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One arm in her lap, she listened to the sounds of the jail. Her hearing if could be seen visually almost seemed like a rabbit stuck inside a building, sneaking its way around the facility to stopping to listen to peoples conversations. She searched for one of the head guards, or a warden of some sort. Catching wind of someone acknowledging their higher up she heard a mention of a cell full of ronin they were about to transport. She honed in on somewhere within the jail that they were specifically talking about the group she had been thrown in with. They were to be transported to the prison and by the sounds of the conversation they were taking it way more serious then Runa had planned for. It hadn't been her first stint with the law, but she had been struck with the unfortunate curse of getting transported with combat capable people. Opening her eyes, her attention was severed as she inspected the people in the room. She saw another boy doing the same as her, and after close inspection, realized it was none other then Hane Aki, a totem holder that she had met before. Long story made short, they had fought and finished at a draw but had exchanged items as a mark of respect and a promise to see each other again. It seemed he hadn't recognized her, but she couldn't blame him. Her hand went up to her uneven bob haircut and sighed.

Prior to her imprisonment, she had just arrived in town hot off the trail of a demon she had been tracking. Following the decimation it had created, its path leading her to the gates of this less then friendly city. She had lost its tracts and could no longer hear it, so she opted to turn to the locals to see if she could get any information. Though most had seemed to not want anything to do with her, a man pointed her in the direction of the local brothel. Apparently some girls had gone missing recently and everyone suspected it had been something more then just them going missing. Of course in Runa's life, nothing was ever easy, and this factor was glaringly present. Upon entering the brothel, she was met with scenes of violence as soldiers had made themselves quite at home. One in particular, seemingly some sort of captain, held his blade to the girls throat that resided on his lap. He seemed to be one of those types who got off on terrorizing girls. Seeing the poor young girl only reminded Runa of her past, the soldier for a second becoming the ronin that had taken her arm and eye. And without even thinking, she sprung into action, front kicking the captains face so hard, it not only broke his nose, but knocked him clean out. A fight ensued, and to make matters worse when more soldiers showed up, the brothel had blamed the fight starting on Runa. They thought about killing the girl, but instead, they took her long beautiful pony tail. With shorter hair she looked significantly more androgynous. It also would help with the eventual plan to place her in the mens section of the prison to hopefully...well you get the point.

Snapping out of the memory, Runa looked over the rest of the group. The literal elephant in the room, sat on the other side of an otherwise normal looking girl. The hulking mans body screamed strength if that was even possible and Runa could only imagine what he did to get in this cell. The girl between them however was a little more then shocking, but hey, if she was here, then it meant she was probably capable of something. The drunken mess that was also here kind of spoke for himself, but her dead master always told her to never underestimate people like him. Turning to see the last person in the room, he seemed closer in age to Hane and she couldn't quite read him, but it was safe to assume everyone in this room was more or less capable of fighting. Starting to formulate a proposition, she heard guards approaching, shortly confirmed once they cell was opened and guards flooded inside. Thinking about making an attempt, she decided against it realizing their odds would be much better with a direct avenue to escape.

Transported into a reinforced wagon, the chance of escaping became again increasingly harder. While inside, she closed her eyes and listened to everything around them, until she heard a familiar sound. Trying to get out demons were approaching, their cell was thrashed and thrown. Disoriented at first, she saw Hane slip out of the wagon and thought about calling out and announcing herself to him in hopes he'd come back. But upon listening she heard him go off a ways, opening probably a chest of some sort with their items inside on account of the metals sounds of him picking up his swords. Hearing him coming back, she let out a sigh, seeing his face pop up. Jumping back inside he started to release everyone one by one, until he got to her. Reaching her hand out, she grabbed his shoulder "Im glad you seem to be doing fine, i was hoping the next time we'd meet would be under much better circumstances" releasing him, she flashed her index finger at him, showing her Usagi Mon tattoo like the first time they had met. Knowing the boy was a man of few words, she hopped out and sped over to the weapons box. Thankfully it still held her rabbit totem and shockingly Hane's Habbi he had exchanged with her. Gearing up, she slid the habbi on and crouched for a second listening to the land and the forest. Everything was dead silent, no birds chirping, or bugs making noise, so finding the culprits responsible for the massacre was easy. Standing up, she stood next to Haofeng, opting to keep her voice down so only everyone around her could hear "They're directly to the wagons right, and are circling back to make sure they didn't miss anyone, we only have a couple minutes before they make it this way, maybe even less" her hand going to the hilt of her sword readying herself encase some of the demons could have slipped past her hearing. She could have just ran off to leave everyone to fend for themselves, but at the very least she would stick it out till the threat was gone "what a weird coincidence demons showing up here of all places and in broad daylight no less..."


T h o s e w h o f o l l o w t w o r a b b i t d o n o t h a v e o n e r a b b i t

Runa Kawaguchi, The Flowing Rabbit.
Moon (るな) | (かわぐち) Mouth of the River
るな かわぐち、流れる うさぎ。



Rune stands at a whooping 5'6, sort of an average maybe slightly below average height. She is closer to that of a fit runner, her body barely covered in any fat. Her incredibly high metabolism also plays a bit of a part in body being slim. She also happens to be close to flat chested, and on top of that has a deeper voice then most women, giving her a sort of grandiose appearance. To make things even more anime, her left arm was cut off at the middle of her bicep, matched with a scar on her left eye, effectively blinding it. She opts out of wearing an eye patch or anything to cover it as she likes that it makes her appear weak. As for her arm, she wears a special bandana over the now healed severed limb. She has hundreds of beautiful flowers, each of them different colored flowers. Snaking up her arm with multiple stems protruding under the flowers, until stopping as if there it is contained with a circle flattened on her body, the center of the circle her shoulder. She also wears an outfit close to this(Sans the armor on her shoulder, thigh and mask, and its color way is blue). She carries around a white rabbit with an eye patch on its left eye, hanging from around one of her belt loops.

Rune is a little bit of a weird person, holding up walls and facades to hide her pain. She is truly a good person to the core and most of the time is the reason she gets herself into so much trouble. Ever since the day she had lost her arm and eye, she never felt right sitting back in the moment of an-others need. This virtue also causes her to be quite a friendly person, not fretting from anyone or thing. She has a kind of a "let me see for myself" kinda person, rarely listening to others opinions on matters that she had yet to form her own opinion on. She wants to be the person for others to lean on and is a bit of an empath, having a weird way of really feeling others pain and hardship. Of course no she is not a blind follower, but she is a dreamer and believer despite her troubles.

But Rune is much like a coin, having two sides. She is a fierce individual with an unwavering resolve in combat. Her glaring weakness that is her lack of an arm and eye only pushes her to prove others wrong. She will not stand back in the face of danger and will take anyone who challenges her. Of course shes been in a lot of situations that this kind of stand point hasnt benefited her in the slightest. Prideful isnt the word for her, more so confident is fitting for a woman like her.


ながれる はる の うさぎ だんす | T H E S P R I N G J U M P I N G R A B B I T D A N C E

Runa is the last known user of the Adachihara's Sacred Fighting Technique. The Spring Jumping Rabbit Dance is a unique Style of Yagyu Shinkage-ryu(Shinkage-ryu emphasizes flowing, subtle movements, and uses a slightly longer blade. It contains some principles of aikido: instead of killing an enemy, the style encourages the use of disarming techniques). The Noble bloodline was prideful and respectful, wishing not to spill blood unless needed. The first Adachihara was much like Runa, in that he had lost his arm in battle. But the man wouldn't let it stop him from serving his purpose, to fight and die in honor. First trying to continue fighting the way he had before, it wasn't until he was training in a field and he witnessed two rabbits fighting. They were able to fight without having hands, they had powerful legs. A switch going off in his head, he began incorporating kicks and outlandish movements into his style, it coming almost naturally. He focused on strengthening his legs and shins, working them out strenuously, focusing on increasing his vertical jump, changing his running movements to a more fluid form. By the the time he had passed it on to his sons, he had honed and mastered the style, he was a revered fighter well into his 90s. Whats even more important is that The Spring Jumping Rabbit Dance is used differently by every disciple of the style. The old man that taught Runa was the last remaining Adachihara male, and in chasing Runa to learn the technique, taught her to really make it her own.


Runa is much more acrobatic then the previous users of the dance. But her legs through years of training since the age of twelve are incredibly strong, someone claiming she can kick a hundred year old tree down with one kick. She is able to jump nine feet in the air vertically with effort, and can is an endurance runner as long as she has snacks. She also has a unique stride that allows her to run further distances as well as boosting her own speed.


While Runa had already had good hearing, naturally listening to the men in the orphanage, always keeping her ears opinion. The old man furthered her ability of hearing, making her meditate from days, to weeks as she grew older. Forcing her to hone her listening skills, to focus her hearing on certain sounds, control her breathing and heart even to further drown any sound to interfere with her focus. Without effort she can hear up to two miles away, and with great effort she is able to hear up to two miles away. It goes without saying she often hears things quiet to others ears, but with intense focus she is able to hear through walls and doors, as well as the tiniest sounds unable to be picked up without training similarly to how she did.


More often then not, you will find Runa with food on her, on account of how her body works. From pushing herself the way she does, her body burns a great deal of energy functioning. She needs to eat at least four times a day, and the more food the longer her endurance goes. Now while this doesn't seem like a weakness, the less amount of food in her body she has, the worse she'll preform. Not many know this weakness, but she truthfully could eat most people under the table.


This one goes without saying, even though she would very much disagree, she is at an instance disadvantage in her life, especially in battle. While she is an excellent fighter, she is only working at fifty percent, and while most under estimate her, she is only as strong as she can push herself. Her other senses have tried to account for her lack of an extra limb and eye, but at the end of the day, having one arm and one eye is probably one of the biggest weaknesses any fighter could have. Runa just happens to not let it waiver her confidence, and while she would say no to getting her arm back at the very least, doesn't regret not having the extra assets.

Sae Okirigae

Reply to @Zoey White

Sae found herself deep in the robotic body of one of her many projects. Her arms seemed to be working themselves as she looked over at one of the many screens in her room. Her irises opened in closed as she read the diagnostics, sighing in frustration "what could i possibly be missing..." scowling in frustration, her arms and hands seemed to separate from the intricate metal insides. She got up and tapped on the operation like table, a spot in the wall it was connected too had opened up and pulled the robot and the table back into it before closing. To any outside eyes, Sae's room would look a gray blank room, with nothing but screens placed around the room. To her however, her eyes let her see the hidden technology locked away with hidden button panels embedded in the walls. You would find no bed, because though she was ordered to sleep, she rarely ever did, and if she needed to she would find some...very willing patron to let her crash in their room. Moving over to a wall with one of the bigger screens in her room, she waved her hand over it and it showed a scaled down version of the universe around the ship, and the diagnostics of the ship itself. She had been itching for this mission at the mere mention of going to the Buzzers home world. The only chance she had with checking out their tech, it disintegrated on contact which further had peeked her interest.

The portal they were planning on going through also was a giant question mark. She had wanted to study it more before they had made the choice to go through, but their employer had said this was a urgent mission with little prep time. Which in itself threw up some red flags, but when did LLN take any mission that didn't have red flags. This was one of the biggest missions the crew had taken since her long tenure with the ship. In honesty, looking at the risks of this mission and the fact they know knew next to nothing about the aliens, this mission worried her. Yeah don't get her wrong, the money was amazing, and the opportunities to discover new tech is what allowed her to have the body she has now, but this mission had a real danger of them failing. All their other missions, were things she had information on, no matter how small was more then they were getting for this mission. Part of her believed they were getting sent on this mission to die, but if she knew anything about this crew, they could overcome anything. While yeah she sometimes had her own agenda, this crew was her family and she could never do anything to put that type of relationship in danger.

Deep in thought, the sound of the ships comms rang through her room, before the captain began giving one of her legendary speeches. They never did get old, and from the sound of the ship erupting in a cheer, they also never failed to inspire. Waving over the screen, it switched to diagnostics to her body and the nanotech, moving at 100% efficiency she tapped the screen off and got prepared to move to the bridge. She wanted to get a good scan of the portal before going through it. Turning on her heels, moving towards the door she heard a familiar voice call out to her. Her eyes glowing blue, she locked through the door and saw the cybernetics of one of the newer recruits, Reika Saigyo. She was a good person to her core for the most part, and had seemed to take a liking to Sae. Though the girl probably would never know, she had a bit of a soft spot for the sniper, as she was the closest thing she had to a little sister in this weird and cold universe. Smiling, she figured Reika probably wanted to talk to her about the mission. Tensions had been high after they were told this was the first time anyone had tried to go through the portal. And there was the immediate threat of the ship getting ripped apart on contact, another reason she wanted to get a scan of the gateway.

"Where else would i be, but in my dungeon" laughing, she put her hand on the door, the sounds of locks coming undone, before opening the door and seeing the girl standing there. Looping her arm with Reika's, she started walking towards the bridge without waiting for Reika to follow "We gotta hurry to the bridge, or ill miss my chance to scan the gateway before we go through it. Whats on your mind though, cause if i know you, you probably are having the same feelings everyone else is having about this mission, yeah?" some of the shipmates waved at Sae, her waving back, before looking back at the girl.
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Okirigae Mosumi

Watching as more people filled in, Taro stood next to her but remained silent. Though outwardly most would view their relationship as two people who weren't the best of friends, it was actually the opposite. At the beginning of getting to know the big man, she and him hadn't quite gotten along together, but 100 years can change a lot of things. Plus, Taro's ability to be quiet was one of her favorites and she welcomed anyone who could be quiet at the appropriate times. Of course this nice silence was quickly filled with Mayo Arashi's greeting and offering of saki. Sighing, she was shocked the woman even showed up considering her ability to disappear and go slacking off with civilian souls. She was literally the opposite of silence, and in Okirigae's mental dictionary, Mayo's face was placed there for the definition of loud/ a slacker. Shaking her head at the woman for the offer of her drink, she tried to stay as cordial with the other captains as possible now a days. Following in behind her, was none other then Mitsue Kurotuo, who she unforunately considered her best friend. Someone she would be willing to die for even in the event something like that could happen "Good hopefully if the stars are aligned it'll be yours" a small grin replaced her bleak demeanor, before stopping the twirling and resting the sheathed sword tip down, two hands resting on the hilt. "To be honest i half expected you to come with Taro, and both of you two beating me here, but it seems i was wrong to assume you'd be on time. Even the big teddy bear and the resident drinker beat you, you might wanna reconsider your status as captain"
Okirigae Mosumi

Okirigae stood at Matsurada's memorial, her hand placed on his shoulder. The burns of their battle still marking her arms, bowing her head in respect, she turned her back and shunpo'd back to 11th's barracks. It had taken a while to rebuild the barracks back to normal, but it never had felt like it had gotten back to 100%. Both the lack of Matsurada's and Haruzato's personalities, and Okirigae's icy cold personlity replacing it hadnt exactly been the best for the division. She had tried her best to be better, but her reputation had steered away and left her lonelier then she had felt before. Visiting Mitsue and though she would never admit it, Taro kept her as sane as she could be. But all in all, being Captain wasnt all that it was cracked up to be.

Putting on the 11th Captain Haori, she felt the same way she always did when she slipped her arms through its sleeves, it never felt right but in same way it made her feel as if he was always with her, his last words a constant ringing in the back of her head. Pulled out her thought by the sound of someone approaching the barracks, walking out to see who was visiting, she was unfortunately met with a messenger informing her the captains and their lt were to head to the meeting hall. It had been a while since their last meeting, on account of everyone basically filling roles and forced to clean up and rebuild the divisions. Thinking about grabbing Mitsue to accompany her, she decided against it, as he was probably busy himself. Shunpoing to the meeting hall, she saw that she was second to arrive after Shion. She wasnt exactly friends with her, or even acquaintances, so she opted to let the women continue meditating, twirling her sword in her hands while she waited for the others to show up.
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These are basically just foot soldiers, and the only type of Buzzers they've seen from the every ten year invasions, so story wise these are the only type they are aware that exist.
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