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'Since your crew I'll cut you a discount'

That line caused a few fuzzy images to flash in the AI's memory, and fuzzy as they where, it brought a smile to the AI's holographic face, this also changed her tone a bit as well. "Well, your partly right. I do believe what ever is on that is some how linked to what I'm after. But it's not that I'm worried about losing the data that I'm asking for your help." The hologram lowering to be at eye level with Mary.

"It's impatience. I am so close to what I've been looking that having to wait the time it would take to hack into that one, after the mess that is the one I'm currently working on." Shanoa snapping her fingers, and the image of about sixteen interlaced spider webs appeared, though it only look like there was seven or eight of them. "Really doesn't do anything for me. At all. also, please move. I'm not done working on that section." one of the arms working on Nyx, lightly poking Mary a couple times to get her to move so it could install a part it had.

"As for your price." she shrugged "It's acceptable. I guess." Nyx's tail opened up and moved over to what looked like a normal container, but turned out to be a safe, opened it up, and pulled out two credit cards. The tail then swung around, hung the cards in front of Mary for a moment before releasing one into her hand.
Mary immediately cut to the insults.


"Well since we're apparently not even going to put up a pretense of civility." Shanoa started manifesting the usual holographic avatar she used, not the 'cute one' from before. "I possibility have use of you. or rather the 'TGR' you." the hologram moved around the room, situating it self be her new gun, which was currently detached from Nyx, who was still partly tore down and being worked on anyway. "Recently I have come into possession of some of my old belongings. besides the 'rifle' there are two data spikes, one of which I am currently working on, and calling the encryption on it 'complicated' would be as gross an understatement as 'we want to even be having this conversation' or 'I hate pirates and the TGR'."

"Where you come in is the other data spike. It's TGR in content it seems, and you being ex-TGR and since you where active at around that time I figured I'd see if you could get into it. and if not" she shrugged "I'll get to it later, this heavily encrypted data spike is likely of great import to me anyway, so I'm focusing the vast majority of my processing power on that. But since you stand as a potential 'key' to this 'lock' I figured I would see if you could get in, long shot though it may be." Shanoa's hologram's mannerisms gave the distinct, and unmistakable impression that the AI was looking down on the pirate, and with no small amount of contempt ether, though given what Shanoa said when Mary entered, she would have at least pretended to be nice to the pirate for the duration of this little meeting if she hadn't lead off with hostility. "and if you refuse, well you know where the door is, and I will be more then happy to let you get back to what ever it is you do when your not getting black out drunk."
With the meeting over, Shanoa retreated to her work. Both in breaking the encryption on the one data spike and repairs to her mechanical body. Nyx would be finished soon-sih. All she really need to do with that is swap parts, with the mount for her new/old rifle taking the longest since that needed to be rebuilt.

The encryption would take MUCH longer how ever. She might have figured out the trick to it, but all that meant is she knew what to look for, and since it was set up in such a way that 'brute force' hacking would fail, if not totally destroy the data, she had to do this old school. Which she found her self enjoying, frustrating as it could be.

That said, there was the TGR data spike she had gotten along with the gun and the data spike she was working on. So she sent a message to Mary, reminding her that she desired her assistance with something, and continued until ether Mary showed up, or was needed.
Name and Alias: Shanoa (AI) / Nyx (Robot Body's code name)
Age: 16
Gender: N/A but looks female
Species: Alien AI
Appearance: She exist primarily as an AI, and while gender-less, she prefers a female form, and strangely, despite being an AI of alien origin, she prefers the appearance of a 'cat girl' for the interactions that 'require' a visual display of her presence of some kind when she's not in her robot body. Likely a in joke of some kind given her robot body is feline like.

For operations, she has a robot body her own design she uses of and it resembles a big metal cat. It stands roughly the same size as an adult Mountain Lion, (3 feet at the shoulder). the head has a mono eye on a track to minimize movement while scanning around, as well as a extra camera that extends out for peaking around corners, and the tail of the unit, also about as long as the big cat the body is loosely based on, ends in a spikes that can be used for stabbing or open up into a 4 pronged claw for grabbing things.

'Saber' has it's claws and Tail for 'fixed weapons' as well as several (5, 1 on the back, and 1 on each shoulder/hip) mounting points for other weapons, but nothing to 'heavy' though as the frame isn't meant to be a weapons platform.

The bulk if it's equipment is for stealth, and breaking into secure locations and servers, as well as Reactive Camo, which blends it into to it's surroundings, and is virtually invisible while completely still, how ever can still be 'seen' while in motion.

Shanoa skill set revolves around infiltration, accessing and acquisition of data, and assassination, as is how she was programed, and being an AI of alien design and a sentient one at that.

Due to needing to know how to maintain and upgrade 'Saber' she has also downloaded several advanced robotics manuals. This has had the side effect of making her a bit of a tinkerer and something of a robotics expert in her own right.

Shanoa is the result of joint Terran/Xeno project, secretly funded by a rouge Omni Corporation, Exious, on the outer edge of the TGR, one of the Grand Corus worlds. Primary developed with in one of the pirate groups that Exious was secretly slipping equipment to and protecting due to their harassment of the TGR.

The project's focus was on creating a fully sentient AI with various applications in mind, most of which revolved around screwing with and generally ruining the TGR's day. This was to be accomplished through a weaving of advanced code, and neural scans from 'volunteers' 'selected' by Exious's and the Pirates.

Shanoa was created with 'espionage', corporate or otherwise, in mind, and to their credit, where successful, though they had no end of problems from keeping her from getting into data or equipment she wasn't supposed to, as they'd made her a little 'to good' at her job then their security could handle. They did finally get her under control though, which given the nature of her AI, being sentient, did very little in the way of endearing her creators to her. In fact she started to hate them after awhile.

How successful the project would have ended up being though is unknown, the TGR raided the Pirate base where the research was taking place and totally decimated every one and everything there. Shanoa however used the confusion and chaos of the attack to escape, by taking over one of the TGRs quadraped drone units and hiding in it until the battle was over. Once the battle was over though, she found even more reason to hate those who made her. All the 'volunteers' that had been collected where found. sort of. what was found was a bunch of human and alien brains, carefully removed from their body's and placed in machines to keep them 'alive' for use in the project. For reasons she can't explain, this revelation enraged her, practically to the point she blew her cover. That said, what the TGR soldiers there didn't exactly endear them selves to her ether. Between the bad jokes and general 'oh well, they where just Outer Colony trash anyway' attitude, before just lobbing explosives into the room, she ended up with about as much reason to hate the TGR as she did the pirates.

She remained hidden though, waiting till the TGR brought her to some where she could make a clean break for it. Not before lifting some tech from the TGR data bases she had access to though, like the Reactive Camo. When she did finally make her break, she did so under the cover of a 'massive system wide malfunction' in the drones and security systems.

From there, Shanoa did nothing for a while, for no reason really. She just had no reason to do much of anything, but it didn't take long for boredom to set in, as well as a need to maintain the drone she'd stolen that she'd decided to keep, and since she remembers some one say 'If your good at something, never do it for free' she started taking 'mercenary work' that fell into her area of expertise, and along the way nicked what she needed to maintain and upgrade the drone into 'Nyx'.

"Thanks" Cassandra said, and applied a light amount of lube to the joints. Cassandra also briefly added that neither of those where the 'real' ones, just 'shelf warmer reproductions' for display. The real ones where back home, and the Exia hadn't ever been fully repaired since it's last battle a few years back.

The staff member from before re-appeared a short time later, saying they'd figured out the next step of things and to follow them. Cassandra grabbed her Unicorn Gundam and followed Kanoko, who seemed worried for some reason, Cassandra just shrugged. "Can't imagine it'll be worse then some jack ass tampering with the damage settings. So we'll probably be fine."
Cassandra Smirked as Kanoko related her experience with RG frames, and her breaking them. "Yeah, I donno why they need to be so bloody tight. Feel like I might break something just trying to loosen the joints up enough to be useful" Cassandra replied as she continued her build. "That said, not to worried about it. Mom taught me how to build." She added, pointing to her mothers display. She resembled her mother to much to hide it, not that she'd want to.

Cassandra just returned to her seat and started unboxing her kit and going over the parts there in.

Once she confirmed all was in order she flipped a couple pages into the instructions and started building the waist unit, from there, chest and upper arms since you needed attach the arms to finish the chest anyway, then legs, head, lower arms and weapons.

As she worked on the Gundam, she found her self sighing in annoyance with just how complex it was for a 1/144 scale. She knew RGs had way more to them then an HG, but all the components for the transformation was a little irksome to her, especially in the shoulder armor when she had to partly disassemble it due to a piece not being in the right spot for the transformation like she thought she'd had it originally.

But she kept at it and complexity a side it was a more interesting build then she usually partook in. Since she was mostly a 'battler' then a 'builder' she typically just stuck to HGs since those had less going on and thus easier and quicker to repair and get back into the fight.

Ease of repair is pretty much the whole reason she picked Bael to begin with, even though it ended up growing on her very quickly.
Cassandra snerked a little when this new staff member shut the fight down before it could start, and she couldn't help but smile when he told them a Gunpla battle should never be about attacking some one personally.

Another staff member said that due to tampering they where still trying to figure out the next stage of this, and in the mean time they where getting a free kit. One that can not be changed for any reason, so she figured it was going to be part of the classes.

Once the lady stopped talking, and motioned to where they were to go to get there free kit. Cassandra just got up, and headed over, looking around the wide selection of kits. Nothing really caught her eye off the bat so she just ended up browsing a bit.

Then she spotted the RX-0. The RG of it no less. She picked up the box and looked it over a bit. At first she was going to put it back down, didn't really need another kit with a super mode, then something flashed in her mind. Something her mom said about it once.

'The Unicorn Gundam, is one of the few units, far as I'm concerned with the most untapped potential, and no one seems to be even trying to see what it is fully capable of.'

"The Beast of Possibility eh? Sure. Why not." Said to her self as she turned to the counter to make her choice official.
"What's matter if she is or not." Cassandra said, cutting in again, this time a touch more edge to her tone. While she figured the loud mouth mean the type of fighter who relies on modes like EXAM and Trans-Am to cover the lack of them having any real ability. It came off as a general insult to just using the mode at all.

Which she instantly took as a slight against her mother.

"Though, I have to wonder who you think you are that you have any right to say anything to anyone about what they run or how they fight. Cause from where I'm sitting, all I see is a loud mouth, with to much money and an over inflated ego."
"And you only won cause you fought a neutered version of Char. Whats your point?" Cassandra said as she sat back down to finish her repairs, which thanks to her running a Gundam Frame, didn't any longer then it takes to snap replacement armor pieces in place.

"Besides, do you have any idea how hard it is to chrome plastic in general? It runs a pretty high risk of out right destroying the piece, even when you know what your doing." She added, leaning back in her seat, arms and legs crossed, Bael repaired and standing proud as if nothing had happened to it.
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