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Everything that Letha served was food that Allison would recognize. There was smoked Jackafur (rabbit-like animal the size of a fox), Evi (Root vegetable with the flavor of a carrot), Skarn (a blueberry-like fruit with a citrus flavor), and more. Letha started filling her own plate while Allison asked,

“You help others… have helped others, in the past?”

“That’s right. Many people have found their way here over the years. They normally only stay a few days, but people have also stayed as long as a few years.” Letha answered as she headed over to the table to sit down.

“I thank you… You are a person of honor.” Said Allison before asking, “Are you of the human world? You appear so young, yet you think and speak as if an older, wiser person. Do I ask too much…?”

Letha shook her head. “No, it’s not too much. Actually, you are not the first person to ask that. The only problem is… I don’t know.” She said with a sigh. “All of my memories are of living here at the mansion, and I was told that a hunter staying at the mansion found me abandoned out in the woods. I used to think that I was human since I looked like one, but I have lived far too long to be one. I don’t look like any race I have seen come out of Fantaja, so… what does that leave for me to be?”
Allison was giving Midas too much credit. He had gone into the main room to relax by the fire, nothing more, nothing less. The dogs had given her the chair facing the door because they had sensed her weariness though.

"You feed your canines?" asked Allison

Letha nodded. "Yes. These guys came from the human world where they were kept as pets, and people provide for their animals in the human world. They don't know how to fend for themselves." She explained while stroking the back of one of the dogs.

"You called your home something, I … I may have heard that name before … I am uncertain. Stories from the Ancients … my ancestors."

Letha picked up a plate and started filling it. "Please come and eat. I'm not surprised that Synoro is mentioned in your peoples history. Many Elves have attended meetings here in the past. Hundreds, if not thousands of meetings were held here over the years, between people from Fantaja and Humans. In the past, this place was always full of life. People staying here to attend meetings, the ones who acted as intermediaries or peacekeepers, the staff. There was so much life." She said a bit sadly. "Now it's just me, the animals, and the random temporary person in need. I keep the house up the best I can, but all I can do is maintain the interior."
Letha instinctively knew that Allison needed a safe place to stay just from the way she spoke and acted. “Please, come on in.” She said with a smile as she put Minnie down, and picked up the basket of grapes that she had just picked. She led Allison down a somewhat clear path to a back door. The door hinges showed clear signs of rust, but the door was still hanging on. Letha held the door open for Allison and the dogs that had followed them.

The door they entered led to the work side of the house, with the kitchen on their left, a hallway ending at a set of stairs to their right, and a hall leading to another door straight ahead of them. The largest of the dogs walked past Allison and pushed it’s way through the door in front of them. “You can follow Midas into the other room, and warm up by the fireplace if you want. I’ll make us something to eat.” Said Letha as she pushed the door to.

If Allison did follow the dogs she would find herself in a large room divided in half by a large fireplace. On one side of the fireplace would be a living room setup, and on the other would be a dining table and buffet. The dogs would all find comfortable places to sit or lay down, leaving only the floor or a chair that faced the front door for Allison.

Letha took the grapes into the kitchen and fired up both ovens before going to the main living area. She adjusted the front door to where it was completely closed, and barricaded it with a bat that slid into holders on each side of the door. She then went out to the smoke house and brought in some meat before starting to make a loaf of quick bread and some cookies.

While the bread and cookies were baking she cleaned, peeled, and cut up some fruits and vegetables. Letha put each plate in the serving window as she finished filling them, and then she came out to the living area where she transferred each plate to the buffet. She took five bowls and 2 plates out from under the buffet, and filled the bowls with food for the dogs in the living room. “Come and get it.” She said putting the bowls on the floor along the wall.
Letha nodded. “I can most certainly try. First let me say, it’s nice to meet you Allison. I’m Letha, and this is Minnie.” She said indicating the little dog she had picked up. “I guess the first thing I should tell you is that the building in front of you used to be known as Synoro mansion, but that name hasn’t been used in decades. As for the land we are in, I don’t think it has a name. I’ve never heard it called anything. I guess you could say that this place acts as a buffer between the human world and Fantaja. I’ve had a lot of wolves and dogs from the human world find their way here, but not many Fantajan animals have. Any how, that’s all I can tell you about where you are. As for how you got here, I honestly don’t know. I don’t know how anything that comes out of those woods gets here, but all of them seem to need some kind of help. Some times it’s as simple as a safe place to stay, and others can be as complicated as an orphaned puppy needing raised or someone needing minor medical treatment. How about you? What do you need?”
It had been market day in Watervale and Edenbrooke, the two towns closest to the portals between Fantaja, the mansion, and the human world. Letha traded baked, dried, and canned goods to both human and fantajan merchants for things like milk, flour, and sugar. Sadly, the merchants were the only ones who remembered the place even existed.

The mansion had once been meticulously maintained, and was the setting fo many human/fantajan meetings. As relations deteriorated, meetings happened less and less. The place eventually fell into disrepair as most of its residents and caretakers either left or died. The gardens were allowed to go wild, so now the grounds are covered with a nice mix of vegetation from the woods and plants that were once cultivated.

A lot of the plants in the yard were ripe for harvest, and Letha had spent the day picking them between merchants. She was harvesting grapes off of the vines that climbed the walls as she listened to the howls. Even the more domestic dogs that stayed near the mansion wanted to join in, but Minnie, the smallest dog, let out a short howl and everyone fell silent. The little dog walked over to an opening in the wall, and looked out.

Is someone out there? wondered Letha stepping over to the opening, since Minnie hardly ever left her side. She looked out, and immediately spotted the woman standing in the road. “Hello there. Are you ok?” She asked with a concerned smile.

Physical description
  • 4’9”, 100 lbs
  • Green eyes
  • Brown hair

  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Gentle
  • Friendly
  • Nonjudgemental

History: Letha has lived in the mansion for as long as she can remember. In fact, she has never even left the grounds. Anything that doesn’t grow in the yard, she can trade for with the merchants that frequently pass by. She spends her days caring for the mansion and the many lost souls that find their way to her mansion, both animal and human.
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There is a mansion deep in the woods. The outside is dilapidated, and looks abandoned. Several wolves and wolf/dog mixes tend to hang around the mansion and its grounds. On the inside, the wallpaper is peeling, paint is cracked and faded, and the ceiling is damaged in places, but it’s clean and always smells like fresh baked goods or food. It’s a place where anyone is welcome, no matter who they are or what their history, as long as they don’t cause trouble.

The House

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