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Luddita takes out her weapons and offers to scout ahead
Luddita follows
Luddita glares at Danny "to hell with these pets. Replacable bourgeois frills. We need to put an end to this class divide in our new society. Our huddled masses die as we focus on material possesions." To @everyone "We need to prioritize the lives of the citezenry. Im leaving for the dwarven quarter. Those that give a damn about building a better society can come with me. We'll convene on the docks with any survivors we find."
Sounds like a majority for the dwarves. Im not opposed to sending a small group to hold the docks either. What of the savages and other factions in the slums, nobody else is taking note of them?
I vote for gammar and the dwarves. We need their militaey might, leadership, and skillsetd to build in the new world
Im just afraid of a large group getting caught. I don't think we're all masters of stealth
While i sympathize with ypur leariness regarding apartt split, may point ou that we are up against a superior force. Small precison strike forces are best
Luddita says "We must find the leadership of elves and dwarves and save as many of the people as possible. I suggest splitting in to 3 teams of 3 [ooc there are 9 people here if i undestand correctly?] and checking on the slums, dwarven hold, and elven quarter. We can find any leaders and let them rally their people. We then head to the docks as fast as possible and reestablish order. Salvage what we can and get as many people and supplues as possible. I imagine we only have a few hours at best.
Hey folks, for easier reading (and cause I realiized i posted in the wrong place) here is a link for a PDF version of my character
You make a compelling argumemt, as always felix. I must ruminate on this further. I will say, the reason i proritize the law over the church is to prevent such corruption of the individual. Freedom is upheld by limiting the actions of those that would abuse it. The church must be second to the state in the new order for this reason
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