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Highbeam Incorporated
"One Step Ahead"

CEO Name & Age: Vance Hyland, 44
Headquarters: London, UK
Major Industries: Space
Minor Industries: Aerospace, Communications
Starting Trait:
- Media Mogul: Media Relations Actions increased by 10%
Application to take over the NPC Kingdom of Vendsyssel and to adhere to all actions or obligations it has here-to made.

Second Republic of Boletaria
The Tyrian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"
July, 1905

The Emperor's Journey

With the days of July dawning and the Second Tyro-Helroxi War still raging in the west. To galvanize the nation and assure to all that the Emperor is with them, Emperor Adalar I has declared his intentions to visit Tyrian forces at the front. The Emperor's journey will take him via rail through several townships and cities where stops will be made to commune with his peoples, before completing the excursion by carriage, horse and foot.

Outside of the town hall of Ruppin, the first stop on the Emperor's journey, the monarch, clad in military dress and overcoat stood alongside the Mayor of Ruppin before a crowd of the public and assembled journalists. With confident words the Emperor assured those present of a swift return to the "Blessings of peace." while also affirming that "Within our heart, the armed forces of Tyria are held in total confidence. Our defenders and protectors whom with ample elan and righteous spirit will bring our foes, those enemies of peace and suiciders of Euranian civilization, to heel."

The next day, with news from Toubrian Serranthia reaching Tyrian newspapers, the Emperor, holding an adhoc conference for press crews outside of the train station of Neustadt would declare that "Ourself and our government have been made aware of the belligerent actions having taken place in Toubrian Serranthia while a peace conference attended by this venerable nation to resolve the crisis at hand was still being held. My government have resolved that we can no longer, in good faith, attend such a conference when it has been made evident that such was simply a game to a coven of powers in the east. Let it be known that Tyria will take no part in deceitful plots and intrigues."

Emperor Adalar I (center front) received by crowds in Ruppin during a royal visit, circa 1905

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The Tyrian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"
May, 1905

The Emperor's Address

"To my people. It was my fervent wish to consecrate these past years of my reign to works of peace and the protection of my people from the heavy sacrifices and burdens of war. Providence, in its wisdom, has otherwise decreed for the intrigues of a malicious and spiteful foe compel me, in the defense of the honor of my Monarchy and this nation, for the protection of its dignity and welfare, and for the security of its possessions, to grasp the sword and once more turn to war.

The Helroxi Empire, whom have for years trodden the path of open hostility to Tyria have made their ambitions evident with less and less disguise. The flame of its hatred for this nation and international peace has blazed always higher and has now been made manifest with the stationing of it's armed forces upon the consecrated borders of several nations including our hallowed own. Unjustified and unmerited, such an act speaks only of a dark heart and violent intent towards the people whom I hold in dear and paternal affection.

A halt must be called to these intolerable proceedings and an end must be put to the incessant provocations of Helrox which threatens to undo that noble peace currently enjoyed by our nations. In vain did my Government make a last attempt to accomplish this noble goal by peaceful means and to induce Helrox, by means of a serious ultimatum, to desist. Helrox in it's belligerence has rejected the just and moderate demands of my Government and refused to conform to those obligations which form the natural and necessary foundation of peace between states. We are left therefore, with no other option but to proceed by force of arms to secure tranquility and lasting peace for this nation.

In this solemn hour I am fully conscious of the significance of my words and stand assured in my resolve and responsibility. I have examined and weighed everything, and with a serene conscience I set out on the path to which my duty now points. I trust in my people to rally in unity and loyalty to my throne and this nation. I trust in Tyria's brave and devoted forces, and I trust in the righteousness of our cause to give victory to our arms."

- Transcript of the Emperor Adalar von Wolfram's speech before an assembled crowd of international journalists, diplomats and the public, hours following the deadline set by the Tyrian Ultimatum to the Helroxi Empire and the subsequent mobilization of the Imperial Tyrian Army.

The Tri-Academy

Running the rounds through the Imperial Diet since the dawn of May had been the 'Tri-Academy Proposal' proposed by the Itheraen Kingdom. After several weeks of deliberation the proposal for a multinational military academy had been accepted by the Imperial Diet and the Emperor but not without amendments proposed by the Tyrian government which had in turn been accepted by both the Itheraen and Cydernian delegations.

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The Tyrian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"
April, 1905

A Treatise on the Government of the Tyrian Empire, Part II
By Laurenz von Ostenburg

In this exert Count Laurenz von Ostenburg continues his fascinating exploration of the Wolfram Monarchy and it's manner of governance. In today's expose we shall be delving into the Tyrian system of Crown Territories aswell as it's political landscape and the varied political parties present within the elected lower House of Deputies of the Imperial Diet.

Crown Territories
The Crown Territories are the varied realms over which the Wolfram Monarchy rules as one united Empire under one Crown. Tyria consist of 7 Crown Territories of historical significance, each governed at a local level as administrative provinces by an elected Crown Diet whom enact laws on matters of regional and mostly minor importance. Within those Crown Diets representatives are elected to sit in the House of Deputies of the Imperial Diet in Landorf. The number of Deputies each Crown Diet may send to the House of Deputies is proportional to the population of the Crown Territory governed by that Diet.

Map depicting the Crown Territories of the Tyrian Empire

Political Parties
The Tyrian political landscape is dominated between control over the Imperial Diet by the Center Party and the Liberal Union, two traditional foes who have long since been ingrained within government. On top of this however, various other parties also stand ready to fight in the political arena, each with their own interests and goals.

Centre Party
- Leader: Prime Minister Steffen von Kohlhas
- Description: Currently the governing party, the Centre Party is a collection of conservatives, aristocrats and monarchists interested in the preservation of the status quo with stances appreciating order, patriotism and security. Known to be pro-military and in-favour of protectionist policies though has proven it's ability to embark upon progressive reforms if necessary in the past.

Liberal Union
- Leader: Alfred Reuter
- Description: The Liberal Union, an alliance of liberals, reformists and some businessmen in favour of the institution of progressive and social reforms, personal liberty and the advancement of women’s rights through the Tyrian Women’s Union and above all free trade or a reduction in protectionist policy. The Liberal Union seeks to work within the framework of the Monarchy and combat what it considers to be radicals.

Labour Representation Committee
- Leader: Mark Bennewitz
- Description: A young party which has risen to meet the demand for a new political party to represent the interests and needs of the growing urban working class. The Committee has drawn the working class, trade unionists and socialists to it's cause with it's promises of advancing worker's rights. Having assured their desire to cooperate with the bourgeois for now, the young party is watched carefully by the Emperor's government.

Agrarian League
- Leader: Baron Siegfried von Hattendorf
- Description: A league of rural landowners and farmers seeking to preserve the position of agriculture in the economy and politics of Tyria in the face of increasing industrialization. As a result, the League seeks to work closely with the political parties most aligned with that interest, most commonly this being the conservative Centre Party.

Helroxi Club
- Leader: Samuel Moravec
- Description: A party which exists solely to push for the rights and interests of the Helroxi ethnic minority group within the Empire. On issues not concerning their base of support, the Club's few Deputies within the Imperial Diet often put their votes "for sale" in return for political favours and promises.

Itheraen Party
- Leader: Count Julius von Moros
- Description: Led by a local Itheraen noble within the Duchy of Castar, the Itheraen Party seeks to preserve the rights, position and interests of the Itheraen minority group within the Empire. To this end the Party's leadership, largely landowners and nobility themselves, often work with the larger conservative and landowner parties in coalitions to achieve greater political influence.

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The Tyrian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"
March, 1905

A Nation's Right

The last few days for the Foreign Minister of the Tyrian Empire had been busy ones. Papers in abundance to sign, people to direct and an Emperor to keep informed with an ever changing international scene all contributing to his woes and yet Alexander von Koller felt calm. Before an assembled crowd of concerned international representatives and select members of the press, the Minister spoke in the measured, concise tone he'd become known for within the Imperial Diet alongside his staunch monarchist views.

With firm words and stern eyes the Foreign Minister assured those present that the Imperial Army would be continuing with it's military exercises "Which are and remain entirely defensive in nature. It is a nation's right to prepare it's ability to defend itself and it is that right which this Empire is exercising currently." Alexander continued, assuring those concerned that Tyrian forces would be demobilized following the completion of their training exercises and not before or after should the Monarchy be continuingly faced with hostilities by it's neighbors. In a closing remark on the subject Alexander proclaimed that "Only those who hold dark ambitions have anything to fear of the Imperial Army."

Later that week the Foreign Minister would also confirm that the Tyrian Empire would be sending a delegation in attendance of the International Conference called by Mullah Kahmar Mustafa. When asked for clarification on the Empire's aims by attending the Minister replied that the ultimate goal lay in "Assuring the status quo and peace of fair Serranthia."

Photograph of Duke Alexander von Koller, Foreign Minister of the Tyrian Empire, Circa 1905

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- The Tyrian Empire will attend the International Conference.
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