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Gabriel Moreau - Training Grounds

Gabriel chuckled at he and Reese's exchange of words. In a way, Reese felt like a brother to Gabriel. Though the same could be said for Grant, even if they didn't know each other too much. What was certain to him was they they all got along relatively well. When Grant came up to him and started making quips about everyone else's height, Gabriel rolled his eyes and smiled. "You say that now,
but just watch out about Olivia. She's too feisty for her own good."
This was further proven when Olivia talked about how she would kick his ass at training. While he didn't worry about losing to his small companion, he wasn't one to take a threat so loosely. "We'll see about that one. If I finish higher in the class than you, you have to do as I say. If I lose, same goes for you.
How's that, little one?
" He put his hand over her head to exaggerate her height and began to walk towards the cabins. Over the course of getting to know them a bit better, Gabriel learned to lighten up...although it wasn't too often when he did relax. After all, it wasn't in his nature to relax when there was work to be done.

"Listen, I'm going to head on over to the cabin. We can all meet up at the Mess Hall when we're done getting oriented...and try not to lose her. Lord knows she's so small we'll lose her in the dark." He flashed Olivia a playful grin before moving on towards the cabin. It was nice to have some friends that he actually knew for a change. As soon as he reached the cabin, he opened the door, and looked around. It wasn't anything special, as to be expected, but it didn't seem like a bad place to live in at all. The bunks weren't too big, but it was nothing a little curling up could do to fix. He walked over to one of the beds and sat down, letting out a sigh of relief. "So this is home for now...won't be the same without Eitan." He rubbed the back of his neck and shut his eyes, thinking of how his little brother was doing in the care of his grandparents.

All of a sudden, he looked up, and noticed Tanner sitting on one of the other beds. He had been so concentrated on his thoughts and settling down before heading out to the Mess Hall that he had completely missed the boy. He stared at Tanner for a few shorts seconds before waving his hand up at him. "Hey...didn't see you there. Guess we're going to be booked together. My name is Gabriel...we might have met before? Maybe?" He offered Tanner a friendly smile.
Gabriel Moreau - Training Grounds

Gabriel felt a bit sore behind his knee, but he was able to pull through easily enough. It was by far one of the more mild pains he received. Still, it didn't ease the pain knowing that. He waited silently for the rest of the recruits to finish up their 'nice little chats' with the Instructor, until it was time for them to depart to their cabins. He walked slowly, thinking to himself in quiet as he wondered about his future. Would it be possible for him to succeed and become his brothers protector? It was always a strong thought in his mind - his little brother was all he had left. The worst of it all: he was too young to even remember having parents. It was a sour thing to think of.

His concentration was broken once more when Reese came up to him. "Hey, Gabriel," the boy drew an exasperated sigh mixed with relief and exhaustion, wiping his forehead of sweat. "Or should I say, Circus Freak?" Reese stiffened a laugh, adjusting his ponytail. "I think we're in the same cabin!" Gabriel smiled, nodding his head at the joyful youth. "Yeah, it appears so. You're lucky you didn't get hit, y'know. Maybe that's something you should worry about, being bunked with a Circus Freak and all. Hell, maybe I'll just wrap you up in a blanket and toss you in a small creak in the middle of the night." He smirked down at the shorter boy and placed his hands behind his head as he walked. "So why does someone with so much money join the military, anyways?" Gabriel didn't really have any problems with someone from a higher class joining, but he was always curious about the reasoning for joining. For many, it was because of the disaster at Shiganshina. For others, it was to get away from the Titans as far as possible. It made him sick to his stomach thinking about those would do such a thing...but he could understand their fear. He was afraid himself, but for another reason...

Their conversation was broken with the approach of another man girls really this short at around this age? Gabriel stared down the lady as they approached. She looked quite happy to see them, or at the very least, least he thought, anyways. "Hey, you two!" she greeted as they approached. Olivia set her hands on her hips as she looked at her two other friends. The four of them came together when it was time to enlist, but Reese and Grant were the ones closest to her. "That felt like it lasted forever, didn't it? You three must be starving." Gabriel smirked and let out a chuckle, shaking his head. "I'm not too hungry myself...but I could use a small bite. More importantly, why are you so many of you so short still? His hands rested against the back of his head as they stopped to catch up. Gabriel felt like a giant compared to everyone...except for Grant. At least Grant was about the same height as he was. He thought about how the Instructor called him a 'Circus Freak' and shook it off.
Gabriel Moreau - Training Camp

Gabriel felt a bit worried for the others as the Instructor slammed them around. Even if it was to put them in line, he couldn't help but feel sorry for them. In a way, it almost felt like they were hitting fam- no. He wouldn't think of that word. Not now, anyways. Keeping his stance still, he waited patiently for the Instructor to come to him. He took a deep breath, before he saw the man approach him from the corner of his eye. Here we go, he thought to himself. At first, the Instructor seemed to be measuring his strengths and weaknesses, from what he could gather. As expected, the man began to yell at Gabriel. It was somewhat new to hear someone talk so negatively about his stature. In a way, it was almost kind of funny; it was a good thing he could mask his emotions so easily.

Gabriel was brought back to the past for a few seconds, the words of the Instructor seeming to fade away into non-existence. Yet, he could hear it all loud and clear. He was brought back to his past, standing in front of his father. The man had always been a little rough with Gabriel, but their love for one another was clear. His father yelled at Gabriel, making sure his form was correct, his speech clear, and his appearance as clean as possible. From what Gabriel could recall, he was being groomed for the military ever since he was born. He could recall the man that he looked up to so clearly; tall, strong, and clean-cut. All of those memories swept away as he remembered hearing the news of his fathers death...unfortunately, he was never told under what circumstances other than being killed in action. It was devastating news for him to hear...and it was what led him down a criminal path. Luckily enough, he was able to get out of that life.

"Maybe you need a new goddamn perspective huh Cadet?!" His thoughts were broken when a a strong kick went to the back of his knee. He let out a grunt, gritting his teeth as he fell on one knee. He kept his salute strong and forced himself through the pain. "My name is Gabriel Moreau, son of Noah and Cassandra Moreau, sir!" He stood up as quickly as he could after speaking his name, his voice clear and sharp. He had to stomach through this pain, without back-talk...he knew why he had to; for his little brother. He was all that mattered.
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Gabriel Moreau - Training Camp

Gabriel had aged into a fine young man after the long two years rolled by. He was far taller and broader than he was when Wall Maria was first infiltrated. His face didn't seem to change, however. Somehow though, he appeared incredibly mature. His sideburns were even growing out a bit as well, but he made sure not to let them grow out too much. Over the two years, he had taken care of his little brother, until he decided to join the old promise that he made to Eitan. Leaving him in the care of his grandparents, Gabriel set off with some friends; Reese, Emil, and Olivia. He had gotten to know them a little better, but like always, he was busy with other things. In fact, he could remember Reese and Olivia telling him that he needed to socialize more. It wasn't as if he really had a choice either way. Surprisingly, he had already acquired a muscular enough body before entering training. His father's teachings were a life saver for him in those dark days.

His bearing was sharp and straight, as expected of a veteran's son. In a way, he felt a little bad for the other recruits who shivered in their boots and acted frightened. It was natural, though. The cruelty that this Instructor taught them was necessary...even if Gabriel didn't wholly agree with the violent tendencies that he had. He looked over at the beaten recruits, thinking about how long they might last if they couldn't take a beating or two. was understandable that they would fall over in pain or react the way they did. All that really mattered in the end was their duty as soldiers. To him...this was the only way to achieve his goal; keep Eitan safe and repent for his cowardice when they died.
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Gabriel Moreau - Wall Maria: Shiganshina District

The boy looked up as Reese approached him. He was still holding on to his leg, but he began to calm down for once. When Reese introduced himself, he nodded. "Yeah...I know who they are. My name's Gabriel Moreau. I'm uh...well...I'm a Commoner." He felt a little happy, knowing that the other kids from earlier were safe. However, he still felt haunted by the actions that he made when his family died...his cowardice and ignorance to his brothers cries for help. He smiled up at him slightly and extended his hand to shake...until the Armored Titan came.

Gabriel froze immediately as the bright flash of light appeared. His eyes pierced the deck as he listened to the cries in silence. He could feel his muscles tensing up as the sound of the gates breaking rang out in his head. This was just too much to bear. So how could he keep going? Why was he not breaking down and entering a panic? After a few seconds of contemplation, Gabriel turned to look at the Armored Titan. How were they so intelligent? Why did they commit such terrible crimes against humanity? For joy? Pleasure? All of these thoughts hit Gabriel like a train. There was no way this could have happened.

He struggled to stand, pushing Lauren away gently. He took a hold of his baby brother and propped himself against the railing, staring the titan down. He felt a burning anger for these beasts...but why wasn't he enraged? Surely it would be normal to want to kill these monsters in retaliation for the terrible things they've done. He snapped back to reality when Eitan began to cry again. He looked down and stared at his baby brother, before holding him tightly. It was at that moment that he realized what he felt; the primal instinct of an animal to protect it's family. "I won't let them get through Wall Rose, Eitan...I promise." He shut his eyes...and for the first time in a long time, he let his tears fall freely.
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Gabriel Moreau - Wall Maria: Shiganshina District

His mind raced as he laid there in silence. Not even the babies cries could be heard by him. Everything seemed to go quiet as he entered a trance. The titans destroyed his home, his family, and his livelihood. The titans. They were disgusting monsters that deserved everything coming towards them. Yet...Gabriel didn't feel anger towards them; he felt it towards himself. He was unable to control the situation and his fear caused him to leave his brother behind. No matter how much he had trained, it wasn't enough to prepare him for such a terrible event. Tears rolled down his cheek, but he never noticed it. All he felt was an empty and gut-wrenching fact, he could feel himself about to puke from the pain in his stomach.

He was caught off guard by the sudden approach of Lauren, causing him to jump and almost recoil. He stared at her silently, like she was a savior. He started to hide his emotions, though it was a very poor job, considering the trauma. Even with his attempts at hiding his pain, his eyes betrayed his facade. When she said his name, he stared at her for a few more seconds, before responding. "You're....Lauren. I'm glad you got out, too." He set Eitan to the side, sitting him up against the side next to him. He looked back down at the wound and watched her get to work. When she looked up as if trying to find an answer to his injuries, he averted his gaze, almost as if her eyes could pierce into his mind and see the answers.

As she spoke to him about pulling the wound out, he tensed up and nodded, keeping silent. In a way, Gabriel always did try to appear tougher than what he actually was. Inside, Gabriel was just a young man with an extremely soft heart. Outside, he appeared as a stoic and brave individual...and although it was partially true, he was easily hurt. "Alright. Just be car- AGH! DAMN IT!" His voice was loud, ringing out far as he held on to his leg. His hands shook and he closed his eyes, hoping that the pain would go away. His teeth began to grind as she fixed up his injury as quickly as she could. When all was said and done, he relaxed, a bit of sweat trickling down his face.

When she asked him of the event, he seemed to freeze up, before looking back at her with a stern look. "I....ran. My mother and brothers are safe. I got them to safety at the cost of this injury....but I took my youngest brother with me." Gabriel was confused by his own lie, unable to speak the truth to his savior. His body and clothing were dirty, blood stained, and had the bad smell of adrenaline and sweat. "I don't want to talk about it." His gaze moved away for a few moments, before looking back up at her. "....Thanks." She deserved at least that much...he knew that she must have gone through the same, if not worse pain. In a way, he was ashamed that he couldn't assist with any of the others and felt almost useless in his current state. "Is there anything I can do to help?" His eyes slowly began to change as he stared at her. His voice, 'nor his face revealed what was truly inside him...a burning passion to become a soldier.
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