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The bark splintered beneath Morvakin's claws, digging in for purchase on the great branch they lingered upon. Assuming one of their more favored forms, a twisted automaton of bone, plant, fur and flesh, they watched the latest intrusion into their grove with curiosity. The stench of Hum, of acrid death and sweet life was upon them, these scuttling creations that feasted on both flora and fauna, leaving ropes of silver in their wake.

The God observed the Arachnids for a time, the first sentient creatures they had laid eyes upon. They had heard their siblings declaration echoing throughout the grove, promising great deeds, and yet to Morvakin's eyes they were pitiful things. Those that wandered too close to their unseen watcher found themselves rent asunder by ferocious claws and the snap of jaws, sent to their creator's true realm by Morvakin's own hand. For amongst the Children of Alnaeus, Morvakin had always enjoyed the physical application of their powers.

Eventually, they grew bored yet inspired of these eight-legged creations. Deigning instead to return to the deep heart of their grove where they would sleep. In slumber, they mused and allowed their roots to sink deep into the Earth.

Morvakin observes the Arachnids in their Grove and slumbers, conserving their Power for something greater.
Any time mao
Ah sorry if it wasn't clear in my writing but Morvakin isn't attending the council. They're doing their own thing on the mainland, they aren't looking for support or votes but are seeking to take the domain of Earth simply by virtue of their power.

At this point, it's really up to who put more Power into claiming it. Though advocating the domain should go to Morvakin despite them not actually being present is a good way to earn goodwill ;)

The grounds crust was breaking, saplings were blooming to life, forcing their way out of the soil and growing into monuments of nature. The forest grew around Morvakin, vivid shades of green curling towards them in a tender embrace. It would take time, but the formation of their domain was taking place. They could see it all, a vast map lay before them, of everything the world could be, and all of it was within reach beneath the earth.

They knew what they had to do. The beating heart beneath their feet yearned for a master, the right master to guide it, direct it. And who better than they? As wild as nature itself? Morvakin had heard the summons on the air and had denied them, returning instead to their den nestled amidst the green they had created. Preserving their strength, they prepared their claim, and when the challenge came they roared.

A primal roar that echoed across the world. At once a challenge and declaration. The Domain of Earth would be theirs.
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Also interested. I'll take a roll please.

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