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@Letter Bee Eli seemed to be unfazed by some of the information given to him, namely the Heartless. It was as if he had heard this information somewhere before. Yet, at the same time, it appeared to be new to him as well, due to his posture. "So...we're just here to stop the Heartless and Nobodies, while also ensuring we find out who the Seventh Princess is, while at the same time preventing the thirteenth candidate from being selected?" His face contorted a little bit in confusing, trying to process as much of the information as possible. "This is quite a lot to deal with." His keyblade disappeared from his hand and he crossed his arms, giving a short nod. "I understand our task, then."

He looked back up at Tocsax, giving him a small smile in return. "I accept your friendship and return my own. I recall you mentioning 'us', though. Where exactly are the others?" He uncrossed his arms to relax and placed his hands inside of his pockets.

@Letter Bee Eli turned to face the stranger that had approached him. The black robes were a little off-putting to the boy, but he nonetheless gave the man a smile. He rubbed the back of his neck at the mention of being an amnesiac, though he wasn't entirely sure if that was who he was. "I suppose that's me, yes. Pleasure to meet you. My name is Eli Vaelum. And you must be the host. Right?" Eli's gaze directed itself to the keyblade the man had. He bent down, putting his hand to his chin, and inspected the weapon. "Oh wow, so that Moogle was telling the truth. You're the first person I've seen aside from myself with a keyblade." He straightened himself back up and crossed his arms, looking back up at the man.

The idea that there were more keyblade wielders fascinated Eli, though it wasn't exactly something he hadn't known. Somewhere, deep in his heart, he knew there were others. Why he couldn't think of any was something unknown to him, for he knew it was true. Despite it all, he was at least glad that he knew someone now...or at the very least met one.
I'm just waiting for someone to interact with me. I don't mind if we continue or not, honestly. I still got time to bond with a few characters regardless.

Guixiang, City of Living Rubies
Resplendent Wood, RY 768

Sightseeing. That is all Aiden had come here for - he was still unsure of how to even ask for work from people he knew absolutely nothing about, save for where they lived. All of the world was a mystery to him, for he knew only the closed in life of his hamlet, before it was destroyed by raving bandits. Even as he walked up and down the markets, there was always something new to discover. He was beginning to kick himself in the head for not bringing some paper and a writing utensil to jot down all the fascinating new sights before him. "Damn it; why didn't I bring something to write with? I'm going to forget most of this stuff in about a weeks time." He was so caught up in his predicament that he almost completely failed to see the guards that had made their way to him. By the time that he had realized they were there, they were already pressing him to follow. Being the 'law-abiding' young boy that he was, or just very frightful of the consequences in refusal, he did as they bid.

It wasn't long until he was rounded up with a few others in some unknown location in the heart of the Sanctum. As if by instinct and 'not at all by some sort of anxiety', Aiden put his visor down to cover the lower part of his face. It was actually almost comical with the way it fit on his head; his body was far too small to fit the armor he had worn. While not at all dangling or swinging around, it did shake with every movement he made, making him sound like a walking mechanical-being that was just waiting to fall apart at any moment. Even so, his posture was brave. Almost, anyways - a experienced eye would catch that this wasn't so much bravery as it was false confidence. Perhaps a means of coping or intimidation?

When the woman came in, he watched her carefully, keeping his mouth shut as to listen to her words. She appeared strange to him, especially after the fact that she had gathered a group of strangers. For what reason could she want them? To want him? He was just some kid, so he thought. After welcoming them and asking them about their business in Guixiang, Aiden put his hand up and spoke up from underneath his visor, which muffled his voice just barely. "I-I'm a little too young to be pleasure seeking, but I have been exploring. I really like the architecture!" Perhaps he sounded a bit too enthusiastic...
Eli observed the room quietly as the sound of a clock ticked on inside. Every moment he spent in the room was used to inspect the fine furniture and material used inside. Deciding it would be best to wait for the others, since he assumed they had gone elsewhere, he plopped down onto a chair, and waited. Of course, by the time he sat down, he was already quite bored. There was nobody here to greet him, 'nor to talk to for that matter. He looked up over at the door, as if expecting someone to walk in at any moment. Finally, after another minute, he decided to stand up and leave. If nobody would come to him, perhaps he could come to them?

He walked silently through the halls, before making his way to a door outside. The garden was an amazing sight to see and almost seemed to remind him of another garden elsewhere. He stopped to look at every single flower and piece of vegetation around to admire it's beauty. Of course, this was cut short when a small ladybug crawled up on a leaf he was inspecting. He went pale, stood up straight, and moved on to find the others. He was quite tense from the ridiculous experience, but soon calmed himself down when he noticed a few individuals in the garden.

Once more, he took a deep breath, and approached them. He put a hand up in a wave and smiled. "Hello!" He called out to none of them in particular. Better to greet them all at once and get to know them individually another time.
@Letter Bee Well I'm just heading into the guest room, but I'm not really sure who is in there, so I'm waiting for someone to mention me so I know they're interacting with me.

Eli squished his face against the window of the Gummi Ship as he stared at the architecture before him. ”This is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like this before!” The pilot was quick to chastise the young man for getting out of his seat, but such strange buildings were rare to his eyes. For the most part, all of this was incredibly rare to him. He remembered waking up in a strange world, one that he did not recall, withiut any knowledge of where he came from. It was from there that a moogle had delievered a letter of invitation to him.

Even so, he imagined that whoever had sent him this invitation would think him even stranger. So there he was, the ship landing, ready to recieve a welcome from his host...or so he thought. Instead, he was approached by a few guards. He was rather confused over the whole ordeal, but did not question it. Perhaps he would be led by these men in armor to his host inside the magnificent building before him.

As he looked around the interior of the castle, he wondered how someone could have built such architecture without some kind of divine direction. Honestly, it was amusing to him. After passing by many paintings, doors, and corridors, he was led to a single door. There, the guards broke off from him, and he was left alone. He stood there for a few short seconds, preparing himself, and walked into the guest chambers.

”Hello? Is the host here?” His eyes darted about the room curiously, trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible. He thought of a room almost like this. It felt familiar and welcoming. Somehow, despite the nervous greetings, he felt comforted. It was as if he was close to home - wherever that was, anyways.

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