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Diana sat at the top of the bunker, over looking the abandoned airstrip. Every abandoned aircraft bay and bunker held members of the rebellion, students of the secret college, refugees, even villians who seeked to stop the climate of the world because it was going in a direction they didnt agreemeoth. This had been their home for many months, closing in on almost a full year of using this place as a base of operations. Diana, Navarre and Dan had been tasked with being a small task force of sorts, as the time had passed since the world seemed to topple upside down for all of them, the three had been making quite the ruckus in japan.

Going under the group name “Deathstrike“ they successfully saved a number of hero refugees and announced they were going under the titles of anti-heros. There were a confirmed 11 pro-villians found dead with the teams name painted near them in shadow writing, the work of Diana herself. Quickly after they started ganging up on Villians, they started grouping up, makinf it harder to go after them like they were previously. Thats when the Hero Resistance found them and asked them to join their cause. The only stipulations that Diana had, was that she was allowed to keep doing as she was doing, this wasnt the world, nor climate to act like heros anymore, not until things changed.

“Hey Shadowcat, get your two boys and come meet at the west gate wall, theres something goin on in the forest over there, might need you guys, over” she picked up her walkie, jumping off, she dove head first into the shadows of the ground below. It was sunset time so all the shadows had begun peaking in size by now. Diana appeared in the main mess hall, seeing Dan and Navarre eating. Sitting next to them, she helped herself to some of the mash potatoes on Navarre’s plate “They need us boys, break times over” her flat tone would seemed unfriendly to those around them, but by now Dan and Nav knew her tone was endearing.

Diana Ravencroft


Age (14-16):

Appearance (include height and weight):
Standing at an outstanding 5'4 and ringing in at 105 pounds. Diana is small is say the very least. She has chilling blue eyes, with silver white hair cut short. She tends to try and be out of the spotlight as much as possible, wearing oversized clothes to make her seem even smaller. She also has dozens of scars on her thighs and arms, which she doesn't hide anymore. She's isn't the most eye catching person ever, but you'll find yourself glancing at her every now an then, just because of how she behaves and acts.

She now is 5’6 and 130 punds, shes taller and a tad big heavier now. Like her shadows, her eyes are now a mix of red and black, changing when her quirk had evolved. Her hair is now longer, going slightly past her shoulders and constantly covering the right side of her face.


Note the suit has small bionics to help Diana use her power at full potential (soley designed and created by Angelo Ravencroft, aka Morning Star)

Now that Diana is borderline at her peak quirk power, as well as shes denounced her father and family, and destroyed the suit at the Ravencroft Estate. This is her new costume, and it has a red cat on the back

The way Diana carries herself fits her almost perfectly, from her personality to her voice, it matches well. If she were a part of an anime, she would most definitely be a part of the Kuudere category. Diana is...cold when around people she doesn't know, she doesn't mean to be cold or anything like that, it's just her personality. She tends to honestly act like an emotionless robot at times. When in the presence of others she is in particular quiet and keeps to herself unless spoken to, it's just been one of things that she developed from being the youngest daughter in the Ravencroft family. If she happens to smile at you with in a day of meeting you, that means she has taken quite the liking as she doesn't do that quite often, if ever. When around strangers and friends it gets awkward for her, because one moment she is nice and the next she could be quiet and to the point.

Talking to friends she is exceptionally flat toned and her jokes are pretty crude humor. It does wonders when making jokes funnier because of her tone, she personally doesn't realize it but apparently it is quite funny to hear her talk people. She has this sort of thing she does where she'll just be quiet and the next moment she'll start talking out of the blue to her friends, she even does it in the middle of important things. Like mid crisis and they are on a mission that could win the war and she'll just out the blue be like "I'm...really hungry, do you think...we could get food after this?". She doesn't do it on purpose it just her mind is so scattered it's just comes out.

There is another part of Diana that tends to go under the radar, but she is quite the ruthless fighter, on account of her emotionlessness, she has a habit of not backing down when she knows she has a chance. She doesn't really view anyone particularly scary, don't get it twisted though, she will know when she's at a loss or she cannot beat someone. She's all about attempting if there is a chance, once she knows there's no chance of beating you, she'll call it quits. No point in wasting hers or her opponents time.

She no longer speaks in pauses, she is a bit brighter ever since she fought her family and more specifically her father. She loves for herself, she is more determined and focused now, she still has a flat tone but at least now she can get a sentence out faster...

Quirk: "Shadowforge"
Much like how the name says, the Shadowforge quirk allows the user to harness shadows, into an array of weapons, as well as manipulate, or "Forge" them. The quirk being a bit of a Ravencroft bloodline quirk, every Ravencroft has a variant of the quirk "Shadowforge". Diana however is the first person since her grandfather to have the original variant of the quirk. This quirks main effect, allows Diana to manipulate and touch shadows, allowing a number of different creations to be created, all being about same strength as weapon grade metal but weightless because of the nature of the material. The second allows her to jump short distances (about a hundred meter radius from the shadow she jumped into), however it has a cool down of a minute (two post/reply counter)

Since facing off against her father and her 9 siblings with Raven, her quirk has evolved exponentially. Her weapons now have weight to them, giving them the power needed to smash and cut through things. They also now have a mix of red in their pure black material. Her teleporting through shadows has also increased in skill, still limited to 100 meter, she now doesnt have to wait to jump until the third time, waiting one post/reply.

List of weapons she can use (As well as how good she is at using said things):

She now has an unknown amount of knowledge on dozens of different weapons, and is at least proficient in most weapons, she also now no longer has a cap on how many weapons or items she can make, as long as there are shadows, shes good. She also can recall the weapons to her hand, or repurpose her weapons into something else on the fly. She also can use her weapons an unlimited amount of times, as said before, as long as the shadows are around, she'll be within the reach of an arsenal.

Quirk Flaws (Are permanent and cannot be bypassed):
It takes matter, to make matter, she's making things appear from "thin air" but she is just taking the shadow and reshaping into something for her use. Whether it be a bouncy ball, a bat, or her standard weapon choices, it must be taken from a shadow. The bigger the shadow, the more things or bigger things she can pull from it. Bigger shadows also mean stronger weapons, as to say the shadow of a toddler, vs the shadow of an adult will result in two different (size and strength) weapons. The stronger the item, the darker it will be. She also is only able to summon to things at once. No only that, but if the weapon or item she uses it broken, she cannot use that weapon again for another ten minutes (about six post/reply). She also has to learn how to fight with that weapon, she cannot suddenly spawn a new type of weapon and start using it anywhere near the same level as her standard weapons of choice. Oh and the biggest thing, is that is that this quirk doesn't make her invincible by any means, she can still get hurt like anyone else.

Quirk Limitations (That can be worked on and improved):
As she learns how to better use her weapons, the level at which she can use them will increase as a result. As of right now she can only summon two things at once, regardless of shape or size or the item itself, she can only create two shadow items at once. Her shadows also cannot go incredibly far away from her, if they leave 100 meters in a circle radius around her, they'll dissipate into black smoke, which in itself can be of use.

--Optional information--

The reason they want to be a hero:
"I Dont..."


  • Food, any kind, as long as it's spicy, she wants it...
  • Quiet, because loudness is the most god damned awful thing on this entire planet
  • Drawing, she tends to have a drawing journal with her at all times, she is actually outstanding at it.
  • Music, because she's not an animal, who doesn't like music??

  • Loud People.
  • Rude people.
  • Honestly, people in general annoy her.
  • Her family.

  • Extensive Skill in her main set of weapons.
  • She has been trained in hand to hand combat as well in several different arts since she was young.
  • Extremely Quiet.
  • Has mastered free running.

Voice had been in the room next to the area that Vanessa had called a meeting. Her arm beeped, followed by a file from her, ignoring it as something for the missions. Getting dressed she choose her jean overalls and nothing else, after all there wasn’t really anything to exactly cover. An image flashed through her mind and she blinked a couple of times, marking it in her memory bank to go back to later. Picking up her holster, she strapped it to her waist and put her pistols in there. Walking out it seemed she was the last to arrive, taking a seat between Diesel and Vanessa. Spinning the chair around, she leaned against it, listening to Vanessa.

Looking down, she absorbed everyone's response to what Vanessa had to say. Standing up, she went back into her room and came back with a teal datatape with a data jack in them. Standing next to Vanessa, she glanced at her for a second and did the same with Diesel, this was the moment she's been preparing for, since the group got bigger. “I want to start this explanation with this, if you do not want the risk, I understand and im sure Vanessa will too” she paused thinking about her next words. “You are my family just as much as Vanessa calls me her sister, and ive only kept this secret to protect you all” she pressed on her arm and a jack came out, plugging herself into the tape, her eyes glowed. “I think you three” pointing at Tal, Joe and Avi “might have had the idea, but no real basis to make the claim.”

She turned and a projection fell onto the blank wall in front of them, starting a “power point” of sorts. Each clip was the memories of Mimi making her in SKs labs. “Have you three ever noticed that i have no Aura? Or how i never let you heal me Tal? Avi i know you’ve had a suspicion and not really sure how it missed you.” The powerpoint stopped on a freeze frame of a document called “Project A.N.G.E.L” zooming in so everyone could read it “this is where i was born, I am an Artificial Intelligence, originally under the name ANGEL, I was suppose to fix the world, or thats what my poor creator believed when SK offered her a position. I was created with the purpose to fix pollution, help humanity right the wrongs its done to this planet. Miki Yuroshi was her name and i consider her to mother i suppose. Im sure a lot of you can see where this is going. Miki found out pretty fast someone was going in an teaching me to kill, to become a weapon of mass destruction. In these stages my mind was close to that of a kids. I had a problem with emotions as well, it was something Miki couldn’t crack. I had the ability to understand it, but i could not convey them. That was until the night i became who i am now. Miki had contacted Vanessa for help, to get her and myself out of there…”

The slideshow continued and began to show the events that lead to the escape “Miki was able to get runners into the security system and plan for my great break out. However it all went horribly wrong, as do most things that involve SK, she was able to get to me, but SK made sure i couldn’t leave my domain, a place dubbed Heaven. So Miki did what any mother would do for their kid, and risked everything to save me from a horrible life. She “injected” me into her brain implants, the only way without time that i could get away. However what she didn’t account for was my ability to rewrite programming in almost anything, and as young as a program i was, i thought i was helping by rewriting her brain implants so that we could both inhabit the same space easier.” she paused, she wasn’t capable of crying, but to everyone, they could hear the pain in her voice. “What happened next, changed everything for me” the slide showed the moments Miki realized she made a mistake “i rewrote everything, to make room for myself, but in doing that, i caused us to merge. Just as much as I was merged with her, she was merged with me. Unfortunately...she wasn’t able to withstand it. She was, and still is, lost in my programming if that makes sense. I’m not even sure what i really am anymore, in express terms, I am her, i have her memories, i have her personality, i have her emotions, her morals. She was the piece missing from me that i needed to be an actual being.” She closed her eyes and took the jack out from the tape.

Turning, her eyes went back to normal with her heart pupils “Its outrageous to expect you guys to believe all of what im saying, no matter how long i have spent with each of you. So my statement stands, you don't have to go through this, none of you do” she looked at Vanessa and Diesel “you all can walk away and let them come here to get me, ill destroy myself before i go back, but i'm not going to ask you all to risk your lives because of me” she looked around at everyone as silence fell over everyone.
@FalloutJack Yeah you're all good to post if you made the small edit about da wolf, sorry it took so long to finally get it together, lifes been hectic

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The Finished Decker is also finally here.
It is very much plot related, but it is good to note Voice is no where near the level of Deus, she's an A.I but it would take her an extreme amount of time, like im talkin year wise, to get to Deus level and even then, she would need something to help the process, which she cant get without drawing attention.
Im also super interested in this!!
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