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@FalloutJack Yeah you're all good to post if you made the small edit about da wolf, sorry it took so long to finally get it together, lifes been hectic

this also goes for everyone since you guys were accepted


The Finished Decker is also finally here.
It is very much plot related, but it is good to note Voice is no where near the level of Deus, she's an A.I but it would take her an extreme amount of time, like im talkin year wise, to get to Deus level and even then, she would need something to help the process, which she cant get without drawing attention.
Im also super interested in this!!

Just posting a W.I.P cause my computer is acting weird and not saving it
@Lonewolf685 okay awesome we’ll hopefully its proper Machina
hey just wondering before i start making my char, is there anything you need more of and less of? I was gunna make a Machina originally
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