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The Tyro-Redanian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"

That Craven Chorus

"It is my unfortunate business to inform you, my people, that our proud nation once more stands upon the brink of war with a most malevolent foe. Though I have dedicated years of my life towards efforts of peace to protect my people from burden and sacrifice. I stand before you today, to ask that we as a nation after many, many years of peace once more bear the sword of war against a foe whose malicious intrigues and denial of peaceful overture, have compelled us to take up arms in the defense of this nation's honour, dignity and ideals of justice.

Long have a craven chorus of crows and vultures sought to undermine our great union of peoples and today that craven number have made themselves known. The Itheraen Republic, whom despite the desire for peace and diplomatic outreach of my government, have embarked upon an unalterable course exhibiting the desire for the complete destruction of this nation and a burning hatred for my own being and of House Wolfram. This belligerent government whom has through dark machinations sought to tear asunder my peoples for whom I care greatly, has embarked upon criminal actions and propaganda upon our sovereign grounds inciting mischief and treason within those of my affection.

Such a state of affairs are and remain intolerable, and my government in their wisdom oversaw a last attempt to maintain noble peace upon the continent with this belligerent government through the means of a forceful warning inducing them to desist in their subversive action. This noble and just demand was refused by Itherae and their cause, founded upon the destruction of this illustrious monarchy through subversive action, has been taken up by the Veletian Empire. A nation of whom in their desire to dominant much of the world, have grown hostile to this nation, her colonies and those of whom we call friends and allies.

It is upon this solemn hour that I, as must we all, recognize our duty to defend this illustrious union of peoples of which there is no other. Only through force of arms aimed to secure our rights might our nation find lasting peace and serenity. Though it is a great task before us, it is with a most steadfast conscience that I lead us down this path to war. Upon this day I would call all of those for whom I hold affection to rally to this throne and to this nation's defense in unity and loyalty against the malevolent threat.

It is with great trust within this nation's proud armed forces and the righteousness of our cause that I know victory, and through it lasting peace, will be achieved."

- Transcript of the Emperor-King's speech before an assembled crowd of international journalists, diplomats and the public, hours before the Tyro-Redanian declaration of war upon the Republic of Itherae.
The Tyro-Redanian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"

Ultimatum to Itherae

The Itheraen proclamation issued on the tenth of August inviting the native Itheraen population of the Tyro-Redanian Empire to seemingly abandon their current, satisfied lives within the Empire to join the neighboring Republic of Itherae was a cause for much debate within the Imperial Diet. At a local level, the response had been quick as constabulary and military garrisons moved swiftly to shut down gatherings and stalls responsible for handing out malicious, inciting fliers while it was announced that the railroads from Tannersburg and Markenburg heading into Itherae were to temporarily closed for routine maintenance and repairs.

At a national level border garrisons along the Tyro-Itheraen border were bolstered by the 1st Army Group from Aetoria under the command of Tyrian General Rolf Hanneman, and placed on high alert with orders to sever trade and prevent citizenry from crossing the international boundary-lines. A state of partial mobilization was declared as all professional soldiers of the nation were prepared and organized for active service, with a following proclamation issued calling all reservists to remain close or return to their assigned muster points throughout the nation in preparation for further war. It was to this backdrop of events that prominent ministers and Emperor Adalar Wolfram gathered to debate the appropriate response on the 11th of August.

During the long debate which followed, Imperial Minister of the Army Count Dominik von Kuhler advocated immediate mobilization against Itherae in a surprise attack, an idea which was opposed by Foreign Minister Kaleb Wöhler who stressed the need to first prepare public and international opinion. Citing the need that the Empire first send an ultimatum to the belligerent government to "provide a proper basis for a declaration of war". Throughout the proceedings Count Valentin von Grassl, Prime Minister of Tyria supported the dispatch of an ultimatum while Antal Sándor, Prime Minister of Redania made known his opposition to the war citing the potential consequences of Itheraen unrest caused by war with the Republic. The Emperor-King showed to be receptive to a declaration of war though called the meeting to an end to proceed on the morrow after "some thought".

On the 12th of August the Emperor and ministers again gathered at the Emperor's own residence at the Imperial Palace to begin anew the debate. While all present were in support of the dispatch of an ultimatum, all but Count Antal also supported the idea of war including the Emperor-King himself. The Redanian Prime Minister again warned of Itheraen unrest but also of the potential for Veletian intervention citing "We must keep one eye to the mountains". Count Valentin opposed this point by warning the Redanian Count of the fact that if the Empire was not willing to go to war they would risk losing all international prestige and that such "a show of weakness" would risk the nation's prospective alliance with the Osladian Empire. After further debate all present except Count Antal finally accepted that should the ultimatum fail war would be declared.

After several days an official ultimatum was drawn up and formally handed to the Itheraen government by the diplomat Vincent Schuerer of the Imperial Diplomatic Corp in the capital of Itherae. The Ultimatum, laid out in a number of articles demanded that the Republic of Itherae should:

The Tyro-Redanian Ultimatum

ARTICLE 1: Formally and Publicly halt all transactions, actions and acts within or beyond the Tyro-Redanian Empire designed to damage the integrity, stability and peace of the Empire as well as encourage the unwarranted movement of her peoples from one state to another.

ARTICLE 2: Halt any public, formal and subversive involvement with the Itheraen populated regions of the Tyro-Redanian Empire and denounce any and all territorial claims to the Tyro-Redanian Empire.

ARTICLE 3: Suppress through all means of the Itheraen government's power sedition, propaganda and publications inciting dislike or hatred of the Tyro-Redanian Empire and the questioning of her territorial integrity.

ARTICLE 4: Dissolve the Itheraen nationalist movement Triple I and any other such subversive or otherwise movements involved in the spread of anti-Tyrian nationalist sentiment.

ARTICLE 5: Accept the involvement and movement of Tyro-Redanian representatives in Itherae to oversee the suppression of anti-Tyrian sentiment.

Upon concluding the ultimatum, Vincent Schuerer would inform the Itheraen government that a reply was expected no later then 48 hours after receival before a formal state of war would exist between the Tyro-Redanian Empire and the Republic of Itherae in the face of the latter's subversive actions against the former. Should the deadline be reached, Vincent Schuerer has received orders to leave the Tyro-Redanian embassy in Itherae with all staff and return to the Empire.
The Tyro-Redanian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"

Captain Nicolas von Heimsoth

A naval officer whose career had been forged through steady ascension and the right marriage. Nicolas von Heimsoth gazed out across the sprawling docklands of Murat from the prow of the imperious Kaiser Reinhard, the armoured cruiser resting serenely upon crystal blue waters at it's moorings in the famed Murat harbour.

Nicolas had followed his father's footsteps in joining the Imperial and Royal Navy and had entered the naval academy at Tannersburg in 1885. Graduating 4 years later, it would take another 4 years following training service aboard various naval vessels before he would pass the final officer's examination in 1893. Later that year he would meet his wife, Rosa Reichenau. A women with strong ties and connections to prominent naval officials whom would ultimately be responsible for launching his career's ascension to the lofty heights of having his own command in 1899 over the armoured cruiser SMS Kaiser Reinhard.

Tyro-Redanian Naval Captain, Nicolas von Heimsoth donned in the dark blue double breasted frock coat of the Imperial and Royal Navy with his wife, Rosa Reichenau.

It was from that vessel which Nicolas now looked out from. A vessel built for war, the large cruiser with it's heavy guns and thick steel plating stood prominently as the largest vessel within the harbour with the proud flag of the Empire fluttering above from tall masts. He observed as crew members and marines finished unloading crates of supplies and ammunition to waiting Sypians.

Negotiations had gone well. Nicolas thought as he took a drag from the cigarette held in his free hand, the other tucked within a pocket of his captain's frock coat adorned with golden epaulettes.

The Captain's gaze turned towards the Veletian cruiser and destroyers sitting nearby, the Veletians had been here for a week before the arrival of the Kaiser or so he had been told by the locals, and yet they had achieved seemingly little. No doubt by now notices of internment had already been issued. For how long would the Veletians outstay their welcome now that they had lost this piece in the game, he wondered as he gazed upon the foreign warships, waves lapping lazily against their steel hulls.

The cigarette's smoke trail followed it's maker into the drink below as Nicolas turned and made his way towards the bridge to oversee the dispatch of a telegraph informing the capital and admiralty of his success. Sypia was theirs.
The Tyro-Redanian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"

A King for Survia

With the recent ascension of Crowned King Joan VI to the throne of the Crowned Republic of Survia and a public proclamation given upon that same day in support of the Tyro-Redanian Empire, in which the newly crowned King expressed a desire for closer ties and a Non-Aggression Pact with the dual monarchy. Emperor-King Adalar von Wolfram today gave a speech at the great park of Kirsting within the capital, the newly constructed Kreisbau standing imperious within the background several weeks before it's great opening housing the Grand Exhibition.

"Let it be known that this government supports that noble goal of peace in a world slipping ever onwards towards the verge of war and catastrophe. Our kinsmen in Survia have held aloft their own torch in brazen defiance and countenance to the would-be warmongers and tyrants of the world and in this our union shall stand with them. As of this date, a pact has been reached with our neighbors within the Crowned Republic of Survia in providing and ensuring a continued peace and status quo between our two great nations."

Upon the same date Tyro-Redanian diplomats from the Empire's embassy within Survia were dispatched to formalize the formation and signing of a Non-Aggression Pact with the Crowned Republic after introducing and presenting themselves before the newly crowned monarch as tradition demanded. Days later an invitation from one brother monarch to another would be sent out to the royal administration inviting King Joan for a formal visit to the Tyro-Redanian Empire when such a time allowed in the monarch's reign.

An image dipicting the Kreisbau days before the Grand Exhibiton, circa 1900
The Tyro-Redanian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"

The Madasta Affair

Somewhere within the Imperial Palace a Tyrian Count moved at pace, a sweat breaking across his brow from his journey here from the Admiralty. A stack of papers and charts held within the crook of his arm, Wolfgang walked swiftly with a purpose as he passed along the hallways of the Palace towards his ultimate destination. Flanked by two House Guards in ceremonial dress of a dark red and black, their polished breastplates catching the light just as well as the finely finished rifles they kept at their sides. The Minister stared longingly at the door they guarded before taking a moment to gather himself and his fleeting breath until at-last he was ready to speak.

"I have urgent news for the Emperor. It requires his immediate attention." For a few seconds Wolfgang wondered if his words had been heard by the silent sentinels as they regarded him coldly. Another second and finally they offered him a nod that he might proceed and moved to part the great doors of Radenan oak painted to a white and embellished with metal workings of gold as they allowed the Minister entrance into the Emperor's own study.

The Emperor-King's desk lay stacked with sheets of ledgers, documents, charts and papers. Wolfgang himself entered with his own documents and there he waited before the Emperor's desk for the monarch to officially greet him. His Majesty appeared to be writing as Wolfgang spent a moment taking in the room around him. Bookshelves and paneled walls of a rich mahogany stared back at him as light flew into the room through a great window at his Majesty's back. The Emperor looked up from his writings to a correspondence and offered a smile to his Minister.

"Wolfgang. What is the matter?" Questioned his Majesty, surprised by his minsters unexpected and sudden arrival but not visibly perturbed, if anything he appeared curious.

"Your Majesty." Wolfgang said formally as he set his pile of documents before the Emperor. "Apologies my Emperor but this is a matter which requires your attention... it has become known to us that the Survian colony of Madasta on the North Serranthian coast has fallen to a revolt." The Minister spoke as he drew a map from his documents showing the aforementioned colony and placed it upon the desk. "The Survians have failed to quell this revolt and reports indicate are unable to do so, with the rebels declaring themselves the independent Heffan Caliphate." Wolfgang found himself pausing as he considered how he might broach his next words.

"Go on." The Emperor encouraged, seeing that his Minister of the Navy had more to say.

"Your Majesty. I believe, that should we act swiftly we might seize these lands for our own, for a colony of our own. I believe we might take advantage of this moment and I have had the Admiralty begin drawing up invasion plans and have reached out to the Army." Wolfgang spoke passionately as he set the necessary papers before the Emperor. "With your seal, my Emperor, we might begin the seizure of Madasta."

A second passed before judgement fell with the imperial seal as it pressed upon the page, leaving behind the Emperor's personal sigil. The order was given, judgement had been made on the fate of Madasta and soon the Empire's flag would fly over a piece of Serranthia.
The Tyro-Redanian Empire

"Unbowed and Unbroken"

Aetorian Spring Ball

Victor von Wolfram looked at his reflection within the mirror, the mimic staring back at him as he adjusted his neck tie. A free hand ran across his forehead and through his short, tightly curled, black hair as he took in his measure. This was the 29th of April, the day of the Spring Ball and the Imperial Palace would be alight as it hosted royalty and nobility from across the Continent.

"Now I'm ready." He murmured to himself and his reflection as he tightened the knot.

"I should hope so," said a woman's voice behind him. "Can't be late to your own ball now."

"Yes, you're quite right Diana." The Crown Prince said with a smile and a turn as Diana Rossman swept into his room like one might expect of an actress within a play. He regarded the Imperial Artist-in-Residence warmly, one of the greatest painters within the nation, famed for her vivid landscapes and artistry, she was known across the Continent for her extraordinary works.

If only she thought the same. He thought as he took in her appearance. For the Spring Ball Diana had chosen a long, formal dress of green silk and a tight corset which modestly accentuated her form. Her raven-dark hair unusually bound, framed her perfect face with ribbons the colour of emeralds.

"You look beautiful Diana." He said.

"Thank you, Victor." She replied, standing before him as her hands fussed with his collar. "I only wish I could say the same for you." The painter said with a smile as she undid his necktie and with great care retied it. Cutting off his protest with further words upon her lips.
"Fine is not good enough my dear. You must look exquisite before those attending. They will expect no less of the Heir to the Throne." Her words ending any hint of protest from the Prince, his eyes instead searched hers.

"And your own work?" He asked as she finished her administrations. "How are you getting along with that portrait of yours?"

His words were met with a moment of silence and finally a sigh. "It's coming along. Though I may start again, everyday I see more and more to dislike."

"No, you shouldn't. It looked wonderful last I saw it. It will be fine." He spoke, hoping to say more and to put to rest her restless soul. instead he said, "Come on, we shouldn't keep them waiting."

They entered the ball separately, to do otherwise would be scandalous in a furnished great hall where nobility and royalty from across the Continent had been invited and had gathered. The young and the old all had come in resplendent carriages throughout the morning and afternoon, being escorted to one of the many spacious rooms within the palace to enjoy warm cups of tea amongst other light beverages. As night fell, the ballroom would become the center of attention as it filled with the cream of international society. Nobility from their neighbors in Oslad and Sessau, from the island nation of Tara and even from the furthest reaches of Radena were all present and decked in gowns of the finest cloths and fabrics, as plateaus upon circular tables offered the world's delights in abundance. Laughter and the sounds of revelry adorned the room just as much as the bright glow of electric lightning and the warm radiance of nearby fireplaces licked the walls and ceilings with light.

Before the festivities were to begin in earnest however, the Crown Prince Victor von Wolfram made his way to the center of the ballroom, his presence announced by the trumpets of several guardsmen resplendent in ceremonial military uniform as their trumpets echoed throughout the hall.

For a moment the Prince gazed upon the assembly of nobility and foreign dignitaries with an appraising look to his eye. Finally with a clink of his glass, the red liquid within catching the light. He spoke.

"Thank you all for attending this evening." The Crown Prince spoke confidently. "It is my pleasure to welcome you all today to the Aetorian Spring Ball..."

May the die be kind!
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