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Hi and welcome to my profile! ♥

My name is Celine and I am a 20 years old girl from the south-western part of, as you might have guessed by now, Germany.
Writing has always been my passion, but this will be my first time pursuing it in English. Throughout the last decade I have participated in several German RPG's and am looking forward to beginning this new chapter.

Wish me luck and go gentle on me. If you are looking for an easy-going, but eager writing partner and do not mind a non-native, look no further. :)

I do not restrict myself to a certain genre, as long as the plot captures my interest. Feel free to message me and have a sunny day!

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Keir took a deep breath but didn't pause this time. She was a pawn in her family's game. Her life revolved around marriage, as it deemed her worthy in their eyes. This was not the time to judge her words, however harsh they may be.
"Have you and your mother had a close relationship?", he distracted her attention from her father to encourage her to speak more freely. Despite her soft voice, she still mystified him. He couldn't tell, whether she would accept their marriage without protest or rebel against it.

"Can't argue with that", he replied and traced his mind back to their late teens, when she had all of a sudden decided to bury all her colourful clothes. "And then you cut your hair into a wonderful bob and dyed it black-greenish", he remembered and could barely contain his laughter. "God, I love your rebellious phases." He blew a small swirl of smoke into the night sky. Why had he always perceived her as his funny but glum best-friend? Yes, she had her mood-swings, but didn't we all? As he looked at her, it felt as if he would see her features for the first time. Her hands on her hips, she drew the attention to her curvy figure, appearing grander than her actual height permitted. Her lipstick highlighted her loose red hair and her character. But it wasn't her body that left him breathless. It was her eyes, that met his, that burned with a passion he had never seen before.

He didn't feel the hot sting of the cigarette, that slightly burned his lips, as he took a step towards her. He put a hand on her back, first carefully, but then more and more self-confident and pulled her closer. "Kiss me", he whispered, as their faces were only inches apart.

He noticed her worried expression and paused the long walk through the forest for a few minutes. "I truly understand you. Duties are mandatory but time-consuming and I can't imagine how frustrating this must feel for you as a human." He respectfully nodded his head, his eyes not giving away his frustration. How could they dare to treat her like an animal in a zoo? The poor girl was frightened. Frightened of her artificial cage and freedom at the same time. Every cell of his body was itching to wrap a hand around her brother's neck and tell him to leave. He needed her for himself, how else could he show her the life she deserved as his future Queen? He didn't attack her brother. He barely looked at him. He couldn't afford a confrontation...for now.
"As the future Queen of my castle, you will no longer attend any lessons. As soon as the holy crown touches your head, you will be the one to instruct others", he said half-jokingly, half-serious. With a wry smile around his lips, he resumed their walk, furtively looking heavenwards to assure a safe trip.

Keir looked over his shoulder to catch a glance at the princess brother and gave him an almost imperceptible nod before he concentrated his attention on her. "I am glad the two of you have such a close bond", he replied. His calm demeanour didn't reveal his true thoughts: Danielle's brother was truly obsessed with her and would use his power to thwart every single one of his plans to speak to her in private. Well, nobody had said it would be easy, yet the prince shouldn't underestimate Keir's advantages as a vampire. He couldn't protect his sister inside the vampire castle.
"What else do you do in your spare time?", he asked the princess as they approached the castle.

"Isn't everybody's life a farce?", he replied as soon as they had reached the alleyway in front of the building. He rummaged around for the pack of cigarettes and then offered one of the last two pieces to her. "Fancy one?", he asked, even though he was completely aware of her aversion to tobacco. He didn't plan on changing her mind but loved to tease her.
"Well, I for sure didn't expect her to be blonde. Why do women change their hair colour again?"

For a few minutes, they walked mindfully and listened to their inner thoughts as nobody dared to break the silence. Keir felt tempted to touch the branches of the rustling trees, yet restricted himself to small head movements to take in the wonders of nature. His hundreds of years on this planet had never decreased his admiration for the world's tiny miracles and even his worries seemed to dissipate with the wind.
"Your highness, do you frequently visit the gardens of your castle?"

"I can't believe she just did that", he whispered back and gently put his hand on hers, his eyes still fixed on Ashlyn's face. "After all this is what we've been waiting for. For her to walk into the two of us and be deeply shocked. But she didn't even seem bothered about it." He scanned the room for his ex-girlfriend's familiar figure or at least one of her friends, yet he could barely distinguish one dancer from the other in the rowdy party-crowd. He vaguely remembered Ashlyn's words to him as if he had dreamt about them last night and she hadn't voiced her opinion a few minutes ago. And as far as he knew her, and he knew her fairly well, she was a woman of her word.
"You know what, I think you're right. Let's get out of here, I could use a cigarette." He offered her his hand and motioned to the backdoor.

"Well, the castle is only a stone's throw away from here, shall we go for a walk?" Despite his calm demeanour, Keir had to strain himself to not openly show his excitement towards her and her brother, as they strode along the path, that connected the castles. Hundreds of years ago, when their ancestors had concluded peace after a period of long wars, they had agreed upon building their homes next to one another and live in peaceful coexistence. Their shared beliefs, unsurprisingly, had changed over the years until none of them could remember that they ever had anything in common until now.

"Haha, you'd love to do that, wouldn't you?" He jokingly raised his glass, as if he intended to clink it with hers, but then decided to take a big sip out of it. A few minutes had passed, yet there was no trace of Joanna's friends, let alone his ex herself. He was beginning to lose hope, when he discerned a familiar voice in the moving crowd. He swiveled round, the glass still clenched in his hands, its liquor dripping on his hand. She met his gaze with a smile and tossed back her hair. Her pitch-black hair, that he used to love, still loved, she had now dyed blonde and straightened. Wispy strands framed her high cheekbones and accentuated her long lashes. He didn't have a chance to take in her shiny blue dress, as she stuck out her tongue and then disappeared into the crowd.

"Let me show you where I live. I promise, that you will not regret it", Keir offered and extended his hand to her. Then, realizing that she might not be permitted to touch him, he slowly dropped his arm and tried it with an assuring smile instead.
"Don't worry, your brother, the prince, can accompany you if he wishes to do so." He was more than willing to accept her brother's presence, as long as it helped her to trust him.
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