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In War Never Changes 29 May 2017 20:08 Forum: Nation Roleplay
The Great Khanate

Cain Marshall, Envoy of the Great Khans
Ultra Lux Casino, New Vegas, F.Z.M

In no time at all since he'd arrived, voices had been raised and the NCR's president had been shived with what appeared to be a pair of chopsticks. What the fuck did I miss? Was all Cain could think as he witnessed a brawl break out between the shived and shiver, a woman of a faction the Great Khan didn't recognize. What drew Cain's interest however was the bounty cried out on the NCR representative's head by the two delectable women just before the brawl. One hundred thousands caps...

Hiding a smirk of his own as he watched the exchange which was quickly ended by the intervention of one of House's drones. The Khan made a note to get that woman's name before his eyes wandered back towards the robed man, a man of the Western Brotherhood. He offered a nod in return to the man's own nod of acknowledgement though remained in his seat as he regarded the standing Elder.

"I believe that would be wise, Elder." Cain replied with a measured tone to the Elder's words before the brawl had interrupted them. "Perhaps tomorrow would be most suitable for a meeting given your current... engagements." The khan spoke as he rose from his seat, his eyes flickering to the other Brotherhood members within the room. "Yes, that would do." Cain added as he moved to shake the hand of the Brotherhood Elder before the man left the room with others leaving for whatever haunts they chose.

He sensed the tension in the Great Khan besides him before he noticed the men of the red, of the Legion approaching him. Cain hid his amusement as the Quaestor stopped and bowed before him, rather than returning the gesture however Cain offered the Legion man his hand for a proper greeting.

"Cain Marshall. I speak for the Great Khans. Yes." Cain introduced himself after listening to Titus and gripping the man's hand in a shake if he wasn't above accepting it. "We would accept your invitation Quaestor. I believe the Khans have no other business here today so by all means lead on." The Khan spoke with a motion of his hand. "This place is a strange one... Perhaps you might speak to me of what happened before we arrived at the conference, on our way to your camp."

With that, barring any further business, an ensemble of the red and purple clad Legionaries and the black jacketed Great Khans would ride out of New Vegas, leaving behind the city of lights for the wasteland beyond.
In War Never Changes 21 May 2017 4:23 Forum: Nation Roleplay
The Great Khanate

The Golden City, Great Khanate

Cain's eyes followed the cracks running along the pavement below him as he moved amidst the streets of the Golden City. The capital of the Khanate, the city around him was a collection of the Ger tents for which the Khans were known and the jagged skyline of ruined buildings experiencing slow yet steady reconstruction. The light from various fires, gas lamps and electric lights adorned the city in light as the figure of Cain shuffled along in the gloom of night.

He had been given his charge, the charge of journeying to New Vegas as a diplomatic envoy of the Khanate. To represent his people to all of the powers of America. As any Great Khan, he had vowed to act with pride, and this he would do.

Shouldering the leather strap of his repeater rifle, the Great Khan stalked his way through the night air as he set off towards the meet. Clutching a sputtering chem lamp which cast a blue light around him, Cain approached his chosen few, those who would be accompanying him on the journey south. Like himself they were clad in the black leathers and jackets of the Great Khans, each augmented in their own way with plates of metal and lamellar armour, each with weapons at their sides. The party's horses grazed nearby, he spotted his own steed Thunderer amongst their number.

"Everybody here? Good, it's time we ride."

A mile outside of New Vegas, F.Z.M

Cain watched absently as the smoke before him danced on the mild Mojave breeze, the grey tendrils spiraling upwards towards the blue sky overhead from the glowing end of his cigarette. Taking another drag, Cain laid his eyes upon his surroundings and what a scene the Mojave wasteland offered. Nothing but a wide expanse of cracked ground, sand and dust as far as the eye could see.

Might as well be back in Wyoming after a dust bowl. He thought as he puffed a breath of smoke, his free hand clasping the leather reigns of Thunderer as the chestnut-coated beast lazily grazed upon a dry bushel of green amidst the tan.

"I'm just saying Marshall. Be careful. Vegas's families were once tribals." The heavy voice spoke. Cain looked up to see Karl, a heavyset man and the voice's owner gazing back at him as he stood by his own horse grazing on the Mojave grass.

"Vegas? You're telling me they used to be tribals?" Cain asked, his eyes turning towards to the southern horizon where the great lights of Vegas could be seen at night adorning the sky.

"Don't let them fool you with the getup. They might wear fancy suits and ties, but they were once tribals and that doesn't just leave you. Vegas swallowed 'em as tribes whole and spat out families, but the past isn't that easily forgotten." Karl spoke.

"Whatever those fuckers in their high towers have got. I can handle it." Cain supplied easily, a grin crossing his face.

"Mhm." Karl responded simply with a roll of his shoulders.

A moment passed before Cain spoke."Alright, time to go."

With a twist of his hand his cigarette fell to the ground, his boot followed it swiftly to crunch it into the dust and gravel as the Great Khans once more were on the move.

New Vegas

The Great Khans rode through the streets of a rebuilt New Vegas atop horses, the sound of their iron-clad hooves clapping against the roads sounding before them. It was a city of lights, everywhere one looked there lay bright and vibrant lights in a display of power and wealth. This might have once been ours. Cain thought as he looked upon the city, his grip upon the reigns guiding his horse and party towards it's heart. There at the gates into the city proper they found one of House's Securitrons awaiting them. Across the inbuilt screen was a face, a smug grin permitting it's features and the horned helmet of the Khans atop it's head.

"You're late." The robot zapped as they approached. The robot reared on it's wheel in what appeared to be the contraption actually sizing him up. "Follow me." The machine spoke again before wheeling it's way into the den of wolves.

Leaving the rest of their number to guard the horses by the main gate, Cain and two Khans were led towards the Ultra-Luxe casino where they were disarmed of their weapons.

Before they knew it, two great doors were being opened before them.

"Announcing the diplomatic envoy Cain Marshall of the Great Khanate." The man manning the door announced as he drew them apart.

Stepping through the yawning portal into the conference room. Cain took a moment to orientate himself, his gaze flicking across the vast array of those present before briefly lingering on the Confederation delegates, finally his gaze settled on the Suit at the head of the table. With a nod and a grin he stepped forward and reclined into an empty seat with little concern for those he sat next to. It seemed they'd intruded on something.
In War Never Changes 19 May 2017 5:45 Forum: Nation Roleplay

"You don't need to look outward, mighty Khan. Your tribe is proud and strong - claim your own glory!" - The Courier's last words for Papa Khan prior to the Second Battle of Hoover Dam

In War Never Changes 16 May 2017 21:04 Forum: Nation Roleplay

"You don't need to look outward, mighty Khan. Your tribe is proud and strong - claim your own glory!" - The Courier's last words for Papa Khan prior to the Second Battle of Hoover Dam

@Malta307 Yeah, you'll have to add your nation to an already existing layer, just make it a unique colour and it'll be fine.
You should also join us on the Discord channel, much easier to communicate with others there.
Work in progress. Still to finish the description and notable locations, and intend to revisit the nation's military.

@Cyclone I'd like to request some rolls too please.
As the many before me, interested!

Civilization Name: Rethellian Systems Alliance
Species Name: Rethellian
Member of the Galactic Conclave?: YES
Name of Galactic Conclave Representative: Ambassador Arterius
Basic Description of Civilization:
A species known for it's disciplined and militaristic culture, the Rethellians were among the first races to join the Galactic Conclave and have since filled the niche within the alliance as it's prominent military power in providing starships and soldiers for military and peacekeeping operations. A position which sees itself threatened by the recent joining of the Kell Imperium, whom boasts a similar culture of military might and strength.

The Rethellians are an honorable and proud peoples led by a militaristic republic known as the Senate. Full citizenship may only be acquired by military service for the Rethellian military stands at the center of society representing more a public works organisation than simple armed force. Within this disciplined society however lies engrained a particular sense of freedom. A Rethellian is allowed a great deal of personal freedoms and may pursue them freely for as long as they do not impede upon one's ability to serve and do one's duty, in which case a superior shall step in. It is within this society of discipline and personal freedom that the Rethellians exist.

<Snipped quote by Aristo>

If we don't get any new players soon, I might be closing some of these borders if you are willing.

Spaces that need to be filled now: spot between @LordZell, @Lone Wanderer, and @Willy Vereb. Up to you three who wants it.

@Liotrent the rest of your peninsula needs to be claimed, do you want it? Maybe a colony for someone else?

Space between @solamelike @Elgappa and @Lone Wanderer.

@Ekreture Want that strip of land leading up to Solamelike? Maybe you two split and border at that river?

I'm fine with expansion in any direction as long the border's pretty. :)
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