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4 mos ago
Current Kind of feel like most people want nothing but smut.... why is it so hard to find a good partner who won't cut out in the middle?
4 mos ago
If anyone wants to add me on Discord my user is Luna Perish#8655
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4 mos ago
Suddenly finding myself with a lot more freetime.
4 mos ago
Hope everyone had a good weekend
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4 mos ago
Gotta love a good stressful day at work.


Hey! So, I'm Luna. I'm married, have 3 kids, 9 cats, a rabbit, a dog and 4 fish. I am 25 years old, and looking for not only wonderful RP partners, but also some fantastic friends! I'm pretty open and friendly, and wouldn't mind even just to chat!
I am looking to get back into roleplaying after being out of it for a few years, and not really having the time with a full time job and going to school and all, but I'm good to go now! I am excited to start creating some story lines and everything, so let's talk!

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How does an epic adventure(s) sound? A rock and roll vampire at your side?
I'm just looking for some awesome adventures, possibly some horror elements. There could be some side characters from the show, if the story calls for it.
I want to play Marceline, of course. Your character could be male or female. There could be romance or not. Smut or not, I don't really care, as long as it is relevant to the story and furthers it along.

I'm thinking that Marceline will be going on an adventure to find any long lost relatives that she might have, as she is tired of being the only vampire on the world she is living in. She is looking for a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging.
Still looking for dedicated partners
Hey. So, I need to lose myself in some storytelling, so please help me. I am not the greatest at super l ok if posts so I am trying to challenge myself and getting in more detail, at making longer posts, at better character development.

I do not have much for a story idea at the moment, but I do have a character.

Her name is Lucinda Dawn. She is 28 years old... in human form. As a demon, she is well over several centuries old. Nearly 10,000 to be more precise. She has lost nearly all of her humanity. But she is excellent at pretending. She knows how to play games, she is a master manipulator and she doesnt have those pesky human emotions. Until she meets your character, that is.

Your character could either make her fall in love, or have nothing but hatred. Or even both or whatever is in between. But your character can make my demon completely vulnerable in all ways. (Kind of like the show Lucofer, really. Maybe we can base a story off the show, if you know it.)

Alright, well if there are any questions, feel free to ask or to PM me or whatever. Okay. Thanks.
Hello hello!

Looking for a bit of crazy, wild roleplaying. Almost nohing is off the table! (I have a few limits) I dont do one liners. Para + only please!

I am good with mxf and fxf and as stated. 21+ only please. Message me if you have something you would like to try.

Supernatural, horror, fantasy, (not just straight smut... it needs to have a story. Nothing more boring then a rp without an actual story being planned.)

I have many characters, so tell me what suits your fancy and I'm sure I have a character for it. (Character sheets will be uploaded at some point)
If you're interested, I would LOVE to start something with you.
I'm female
I am 25.
I have a werewolf character, late 30's and the face claim is actually Alcide Herveaux from True Blood! Not to different of a personality from him either, if I am being perfectly honest here.

Let me know!
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