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Gonna bump this cause I'm always looking! C:
I went ahead and made something to list everything that I'd be willing to do. Please feel free to take a look.
Hallo! My name is Lola, I am 25 years old and reside on the west coast (PST time). I work a full time job as an Assistant Bakery Manager, so my schedule can be a little sporadic, but I'll mostly be working mornings. I took a few years off of rp, but I am reeling to get back into it!

I have a lot more Do's than I do Don'ts, so limits would be entirely based on you. I do, generally, however only do MxM, but I can be swayed into doing other things if the roleplay progresses with other characters. So to reiterate, I want MxM. On that note, I do double, and often throw a whole mix of characters into my roleplays, as I believe it expands the world that we create. I would not rp with someone who is only comfortable with playing one character at a time. They MUST double.
I greatly enjoy world building, but not if it's the entire focus in the rp. Generally I do not name a certain place, and would rather create my own setting where my characters would thrive. That could include fanastical elements from fantasy or a more modern touch like big cities and the like. I'm literally down for whatever, as long as it's fun and interesting.

I would like to stay away from school bound roleplay, focusing on a large city rather if it's more slice of life based. Older characters are wanted (but not mandatory), as you can do more with them. I am willing to go as dark as you are, and probably even more. Evil and antagonists are fun, no matter what the drama. This means that my partner should be 18+, and needs to fully discuss with me prior to the rp starting what they can and cannot handle. I don't go off the deep end if I know you can't handle it, but I have been known to do some pretty dark scenes.

I do enjoy sex and romance on top of everything else dark, so I would like there to be romance in this, and I generally make it a main focus of my roleplays. I am, however, alright with it being either a slow burn or a quick fling. I'm alright with characters breaking up and never getting back together, and moving on. I'm alright with real scenarios or ones that seem incredibly fake. Just give me some lovin'.

Other than that, since I've been out of it for some long, I'm not really sure what kind of pairings or plots I want to do. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to throw them at me! I'm usually an open person, so I'll probably go along with whatever you want. If I come up with some ideas later we can discuss them, and figure out where to go! On a side note, I am willing to do more than one rp with one person, and am always open to rp.

I would prefer to rp over email, so if I am of interest to you, please either DM me here or reach out to me at

Thank you, and have a great day!
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