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Eli never really felt homesick when he had begun his journey. In fact, he was quite excited and even thrilled on the idea of an adventure. At last he could truly put his skills to the test; Anima, an ancient and powerful magic. From what he had learned in his days in the library, his family had descended from many powerful Anima users. The strongest, or so he had read in his study sessions, being his very own father. The thought of it was almost funny, considering the state in which his father was in; a near-cripple and stunted magic abilities. Even so, there was always strange feeling Eli had around his dad, as if his experience with the world was otherworldly. Looking front over at Maize through the open cloth, who was driving the wagon, Eli spoke up. "I'm tired of all of this riding. Let's just get out and walk already." Before any complaints could be brought up before the boy, he pulled his satchel up and jumped out the back, moving out of the way of the other cart so that it wouldn't be stopped.

Eli, of course, could already hear the complaints and worries that some of the others might bring up to him, but he didn't care too much. He could protect himself quite easily and they were already close to the town. Hanging the satchel across his body and resting it at his side, Eli walked along with the wagons as he stretched his arms out and took a good look at the port ahead of them. What a beautiful sight! It had been a long time since he'd ever gone to a port before. Though, something People were crowded around the gate, much to his confusion. Jogging slightly to catch up to the side of the wagon in front, Eli looked up at Maize and spoke. "Sir Maize, what do you think is happening? There isn't some kind of emergency, is there?" Eli had been known for worrying about others, regardless of their social standing. It was something that made the Prince quite likable in his country, albeit he didn't quite understand their plights due to his own up-bringing being entirely different from that of many in the world.

Looking forward once more, Eli stared silently at the port town ahead of his, undoing the belt on the satchel. Pulling out a small book, he held it at his side as he waited for an answer from the experienced man leading their party. Even as he waited though, he began to feel...well...rather afraid. In the back of his head, he played it off, believing that it was just his fear of the wyvern that flew in the air. For the most part, that really was his only fear. How he hated that flying was like a dragon. Those were truly terrifying to the boy.

Gaelden Osdum


Gaelden listened carefully to the two as they spoke. Yes, that was right; Imperials were known for having snakes and rates hiding out in public to catch would-be criminals who would upset the order of things. It was a touchy subject for Gaelden, considering his background. He wished no ill-will for the Imperials, considering how he himself wanted to join the Starfighter Corps. The Empire, specifically the Imperial Navy, was an organization to be praised for bringing about peace to the galaxy for once. Unfortunately, he was never able to pass the screening tests, mainly because of his 'lower than average intelligence.' It was a hard blow to the young man's sense of pride. Even with his piloting skills, there was no way he'd ever become a part of such an elite group of military personnel. That was what made him turn to crime however. Going to off-limits planets, passing through Imperial blockades, stealing ancient Artifacts. He had to make a living somehow, Empire be damned.

Gaelden stood up as the two ladies made their way out of the cantina and followed closely. While not exactly a menacing sight, someone would certainly think twice before messing with the trio with him in close pursuit. His height advantage certainly aided him in warding off would-be attackers. Unfortunately, he only stood at six-foot-three, which wasn't that tall compared to many of the vast types of exotic aliens that littered across the galaxy. So there he was, a large, young man keeping up with his 'partner' and potential employer, looking almost like a body guard as he rested his hand on the baton at his side. The sight of an alleyway wasn't a comfortable one for him, considering how often he used to get mugged in the damn places. Gangsters weren't a nice group to run into and the Imperials getting involved only seemed to make it worse with their disregard for who started what. Still, he always did understand their motives. They were merely trying to keep the peace.

His worrying thoughts halted as their employer halted. He raised a brow, but seemed to catch on rather quickly that something was amiss. Although initially alarmed when she pulled her blaster out and aimed in their direction, Gaelden was able to make a quick grasp of the situation the moment she began to open her mouth. If she was really trying to kill them or rob them, she would have just shot first. Backing up against a wall, with Yazmin's forearm held tightly in his hand, Gaelden quickly moved for cover behind a corner. With his free hand, he reached under his kama, and pulled his heavy blaster pistol from it's holster. Thank goodness this thing was concealed. If CorSec or the ISB caught him with this, he'd be in cuffs faster than he could say 'Oh kriff!' As soon as their employer fired the first round, Gaelden immediately peaked out to see who was hit. Obviously some kind of mole, seeing as how closely the Ortolan had been following them. Noticing the Ortolan scrambling to move, even after it's wounds, Gaelden quickly moved out of cover to kill the poor thing before it could even alert the Imperials. Mercy was out of the question, even while it was writhing on the ground in pain. If there was one thing Gaelden would loathe to face, it was an entire Imperial garrison descending on their position.

Sliding back into cover, he looked down at Yazmin and gave a half-smile as he took a deep breath. "Like I was saying earlier, you bring a lot of Imperial attention on us."
What a loser @Lord Orgasmo is.

Gaelden Osdum


The rugged, young man walked into the cantina with his new 'associate' and 'partner-in-crime.' The idea of a partner wasn't one that ever came to his mind before, but now that he got to know her, it wasn't so bad. Not only was Yazmin incredibly charming, but she made for a pretty good thief at times. He couldn't exactly remember how to the got intertwined in each other's business, but there was no doubt about it that they were both committing some kind of crime and needed each other's help to get out of it. As they made their way to the table, he opened up his mouth to continue their earlier conversation, his tone kept low for only her to hear. "I'm telling you, we need to get ourselves our own ship. I can't keep smuggling those weird 'Forcey' artifacts in those public transports. I may not be a smart man, but I know when it's time to stop before we get caught." Such a claim was true, both on his intelligence and his wisdom of their situation. The young man was hardly an intellectual, less-so than the average citizen that you would expect from a majorly developed planet or area. Of course, on his planet on Ord Mantell and the island of Avilatan, education wasn't a major concern for many. The planet had practically become a junkyard, aside from the rural areas.

"Just trust me on this. I may not have learned much, but if there is one thing that I taught myself, it's how to work a starship and how to get a good one." As they sat down, he put his finger down on to the table, staring her right in the eyes. "Courier-class yacht, perfect for smuggling. It comes with firelinked forward mounted light blasters cannons and a firelinked turreted light blaster cannon with a one-hundred and eighty degree arc that can shoot to our rear. Best of all, here's the kicker: we can modify it for our specific needs. Better engines, more armaments, more luxury, whatever we could want. The only downside costs 185,000 Credits. We can start making that money any time we want though and save up for it. Besides...with you pickpocketing everywhere we go, we'll need our own ship to escape from. Imperial Troopers will stop any public transport we board to find us if we get ourselves an infamous enough reputation. Corellia is a starship-loving planet too, so they're bound to have something like that for sale somewhere around here. How does that sou-"

His conversation with Yazmin was cut short by the approach of a brunette. Looking over at Yazmin, then back to the stranger, Gaelden listened quietly to her offer. What a stroke of luck,, he thought. We'll get those Credits in no time. The possibility of making easy cash was something that gripped his attention, but he had grown wise over his adventures in the galaxy. The lack of information on this task intrigued him, but made him cautionary as he leaned back in his seat. "Well, that depends. How much are we getting paid and what exactly are we doing, ma'am?" Hilariously, it was easy to tell that Gaelden was from some backwater part of his homeplanet. Without the requirement of whispering, his accent came in full bloom as he spoke up. It was honestly a little silly, but seemed to fit the 'cantina' and 'criminal activity' theme just fine, strangely enough. Either way, it was clear as day that this young man wasn't from around these parts.
Gabriel Moreau - Wall Rose: Trost District

The Mysterious Titan continued to stare at the group, waiting for them. Occasionally, it would look back at approaching Titans and engaged them with a strange ferocity and fighting skill the likes not seen in regular Titans. Even stranger was that it was almost...similar in movements to those seen during Shiganshina; the Armored Titan moved as tactically as this one was now. Every movement it made was intelligent and self-aware, like it knew exactly what it was doing. Of course, even with their hatred towards the beasts, the group was able to stave off attacking it, since it was 'helping' them after all. So there it stayed, keeping it's eyes on the group. It's eyes seemed to linger on Tanner specifically, but the large, glowing eyes would find there way at the others. It seemed to pierce through Mora, like it had known every little thing about. The calm state it was in however only served to make the Titan appear more mysterious, since it's behavior was...unnatural compared to those around them; even for an Abnormal.

As Mora and Tanner conversed, the Titan slowly looked over towards the Headquarters that the Cadets were to retreat to in the scenario that they were to retreat to or recover from their mission. As it stared off into the distance, there seemed to be some kind of understanding within it's head. Looking down at the three in front of it, the Titan quickly grabbed on to them all...before placing them on it's shoulder. The beast seemed to only get stranger and stranger as time moved on. Was it really as intelligent as it lead itself to be believed? Was it on their side? Such questions could not truly be answer at the moment as it began to walk slowly, making it's way towards the Headquarters. A useful form of transportation, considering that their gas was beginning to run low. As the Mysterious Titan made it's way towards the Headquarters, it appeared as though it was deliberately taking a path with as little resistance by Titans as possible, as if to protect itself or them.

Finally reaching the Headquarters at long last, the Mysterious Titan immediately spotted a swarm of regular, mindless Titans huddled around the Headquarters, trying to find a desperate meal. With careful movements, the Mysterious Titan took all three of the Cadets and placed them down on a nearby roof. Surely they would be devoured! It was bringing them straight into a feeding grounds! That was, until the Mysterious Titan drew attention to itself. What the Cadets would have been faced with were now engaging the Titan that had brought them there just then! Slowly, the Mysterious Began to dispatch the mindless Titans one-by-one, with Titan limbs being ripped apart or utterly crushed by the brutal efficiency that this strange being had unleashed. As the last Titan slowly made it's way over to the Mysterious Titan, it was met by an overhead swing that knocked in down. The Mysterious Titan let out another loud roar before stomping it's foot down onto the Titan's head. The Headquarters, at least for the time being, was now safe. It looked back over at the group and stared at them, before kneeling near the front entrance of the Headquarters, as if waiting for them to enter. Not even a moment after, the rain began to drop heavily...
Gabriel Moreau - Wall Rose: Trost District

The city of Trost seemed so beautiful as the young cadet drifted off into a deep sleep. Everything faded away into darkness, until he opened his eyes. In front of him, his father gave him a disappointed look and shook his head. "If you get knocked down this easily, you might as well never become a soldier, Gabe. Come on, back on your feet." The young boy rubbed his bruised cheek and stood up, standing at attention before his father. His eyes began to tear up and puffin as he waited for his father's next instruction. He stared down at Gabriel, as if judging him harshly, but let out a heavy sigh, kneeling down in front of his son. "What are you crying for, Gabriel?" The words spoken was a rare thing to Gabriel. For most of his life, he only knew his father as a military man with nothing but duty on his mind. There was hardly a soft spoken moment in their time together, but now was the first. Gabriel, unsure of how to answer, had to stand there quietly and think of what to say, still caught in surprise over the question. He father let a small smile as he held tightly onto Gabriel's shoulders as he waited. "Go on, Gabe." After a bit of hesitation, Gabriel let loose his feelings. "I'm scared..." "Scared? Scared of what? You're certainly not scared of me are you?" "No...I'm scared of being hurt."

Mr. Moreau knelt in silence from the answer, but kept his smile in front of his child. "So why are you crying?" Gabriel was confused by the reply and stared at his father, waiting for an answer. "Fear isn't something that should make you cry, even as a soldier. Fear is something you have to conquer. A true warrior knows that fear is a natural thing and is not afraid to admit their fear. It's how you deal with it that defines you." Gabriel seemed to light up at the wisdom that his father had given him and returned the smile, his tears no longer rising. His father grew a grim face and stood straight up, with Gabriel snapping to attention and sealing his lips tightly to get as serious as possible. "We will continue the boxing exercises!" Without another word, the two sparred once more, with Gabriel placing every strike with as much dedication as his small body could muster into them. This was how he was raised; as a soldier. A warrior. Warrior...? The word seemed strange to him the more he thought of it.

The pain returned as quickly as the memory faded away. Now what had replaced the comfortable image was one of terror. A blurry scene had taken over his thoughts. His father was there, screaming for mercy among a group. The sight of him being taken by large beings gripped his every attention. Was this how he died? There was no way. These large figures weren't Titans; they were cloaks with hidden faces. At first, it was nothing but a nightmare. Some kind of horrifying thought...that was until Gabriel noticed his own legs. Fear was beginning to grip him as the blurry images began to fade away. The only words that could be heard was that of muffled yelling or chanting. Something at that moment began to hurt Gabriel. His mind stung as he came to his senses to the real world. The orange sky was beginning to cover with stormy clouds. His blurry vision returned to him slowly as he noticed his legs, one broken, the other completely gone and leaving a trail of blood. In front of him, he noticed the gnawed remains of the mother, the excess of blood revealing the boys fate to him without even having to see another sign. He looked up, noticing Mary pulling him with all her might.

His eyes seemed to widen as he looked forward, noticing Tanner in the far distance. He could hardly speak as a lump began to gather in his throat. Protesting against Mary, he began to pull himself forward and out of her grasp. "Let go, damn it! I have to help her! I can't let her die alone!" No matter how much he struggled, he found her constantly trying to help him back, as if she too was desperate to do what she could to save him. With as much strength as he could muster, he took a firm grasp of her shirt, and pushed her back, knocking her into a door that had been left open due to the civilians rushing out as quickly as they could. Gabriel began to feel his heart racing as he dragged himself towards Tanner, watching her in the distance as the Titans slowly advanced towards her. His nightmare from his time as a Trainee was coming to reality. Olivia was facing the same situation perhaps; all of them were. But for her...right in front of him. His father's voice rang in his head as he felt a the strong dedication to save her rise up inside of him. He was afraid. But I am a warrior. So very afraid. A warrior. Afraid. Warrior.

Gabriel never had enough time to fully realize it. His leg slowly regenerating with a strange smoke, 'nor the thought of the impossibility of saving his lover. All there was for him to see was a flash of yellow light engulfing Tanner and the scene around him. Where he was shuffling on the ground before was now replaced with a large pile of smoke that seemed to engulf the area around him. Without any warning, a scream erupted from within the smoke, and a titan launched itself from within towards Tanner's position. Before any word might be said, Tanner would find herself facing the very same titan that she had blinded in the grip of a lean and muscular titan. It repeatedly smashed it's head into the ground, before her, until it looked towards her with a menacing glare. As if by some divine chance, she was being saved as the titan reached for her and held her in it's grasp. Yet, by another miracle, it never made any move to squash her or eat her. She was simply there, alive and well in it's iron, yet gentle grip. As the other titans moved in towards the one she was being carried by, it slowly began to back away, as if it knew that the titans were it's if she, a simple human, was it's ally.

Gabriel Moreau - Wall Rose: Trost District

The flames of battle raged on in the city of Trost as the Stationary Guard and Cadets fought off the inevitable horde of Titans. Gabriel, though not quite as fast as Tanner, was an incredibly strong young man. Even though his skill at teamwork was rather lacking, he was able to see the move that Tanner had taken to distract the Titan long enough for him to get a clean hit. Of course, the situation changed dramatically when she was forced to evade the Titan's own counter atack. Gripping the blades tightly, Gabriel pushed his fingers down onto the device, the gas accelerating him quickly through the air. Forcing his way through a small black cloud from a recently made fire, Gabriel found himself facing a Titan for the first time. His fear gripped him like he did to the handles of the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear, but he had to be strong. That was the only way to survive and lead his team to victory. Of course, it was no small task to just wave off the horrifying sight of such an grotesque monster. Legends circulated like wildfire on the brutality of the Titans. Of course, most of it was true, since Gabriel witnessed first-hand how cruel the cold the Titans were when it came to their never-ending hunger and need to annihilate human life wherever they found it.

The fear was gone the second the Titan turned to face Gabriel. Taking it's place was the heart of a warrior, ready to face his long-awaited foe for the last and final time. With precision and great strength, Gabriel cut deeply into the Titan's neck as a spray of blood exploded from it's body, leaving a large form of steam to slowly grow above it's not decaying body. Looking back at Tanner, who had nearly been squashed, Gabriel felt a small tinge of worry strike his heart. He couldn't worry about her now, though. She was ranked the #1 Top Cadet of their class. She would be fine. He had to worry about the civilians. Making another move with his gear, Gabriel found the next engagement far easier on his own, albeit a bit more complex. A titan, which made it's way over to a small group of civilians trapped in an alley, was nearing it's next victim until Gabriel arrived. Finding the space too close for comfort, Gabriel managed to squeeze through the alleyway with his gear, flying towards the Titan head on while it was distracted. As it look up at the oncoming threat, it's sight was blinded by the shine of metal, until it went black. Blinded, the Titan reared back in pain and cried out loudly, it's hands reaching for it's face in order to ease the pain. Unfortunately, it had no way to protect itself from Gabriel's offense, and was cut down easily by the young man.

He took a deep breath as he looked down to the civilians and called down to them to move. "Make your way to Wall Rose immediately and evacuate! We'll hold the rest of them off for you! Go, now!" The civilians ran without a single protest to the orders given to them. Better to live as a refugee than as food for the Titans. Standing on the roof quietly, Gabriel took an extremely short break to catch his breath. Wiping a small bit of the previous Titan's blood off of his cheek, Gabriel tried to analyze the situation his team was currently in. With Titan's incoming and the main defense of the hole slowly deteriorating, their job would certainly only get harder. Perhaps, he thought, it would be better to recollect at a nearby location and find a way to get the civilian's out in a more timely ma- where the hell is Jakob!? Where was he indeed? Of course he was nowhere to be found. Gabriel suddenly felt a quick pain in his forehead from the stress of the situation. If Jakob was fulfilling his duty, how would their team survive? There was no way they could all do it on their own. Sure, two kills was impressive for an amateur, let alone one, but with the amount of Titans coming in at the rate they were, neither he or the squad would last long!

"That damn idiot..." Gabriel muttered under his breath as he moved to find him, assisting any lost civilians that he could in an attempt to guiding them in the right direction in the least likely Titan filled areas that he could see from above. Of course, Jakob was unable to be spotted, and Gabriel found himself calling out to Mary. "Where is Jakob? He isn't at or anywhere near his po-" His words were cut short by the cries of a young boy. Gabriel turning his attention swiftly, caught sight of a young boy dragging his lifeless mother's body down a street. Upon closer inspecting, it was clear that the lady was dead; the lower half of her body was missing as the boy hopelessly cried out for her to wake up and move. Gabriel could feel himself shaking. For the first time, he was front of one of his subordinates no less. Pushing past Mary as quickly as he could, Gabriel charged forth to help the child. Of course, it was never really that simple. At the corner of his eye, Gabriel spotted the offender of the heinous act.

A Titan, lanky and large, no more than twenty meters, was making it's way towards the child. At first, Gabriel thought nothing much of it. It would be an easy enough kill, he thought...until it began running. Alarmed, Gabriel squeezed down on the handles of his gear to increase his speed. It was all in vain however, as he noticed the Abnormal Titan would reach the child first. Thinking quickly, Gabriel pulled out a small flare gun, an emergency tool that was handed to him in the chance that an Abnormal Titan was spotted in his area, and fired it towards the Titan's face, hoping to not only grab it's attention, but to alert his team and the nearby ones of the danger. The distraction worked well enough as the Titan turned to face him. The boy, now fully behind cover, waited for the area to be clear before he continued down the street. Although the Abnormal Titan was quick, Gabriel was smart enough to move out of the way, and cut the beasts eyes just like he did with the last.

The desired effect was the same; the creature was rendered immobile due to the inability to see and the intense pain that it felt. Good! Now was his chance to strike! Turning around towards the Abnormal Titan once more, Gabriel throttled the gear to it's maximum speed as he raced towards it's nape. There could be no mercy for this thing! Now was the time to strike! The child must be safe! It had to be safe! This well placed blow wi- WHAM! The sound of bone snapping and being completely destroyed rang out in Gabriel's ears. As he fell from the sky, the noises all around seemed to stop, his ears ringing from the intense sound that he had heard. The sky was blue...beautiful, yet terrifying. Was this the last thing that he would see? Not his lover, but the sky that he had seen every day? That same, boring blue sky? No...there was something else entering his vision now. A leg. His leg. The sight left him as he crashed down into a nearby building. The black flare that had gone up remained in the air for all to see, until it slowly descended, and the Abnormal Titan slowly recovered it's sight. What seemed like hours was mere minutes, as Gabriel's vision slowly got harder and harder to keep open.

The area, now swarming with Titans, was beginning to get dangerous. Several had now passed the very same Abnormal Titan that Gabriel engaged, overrunning the area slowly, but surely. The Abnormal Titan, finally having recovered it's sight, cornered the small boy from earlier....and began to feast a street across from Gabriel's supposed corpse.

Gabriel Moreau - Wall Rose: Trost District

Even as Gabriel returned his attention back to the superior, it was a little hard to focus with Tanner messing with him. His face glowed like a tomato from the way she was treating it. "Don't get the wrong idea! It's not a proposal!" He mumbled as he kept his face straight forward. Even if he was being a little mean, the thought of such a thing was a rather happy one. His heart fluttered until he heard the superior officer calling out to the Cadets at attention. His eyes glued onto the officer as he put all of his attention in listening to the orders the veteran barked out to the fresh men and women of the military. Waiting patiently for his own orders, Gabriel began to think of the city.

Trost was a rather well-built area. Far better than Shiganshina was. Even with the roads being as well-constructed as they were, it was going to be a pain trying to evacuate the frantic citizens. In his mind, he raced through every possible outcome that would appear during their mission. How would they react to a horde coming straight towards them if they were busy trying to help a traffic jam? Would they panic? If they did, how we he keep them in line and have them continuing their duties? Such questions flooded his thoughts like a broken dam in a valley. There was so little time to truly react and keep these thoughts from overwhelming him. Unfortunately, he would have to make due with what he was given, and react accordingly to the situation. There was no time to plan against an enemy that doesn't think. At least, not the mindless, wandering Titans that rampaged through the city.

When the call to arms was given out, Gabriel found himself being led to two other Cadets that were to join his squad. The thought of leading was a little embarrassing for the young man, but it had to be done. The introductions were rather awkward, especially with the way Mary stammered nervously and how Jakob was rather indifferent about the whole ordeal. Not to mention the intense staring that he gave towards Tanner, which caught Gabriel's eye. He gave the man a cold glare, as if he was already thinking of a few ways to break him. Nonetheless, when Tanner greeted them both to the two, he smiled and gave them a nod. "A pleasure to meet you both." It was strange introducing himself to new people so suddenly, but that would have to wait for later. Turning his attention to Tanner, he listened to her speak before bringing up his plan.

"Our goal is to form the middle guard with the rest of the other Cadets. I believe our primary goal should be to assist civilians in escaping to Wall Rose while we cover for them. We'll eliminate any Titans that get too close to them. We'll keep a tight formation as well. If we split up, we won't be able to kill any of the Titans efficiently enough. Plus, there's the high chance of running into Abormals. If we're not around to help each other, we'll get killed without even having a chance to realize it. So keep the formation tight, assist the civilians, and engage any Titans near us who are already attacking. We have a more important job to do than to just kill them." As he spoke, he felt a lump in his throat slowly forming near the end. To not engage the Titans was a...strange task. Yet, he knew that it was best to avoid needless confrontations. The inhabitants were far more important than the city itself.

With a quick glance at them all, he gave them the signal to follow him closely, the young man clearly eager to get his mission started. "If you have any concerns, bring them up now. We can't keep stalling when there are people who are in danger." He looked over at Tanner as he flew over the stone buildings below. There was a look of cold and calm determination on his face at that moment. His eyes seemed to be burning with a hidden fire, despite the collected emotion he displayed. Perhaps there was more to Gabriel than just being calm and collected. Maybe, just maybe, there was far more: a beast waiting to be unleashed.

The sound of thumping made Gabriel turning his attention forward quickly, his eyes catching civilians on the run from the Titan. In it's hands were it's most recent victims, who'm it had already taken a rather messy bite out of. The fire in his eyes lit up into a blazing flame as he called out to the others. "Engage the Titans! Keep the civilians safe at all cost! We're not about to let these damn things make another Shiganshina!" His voice cried out with such fury that it seemed like the beast within had already emerged. What was once a timid and quiet youth during his time as a Cadet had grown into a leader with the heart of a lion, even when he himself did not recognize it. To Gabriel, he was still a coward. That's what he thought as he charged head first into battle. Yet, the shaking in his hands was not that of fear, but of a silent rage, finally breaking free from it's sealed heart. The coward was dead. The soldier was born.
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