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10 years of fantasy roleplay experience and world building.
I don't do one-liners and I can match the length of my posts with my partner's (Prefer Advanced RP)
I enjoy heavy, fantasy medieval plots mostly, but that doesn't mean I won't rp something chill or modern, or sci-fi, really depends on the idea. I'm open for a lot of ideas.
English is not my native language.

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Answered on pm :)
Humpty Bumpty?
Hey guys!
So I actually got this idea from a movie. What I am searching for is descriptive long term RP partner(20+ y/o if possible) who can play para/quadriplegic character that just got a new assistant.
My girl(18-21y/o) was a criminal that got into a youth detention center/prison. She was enlisted in a program funded by the government for integrating young criminals back into society. So she got a position as an assistant... to your character.

This is the main idea of this RP, we can add other plots and work together to create something good(I have in mind a lot of things, but want to hear your opinion and desires, it won't be my rp, it will be our rp, so I want to build something that we'll both enjoy). Also, expect this rp to have kick-ass action in the near future and possibly fantasy themes, I just love action. Love and romance is something that can happen between our characters, it really depends on what happens in the rp - anything can happen.
The genre can be anything, it's up to us.

So If anyone is interested PM me or write here :)
Hey guys, I'm new here.
I'm interested in witcher based RP sites/forums, if you know or have any, please, link them to me, because I love the games and the books, I really want to "jump" into that universe and have fun.
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