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Kistal listened to the man's words carefully, committing the intonation and general pattern to memory as well as the information. His manner of speech seemed he was being genuine, but Kistal wanted to know what exactly happened should he need it. After the grim display, he caught the stone and narrowed his eyes at the marking. "Yes, I will let him know. I have something to attend to first." He left swiftly, disappearing back into the temple. He sought out the Red Saints and hailed them.

Meanwhile, Chihiro watched from the dispersing crowd, seeing the odd group. The woman that shrieked was familiar to her, so if she trusted the group, Chihiro felt no need to defend her. However, they were specifically listening to the chief and outfitted for battle, so she assumed they were volunteering. As such, she walked over to them and raised a hand to grab their attention. "Ah, more volunteers. It seems we will be working together to rid the world of this stain. I am Inquisitor Chihiro Aozaki. You may shorten it to Chihiro or Inquisitor Aozaki as desired. If you have any information to help me understand the situation, I am all ears."

Descriptive name for OOC rather than the IC name.

Upon hearing that Calabris was involved deeper than just this one brought a grimace to Kistal's face. Allanon's acceptance of his offer was nice, though. He was polite and not looking down upon him. With a sigh, he traced a claw along the patterns of his spear. "Hearing that their influence here is more than expected will cause certain troubles. Anything they do is selfish and damaging to those around them. Perhaps I can teach them a lesson, give the Red Saints an opportunity to help out here, and make Calabris think twice about messing with this area in the future."

The chief began bellowing at the town, seeking volunteers. "Well, seems we are needed outside, friends." Kistal nodded to the other two, stepping outside into the crowd. Though he was massive and hard to miss given his attire and enchanted spear, Kistal drew little attention to himself. He was curious who would show up to volunteer. If they were too wet behind the ears, the situation would get bad. His mind traveled to Hilde. She was well equipped and a guard at the temple, so she seemed a good candidate for an ally if more experience was needed.

The satyr nodded politely as the old priest explained. Hearing familiar names and that Red Saints helped made Kistal smile and quietly speak. "Good people, amazing employers, one of the few good things for Portea." He then gave a respectful nod to the priest and headed to where Allanon was speaking with the other, seeing a mercenary exchange. He confidently walked up just out of sword's reach from Allanon. "It seems at least one here is a mercenary like myself. This job, though, is both personal and pressing. I require no payment but the chance to take the Calibris down a few more pegs." He rapped the butt of his spear on the ground once to emphasize his ability to fight.

"So, my friends, where are they and how many can I kill or curse into wanting to die? I want to make them feel nothing but fear in interfering here." He leaned down a bit habitually to make his eye level closer to the others in the conversation.
Kistal's conversation was interrupted by a rush of cold air and the distinct smell and sound of pompous Tundral fools. She treated him like some sort of worker at the inn despite being obviously in a conversation. Her self-centered attitude garnered a scowl. "Be careful, child, you are speaking with a fellow traveler. Your assumption about this Beastman is more than a little pathetic." He rapped the butt of his spear on the ground. If she decided to get haughty with him later, he was preparing a strong curse. He knew she would be uncomfortable in this heat, so his curse could easily make that even more so.

He glanced at Hilde, giving her a nod before leaving the inn. He walked rather incautiously to the temple, not expecting any trouble. He doubted anyone would mess with a man over seven feet tall, let alone one hefting a spear around and wearing fine clothing. Once at the doors, he cleaned his hooves carefully, entering immediately after. He found the nearest priest or priestess. "Greetings. I am here investigating the recent attack upon an innocent dancer. I hear they are being a problem to locals."
Upon hearing about Red Saints, Kistal's eyebrows raised. "Oh really? I may have to go say hi to those Saints. I might know them. They hire me rather often." He produced the Red Saint token he was given as proof of his connection. "Perhaps they know more about this than most. At any rate, nothing good happens when Calibris is involved. I've had a few run-ins with them, but I always ended up on top. A few scandals here, a couple embarrassing notes there and they lose rather handily. This case seems more of the physical variety, which I am also well versed in." He tapped the floor with his spear and used the bladed tip to point to his horns as emphasis.

"Which way to the temple? I would not like to keep anyone waiting." He stepped over to the doorway, his hooves clicking softly along the inn floor. Since his face was obscured from the other people, his lips curled into a bit of a cruel smile. He would get more fun messing with the evil families of Portea. It would be a fun job.
Kistal had essentially scarfed down the curry, being both hungry and curious about it. As the father/daughter conversation ended, he had finished up his meal and drink. Allard's comment seemed to minimally faze the Beastman. "It is never fun to be correct about horrible things. Thank you for the meal. It seems I have something pressing to look into now." The satyr stood up, paid for his meal and drink, left a nice tip, grabbed his spear, and went over to Hilde. "Pardon me, but can you give me more information about the group, the attack, and the temple? If they are posing a threat, then it is probably best to try and deal with them."

His intentions were far from pure and wholesome as he really was not as concerned about the group being violent as much as their ability to pose a threat to him personally or to people that would be good to keep safe. He stood in front of the, frankly, attractive daughter of the innkeeper, so he was quite content to wait as long as necessary given the company.
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