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Plot 1 : So high school class visitng the castle of Dracula because they finished reading the book Dracula. The owners son Alucard gives them tours and allowed the class to stay in his castle (your character) doesn't believe in vampires and when things start to get strange. He can't help but notice some painting of Dracula look a lot like the owner's son. They start talking and he starts learning a lot about this owners son and learns some things that lead to the conclusion that maybe Dracula wasn't a mythical person

Plot 2 So a boy goes to camp (you) he has two cabin mates. The one he falls for is a boy who looks very poor and shy. Your character notices that there is something strange about him. One night on half moon he notices the boy walk out and fallows him. He sees something very ...strange this boy is not human. Your character soon confronts the boy and learns that his family and blood line have been killed off and the government is after him, when the end of the summer comes they sware to see each other but few months later you see him on the Tv being captured by FBI and its time to save someone you have feelings for.

Plot 3 : {Sci fi} Supernatrual creatures have to live in fear of ever being found by the government. These two have been on the run for a very long time as well. These creatures are so powerful and dangerous that the government put a death wish on their heads. They end up meeting up and can they start to crate a rebel group?

Plot 4 : He was a spy, sent to a school, sent on a mission to stop a bomb plan for a school. Rich and pampered kids live here and they don't take kindly to strangers. But not only is the stranger something horrifying and scary to them about. His skills in a fight and speech is powerful but what he doesn't know is one of the students know who he is...a game of cat and mouse.

Plot 5 : He was haunted, well that's what they said by another spirit. Well the spirit was cleaned and dissolved into another portal . But years after, the man was grown up,had a family, wife,kids and everything. But he can't shake the feeling that something was haunting him again. But can he shake off the lonely feeling he finds himself having? strange things happen, will a forbidden love story resurface?

Plot 6 : He was gifted in the ability top help souls and wandering spirits to the other side. Visions or actual ghost sight. He was famous for it, but he was gifted because at birth he was touched and bound to the entity death. Death has found interest in the mortal and spends his day watching him and loving hsi work. Till one day the gifted human.....could see death.

All i ask for in return is decent writing 2-3 paragraphs. PM if interested
A crazy flamboyant male with a dark past.

Name : scruffy the Kitsune

Race : Kitsune spirit

Occupation : Treasure Hunter....Healer and sometimes...A Monsters

Name : chief Iron Cougar

Race : Human

Occupaion : Chief of The Natow Tribe

Name : Princess Jasryan

Race : Gifted Healer

Occupation : Princess of a Tribe

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