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Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth/Van

The whole debacle left a bad taste in Nari's mouth. She hated seeing innocents, especially powerless innocents, be attacked by those with powers. But, she also got another taste of fighting, and she couldn't deny the love of feeling her adrenaline flowing and the sight of her enemies falling before her. It was...exhilarating. The MSU quickly mopped up the area and arrested the mutants she and Sheffield had dispatched. After a long bout of questions, ID and license checks, and general annoying pseudo-accusations, Nari was let go to return to her stand. She sighed in both annoyance and exasperation at the notion of dealing with the restrictive amount of red tape and prejudice as well as losing out on gaining new customers.

The stand, compared to others nearby, came down swiftly as she used the plants comprising it to carry her goods back to her company van. She, with the help of various vine creatures, packed everything into the vehicle and strapped it down. Nari grabbed a fresh green apple from her product and sat on the bumper of her van, taking a bite out of the apple as she thought. The sourness of the apple matched her sour expression at the failure of the day. Deep down, she wondered if she needed to return to the streets at night again, but she couldn't make a decision like that without knowing if villains were once again out of control. She absolutely wanted to get into more fights, but she couldn't risk her life without good reason anymore.

Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth

Nari, following being shoved away by Sheffield, saw him struggling. Ringing in her ears and a bit of disorientation kept her from entering the fray right away. When Sheffield became heavily endangered, she tried to prevent his weapon from being stolen. With a strong bit of focus, she summoned vines to attempt to restrain the combatants trying for Sheffield while growing a similar blade by Sheffield's hand out of plants. "Sheffield, use it. I will hold them as long as I can, but we need to get them disabled. Civilians are dying, and MSU is coming in hot!"

She looked around, trying to gauge how much longer they had before MSU showed up. She hated dealing with them when she defended herself. They tried to treat her like the aggressor usually. She found it distasteful that they treated mutants like some sort of barely held back group of criminals still. Most were just workers.
Lin visibly relaxed when Cassidy disarmed. As a gesture of respect, she also placed her handgun beside the other woman's. "Trust me, I dislike having a conversation with my hand practically on my gun. But, given how trigger happy many military people are, I'd rather be ready than shot." She let out a small, almost relieved sigh as Cassidy basically let her know that she was working against the Black Division, at least somewhat. "Fine, I retract saying you would deserve a cell too. Unfortunately, for all their great tech advancements, stooping to forced experimentation with euthanasia as the end result is both damaging and rather unproductive. Yes, strong Newtypes are useful, but they are still generally extremely empathetic. They need socialization and contact. Forcing them to become so strong as to harm anyone in proximity just to try and create more legends artificially is not effective. Amuro was not a great Newtype because of his power level. He was a strong one, yes, but so was Char. Both are legends for their minds. They were committed to their causes. Both wished to help and protect their own. That commitment gave them far more strength than just their powers."

She started to pace back and forth in front of the table, seeming to think. "You gave him access, but he had been there before. That means he was either a worker or an experiment. I shudder to think what propaganda he will create from the knowledge he gleans there. Spacenoids wanting to be treated better is one thing, an admirable thing really, but creating zealots will lead to countless more conflicts and practically a sea of bloodshed. I may be a mercenary, but I am none too fond of violence. I prefer to watch and track than to fight something that could have been prevented. Too bad the Federation seems intent upon another war." She stopped and looked directly at the other woman. "So, since you had plan for that, I can only assume you have more. The real question here is whether you are part of Hold's crew or an independent like me."

Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth

Nari could tell the man was inexperienced. After all, he talked about Blanc as a drink close to a red meat dinner. "If you plan to use the Blanc, make sure it is at least long enough after dinner for the palates to be cleared up. For table wine, I highly recommend Cabernet Sauvignon as it pairs well with red meats, assuming you are doing beef steaks of course. The Merlot will be great for sauce. Blanc can be a very good comfort drink, but it does not pair overly well with the meal, so be very careful on that." Feeling satisfied with that, she motioned to her produce. Some vines lifted a few bags, ready for filling. "As far as produce is concerned, take your pick. It's free for the taking and enjoyment. The wines will cost you $40 a bottle."

For anyone in the know, her prices for the wine were beyond fair. The rating her wines received would make them equivalent to $140 a bottle for red and $130 a bottle for white wines. She didn't need that much profit, so she cut it down enough to comfortably sell and to allow the average consumer to afford high quality wine. Her produce, when not free, followed a similar pattern. Though she may undercut most of the larger corporations, she kept her operation intentionally small to prevent making waves to the point of dealing with the corporate politics.

Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth

The plant woman listened intently as he spoke. She let out a small giggle as he mentioned her brand of weird becoming the norm. "Well, I still have all the normal staples, but these are new and interesting. I especially like the grapes since they are far easier to prepare than a kiwi and raspberries." She saw him eyeing some red wine. "Ah, cooking wine. Well, that depends upon what type of meat, whether the wine will be served with the meat only or in a pasta, and what specific flavor notes you want. I assume you know how tannic red wine is and thus can handle reducing it well. If you plan fatty meats, try a Cabernet for a dry and full body to the flavor. However, for general purpose red wines, Merlot is good for being less tannic, thus more tolerant of more reducing, and for having a fruity and soft flavor. Sauvignon Blanc is a great whiter wine for general use as well and goes well in pasta dishes. Are you also looking for table wine for serving with the meals? So, what specific types of meals do you plan?"

If her enthusiasm and thoroughness wasn't enough to show she was serious about quality of her products, the sheer volume of her wine range was. It ranged just about every variety of wine currently known. Though not old vintages, they were specifically suited for cooking and drinking, so she sold them for very affordable prices. You could buy top shelf wine for a middle to low shelf price. She leaned in closer to Sheffield, her gaze becoming sharper. She was massively into this since talking food and cooking was one of her favorite pastimes.

Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth

When Sheffield approached her stand, Nari smiled. "Well, first let me talk about that thief. If you think he was just hungry, which is what it seemed to me, then feel free to take some produce in a bag for him. As for my goods, they are the same things as usual. Produce is free and alcohol will cost you. I did create a couple test plants just for the sake of doing it. Ever had a snap bean that tasted like pomegranate? I have those. I have some edamame that has some added cranberry flavor to be interesting. Oh, I also have grapes that taste like a mix of raspberry and kiwi. All the flavor, none of the mess or prep!" As she spoke, her hands, assisted by various vines around her, showed off the produce as she described it.

Once her rather enthusiastic spiel was done, she settled down some, deciding to grab a few raspberry kiwi grapes, popping one in at a time to enjoy the flavor. "So, does anything trip your trigger? Or are you here for some of my alcohol? I am happy to offer a free taste, but you will of course need to pay for the bottle if you want to take it home." In reality, she sold her produce a lot outside of festivals, but this was just prime time and real estate for testing new plants on people who may wish to order some. She even had a stack of order forms sat on a small table at the front of the stall.

Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth

Nari heard some rather familiar commotion nearby. Thieves and pickpockets found the festival to be irresistible. Some just needed food, so the smart ones knew to stop by her stall since she gave out free food. Only her alcohol cost anything at the festival because it took her much more time and effort than growing her plants. It seemed the one kid didn't play along with the other man's attempt to get him out of the situation. It all ended with the man sending some sort of bun sailing into the kid's head. "Huh, impressive aim."

She decided to get the older man's attention. The kid ran like a scared rabbit, like most inexperienced pickpockets. Either he was new to the game or simply wasn't fond of doing it. Either way, he was obviously hungry. She let out a quick, sharp whistle to try and draw Sheffield's attention. "Sir, with the buns, come on over here!" While she yelled at him, Nari stood up and let the vine chair revert into a non-recliner.

Festival Grounds-Nari's Booth

At the festival grounds, nestled comfortably off the concrete next to a couple trees, Nari's booth looked impressive given it being made of intertwined woody vines that had flowers of various types blooming colorfully along the whole thing. An upper canopy of thick leaves kept the booth and the few seats for drink testing comfortably shaded. Nari herself was buzzing around inside, busy setting up her various products of flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and various alcohols. She had a stick of what appeared to be a granola bar in her mouth, seemingly forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of prepping for the festival.

One of the representatives from the city stopped by to check on her and make sure she was following regulations. "Miss Sol, may I inspect your booth?" Her response came out garbled and muffled by the forgotten bar. "Mmph mmm." She blinked and then popped the bar out before speaking again. "Sorry, no idea how long ago I put that bar in. You may." The representative did a thorough look at her booth, but it was over almost as soon as it started as she kept everything strictly within regulations. "You are perfectly within regs. Have a good day, Miss." She stopped him before going and gave him a free bowl full of strawberries, to which he just smiled and walked away. She couldn't help but get him some food given how long it would be before he got to eat.

Her preparations took about a half hour after inspection, after which she sat down and munched on the homemade granola bar. "Let's see who stops by this year. I'm sure I will get some regulars since they get a free glass of booze and some fruits. Maybe someone interesting will come along." She reclined somewhat in her chair, the vines lowering the back and bringing up a leg rest for her as she awaited the first customers.

🔹 Nari Sol

Vigilante Name
🔹 Lily Witch

🔹 37

🔹 Mutant.

🔹 Female

🔹 South Korea

🔹 United States

🔹 Botanist
🔹 Brewer/Vintner/Distiller

🔹 Neutral Good (Redeemer type)

Detailed Information

🔹 Stands at 5'0" normally. Weighs in at a nice and light 98 pounds. Her clothing is literally grown from her own body by using her mutation, thus allowing her large variety in her wardrobe.

🔹 Patient
🔹 Curious
🔹 Devoted to nature and life
🔹 Empathetic
🔹 Kind, can be Motherly
🔹 Forgiving
🔹 Tenacious

Nari was born to mutant parents in Azure City on August 1, 1982. Her parents, while not immigrants, still maintained native level fluency in Hangugeo and the Hangul script, thus passing it down to their daughter. She grew up in a wealthy household, so almost anything she had an interest in was facilitated. Once her mutant powers manifest at the age of 5, her parents swiftly made sure she got the proper education and training from a mutant school as well as some private tutors. She spent her life until the age of 18 learning various skills and hobbies to keep herself busy.

When she graduated and became a full adult, she went on to earn her Bachelor's, then Master's, and finally a PhD in botany. She graduated at the age of 32, managing a slightly early graduation compared to most. During this education, she took up learning martial arts. The diversion helped her realize how much she liked to insert herself into conflicts that arose. After graduation, she started her business immediately with a startup loan from her parents. She paid off the loan within the year given her high production ability and variety of goods she could produce without issue. By the age of 36, she was considered wealthy herself, though she kept to decently modest living, not wanting to spend away her money. Within the past year, she has taken up a vigilante identity due to a few events that happened within her life driving her to try and become a force beyond just a businesswoman and to have some fun taking down villains or criminals.

Notable Relations
🔹 Her mother, Kyung Mi, and father, Woojin
🔹 Kyung Mi is trichokinetic and Woojin is hydrokinetic

🔹 Highly successful as a botanist and alcohol maker. Given her relatively low needs, she can tuck away the vast majority of her money, so she has a sizable emergency fund sitting in a savings account. She can liquidate enough to buy a house, furniture, and vehicle if she needed to. Her expendable and sustainable income would let her eat out at nice restaurants and see movies and the like every day if desired.
🔹 Her parents funnel some of their income to her each week as they are very wealthy. The money generally goes into her savings unless she needs something.

Everyday Skills
🔹 Botany
🔹 Cooking
🔹 Fishing/Hunting
🔹 Dancing
🔹 Singing
🔹 Drawing/Painting
🔹 Sculpting
🔹 Fermentation/Distillation
🔹 Skilled at video games


Fighting Style
🔹 Utilizes Jeet Kune Do's philosophy of using only efficient means alongside her mastery of Gakgung (Korean archery), Martial Taekkyeon-(Yetbop), Kumdo, and Hwa Rang Do.
🔹 Uses her mutation to aid in her martial arts but will also use it as a primary means to obtain and utilize weapons, ammo, and attack patterns.

🔹 She thrives in close combat but is potent at range as well given her bow skills and plant alterations. Her preference is to get in close and start poisoning opponents while using pheromones to mess with their ability to fight.
🔹 She does not get angry in fights. In fact, she smiles and laughs as she fights, seeming to come even more alive in the midst of a takedown.

🔹 When faced with an opponent resistant to her toxins and pheromones, she can be overcome by brute strength given her smaller size and strength. Her martial arts mitigate this somewhat with certain strikes, but she is still only average in strength and significantly shorter than the average.
🔹 Her focus upon redemption makes her more vulnerable to a surprise first strike as she wants to offer redemption before striking.
🔹 Chemicals designed to kill plants can hurt her severely.

🔹 She doesn't carry any equipment and instead just carries some rations, drinks, and reading material for those long nights. She prefers to avoid firearms as she can simply create plants to do the same type of thing, but she is not opposed to using them.


🔹 Can make plants grow and appear out of nowhere.
🔹 Can alter plant characteristics and revive recently dead or withered plants. This includes things such as increased growth speed, fruit alteration, causing production outside of normal seasons, etc.
🔹 Can use plants for locomotion.
🔹 Manipulate wood (dendrokinesis).
🔹 Can weaponize plants.
🔹 Release toxins and pheromones (toxigenesis). Her toxins can induce aphrodisiac effects, hallucinogenic effects, and damaging effects. Her pheromones can allow her to charm people, incite or heighten certain emotions, or even as relief to stress, emotions, or feelings like pain.
🔹 Telekinetically move plants.

🔹 Anything that would inhibit her ability to psychically and physically affect plants with her pheromones and pollen would cause her power to fail. If one or two of the components is blocked, she can still do alterations, though they are slower and less effective.
🔹 Long dead vegetation is impossible to revive.
🔹 Despite being able to strengthen plants, she cannot make them stronger than steel or the like as they cannot reach those characteristics physically.
🔹 Her toxigenesis is pheromone and pollen based, so it can be thwarted with respiratory protection. Her pheromones can be resisted by sufficiently strong willpower. (continued exposure can potentially erode the will if given enough doses and time)


🔹 Nari's mutation caused her to become an omnivorous plant creature. Thus, she can supplement her diet with photosynthesis and water. She can alter how own body within the realms of her power. This particular usage of her mutation is far less taxing and does not require pheromones given it is her own desire. Her sense of smell is enhanced specifically to allow detection of pheromones.
🔹 She is a vigilante that tries to redeem villains. If they refuse the offer of her redemption, she will attempt to kill them. Criminals that are not dangerous to the lives of citizens are given the option of redemption or arrest.
🔹 No, she is not extra vulnerable to fire. Green plants don't burn any better than humans.
🔹 Functions as a native speaker of both English and Hangugeo (Korean). Can read and write Hangul (Korean alphabet).
🔹 Nari has almost twice as efficient night vision as normal.
🔹 Realistically, she is able to make herself live as long any of the oldest plants given her ability to heal herself as well as alter herself.
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