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The Tyrian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"
February, 1905

Never Again Defeat

The Imperial Minister for War, Field Marshal Hans von Mollard cut a dashing figure today before the Imperial Diet. Garbed in full military dress and armed with a bristling mustache, he sung the praises of the Imperial Defence Act, a piece of legislation he had been directly responsible for and one which had been successfully pushed through the Imperial Diet to be made law in the previous month. Known as the Emperor's blunt instrument in politics, the Field Marshal who had earned renown during the Tyro-Helroxian War had not been elected but appointed directly by the Emperor to his current position, to some observers this was a testament to the monarch's increasing desire to take a more active role in matters of the military. Before the assembled House, the Field Marshal had this to say:

"Through the passing of this bill we have taken a step towards assuring this grand nation's place in the world. Not since five years ago has this nation been tested and in that incident we were found wanting, I am here to promise that in my capacity as Minister for War I will assure that Tyria will never again know defeat. Never again will we be forced to endure living in the shadow of another nation in disgrace, for we shall be a leading light in this world, righting the wrongs committed against us and the anvil against which any foe who would seek to test us will break. Such is my promise to the Emperor and this government.

Now I am also here to remind you gentlemen, that in our efforts to assure the defense of this nation we will have to do more. I am speaking of complete rearmament, an endeavor which I trust this government will support for the alternative is to risk peril. Make no mistake my friends, this is a path we must take to ensure the sanctity of this nation and her rightful place as a great power against the baying wolves who would see her humbled. God save the Emperor! God save Tyria!"

The Field Marshal's speech has earned varied responses from within the Imperial Diet, with monarchists, conservatives and notable warhawks praising the emboldened direction of the Ministry for War while members from the liberal benches continue to decry the idea of increased budgetary expenditure on the military as preposterous with more radical members declaring the military a relic of a bygone age.

Portrait of Field Marshal Hans von Mollard, Imperial Minister for War, Circa 1905

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The Tyrian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"
January, 1905

A Treatise on the Government of the Tyrian Empire
By Laurenz von Ostenburg

As written by Count Laurenz von Ostenburg whom in the service of the Imperial Family, has endeavored to chronicle and record every facet of that prestigious gem known as the Empire of Tyria. Whom in this Treatise seeks to enlighten his readers of the long and significant history of the beloved nation. So too, has the Count endeavored to chronicle the governance of the Empire as-well as matters of war and diplomacy, among many other aspects of that happy union of peoples which has thrived under the Wolfram's Crown. In today's expose, of which there will be many more, we will be examining the government of the Kaisertum Tyria.

The Empire of Tyria stands today as one of the continent's great powers, a multinational constitutional monarchy aligned under the Wolfram's Crown. Guiding the Empire stands the Monarch and their government, the Imperial Diet which convenes in the Kamperdown Palace in Landorf. The Imperial Diet serving as the legislator of the Tyrian Empire, is a bicameral body made up of an upper House of Lords and a lower House of Deputies. To become law, bills have to be passed by both houses, signed by the government minister responsible, and then granted royal assent by the Emperor. As befitting an honorable nation such as the Empire however, the Wolfram Monarchs, as appointed by divine mandate, are granted further powers within government. Beyond the right of Royal Assent, the Emperors of Tyria also wield the right to Veto all legislation passed by the Imperial Diet, the power to prorogue or dissolve the Diet and call to new elections aswell as the power to both appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister and Imperial Cabinet should they be found in breach of the Emperor's trust.

An artist's depiction of the Kamperdown Palace in Landorf, circa 1900.

House of Lords
The House of Lords within the Tyrian Empire is the upper house of the Imperial Diet. Like the House of Deputies, it meets in the Palace of Kamperdown. Unlike the elected House of Deputies however, all members of the House of Lords are appointed with membership drawn from the Archdukes of the Imperial House, the Lords Spiritual, Hereditary peers and Life peers. Acting in their capacity as a check to the House of Deputies that is independent from the electoral process, the House of Lords wield powers such as the ability to delay bills and in some circumstances prevent them from passing entirely.

House of Deputies
The House of Deputies is the lower house of the Imperial Diet, it's numbers made up of Deputies elected by the Crown Diets of the varied Crown Lands that make up the Tyrian Empire. The number of Deputies each Crown Diet may send to the House of Deputies is directly proportional to the population of the crown land that Diet governs at a local level in the name of the Emperor. Members are elected by majority vote with all men over 25 eligible to vote within their Crown Diet. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a runoff election is to be held.

It is from within the ranks of the House of Deputies that the Prime Minister and the Imperial Cabinet are elected with royal assent from the monarch.

Current Imperial Cabinet of 1905
- Prime Minister: Steffen von Kohlhas
- Minister for War: Field Marshal Hans von Mollard (Not elected but appointed by the Emperor)
- Foreign Minister: Alexander von Koller
- Minister for Finance: Ludvik Bauer
- Minister for Infrastructure: Ruldof von Morzin
- Minister for Labour: Moritz Pitreich
- Minister for Food: Otto von Wyntersburg
- Minister for Public Health & Social Care: Joseph von Gallina

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The Tyrian Empire
Realms of the Wolframs

1. Capital: Landorf
2. Head of State: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Adalar von Wolfram
3. Nation Breakdown: Great Power of Eurania, 125 Points
- Administration
* Stability of the Government: 6
* Integrity of the Government: 4
* Competency of the Bureaucracy: 5

- Economics
* Competitiveness of the Economy: 2
* Development of the Coal Industry: 4
* Development of the Steel Industry: 5
* Development of the Petrol Industry: 2
* Development of the Chromium Industry: 3
* Development of Small Arms Industry: 4
* Development of Munitions Industry: 4
* Development of Automobile Industry: 2
* Development of the Agriculture Industry: 4
* Development of Shipbuilding Industry: 2
* Mechanization: 4
* Number of Specialized Workers: 3
* Urbanization: 3

- Military
* Quality of Standard Rifle: 5
* Quality of Field Gun: 4
* Quality of Machine Gun: 4
* Quality of the Army: 5
* Logistics Capacity of the Army: 5
* Quality of the Officer Corps: 5
* Competency of Army High Command: 5
* Quality of the Navy: 3
* Logistics Capacity of the Navy: 3
* Quality of the Officer Corps: 3
* Competency of Navy High Command: 3

- Culture & Nation
* Colonial Holdings: 0
* Homogeneity of the Nation: 1
* Nationalist Beliefs: 2
* Irredentist Beliefs: 4
* Population: 6
* Metropolitan Infrastructure: 4
* Road Network: 2
* Rail Network: 4
Consider me interested.
@Lone Wanderer@Flagg

I think I've made up my mind of what direction to take. Expect a post tomorrow, if not tonight, of Barsabbas' involvement in the big picture. Is there any more background on Zar Endal in the works?

Looking forward to seeing what you've decided upon! For Zar Endal I don't really have anything planned beyond a few basic ideas in mind (I hadn't expected it to be relevant anytime soon). I'll give it some thought and those whom are wishing to be involved with it are free to add whatever details and character they wish.
Also, after reading through the OOC, I've managed to come up with a little something that may be of interest to @Aristo, @Nieszka, and @Lone Wanderer. Assuming all is well with Mahaad's character sheet, of course.
Since Mahaad is a slaver transporting Nyr'Kiin slaves to and from the Drathan city-states, I was thinking he might already be on good terms with Alkhazar. If Barsabbas and the firebrands, as well as Cerys and the unbroken, have plans to invade Zar Endal, Mahaad may be in the right place at the right time. Both parties seem strong, but Barsabbas seems a little too intimidating to be a great diplomat, and Cerys likely isn't all that well-versed in communicating with people other than the mountain tribes. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on either of those things though! But for the right price, I'm sure Mahaad could be persuaded to help them with whatever goal they have in mind, as I'm sure they're aware that a powerful force behind them is only one side of the coin when it comes to war, specifically invasions. Plus, he's got all these supposedly able-bodied Nyr'Kiin with him, albeit against their will, that Alkhazar wasn't around to claim as his own. I'm sure they could find a good use for a group of insectoids. ;)

This works for the most part though even when Alkhazar is in the city it is unlikely that he actually deals with slavers directly unless they've earned his curiosity which perhaps Mahaad has in the past. The Master of Zar Endal is a fairly aloof ruler and leaves the day-to-day running of the city to his lessers so even with Alkhazar gone there would be officials for Mahaad to deal and trade with. A more likely reason why Zar Endal hasn't purchased Mahaad's slaves might be due to a breakdown of the dealmaking with city officials unless Mahaad has a precedent of only dealing with the Masters themselves.
@Aristo@Nieszka Any efforts to siege and seize Zar Endal in whatever manner you two agree upon has my full consent and support. Just know that there shall be a reckoning. ;)

<Snipped quote by Lone Wanderer>

You're right - I think conflict between the Firebrands and Zar Endal would be inevitable, given their proximity. With Alkhazar away, it'd be the best time to strike; maybe Barsabbas had been waiting for this chance for a while.
Because Zar Endal is a Drathan state, it'd most likely perceive Barsabbas as an enemy, even with him no longer truly representing the Salished. That is, unless Alkhazar can overlook Barsabbas' origin and is willing to deal with him outside of the greater Drathan eye...

Oh for sure Alkhazar would be intrigued by the idea of dealing with Barsabbas and no doubt some communication has been made. Depending on what's resolved regarding the fate of Zar Endal and the Firebrands involvement in that, we could say that those talks either ultimately failed or maybe prior to the current date we've had some kind of uneasy relationship which has ranged from skirmishes and raids to helping each-other out from time to time when absolutely necessary.
I'm open to working out some kind of plot or history between my character(s)/faction and another; would certianly help get the ball rolling for my first IC post.

Given the Firebrands reside in the Claws and Zar Endal's proximity to the mountains I imagine we've clashed in the past or at the least have crossed paths before? On that note if you're looking for ideas, I don't know if the Phantom General would seek to take advantage of this but Zar Endal is currently vulnerable with Lord Alkhazar leading a sizable portion of it's military force to support Zar Vorgul. Alternatively if you're seeking to get involved in the main action at Vorgul maybe the Firebrands accompanied Alkhazar to the city? Just some ideas. :)
Sorcerer-Lord Alkhazar

The Many-Faced and Most-Splendid Master of Zar Endal

The Master's eyes flashed open with a start, beholding the blue-dyed drapes around him and the wooden bowl of a thick black liquid before him through the slits of his carnival mask which now bore a slight frown marring it's features. Confusion reigned for a second as the mage-lord regained his senses and recalled where he was. Ignoring the insolent cramp afflicting his legs the Master sought that which had wakened him from a most vivid and wondrous dream.

And what a wondrous dream it had been! Fueled by ingested ichor, Alkhazar had delved into another realm where he had born witness to a vision which even now painted itself across the halls of his mind. He had stood upon the precipice and beheld the sight of two great birds, their claws interlocked in a fierce struggle for superiority atop a high tower. One had been as black as pitch and the other of the purest white, their feathers slick with blood as ashen raindrops fell all around them from a swirling vortex in a magenta sky. Their cries had challenged the raging winds and that was all Alkhazar had seen before the tower and the birds had fallen away like wet paint and the waking world reclaimed him.

I wish to return. The Master resolved as his senses focused, seeking out that which had awoken him. An irritated thrust of his hand clawed aside the blue drapes to reveal the wide expanse of desert beyond. The Master's eyes danced over the scarred slaves bearing the poles of his palanquin and the slave-drivers with their barbed-whips to settle on the rider leading their camel alongside his grand palanquin. Alkhazar recognized the rider as one of his Faceless, a member of his personal entourage of guards and lieutenants who garbed themselves in a vast array of colours and a carnival mask in imitation of their Master. The Faceless stared at him, awaiting permission.

"Speak." The Master uttered, his voice silky yet suffused with a barely restrained irritation.

"My Master, may the deserts take me for troubling you. We near Zar Vorgul."

And just like that the rider and their insolence lay forgotten as the Master's mask turned to regard the grand walled city of Zar Vorgul ahead of them. A pang of jealousy shot through Alkhazar as he compared the sprawling city-state with his own Zar Endal, drinking in the city's size, it's high walls and the tower sitting at it's heart.

Slinking from one sight to another, Alkhazar's gaze returned to the army marching around him. They were a black jagged line against the red desert, a legion of ragtag slave-soldiers and mercenaries on the march as an inhuman cackle echoed above them on dusty winds.

The Many-Faced Master in all his splendor had arrived!
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