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(technically we are animals too)
Samara is a Hebrew woman who has been punished by God to outlive her brethren (this means that she will be the last one that God takes from this world). God also decreed that she would not be killed by the weapons of man. Over the years God laid it on her heart to help catch some of the people that the devil has gotten his claws into. In response to this calling, Samara chose to become a private detective.

Would anyone like to play an assistant for Samara? This could take place in any time period (or multiple time periods), and we could make up our own criminals and/or take real criminals from history. I’m also open to any ideas that you might have.

Two deities have chosen to make contracts with two humans. One person went on to become a detective, while the other was a budding serial killer. Will the detective be able to stop the killing, or will the murder win?

For this one, I thought that we could each play two characters. We would both play one human and the opposite deity.

Feel free to send me a PM at any time.
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