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<Snipped quote by Lone Wanderer>

Oh, in this case, I wrote up the IC post draft before you joined. But in said draft, and present IC post, I implied that the British made Sarawak a direct colony by buying it from the reigning Rajah, which in turn was opposed by his Crown Prince. This happened IRL after World War II, but in my headcanon (which again, was established before you took an interest in Britain), it happened earlier and the British paid less because of their losses in the Great War, making it extortionate.

But if you want, we can retcon it; again, I was acting before you joined, and drafted the post before I knew you were interested in taking Britain.

Nah it's good by me. I've been told I couldn't have kept those colonies anyway so this creates a good history I can work with as to why they inevitably broke away.
@Lone Wanderer, Oh, forgot to mention, but I established Sarawak as being ill-treated by the British to the point where even its 'White Rajahs' have been alienated.

What are you saying I did that made them so alienated?
@The Wyrm Hi I'm playing the remnants of the British Empire. That claim I will note however only currently extends to the UK itself and to a number of small holdings across the globe. If you wanted to you could certainly play one of her past colonies or dominions, either one that broke away as we know her African holdings and India did, or perhaps as Canada or Australia whose fates are up in the air until somebody takes control of them and creates a history for them.

@BingTheWing Hey hey, I wasn't trying to stop you from playing Australia. You certainly could and they'd be relevant. Just your current history of British tyranny doesn't mesh well with my UK. If you want to be prominent in the Pacific you could say you worked with Westminster in getting your independence, joined the Commonwealth and formed an Australasian Confederation or something owning Australia, NZ and other pacific holdings such as British Malaysia. Alternatively you could have sought relations with Japan or the US if you wanted Australia to cut completely from Britain and expanded with their support.
@Dinh AaronMk Here’s what I’ve written so far:

I was expecting something along the lines of Spain for Britain, seeing as the former lost a lot of its colonial influence after the War of the Spanish Succession

I'm going to be honest, this history doesn't particularly suit what I had planned for Britain. The wartime government signing off on the Rape of Australia, which as has been said is a nation of clear British heritage, would have been political suicide, especially if the current democratic Australian government was still loyal and active as a wartime ally. The dire state of the war would have been a cause to rally the British Empire together, if there was any tighter controls being placed by Britain over her dominions and colonies it would most likely have been in response to revolts and unrest already present rather then needlessly expending wartime resources to effectively annex already loyal parts of the Empire.
@Lone Wanderer I was thinking violent colonial revolt

Actually since you would have used a lot of the colonies’ manpower and resources in the War they would be pretty pissed with you already

Nuuu, my Aussie pals.

Okay, so when within the 31 years since the war are you thinking this revolt happened? If the native population took it into their own hands to revolt and officially break away from the British Empire/Commonwealth, I imagine it was closer towards the war then the current date while the memory was still fresh and Westminster still held some sway in the governance of Australia. Unless you intend to have some kind of socialist/authoritarian uprising after the RP's start? In which case by then Australia would be extremely autonomous of Westminster and probably only joined by the Commonwealth of Nations.
<Snipped quote by Lone Wanderer>
I have imagined that the British lost control of Belize when the depression began and Belize came to the Federation, requesting to be annexed.

Okay we can run with that, we could say that Federation-backed rebels during the war overthrew the colonial administration in Belize, subsequently founded a pro-Federation government there and swiftly applied to join the Federation of Central America.

@The Spectre

I don't think I remember giving you approval just yet. So Belize is still up in the air.

Oh I haven't actually been approved to be the UK yet either so I maybe overstepping by acting as if I speak for them here. To finish my NS I do need to work out a history with the colonies though.
<Snipped quote by Lone Wanderer>

Well, we would have to talk then because I have already took it while you were busy fighting the war (in 1922). Hope we can come to some sort of deal.

Ah I see. I'm not against working out a deal though I would appreciate that you do atleast run it by me before claiming to have seized territories from me and presenting it as an unquestionable fact. Regardless, let's work something out. I suppose it depends on how exactly your nation came to occupy Belize, did your army simply march into it and annex the territory or did you envisage something else?
@The Spectre I look forward to seeing the Central American declaration of war on my desk then.
<Snipped quote by Lone Wanderer>

Anything East of Africa, generally. Pacific holdings would've either been eaten by a country like Japan, or fallen under the protection of Australia/New Zealand when Britain was unable to. Then anything in the Indian Ocean would have probably been taken by (whatever came of India) or East African breakaway colonies, like Tanganyika or even South Africa.

Anything in the Atlantic should be fair game, with maybe the exception of the Falkland Islands, which could have been gobbled by/sold to Argentina.

In my opinion as a former Britain player in this RP. :P

I see. Well your opinion is noted and I'm not particularly against losing further overseas possessions if it makes sense in the setting. I will however wait and see the GM's ruling on the matter.

The African colonies are lost. Some of those, like Tanganyika, were German colonies that only became British after WW1. Since nobody wins the Great War in this timeline, Tanganyika doesn't become British and all the breakaway movements gain traction. If we have a South African player, they should take a shot at a Boer Republic actually.

Those nations with strong independence movements likely broke away. Those without strong independence movements likely didn't.

Alright, noted.
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