again. A Dwarf with metal arms was moving towards the girl. Hopefully he only ment to help. Katelin looked back at the spider, shuddering at the thought of possibly getting eaten by this thing. It looked angry, and that lady on its head looked so creepy.

Aiming, Katelin shot a couple arrows at the creature's eyes, hoping the mini explosions would cause enough damage to hurt it.

Alright, awesome!

@Randomness I saw rule 5, and since your post in IC hasn't had any other posters yet, I'd like to know if it's too late for me to make a character and still have her in the current scene.
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I agree that the beetles should be driven away, but if that is too difficult we should send a few, small, spaced out groups of warriors to dispatch those beetles. Spacing the groups out and keeping them small will hopefully attract minimal to no attention to us, as we don't want to have a sudden suprise attack from the wasps.

Once the beetles are gone, scouts can be sent to sweep a large amount of the forest around the threatened bees in pairs to find the wasps' nest.
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