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M a l d e k

Through the early hours of the morning, the discomforting sound of metal crashing against metal would reverberate through Maldek's childhood home. His life was not of a farmer, nor was he a miner or a blacksmith. His interests laid elsewhere, in the pages of adventure and legends, in the world of freedom and spontaneity. In secret to his family and friends, he would observe the training of the town's guards from afar, watching in awe at their quick movements and strikes. This was the life he wished to lead, one of peril and danger. Through the years, his intent was known to his family and those around him. Nothing would stop his aspirations of mastering the art of combat. While lacking immediate danger, the life of a guard was never without surprise, it was a start.
Definitely interested in this RP, would you like me to PM you the CS or simply post it?
Hey there!

I've been thinking about coming back to RP for some time now. Honestly I'm more of a casual RP'er so I tend to have trouble finding ones that don't get far ahead of me. Usually more available in the evenings EST due to work but I'd love to work my way back into the hobby. In regards to genres, I tend to be very open minded though I do prefer romance and adventure RP's.

I've never done tabletop online so that's something that may peak my interest as well! Really I'm looking for friends to help ease me back into the hobby so feel free to reach out!
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