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Ka'ora say up above watching and studying each member of the group. At first it being silent, her son spoke up, introducing himself. She was so incredibly thankful to have him along, she knew at least one person in the group would always, ALWAYS have her back and that's something she needed not knowing most of the group to well. The next person to introduce themselves was Lachdonon, it pained her to see him, not because she hated him or was upset with him, but because he reminded her of Eurika. The relationship they had, it made Lach and honorary member of her family. He too was someone she could trust to have her back, not to the same degree as Ethan, but she loved him like a son. She rolled her eyes at his remark, she winked at him to thank him for joking, hopefully it was helping lighten the mood.

The rest began to follow suit, introducing themselves one by one. They were all so different and...angsty wasnt the word she wanted to use, but the only thing that came to mind. Chuckling as each person said their name, most of them didn't seem as sassy as they were coming off so that was good. There was however something that worried her, one being that Sammael, the light chosen choose to call out his twin sister she was assuming, and two that the she was unfamiliar with the death chosen. She had only met her maybe and handful of times, and she was familiar with the previous death chosen, they weren't the best of pals, but she trusted him. She wasn't going to assume anything or distrust anyone, but she couldn't be sure. Making a mental note, as the water chosen was the last to introduce themselves, she cleared her throat and stretched again "Alrighty well, thank you for sharing, you didn't have to but thats a step in the right direction. I dont want to come off as overly happy or trying to form an instant bond, i just need you all to understand the importance of us all being a unit. But enough of the dramtic talk, its nice to meet you all, lets just enjoy this down time, we'll have to get moving soon enough" Iarzu dropped to all fours and Ka'ora hopped off. Putting her hand on lips, she thought for a moment, her other hand crossed over herself. Looking over to Ethan and Lach, she motioned for them to come over to her.

Ethan had been carefully watching the others. Lach going after him was a given, he probably had the same idea Ethan had when he stepped up. While Ethan didn't consider Lach to be family on the same level that Ka'ora did, he was still certainly someone he looked up to on some level. Frankly, anyone that his sister had respected had a very easy in as far as that went. Sure, him being around reminded him of Eurika, and that wasn't exactly pleasant...but it wasn't something he could blame Lach for.

Sammael's quickness to draw fire to his own sister rubbed Ethan the wrong way. They were family, and yet he seemed to be more than happy to hurt her... That reason alone was enough for Ethan to doubt the light chosen's words. He could almost understand if he was cautioning the others for their sake, but it almost felt like Sam took pleasure in it. It was then that he made the decision to confront Esmeray about it personally, though that would have to come later.

Before Ethan even knew it, everyone had finished their introductions and Kaora had essentially allowed everyone to speak amongst themselves. Once she waved both him and Lach to her, he quickly made his way there, curious as to what she may need.

Lach glanced over to Vita as she introduced herself...He smiled, despite everything that had happened in the last few months, she still is one of the most happy and honsestly kind people he knew. She already had helped him so much in these last six months.

When Amathea then spoke up, commenting on how she could see how Ka'ora would be constantly kicking his ass. He shrugged and lowered his head in acceptance of that statement witth a smirk. "Sounds about right Thea." As she automatically shortened his name, he did the same for her. He did whisper under his breath... "Eurika was better at that though..." he said fondly, remembering the girl with a 'shocking' attitude. A mental image of her rolling her eyes at his horrible pun, popped into mind, bringing a smile to his lips. His hand reaching in a pouch on his hip, his fingers running over a silk ribbon.

As Samael spoke up, and introduced his sister, Lachdonon gave the guy a glare of his own. He wanted to smack the guy right then and there. He seemed to enjoy throwing his sister under the bus. In light of what happened and the rumors that ran rampant in the city. He was always taught to protect his own younger sisters. It was a role/duty of the older brother to do so. It was clear neither liked each other as she spoke up it just seemed to confirm it with her look to him. He closed his eyes and focused on the ground just under Sammeal. Even from here he could tell the dirt below him was loose, filled with gravel and dirt. Using his foot, he sharply shifted his right foot from left to right. A movement so lokey it was meant to be hidden unless you were looking for it. The gravel under Sammeal suddenly shifted. To everyone would look like Sammeal just did the splits on his own accord. Lachdonon would only have a slight michivious smirk on his face. Though in his oppinion...he got off way to easy.

He glanced over at Ruby as she spoke up, he knew of her... abeit the fact that being the previous chosen's child was rare...two of them in the same generation was unheardof. Though he never got around to really talk to her. She did seem really shy though. Perhaps he could change that with this trip.

Lach glanced over at Ka'ora as she motioned him to come over, as well as Ethan. He had almost a spring to his step as he lept off the rock and over to her. Coming to a stop next to Ethan he folded his hands behind his head at the base of his skull. "What's up Ma?" he asked. Ma being what he called her ever since he and Eurika got close...

She looked towards the forest stuck in her thining pose, Iarzu came to sit next to her curling up and poofing into his small form. Ka'ora covered her mouth covertly, speaking low so only Ethan and Lach could hear "I want to ask you guys about this group, this is your generation of chosen, so im sure you guys have all met more then i've met them. I need to know who we need to keep an eye on, who i can especially trust" she looked up towards the other scattered chosen "I just want to make sure this mission runs smoothly."

She looked over to Esmeray "and my last question is, how well do you know her. I'm never going to judge a book by its cover, but i want to make sure i can trust her to have our backs, or if we turn the other way, she'll kill us just like all the rumors are saying she did her master. I knew that man, he wouldn't have died easy, so i already dont believe them, but i want insight from both of you because i trust you two with my soul" she looked at the both of them letting them decide who would speak first.

Lach lowered his hands to his hips as he twisted his lips to the side of his face as he thought about her questions. He then said softly. "Jonah is odd and likes to keep to himself. but he will work with us if he had to. Vita needs to be watched over, she's not much of a fighter, and tends to freak out during battles. But she wont shirk away. We do work well together." He glanced over at Esmeray and added as he looked back to Ka'ora. "I am sure Esmeray is not the murderer. I've talked with her before, and in that encounter there is no way a girl like that could kill six people in cold blood."

He slapped Ethan in the shoulder. "We gotta watch out for this kid though. Surrounded by all these beautiful girls...he's sure to knock them dead." He said with a warm smile.

Ethan glared daggers at Lach the second his hand made contact with his shoulder. It wasn't that he had too much issue with physical contact, but he had essentially predicted the words that came next. He decided not to dignify Lach's encouragement with a verbal response, instead looking back at Ka'ora.

"I don't really know most of the others too well. I mean, I've run into some of them a few times...just haven't had much reason." He said as his eyes roamed around to each of them. "Other than Esmeray, back when..." Ethan cut himself short instead of revisiting that whole event. "I trust her." He said with an affirmative nod, not bothering to look to Sammael. "That one though...anyone that would try and turn everyone against their own sibling...and so easily. I don't like it."

Lachdonon simply nodded at his last comment about Sammeal. "I agree wholeheartedly."

Ka'ora shook her head in agreeance pacing back and foward thinking about what was said "Okay, good, i trust you two are telling me the absolute truth, so ill act as ive been told. If this is the case about Sammael, then Ethan i want you to watch him and Es, make sure nothing fishing happens between them" she walked close to run her hand through Ethans hair "and lighten up kid, we got bigger things to focus on, like makin sure we get back home, yeah" she grabbed the back of his head "I wanna talk to Lach for a second okay, wanna grab some food for me? Maybe take some over to Es, eh?" she smiled and hoped that he would at least try for her.

Ethan clammed up a bit at Ka'ora's suggestion. It wasn't-he didn't-why would he...Nope, not happening. He didn't even know Esmeray, nor did he have all that much interest just yet. She seemed cool and everything, but...wait, why was he even trying to justify all that in his head? He didn't care really.

He retrieved a bowl of whatever was on the fire and sat by himself. Maybe he was being childish about the whole thing. He had no reason to think his mother was trying to set him up or anything, she probably just trying to make him have Esmeray feel a bit less alone...yeah, well he was definitely being an idiot.

Without even taking a moment to eat, he stood back up and grabbed another bowl and brought Esmeray one too. "You should probably eat too. It's probably pretty draining to have to deal with someone like him your whole life." Ethan said, subtly nodding towards her brother.

After Ethan walked away. He felt slightly jealous that he got that job. Esmeray was a pretty girl. Kind as well. He shrugged the thought off... Didnt mean he couldn't get to know her more either. He glanced back to Ka'ora and asked, "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

Around this time Mia came back to the camp, a large rodent in her jaws. She walked over to Lach and Ka'ora with an air of pride around her for catching something so quickly. She then came to a stop next to Ka'ora and dropped the rodent while leaning agianst her leg. Despite the natural deposition between lighting and earth, Mia had grown quite fond of the of the lady...her daughter as well. Mostly because of all the times she shocked Lach.

Ka'ora bent down and pet the fox, Iarzu stirring and playfulyl tackling the fox, wanting to play fight. Standing, Ka'ora grabbed Lachdonon's shoulder and smiled "I'm sorry i havent been able to come see and check on you as of recent, i've had a lot to deal with but how are you doing? You need a haircut you know that, just cause we're going through some grief doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of ourselves, i have one eye for christsake and i still look after my hair, what's your excuse huh?" she laughed, sighing and getting serious.

Lachdonon smiled as she pointed out his hair. Running his hand through it he shrugged. Oh come on... the girls love the thick hair. Makes me look dashing... he said with a smirk. It vanished when he noticed her getting serious.

Mia pushed her head into Ka'ora's hand enjoying the feeling untill she was rudely interupted by Iarzu who tackled her. She shrugged him off and tried to ignore him, as he attacked her again and again. Finally turning on him and tackling him. The two rolling away in their mock fight

"I need two things from you, and i need more then just your word Lach" she looked down into his eyes and exerted how serious she was through her aura. "I need you to watch over the healer girl, thats something i wont ask to make a God Agreement Contract for. Promise me you will look after this group and lead them back, even it kills you, not just this one time either, everytime we go out. Not only that, but more specifically i need you to watch over Ethan if anything happens to me, and to make sure everyone else is safe if something big comes, before jumping back to foolishly help me, are we in agreeance?" she took took her finger and etched her gods seal on her hand using lightning "blood agreeance..." she stared seriously at him through one eye.

Protecting Vita was simple, he already planned on doing that, he could never let her get hurt. But as soon as she started to say for him to lead the group back he started to shake his head, but she didn't give him an inch to say anything as she pushed on...adding more and more, to his promise. Ethan he understood, and already had givin himself that promise...believing that was what Eurika would have wanted him to do. She even started to make a God Agreement Contract with him. He shook his head and held up his hand to stop her. "Why are you saying this? You already know I will protect Ethan. You also know he wont listen to me, and why would the others? What are you expecting?

"Im expecting you to lead this group when i cant, you are apart of their generation, you are the oldest and you are the only person i can trust with this Lach. Between me and you, me being alive is a mistake, and i think whatever killed the other Vet Chosen, would have killed me if I wasn't the only remaining Lightning Chosen. That puts a target on my back, this is why i need you to make this agreement, Im not asking you as Eurika's mother, or Ethan's Mother, or even a friend Lach, I'm asking as a Chosen, so will you? For me?" she pushed her hand out and let it hang in front of him "If im asking to much tell me...but this is what I am asking of you from the bottom of my heart."

Lach's eyes never left Ka'ora's as she explained. He sighed and was silent for a moment. He didn't like it. But he couldn't just say no. He knew she wouldn't ask so much of him if she didn't believe in him. He bend down, shoving his hand effortlessly through the ground and pulling a sharp rock he just created with his movement. Standing up once again he paused to look at her, her hand outstretched to him ready to seal the agreement. He didnt' look as he took the rock and carved the seal of his goddess into his palm. "Thats unfair... you know I can't resist a plea from a lady." He said half jokeningly. Dropping the rock he reached out with his sealed hand and took hers. "By way of seal, gods hear our agreement and etche it in stone"

"By way of seal, gods hear our agreement and etche it in stone" Ka'ora made sure no one was looking as their hands glowed dimly and disappeared just as fast as it appeared. She let go and sighed "sorry for making it a big one, but i needed it for my concious, you're free, im gunna take the rest of the break looking at the map and making sure about our path, have fun" she glared at him jokingly "just not to much fun..." she smiled and turned on her heels, sitting against a tree and Iarzu coming to sit in her lap and look at the map with her.

Lachdonon nodded, showing he understood where she was coming from. Only to smirk when she told him not to have too much fun. "Cant promise I wont." He added as he glanced over to his familiar.

Mia came back and before picking up her rodent she said "That's right run away! That'll teach you to try and mess with me!" She said as she walked away, slightly panting. Clearly taking it as a win in her eyes.

He went over to the pot and grabbed himself a bowl as well. Looking to everyone in the group. His eyes settled on the two girls he didn't know very much. Amathea and Ruby. He then asked "So...Amathea and Ruby right? This your first time outside of the walls?"

Mia plopped down next to him and started eating her hard earned dinner. Not caring what the others might think.
In Chosen 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Well at least we have a talkative group... she tried to make herself feel better, but all she could do was think about this whole situation. All her old team mates dead, in ways that shouldn't have happened, and on top of all of that, sending all them into the wild. She dropped her hood and looked around at the surrounding area, she stood, Iarzu under her in a slightly bigger form then his typical full size. She didn't remember when it happened, but she just remembered that he summoned himself to let her ride and let her feet rest. Now she just felt bad, knelling down and petting him, before hoping off and stretching. Taking in everything around her, she wished she still had two eyes, everything would have been so beautiful. The lush dense greens of the forest that surrounded them, they had hit it a while back and it just seemed to never end, which both worried her and made her glad to see something different and new.

Iarzu now reverted back to his baby form and chased a rodent up a tree, exploring the trees and jumping from branch to branch "This forest really does go on for forever" he spoke down in a cute squeaky voice. Ka'ora stared up at the baby bear jumping around and smiled, it was nice to see him like this, he had been sad for a while being coped up in town. Looking around everyone seemed to really be reserved, of course it was warranted but they needed to start getting one at least a first name basis if they wanted to all come back on this mission. Never have the gods given a task like this to ALL the Chosen, so that meant they consider this a huge threat, to much for a small team to handle. Whistling to get Iarzu's attention, as well as everyone elses, the bear jumped from the branch, aiming to land on her head.

Ka'ora caught him and dropped him "Nice try, mind transforming again for me?" Iarzu eyes instantly glowing, he blew up figuratively and almost literally, growing in size and standing. ka'ora climbed up and got on his shoulders, leaning on his head and looking down at everyone "ALRIGHTY, so i think there has been enough silence for one day, i know we're all still feeling the effects of losing important people. I lost not only my team mates, but my friends, so i understand. I just think we should all get on a first name basis, I know all of you know me, but i've only met you guys a handful of times" glancing at Ethan and Lach "and I dont know about you, but i plan on getting everyone back in one piece. We're gunna need to know each other for that to be possible, we're all connected and no one will understand you better then the people around you now. So needless to say, ill go first, Im Ka'ora Uilic and im the lightning chosen, something like that, add a fun fact if you want to, just trying to break the ice between us all" she looked at everyone with hopeful eyes.
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Hey you guys, we're finally gunna get the OOC up, we're gunna post it tomorrow if all goes well, but be on the look out, we're super excited to finally start this, hopefully we still have you guys onboard!

Hey, i know this is kinda late, but the GM team has been talking about it, and we dont wanna come off as rude, but do you mind changing your character picture to something that fits with the others pictures, since it is really different style, again we dont wanna come off as rude or anything, just a tiny nit pick that we cant get past, other then that you're still accepted!

As for you two! We are gunna make the final decesion tomorrow, as we are kinda tired, but we'll give an answer as soon as we're all on tomorrow, thanks for the entry you two!



Sexual Orientation:
Bi-Sexual (was married to the previous female wind Chosen)

Chosen Marking:

Type: Lightning Bear
Name: Iarzu


TL:DR: Ka’ora is the Momma Vet Chosen, she’s looking out for all the little ones, and will do her best to guide them.

Chosen Element: Lightning

The sword in her picture is part of a three part Sword Spear. The staff of the spear, breaks down into two rods, which she can use to stab into the ground and make make shift lightning rods. She has heavy combat experience using the sword, as well as the spear modification, so she typically switches between the two depending on the situation.



Dialogue Color:

-She is one of the remaining Last Generation Chosen to still be living, let alone have her full power, so by just statistical terms, shes currently one of the strongest chosen.

-She has about 26 years of training and experience as a chosen, making her one of the longest fully running Chosen on record, and she is the oldest fully active Lighting Chosen to date.

-With the loss of half her family, she now holds those closest to her extremely close and takes her job beyond seriously, she is waiting for the moment the Storm Reaver shows its face to her again.

-It is also confirmed, she is a part of a small group to ever encounter a hunter and walk away with her life, walking being subjective...
Sorry homie! @jynmi88

V.O.I.C.E stood on the outside of the ship, gazing into this systems twin suns. Her eyes seemd to be glued to the planets that wete visable aside from the one whose gravity well thwy were leaving.

“Scanning Planet...3% complete” her internals spoke to her, as she sat and stared at the odd planet with rings next to them. Normally she would scan from the inside of the ship, but this was uncharted space, she wanted to see it for herself. “Scan at...10%...would you like t-“ suddenly her vision began to flash red, her eyes focusing in on the wave that was being sent towards the ship,

“Pull me in guys, somethin-“ the tether operator not having enough time to even process what she had asked. Once the wave washed over the ship, V.O.I.C.E was thrown back against the ship and had suddenly powered down.

“System reboot...FAILED
Emergency Reprogramming Commencing...20%”

As she laid stuck to the ship, her body had began restarting, all the while the ship started diving towards the planet.

“40%...diverting all systems to increase repair...70%”

The bridge called for engineers but it fell on dead ears as V.O.I.C.E was stuck reprogramming the damaged parts of her that were stopping her from rebooting. The ship began to breach the atmosphere, the metal's starting to heat up, as did V.O.I.C.E, the tether crew tried manually reeling her in, pulling her inch by inch against the force of crashing down from the heavens

"100%...Emergency wake up protocol, Alpha Threat...
Reboot commenced, wake up in 3...2..."

V.O.I.C.E's eye's popped open her vision screaming red at her to hurry the fuck up. She slowly reached for one of her blades as the ground seemed to be getting closer. She cut the line, making her fly like a ragdoll against the ship, only stopping for a moment when she stabbed into the ship to stop herself. She whipped against the ship repeatedly, holding on for dear life.

"Shell Arm integrity 70%...
Probability of survival lowering from 75% to 55%..."

Looking to the side, she saw jail cells flying off of the ship and into the vast jungle. Unhitching her blade from the ship, she was sent flying, calculating there was a 38% chance she would hit a jail-cell...and you bet your ass she liked those odds. Free falling for a second, she suddenly felt metal on her back as she pressed up against a cell that had released. Holding on to random metal pieces protruding from the ship, she held on for impact.

Moments later, the cell landed, flipping and tumbling multiple times. V.O.I.C.E instantly went to let go, only to realize that she jumped slightly before a slope. Unable to stop the momentum from taking her, she started down the slope, slipping and tumbling incredibly hard down it. Hitting branches, exotic alien flowers, maybe even what she thought was an animal or too, she came to the bottom, rolling directly into the cell with enough for from hitting her head, it sent her into a safe mode to run diagnostics on the shells condition.

Upon waking up, she could hear inmates standing in front of her.

"I haven't touched a so long..." one of them licked his lips, advancing towards V.O.I.C.E, starting to take his pants off. Upon going to touch her cloak, V.O.I.C.E grabbed his wrist, crushing it, then pulling him forward, she bolted up to headbutt him in the face, practically crushing his nose into the back of his head. Kicking him square in the chest, he flew back into the other inmate, the inmates dead body pinning the skinner inmate under it. Walking up to them, V.O.I.C.E raised her blade above her, the blade pointing down.

"Wa-" stabbing through the dead man, into the pinned inmate, she dragged downward, a incredibly gruesome scene left in the aftermath. Pulling the blade out, the A.I slashed the blade in the air, towards the cell, painting it in the blood that was left on the blade. Standing, she heard another three inmates approaching her position, turning on her cloaking system and running towards the trees. She quickly climbed up a tree high enough to view the inmates coming towards the gory scene. They quickly rushed to the dead men's side, checking to see if they were alive, before looting the bodies. She squatted and observed them, then suddenly she saw movement in the jungle growth that was behind them and closer to the cell. Waiting, she watched as three enormous bug looking beasts (Kakiirath) walked slowly on the edge of the brush. They had a neigh indistinguishable camouflage working for them, coming closer and closer the unsuspecting inmates, until the bugs were directly in front of the inmates, and V.O.I.C.E directly behind them.

V.O.I.C.E began running a scan on the bugs, recording them, then suddenly, the bugs launched with a lightning fast speed, all three sprinting towards an individual inmate. The inmates tried to stand their ground, firing at the bugs, to which the bugs dodged without effort, all jumping and landing on top of their targets. It took two seconds for each bug to completely eat the head off of the inmates, not even allowing them to let out a scream. The bugs picked up the each body in their...hands? and sped off into the jungle.

V.O.I.C.E stopped scanning and recording and waited, making sure there was no current threat, she had no doubt she could fight the things, she just didn't want to have to deal with it. Looking at the cell, she jumped down and walked over to it, starting to pull metal off and eating it. After a couple minutes of endless eating, she began to run the mini-forge within her. Starting to make parts of a rifle she choose as a good choice for distance and medium range conflicts, up close she had handled. Then she used the rest of the metal's to make six 20 7.62 round mags. Putting them in mag holsters on her chest and waist, she quickly assembled the rifle and set her camouflage on, before grabbing the body of the rifle running back into the jungle.
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