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I am a 30 year old female. I do have a job and a life outside of here, so I will not be on 24/7, but I will respond as often as I can.

As I said before, I will post as often as I can. As for post length, I’m not very particular. I always try to post as much as I can, and I would appreciate it if you would do the same. My average post length is around a paragraph.

I am not comfortable with playing a canon character, but I am not opposed to a canon x OC pairing. My lead character will always be female, but I can play male if doubling. I love animals, so don’t be surprised if I try to give my character a pet. 😀

Purple is one’s that I am most craving


Doctor Who
Phantom of the Opera
Hunter x Hunter

Mystery, adventure, fantasy, Sci-fi, thriller, supernatural...

have any ideas that you think I might be interested in please don’t hesitate to PM me
The changes have been made @Risendrake
I didn’t realize that someone else already had the animal control power. I thought that I had read through all the posted profiles and no had it (I must have missed it).

I can change Dixie’s power if you would prefer.
Royal Tutor

Two-four princes/princesses with completely different personalities are in line to inherit the throne, but their father doesn’t feel as though they currently suited for the throne. He has hired a very unconventional teacher to act as the Royal tutor, since the kids had ran off all of their previous teachers.

The story would follow the tutor and children through their daily lives from the tutors first arrival.

Inspired by anime: The Royal Tutor



Shapeshifting and minor regeneration

Mina is the result of an experiment to genetically engineer a Shapeshifter. She and her fraternal twin sister were named after their surrogate mother, a lab assistant named Mina Shay, who unfortunately died of a massive heart attack while giving birth. A year ago Shay, who always had anger issues, lost control and turned into a monster. She destroyed the lab, killed the scientists, and blinded Mina.

Mina has spent the past year in the hospital with numerous infections that kept developing when they tried to sew the skin closed over her empty eye sockets. Since the skin could not be closed, she has to wear bandages over her eyes, which she chooses to cover with blindfolds and scarves.

Shay made arrangements for Mina to attend the academy before trapping herself in the form of a dog by drinking a serum that nullified her ability. She is now going to act as Mina’s guide.
May I join?

Pele flew to the meeting area and landed in a clearing. Around her neck were several bags where she had brought a variety of volcanic glass and rock for trading. She wandered around the grounds looking in the various booths at what they were offering.
Ok. I can change the picture
I just thought of an interesting twist that we could do if anyone wants to.




Pele is a princess of Dragon Lava. She is at the meeting to represent her family. She is a gentle soul with a kind and caring personality. She is a bit on the small side, standing only 60 feet tall and 100 feet long from nose to tail tip.

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