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@AnnaBeth Ah, thanks for pointing that out for me! I'll be sure to do something about it.

Gaelden Osdum

Gaelden pressed a few buttons as he began to enter the atmosphere of Jedha. He flicked on a switch and an alien voice could be heard. Although it was something entirely like gibberish, Gaelden understood it completely. He had a run in with this man before, as Jedha was one of the best places to sell artifacts that had a bit of mystical, Force magic to them. "Yeah, I've got another haul today. I'll be sure to give you five percent to pay for my ship's occupation." The voice seemed a little upset, as if accusing him of something in the past. "I just didn't sell that much last time. It'll be better this time." The voice was silent, until it spoke up once more. "Yeah, you take care too. Thanks again." With that, the ship landed in a small, secluded area. As soon as it had touched the ground and the engines were beginning to die, mechanics quickly ran over to inspect and take care of the beauty. He walked out of his ship, his holster on his waist and sleeves pulled up. He looked down at his blaster licence and gave a small nod of approval, before placing it in his pocket, and moving on. "Make sure she has enough fuel!" He called out to the mechanics before making his way into the Holy City.

Jedha was always a strange place to him. Priests and monks of all shapes and sizes wandered the streets, as they always had. It was because of that damn Temple of the Kyber that so many people followed the Church of the Force. The Force was a troublesome thing, only there to bring about some kind of pain to the galaxy and it's inhabitants - at least, that's what Gaelden thought. Due to how crowded the city was, Gaelden didn't have any problems shoving past a few of the 'faithful.' Unfortunately, his rude behavior made him suspicious in the eyes of an Imperial Patrol, and he was called out. "You there! Halt!" He turned to face the trooper almost immediately and gave him a small nod of acknowledgment.

"Good afternoon; what can I help you with?" Gaelden said, his hands in his pockets.

"Show us some identification - and your licence for that blaster." The menacing white figure commanded without any sign of sympathy.

"Right you are." He handed the trooper the licence and his identification. For his occupation, he was stated as being 'self-employed.'

"What do you do, civilian?" The trooper demanded, his eyes never leaving the cards. Of course, it wasn't ever as easy as that to tell from behind the mask.

"I mostly just collect scrap parts and help out with some repairs. I was born on Ord Mantell - my father was a retired Naval Officer for the Republic and my mom was a mechanic. I help her around when I can with fixing things, but I just started my own business a few planets away. I heard from one of my customers about this place and I just had to see it for myself. See, I don't get to go around that often for my own private time, and I just love to sight see. I think I've only been to around five planets before. This one would have to be my sixth and it just beats the hell out of some of the others. I think I'd like to go and stop by Coruscant some time though, because I heard tha-"

"Shut up, you. Here - take your identification and licence and go about your business." The trooper frustratingly handed his cards over to him, but they had dropped to the ground, as he had immediately let go and signaled his patrol to follow him.

Gaelden wiped his mouth and the slightest grin escaped the corner of his mouth. He may not have been that smart, but he sure as hell was experienced. If there was one thing he enjoyed, it was getting out of a situation by running his mouth. He knelt down, picked up this things, and continued on his way until he reached the temple. He took a few steps up and stood at the entrance. He didn't want to walk in - he hated these types of places. However, business was business. So he walked in, albeit slowly, and called out.

"Excuse me? Is anyone present?"
@Skyrte RIP Jedha.
I'll post in a little bit. Not sure how I'm gonna do it, but because it's Jedha, I'm sure some people will want to buy Forcey things. Under the table, that is.
@Skelm I've always tended to play Force Sensitives, but not necessarily Force Users. If not, then I always make an Imperial trooper. I just like having FS characters in the possibility if that I really want to, I can make them a Jedi or Sith or what-not in the future.
@Skelm Oh, I meant as Rp characters! Sorry for not being too specific. And no, I haven't read Bloodline. Sounds like a good read, though.
@Skelm What's funny is that I never really see political characters on SW.

Gaelden Osdum

The jungles of this mysterious planet didn't seem to slow down his movements. A mysterious force had been pulling him along, as it always has. While he didn't particularly like these type of wild places, he could at least stomach it if he had a reason to be there. After stopping for a few moments, he closed his eyes once more, and stood silently. "Somewhere....close by." He opened his eyes slowly, turned his head to the direction where he felt the beckoning call, and pressed forward, deeper into the belly of the never-ending wilderness.

At that moment, he came upon a rushing river. He knelt down, cupped his hand in the water, and splashed it a bit on his face to cool himself off from the heated environment. He stayed crouched for a few moments before turning his head to the right and noticed something peculiar: a structure. "What have we got here?" Gaelden stood up and made his way over to the crumbled remains of what appeared to be a wall. "Must be another temple...there always are when I follow my guts." Wiping his hands off, he went upstream some more, until the ruins of an old temple were in his sights. From the look of things, it appeared to be a Jedi Temple. Well, almost. To Gaelden, Force Users were all the same.

He walked up the Temple steps slowly, keeping his eyes open for any wild beast or an Imperial Patrol. For all he knew, they could have set up on the planet and came to either destroy or collect the ancient knowledge stored deep in the library. He reached down to his holster and kept his finger on the trigger.

Inside the halls, there was nothing but master architect that was slowly being overtaken by the vegetation outside. Seeing an a pile of rubble ahead of him, he went to investigate. From what he could gather from the small cracks and crevices between the rocks, there was a library. Looking up, he noticed that the rubble had been from another floor above him. Thankfully, vines hung from the small opening. Taking a hold of them, he slowly climbed up, making his way to the second floor. Again, through his small exploration, he noticed many types of rooms. Living quarters for the Jedi, classrooms for Initiates and Younglings, and even a sparring room where a Battlemaster once taught aspiring Jedi of the order. His eyes darted to his right and he found a staircase. Inspecting the integrity of it's foundation, he slowly stepped down.

Luckily, it did not give way, and Gaelden was inside of the library in no time. Unfortunately, he would find nothing but destroyed shelves of datacrons and holocrons alike. That was, however, when he felt something. The Force beckoned to him once more. He stared in the room silently, unsure of his next step - the Force, even though he never knew, had always told him where to go. However, something felt off about this once. Against his better judgement, he made his way over to the object that he sensed, and knelt down. "A lightsaber." He picked up the broken weapon and inspected it. It appeared to have been destroyed in some kind of explosion. As he further inspected it, he noticed one part remained undamaged - a green kyber crystal. Cautiously, he took it out of the hilt, and stood up. "This is what I was being lead to? Thing's probably useless...maybe it'll sell on Jedha or something. There's always nutjobs on backwater planets that are willing to buy stuff like this." He placed it in his satchel and made his way back to the ship.

The trip took quite some time to make back. The sun had already began to set and the starts were slowly becoming visible. Gaelden sat down in his pilot seat quietly, reflecting on his find, and started the ship up. Once more, he would go to another planet, hoping to sell his findings. Once more, he would get nothing but pocket change. Once more, he would continue his mundane treasure hunting.
@AnnaBeth Maybe. I might have him head to Jedha after he acquires the artifact/relic. Just depends on if someone is there or not or whatever happens.
Gaelden is practically by himself on some uninhabited(?) planet.
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