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We fight for what we cannot take with us.
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By the Emperor, I've found the Spam Forum.
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I too would like to throw my hat into the ring.
I'm up for being either a settlement leader or a major officer depending on what is needed.
Full Name: Alexander Wynter
Date of Birth: 1777
Nation Affiliation: Merenia
Position: Military, a Captain in Her Majesty's Royal Army
Bio: The only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Wynter and his wife Frances. Alexander Wynter began his military career and joined the Royal Merenian Army in 1794 as a cornet in the 6th Dragoons before being transferred as an Ensign to the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards. A prestigious position secured by both his noble blood and the connections of his father with various characters among the top brass of the Army. Seeing several actions partaken by his unit in Serranthia, Alexander would gain a promotion to Lieutenant in 1797 and later to Captain in the current year of 1801. Is currently awaiting an assignment to a unit in Merenia as the Royal Army reforms and regroups following it's crushing defeat at Ten Fields.

Throughout his service Alexander has proven himself as a capable officer of the commissioned rank. Displaying a remarkably practical and concise personality and nature throughout his time in the Army, Alexander has striven to carry himself with dignity and honour while espousing those values in others. Indeed, the title of Idealist might be attributed to this young man currently in service in Her Majesty's Royal Army.
Requesting assignment to the Royal Kingdom of Merenia.
With the current requests there are 4 players for Merenia and 3 for Denzgraad with 1 undecided.
How will the division of players go? Will the players decide which nations they'll be joining or will it be random assignments?
I think I'd be in support of the latter to be honest, nothing like the roll of a dice.
My vote lies with option 2. Definitely interested in being a general for whichever glorious nation I serve.
Clan Elements: (18/18)
Richness - 2
Military - 4
Population - 3
Control - 4
Knowledge - 2
Ferocity - 3

Clan Weaknesses:
- "Extrraticated by Fire"
"You die-die soon, Great Deceiver!" - Warlord Snikrat the Scorched declaring the Burned Prophet a false prophet
Believing himself to be the true Burned Prophet, Snikrat has led Clan Emberkin to break relations with the Cathedral of Fire whilst declaring the rat posing there as the Burned Prophet to be a great deceiver. Tensions are rising and blood is in the air as a schism within the Faith of Fire threatens to erupt between the Cathedral and the Warlord.

@ArisenMoon While I'm no GM I feel you may want to put atleast put 1 point in Knowledge, you're not really losing a point as you get +1 to Ferocity and you also get the Half-feral weakness which perfectly represents what you're going for. 0 Knowledge sounds like it'll be real bad for you, at 1 Knowledge it's said you can barely understand concepts such as armour or repairing so I despair at the thought of what state your clan would be in.
This RP is looking like it'll be great. Really loving the setting and clans people are creating! Will be starting work on my own clan shortly.

@ArisenMoon Just a heads up, you forgot to add Knowledge as a stat for your pack.
@Elgappa Might I inquire abit into the current leadership of the religion of Fire? Has the title of Burned Prophet passed onto another rat or has it been led (if it is at all) differently since the end of the civil war?

I'm thinking my rat clan will have formed around a warlord whom believes himself to be the reincarnation of the Burned Prophet and will seek to assert himself as the new religious head of the faith.
Interested and subbed!
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