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Hi and welcome to my profile!

Why I am here? To meet and write with talented people like you!
As you might have guessed by now, my name is Celine and I am a 20 years old girl from the south-western part of Germany. Frankfurt, to be precise.
Writing has always been my passion, but this will be my first time pursuing it in English. Throughout the last decade I have participated in several German RPG's and am looking forward to beginning this new era. (Makes me realize how old I am.)

Wish me luck and go gentle on me. If you are looking for an easy-going, but eager writing partner and do not mind a non-native, look no further. :)

I do not restrict myself to a certain genre, as long as the plot captures my interest. Feel free to message me and have a sunny day!

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@Azaria Blue

Count me in!

Azariah had a fiery temper. She differed from the usual ladies he talked to. Not that it should surprise him. After all she was American born and bred and every part her cliche.
"Directness is not one of my strengths, in case you have missed it." Adrian fixed his eyes on her. "I could tell you a great thing or two about myself but you would find my speech rather deceiving. I won't do that. I have a better idea."

Adrian fished his phone out of his pocket. He send a quick message to someone, before he looked up again.
"After dinner, I would like to present you my home. We are quite lucky today. The others will be away to watch the race, giving us more than enough time to have a look around." He tried to gauge her reaction while picking up his dinner again.
"Tell me, Azariah. Can you, by any chance, ride a horse?"

"Breckin. His name is Breckin." Florence adjusted the buttons on her hospital gown to make them fit looser. "I've thought about this name for a while now. I am aware that the name might sound rather unusual to most people but so is our family." She hesitated for a second as she tried to gauge her sister's reaction. As always, Sydney's bright smile encouraged her to keep talking.
"I know that Breckin is special. You should've seen the fierce look in his eyes. I've never seen such a passionate look in someone. He might grow up to be just like his granddad." The thought of it let Florence revel in the past, remembering the days when their parents took them to the coast side during summer time. They would spend two full weeks swimming in the ocean and basking in the sun simply to escape the stressful life of owning a company. Not that Florence and Sydney knew much about it when they were young. For them it was the time when mom and dad weren't arguing and the frown on dad's face vanished. He was a passionate nature explore, constantly looking for a hidden gem to find when climbing a mountain or following a hidden path. Mom, in the meantime, helped the girls to learn how to swim and when they grew older how to ride a wave. Despite her quiet nature she was a wild soul in her own ways.

Florence missed her parents terribly. Time had healed her wounds but left scars that couldn't be removed. And now that she began a new chapter in her life, she was more than determined to give her son the same wonderful childhood she had had. They didn't need Kai for their own adventures.

Florence watched the two grown up men fight each other, raising her eyebrows whenever one of them started to swear. Did they actually think that this would impress anyone in this room? Why did men behave this way? She hoped that Sydney might interrupt this farce, but felt too dizzy herself to give her sister an actual signal. The birth still effected her movements. However their shouting and insulting didn't help her with her severe headache and she was about to say something herself, when their anger ebbed away and Kai decided to leave the room.

"I suppose I have to thank you for not having to bother with him for the moment", Florence addressed Kaleb, an amused smile on her lips. After all, he had tried his best to be supportive. And as much as she disliked her sister's obsession with him, she preferred his presence to Kai's. She could tell that her newborn son had already started to change her. A comforting calmness surrounded her and put her at ease. Even with her sister and her fiancé in the room, she didn't feel worried and had already forgotten about the fight. Not that she would bother to bring it up in the first place.

She thought about Kai and wondered whether she should worry about his behavior. After all he did threaten her in some way as he insisted upon being part of her life. She was dead set on preventing him from intruding her and her son's privacy. She would not allow him to even touch her innocent little darling. Thinking about the encounter made it seem even more surreal to her. Had he actually been here barely seconds ago?

"I am glad to see both of you here. You are looking great, you know? Stunning." She started to wonder what they had put in the infusion that was still attached to her hand, her eyelids feeling heavier and heavier as she smiled at her visitors.

I am not at home. Her initial reaction was to sit up straight to scan her surroundings. Ouch. Okay, that didn't feel right. Her head felt heavier than usual and her hands looked somewhat blurred. The bright light didn't make it easier for her to see. Where was she? And more importantly, why was she here? Letting her eyes adjust to the room, Florence traced her thoughts back to the latest event she could remember. She recalled her fierce discussion with her sister followed by darkness. She must have passed out at some point. Instinctively she touched her belly, already knowing the answer. This could only mean...

"Good evening Mrs. Collins. I am Brianna Steel, your nurse for today. How are you feeling? I will need you to undergo a few medical checks now, starting with a quick examination of your blood pressure." Brianna was a small woman with close-cropped hair and astoundingly blue eyes. Despite her petite frame, she firmly put the blood pressure meter on Florence, her practiced hands resting on her arm.
"I am not married", Florence replied.
"Sorry?" The nurse looked up, frowning.
"I don't know what has happened during the last few hours, but I am positive that I am still single."
"I don't understand..."
"You called me Mrs. Collins, but I am just Ms. Collins... or Florence, if you prefer that."
Brianna blinked twice before she broke out laughing.
"Ms. Collins, I mean Florence, You are clearly well enough to hear the good news", she said while wiping off a tear of joy.
Florence tried to straighten herself up again, but couldn't manage it herself. She felt embarrassed when Brianna helped her to sit up right, not being used to this kind of treatment.
"Do the good news explain why I am not able to feel my own child? Did you drug me to eliminate the pain I felt before I...?" She wanted to cry: 'before I lost complete control over my body and risked both of our lives', however it suddenly felt too personal to say. And she couldn't admit her own failure in front of a stranger. She had to stay strong for her own and her baby's sake.
Florence expected Brianna to snap at her, tell her to leave the hospital immediately and never come back, which the nurse obviously didn't. Instead, she smiled warmly and sat down on the visitor's chair next to her.
"Do you trust me that everything I will now tell you is nothing but the truth and only the truth?" Brianna made it sounds like an offer, the option to refuse or to listen to her. Florence decided to go with the latter, giving her a small nod.
Brianna returned her gesture. She folded her hands in her lap, fixing her gaze on her patient.

And then, within the next thirty minutes, she proceeded to tell Florence about everything that had happened during the last few hours. Beginning with her sister's call for the ambulance until her emergency c-section, always making sure that Florence was calm enough to digest the flood of information. She didn't have to worry, as Florence was an eager listener and didn't even dare to interrupt her once during her report. Only at the end, when Brianna had already been quiet for a few minutes, did she raise the sole question on her mind: "Can I see him?"

Florence never knew she could love a human being so much. That she would do anything for him. Looking at the frail baby in her hands, she knew that she would even die for him Her son. It felt strange yet deliberating to call him like that. At least until she had decided a name for him. Not that any name in this world would even remotely fit her heavenly angel, as he was too precious to have an ordinary name. She knew that she would wait for her sister to come up with a suitable name. In the same moment she remembered their fierce fight and felt her enthusiasm dampened. What if Sydney wouldn't visit her because of their recent fall-out? What if she didn't care about Florence anymore? The sheer thought of it made her feel sick in the stomach, her hands cradling the baby to calm herself down. No, she couldn't afford to freak out now. Even though she had a healthy baby, the doctors and Brianna still kept checking up on her and made sure that both mother and child were safe and sound. Florence would have preferred a quieter environment. The more people introduced themselves, the more she grew tired. When a new nurse entered the room, she was already fast asleep.

"Are you sure she is here?" Florence looked at Brianna, several thoughts crossing her mind. She might just want to see if I am still alive. She might not even care as much. But what if she does?
"Yes, your sister is here to see you. Do you want me to ask Dr. Brandon to call her?"
Florence bit her lip. "Yes. Call her. Please."
Brianna turned around to the doctor approaching them, giving him the direct instruction to call Sydney. Florence couldn't hide her smile. The roles were clearly reversed here.
"Can I do anything else for you?" Brianna turned back to Florence, still waiting for her to ask for a favor. Just that Florence wasn't the type of person to ask for favors.
"I think I will wait for Sydney." Florence hesitated, before she added: "But thank you for everything. Really."
Both women locked eyes with each other, no explanations needed.

When Sydney entered the room and was smiling brightly, Florence relaxed slightly and waited for her sister to start the conversation, which she promptly did. She let her in on all the extra information, not taking a single break. And Florence, who had feared a second fight, was more than happy to listen to her excited little sister talking about the recent events from her own perspective. She didn't directly tell Sydney that she had already seen her son, who was now being taken care of by the staff team. She completely forgot to tell her about it the second her ex-boyfriend entered the room. And probably about everything else too. In this moment Kaleb was just a marginal figure next to Kai.
Kai, who shouldn't be here. Who shouldn't be part of this very moment. And now he just stood there. How could he. She had more than clearly told him to get the hell out of her life. Never come back again. And yet he had the guts to do so. Asshole.

Florence looked at her sister. "I. don't. want. to. talk. to. him. Ever again."


For some reason, Florence had anticipated a quick and easy reconciliation with her sister. To hear from Sydney how sorry she was about their dispute and move on. Surprisingly, this was not happening. Despite the calm smile on her face, Sydney remained restrained, even colder than usual. She didn't run around and used her hands animatedly while talking, as she would always do. She didn't move in the first place.

"Oh Syd, you know that my weekend was all right. Some people live worse lives. I guess you were quite occupied yourself." She wished she could take her words back as soon as she said them. She didn't want to continue the pointless fight. Florence just needed to keep Syd here. To make her believe that she was about to commit a fatal mistake. "Okay, ignore what I just said. What I wanted to tell you is..." Breathing out, Florence felt a pang in her belly. She put a hand underneath her navel. "What I actually wanted to say is that now it is more... important... give me a second." She grabbed the closest chair next to her, trying to suppress the sudden pain.
"More important to... just be..." Florence didn't get to finish her sentence, as the room turned upside down. Since when, she wondered, had the kitchen clock started to become so loud ?

Florence spent the rest of the week preparing. Like many mothers before her, Florence had started to buy all sorts of books on how to raise a child from her local library. She was probably not one of the most avid readers, but highlighting informative paragraphs and repeating them out loud made her forget the tension between her and her sister. At least that is what she tried to convince herself. Truth be told, the clustered mess in her house didn't prevent her from checking her phone every hour, hoping for a message from her younger sister. Of course she was furious, of course she was hurt. Yet, she loved Sydney. And as irrational as Sydney's sudden departure might seem, Florence simply knew that she would come back.

She had to wait until Sunday. As soon as she heard the familiar rattle of her sister's keys, she dropped one of the educational bestsellers and rushed down the stairs, holding her protruding belly. Syd probably didn't have any intentions to run away, but Florence wanted to make sure to catch her off guard. Before she dares to leave me again without telling me about her plans.

Florence entered the kitchen, scanning the room for her sister, who stood right in front of the fridge. "You're here." Florence said the words matter-of-factly. "And Kaleb is not." She made a small step forward, letting her gaze fall on the bottle of water in her sister's hand. "Are you hungry?"

Florence watched her sister leave the room, slowly realizing the scope of the conversation. How it had escalated within minutes - no seconds. She was sitting on the edge of the chair, replaying Sydney's sudden outburst in her head. Her fierce protection of Kaleb. She even had used her grandmothers quotes, even though the latter had filed for divorce for three times during her life, living with four different husbands. Maybe bad luck in relationships ran through their family. Either way, it didn't justify Sydney's cold attitude. Florence tried to understand her sister's unconditional love for her fiance, but simply couldn't. Her happiness obscured her view, made her blind to the obvious: It was time to grow up and wash her own laundry.

However, as Florence stood up and continued to paint the room, she didn't feel reassured. She hated to admit it, but her sisters words had struck a nerve in her. She was right. She shouldn't focus on the bad moments. From now an, she would shift her attention to her unborn baby and put him or her first. Sydney had made her decision to give Kaleb preference. Florence made hers.

Emire Jade, her new name, great. They had already chosen a name for her without asking about Flo's opinion and they had every right to. After all it was their child. Her sister had answered her question in all honesty, no doubts left. And Kaleb was madly in love with her. How romantic. He should better not dare to break her sister's heart, otherwise... let's just hope there would be no otherwise.

"Congratulations, Sydney. I am sure you will be a great mom," Florence said calmly without averting her eyes, that were fixed on Kaleb. "Could you leave us alone for a second? Or two? Preferably longer."
She didn't wait for his consent, but turned her head back to her younger sister. "I just haven't had the chance to talk to you in ages. I honestly don't even remember the last time we were alone together. And by that I mean more than five minutes. Whenever I try to talk to you Kaleb will join the conversation. He is like your shadow." Breathing out, Florence realized the harshness in her voice. Maybe she should have started it off differently, but now there was no going back.
"Sometimes I even wonder whether you are still being able to function without him. He does everything for you. And by everything I mean everything. Your laundry, the daily house cleaning, the quick trip to the grocery store to buy you your favorite chocolate... Don't get me wrong. I don't begrudge you your happiness. I am just trying to be here for you, make sure you're all right. I just don't want you to get hurt."

Ouch. Florence looked down at her hand, seeing a small drop of blood forming within her palm. She wiped it off at her trousers. Apprehensively, she made sure that Syd hadn't seen it. Flo had no intentions to hurt herself, but it was a convenient way to keep her raging emotions under control. She preferred to appear angry, yet restrained. Inside, she felt infuriated. After all these years, her little sister forgot about all her promises to never rely on a guy.

Florence placed her hands on her sisters leg, trying to calm her down while she gathered her thoughts. Sydney's behavior frightened, but at the same time intrigued her. What caused her sister to become so quiet? Syd belonged to the liveliest people she knew, if not the even the most vivid. Whenever she approached Florence with a new message, she could barely keep it to herself. She didn't have to. Florence knew all of her little secrets. At least she had thought she did.

And then something unexpected happened. Well, it didn't really happen. It had already been that way, Florence had just never noticed it. Sydney was pregnant. 21 weeks pregnant. With a girl.

Oh my God. The strange phone call from the gynecologist yesterday, who had inquired about Sydney's well-being. Sydney'sudden interest in education books. Her constant meetings. It all made perfect sense now.

Florence didn't know how to feel. In fact, she didn't feel anything at all. All the time she had presumed that her sister had started all these new activities for her. To prepare herself for the role of a future aunt. How could she have been so blind? It dawned on her, that her sisters sudden love for hoodies didn't have anything to do with the new boyfriend style. Hell, even her taste in music had changed. Sydney had listened to Mozart while eating cheese toast with chocolate cream. It had all been so obvious.

She didn't react when Kaleb entered the room. She didn't realize his presence in that second. Her mind was racing, but she hadn't moved an inch since the revelation. Slowly, she straightened herself and posed the only question she could think of: "Are you happy?"

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