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Up you go
Meant to PM, woops.

Looking for 1x1 RP. Minimum is semi-para though I have a strong preference for at least a full paragraph or two. I'm very PM friendly, toss your ideas at my if you have them or let me know if you're interested at all, I don't bite.

A bit about me - I'm 28, I work a 9 to 5, I'm in the US central time zone. I plan on checking daily but do have other hobbies and things going on in life. If I'm going to be gone more than a day or two I will certainly try to let you know.

Now that a bit of background is out of the way, here's what I'm interested in. 18+, mature content is not necessary, but I prefer it to "fade to black" - if our characters are going that way, let's go with it. That said I'm not trying to RP to rush to those scenes or shape the entire plot around it either.

Actual RP interests? A bit of everything! My favorite is historical RP, especially medieval, early middle ages, or ancient history, though any period usually has something to grab my attention. I can play male or female but typically play male since I know that side of things. I don't have preset characters but prefer to craft something to fit your scene or interests too. A few general topics to get ideas flowing:
-Medieval Europe
-Fantasy (medieval setting)
-Victorian era
-Ancient Greece, Rome, or Middle East
-Fictional modern world
-Slice of life, modern age or in the past
-SciFi future

Really, I'm always open to hear what you have in mind, hit me up.
Been browsing/looking around for a while, I've been an on and off RPer for most of my life at this point across a lot of different sites and platforms.

I'm 28, work a full time job and have other hobbies, but I plan on checking in at some point about every day. I prefer 1x1 para to multi RP to group settings, I've just always found them more personally enjoyable and easier to manage. I'll post an interest check soon too.
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