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I am a 17 year old female named Logan. Yes, that name is unisex. I am a homeschooled Christian who loves animals (I have a cat and a rabbit, but there are many other pets living in this house.). Favorite color is blue, I like supernatural, horror, certain types of scifi, apocalyptic/post apocalyptic, fantasy... I guess a shorter list is what I don't like; romance and anime.

I plan on opening a completely allergy-free bakery one day, as there doesn't seem to be enough of those, and, being deathly allergic to eggs, I understand how important it is to not cross-contaminate. I may also someday have a gaming channel on YouTube. And I'm currently writing a book. And I give myself short deadlines to finish a whole year of school. Lots of stuff to do. I also plan on homeschooling any future kids I have. I really don't know how I'll be able to manage all of this, lol.

I like chocolate.

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Banned for mentioning another thread and for @ ing two people including yourself.
4: Isabell
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Color I am using, which is a light purple.
Awesome, I've been looking for an interesting cyoa roleplay. I'll definitely join.

After initially being startled by the girl waking up briefly, Katelin was relieved to see the wounds closing. Katelin returned her dagger to a freezing temperature and watched, surprised, as the leaf girl's skin began to return to normal. "Going by these powers, she must be a sort of elf,"Katelin thought. She'd never seen an elf of any kind; only heard of them in stories, again, told by the knights. Some kinds live far to the north and others to the east.

Looking up at the action, Katelin watched the spider fall and then run at the armor. Katelin stood up, and started making a couple ice spears. When the spider jumped on the armor and they wrestled, Katelin got into a good position to throw the spears at the disgusting monster's humanlike head without hitting the armor. Katelin started throwing spears as fast and accurately as she could, forming a spear as one leaves her hand. Though a spear takes a few seconds to form, ice makes a nice painful sting on most things so this 'rapid fire' should do well. As making lots of spears takes a lot of focus, Katelin's vision seemed to darken at the edges, narrowing in on the monster. Katelin started screaming, "DIE, STUPID ARACHNID! DIE! DIE!!"The word 'die' was said many times.
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