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@Kazemitsu Refer to rule #4, please.
@Kazemitsu I don't think you see the point. You're using very well known characters for a picture. I'd hate to sound rude, but it's kind of lazy to use iconic character like Wolverine or Darius from League. I suggest tou just look online google images and find something. Just type in a description of a character look you want instead of picking out really popular characters, because we only see that character for their image and not the character you're making.
@Kazemitsu It's Wolverine and you can tell it's Wolverine. I can possibly give you this one picture I had, but it'll have to be tomorrow. Big, bearded anime drawn guy.
@Zeroth Sounds good to go! I'd say you're fit to add him to the character tab!
Do not worry, your Estalian Prince has arrived!

EDIT: I decided to add in a few more interesting pieces of knowledge. They don't do much for the story, but they're cool to know if you like lore.

EDIT EDIT: @Kazemitsu I'm very certain having two Wyvern Riders is perfectly fine.
@Zeroth We have info on the countries and what-not. Ambra and I (along with two others) have been writing on details. I've made a map of the world already, but there is only one or two countries so far with a culture. I believe monsters will also be a thing, but you have to confirm that with Ambra.
@Mistiel I'll send you a PM and tell you what I can!
Gabriel Moreau - Mountains

Gabriel smiled slightly at Tanner when he came to check up on him. It was nice of him to check up on the boy when he fell down, even if he didn't really need any of the help. When he moved up a bit closer to Tanner, he placed his hands on top of his head and ruffled his hair up. "Thanks for coming to check up on me, but I'll be fine." He noticed the small snowball that Tanner was packing up and had almost joined him, until he heard the staff calling out to the cadets. He took Tanner's snowball and tossed it behind his shoulder, giving him an apologetic look. "I don't think we're having a snowball fight anymore not. Let's head back up with the others, yeah?" He commented, pulling his cloak to wrap around himself some more, and took a few more steps before looking back down at Tanner, waving for him to follow.

As Gabriel made his way over to where the bonfire was being set up, Gabriel let out a breath of relief at the thought of a fire going. Even if he was trying to act like the cold never affected him, it didn't mean that it was freezing as hell. Honestly, he could have gone for a warm mug of...well...whatever, so long as it was warm! He sat down on a log, looking around at the other cadets. Was this what friends did in their spare time? He didn't quite know why everyone was gathering around the fire, other than for warmth, but in his eyes, everyone seemed quite sociable. It was a puzzling sight for Gabriel to see, but he decided it was best to go with the flow. He looked over at Olivia and Reese, staring at them both silently when they didn't look. His eyes particularly lingered on Olivia, as if something was on his mind. He looked away from the two and looked to Tanner, smiling as he waved once more for him to sit down. "Hey,
Tanner! Come sit with us!"
He called quite rather loudly, hoping the boy would come along and gather with the rest of them. He didn't want to be the only 'weirdo' there.
@Zeroth I believe dice are not being used.
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