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2020 Bump!
Life happened and Murphy's Law, but I'm back and still craving Naruto, please!



I'm Lone, obviously a huge fan of Naruto (particularly Edgelord Sauce of the Duckbutt) and generally all-around geek. I play video games. I play tabletop games. I used to have Star War bed sheets (apparently you're not allowed to have those once you become an adult, pfffftt). I'm also a college student, who enjoys writing in their free time as a way to destress.

I've been roleplaying since middle school, but I'm too lazy to do the actual math to put an exact number on the years, which is a bit scary, honestly, considering I'm an engineering major. Anyways, when it comes to roleplaying, I enjoy deep and complex characters that drive the stories, and stories that are compelling.

Before we get to the fun stuff, here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from me, as a writer, and what I’m looking for in return:

  • DETAIL: Depending on the scene, how many characters are involved, and generally what’s going on, my posts can range anywhere from a minimum of 300 words to 1000+. I firmly believe in quality > quantity, so while I necessary don’t expect my partner to match my length, I do want to write with someone who puts thought and time into their posts.
  • COMMUNICATION: I’m perfectly fine with, even enjoy, OOC chatter. Also, as with all human interactions, I believe communication is needed for smooth sailing. Not having fun? Did something make you uncomfortable? Did you not understand something in my post, or did I accidentally misunderstand yours? Got an interesting idea to add to the story? Let me know! I’ll always more than willing to work things out.
  • ACTIVITY: This will most likely be a bit sporadic on my side. While some days (depending on the length of my replies) I might be able to post a few times a day, others I will only be able to do one, and it might turn out that I’m only able to fit a few posts in a particular week. I understand life comes first, will not pressure my partner to reply, and ask for patience in return.
  • ROMANCE: When it comes to smut, I enjoy writing it, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the roleplay. I want to write compelling stories that I can sink my teeth into, and while I certainly enjoy smut being a part of those stories, I’ll quickly lose interest if it’s the main purpose of the roleplay. I'm also fine with leaving it out completely, and just fading to black. Open to M/F and M/M pairings.

So, without further adieu, what am I looking for? If you haven’t guessed from the title, mainly Naruto, as I’ve loved the series since I was a dumb kid running around with rubber kunai.

Particularly I'm looking for SasuSaku, with me writing Sasuke. In return, if my partner is willing to satisfy this insatiable craving of mine, I will gladly write just about any other character in any other pairing they want -- doesn't have to be canon-compliment, and can even be OCxCanon.

Other than that, I would also consider an OCxOC roleplay.

Plot Ideas

Vague Ideas and Interests
  • Feudal Japan AU (SasuSaku): Really interested in writing Sasuke as some sort of samurai or ronin. Working on a more concrete idea.
  • Warring States Period Time-Travel (SasuSaku): Somehow Sasuke and Sakura end up in the past (perhaps due to a Rinnegan malfunction), and must infiltrate the Uchiha Clan to find a way back to the present, all the while navigating nasty politics and one Uchiha Madara.
  • Warring States Period (Uchiha OCxSenju OC): Star-crossed lovers, perhaps? Trying to bring peace between the two clans.
  • Bounty Hunters (OCxOC): Some S-Ranked criminals who get up to a bunch of shenanigans.

Ships and Played Canons

And if none of that catches your eye, but you would be interested in working something out, here are the general ships I sail [bold being my preferred role], though I am open to more than what's listed:

Sasuke x Sakura
Shikamaru x Temari
Asuma x Kurenai
Suigetsu x Karin

Characters I can play: Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, Itachi, Shisui, Shikamaru, Kankuro, Gaara, Sai, Rock Lee, Neji, Asuma, Hidan, Deidara, Suigetsu, Madara, Tobirama. Probably others; if curious, feel free to ask.

Indulge me in SasuSaku, and I will mostly likely double as any other canon of your choice, including pairing so said canon with an OC/any other canon character.

Writing Samples

This is a comical post from a dinner scene I enjoyed. For context, there was a cake left in Sasuke's oven that I, the writer, forgot about, and my partner punished me severely by having it almost burn down the kitchen:

So, in this more serious one, Orochimaru rules the Sound Village as a Kage, and has requested Sasuke's presence during negotiations. Yamato and Kakashi had a disagreement about whether if crap went down, if Sasuke should rinnegan Kakashi (the current Hokage) out of there. Kakashi said no, then Yamato sought Sasuke out to tell him to do it anyways:

During a time travel arc, my swordman, Satoru, ends up battling his former sensei, Takeshi, otherwise known as the Swordsman of Sand, in defense of Kakashi:

Sasuke comes to the aid of a village under attack:

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Since I'm done, I'm going to make myself sharin-gone. No? I'll show myself to the door.

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