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@Poi@Mercurial Don't make me come over there and bop you both with magic for seriously, don't make me. I'm at Key Wedt and I'd have to swim over there.

Eli looked over at the priestess with a raised brow, as if the name of the horse really mattered. He had made the whole thing as a joke, even if he did name the horse with a somewhat silly name. Taking hold of the reigns, Eli slowed his horse down a bit in order to mimic the pace of the two riders at his side. Reaching into his bag, Eli hoisted a book out with one hand, and used his other to open it; the contents were seen as blurs as the boy flipped from page to page with incredible speed. His eyes darted about as he took the information in quickly, trying to find the right page as he skimmed. When he finally reached the desired page, he smiled at the two, and held his hand out in front of him. "Check this out...don't Rhea know I'm showing you two, though. She might scold me about how it should be used for emergencies only."

Suddenly, without warning, a small light flashed within his hand, the intense heat resonating towards them, despite the small size of the flame. He toyed with the small ball of fire for a few seconds, the heat bouncing back and forth between them as he switched hands, the book resting on his lap. Letting out a deep breath, the flame disappeared, and it seemed that the cold from the wind arrived as soon as the fire was gone. He smirked, closed the book, and placed it back into his bag. "That's not even the kicker. I'll show you both later - I promise. I don't want to go back on my word, do I?" His smile grew wider and he turned his attention back towards the road, until Maize spoke up. He listened carefully and seemed to grow tense at the mention of a pirate raid on a port.
@LetMeDoStuff See you space cowboy...
@Tenma Tendo I approve of your character. Still doesn't mean I'm not scared of her. I hope she's not going to be too loyal to Eli. That's going to embarrass the hell out of him. He can't stand overly-duteous people when it's with him.
@Mistiel Hey Mist, do you think you can write more for your posts? We'd like the post to be bigger and have more information than this. It is Casual Rp after all and it is expected for you to have at least two-three paragraphs in the RP. Information and good writing is a great thing that we'd like to have. It doesn't have to be incredibly long so long as you can make the writing creative and colorful, but at least make it one paragraph please!

Eli continued to pet the horse's mane, grooming it with gentle care as he rode slowly through the grass fields that laid against the sides of the road. He looked over to the main group, spotting a young girl approaching him slowly. Eli, having gone through the same routine before, thought that she was coming to make some kind of move on him. It wasn't impossible; after all, this happened far more than a commoner thinks it would. "Please don't do what I think you're about to do..." His eyes wandered over to Jauna, remembering how she was supposed to be one of several handmaids he was to select as a bride. The thought made him gag slightly. He just didn't want to marry. He wanted to spend his time studying, exploring, and going out on adventures. That's all he ever wanted. As the Priestess approached, Eli put on a friendly smile, and sat up, giving the horse a few pats on the side of it's neck before taking the reins once more. When she spoke, he was relieved to hear her just making friendly chatter. "It's a very typical name, I would say. Lucille sounds far better of a name than 'Chester.' Of course, I was never really good at naming pets." He chuckled a little and looked forward, until the Bard made his way to his other side.

It felt a little weird to be sandwiched between two complete strangers. In fact, Eli must have thought that Rhea would be taking serious offense or was being provoked with how close they were getting to him. After all, what reason would she had to trust them? They were not only strangers, but commoners. Of course, with the Priestess, she had some claim of trust, being a part of the clergy and what-not. Even so, Eli hoped that Rhea wouldn't get too serious around them...even if he did look up to her for it. As the Bard spoke, Eli gave him a smirk, his brow raised in confusion. He had an extremely strange dialect, making it hard to follow at times, but he was nonetheless able to grasp what he had meant. He shook his head at the mention of the name 'Biscuit' and he laughed. "No, I suppose there isn't. It's a very plain name, though....kinda boring." He had a large smile on his face, then looked back forward at the land ahead of them. The grasslands of Estala were beautiful, but the south and northern parts of Estala were said to be covered with thick woods. Eli, having never seen the pines of the north, was excited to see them. He heard of many dark tales about creatures like werewolves, ghouls, and whatever creepy beasts that existed in folklore. Of course, these were all fake, but the environment of the northern pines must have been quite dark for such tales to be woven.

@LetMeDoStuff And I love you for loving Metal Gear.
<Snipped quote by Aquanthe>

Boss, don't kill them. They're just kids...

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!
@Leos Klien Mmm....Captain of the Guard I would be fine with, but because we've already got someone who has the 'seasoned veteran' role, I'd have to say no for narrative purposes. What I can recommend for ya' would be what Ambra said, where you could be part of the lower ranking guards from a nearby town that just so happens to get recruited into the party due to an encounter with some bandits in said town? You could show some skill during the events that convinces Eli that he would make a good member of the group? I'm not too good at making suggestions IMO, though. I'd listen to Sol more if you ask me, mate.

For the most part the, horse riding wasn't a difficult task for Eli. Of course, he was always sore on the rump after riding for too long, but this was to be expected of someone who didn't show talent in physical prowess. Either way, he seemed the steer the horse with refined and noble motions, as instructed by his father and many of the knights that served his family. As he spoke with the bard, Eli seemed to relax into his saddle, his tone as casual as can be. "A Bard, you say? I've never quite heard of any before, at least not on adventures. Most of the musicians that come to the palace play more 'refined' music. From what I have heard, I do enjoy that instrument of yours. It's not quite what I'm used to, sounds amazing." He gave the older boy a smile and small chuckle, before putting his attention ahead of him. The sound of people crowding about had drawn his attention easily, knowing full well that the reason there were so many was because of his own arrival.

He waved to the people as they gathered, giving them a bright smile that left little to the imagination of his personality. It seemed like the sun itself beamed off of his face as he greeted everyone that had come to see him. The boy always did seem to act kindly to those who wished to speak or cheer to him, but this was something else. As they finally cleared the area, Eli gave a sigh of relief, turning back towards the Bard. "As much as I love them, it can be a little bothersome to have to wave to all of them....I will miss them, though. They're my people..." The smile that Eli remained, but something behind his eyes hinted to a sorrowful youth that was leaving the only home he ever knew. Eli, no matter how excited he was or how much he dreamed of exploring the world, was still struck with a feeling of depression. Secretly, he wished to return as soon as possible after their journey was over. He would give his father as many hugs as he could before talking about his fantastic trip. The thought brightened him up and he looked back at the road ahead, his eyes set on the journey ahead.

When he saw the wyvern flying above him, he felt a little afraid and hoped that it wouldn't swoop down and take him off to Nilone knows where. Of course, he calmed down after spotting Rhea, and gave her a big wave, hoping that she would see him and return it. He always looked up to her and thought of her as his hero. Of course, he had never seen her in battle....'nor did he really wish to. The wyvern was all he needed to know to push the thought of what she could do out of his mind. He shook his head, shaking the fear off of him, and looked back at Jauna, smiling at her as she looked forward. Of course, with the small incident afterwards, he laughed and stuck his tongue out at her, mocking her for riding behind someone so closely. With that, he looked back forward once more, stood up slightly on the stirrups that his feet rested in, and set the horse to gallop off in front of everyone. Looking back, he called out towards Maiz with a loud voice. "I'll keep close by, don't worry!" He enjoyed the wind that blew on him as he rode around in front of the party, keeping close to them in chance of an emergency. After a few seconds of riding, he decided to let the horse walk at a slow enough pace for the others to catch up with. He reached forward, laying his head sideways on the back of the horse where it's mane was, and began to pet it gently as he waited for the others, a large smile growing on his face. "You're a pretty horse, aren't you? I wonder what the stable master called you? You seem like a Chester to me."
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