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I'm definitely interested if you're accepting.
I'm Logtm, but you can call me Log. Not really one for introductions but I'll try my best! I've been roleplaying for a good amount of time and love the creative outlet it provides. In terms of what kind of RP I'm into; as long as the setting catches my interest, you can count me in! I appreciate intriguing storytelling and detailed world-building so if that kind of thing floats your boat I'm sure we'll get along great.

Outside of RP'ing, I love watching movies, playing most sports, drawing, and playing video games. I also love animals and am a big cat person. Unfortunately, as a university student, it can be hard to enjoy my hobbies when I have studying to do, but I manage well enough. (most of the time)

If anybody ever wants to chat don't hesitate, I'll talk about anything from Pokemon to basketball! I look forward to RP'ing with y'all!
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