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4 mos ago
Current I will answer to all of you ASAP. Thank you for taking interested in my Dark Fantasy partner search.


Over 10 years of fantasy roleplay experience and world building.
I don't do one-liners and I can match the length of my posts with my partner's (Prefer Advanced RP)
I enjoy heavy, fantasy medieval plots mostly, but that doesn't mean I won't rp something chill or modern, or sci-fi, really depends on the idea. I'm open to a lot of ideas.
English is not my native language.

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So, I've been RPing over 10 years now, which I spent mainly on building medieval fantasy worlds and roleplaying in them. This is the setting that my heart is at. After so many years focusing on medieval fantasy, I've taken some time to roleplay in other settings and things entirely different from this setting with characters I'm not used to play against (out of my comfort zone, but hey, trying new stuff is amazing, found an amazing roleplayer here and we roleplay to this day[for two years and hopefully more to come]). Things have gone well, but for months now I'm missing my thing (old habits die hard, right...). I want to come back to the world of medieval fantasy, I'm really excited about it, inspired and motivated to start it.

Before that, I'd like to mention a couple of things:
- I really, really want a creative partner. Someone that is excited to build the world and all its stories, creatures and legends with me. Medieval fantasy lover, who is dedicated. Now, this doesn't mean post every day or every other day, we have lives outside of the RP world, I'm pretty busy myself, but I'd like you not to ghost me and tell me if you decide to leave.
- Someone over 21. The older the better.
- The world is a dark and corrupted place, outside of the established villages and cities, danger lurks around every corner. Often, we can find it in these cities and villages as well. Be prepared for action, blood, violence, gore, horror, tragedy, struggle and so in. Of course, as it is in life, there will be moments of light and hope, but not too many, not enough to make us relax and close our eyes for the ugliness for too long.
- I don't want perfect characters. No one is perfect, a perfect character is a boring character. We all have our struggles and burdens to carry, things that pull us down occasionally, things that we hardly deal with, but we don't have any choice. It's up to you, I've already decided about my character.
- As I mentioned above, there will be a lot of bad stuff, but that doesn't mean that nothing good will happen. I strongly believe that we can enjoy the good stuff in life better when we've seen the darkness. So, having mentioned this, romance is possible, but it will have to happen naturally. I know that love at first sight is a thing and it happens, but that won't change things that much. My guy is a cynical loner, pretty rough around the edges, tough, not that talkative, has seen shit and learned that trusting people leads to nothing good. He is also pretty brutal in battle and fights, so a person like him will always "sleep with one eye open".
- Never be afraid to throw out your ideas. I'm always open to new ideas and new twists! This is going to be our world, unleash your creativity.

So, I've based my character on the witchers from The Witcher universe. The world will include all kinds of monsters and magical things to fight so there's a purpose of these hunters' existence. If you're not familiar with this universe, it's ok, I'll tell you what you need to know. Won't be much, since this RP world will be of our creation.

(If I'm going to play female, then she won't be quite like my man here)

For the races, well, if you're a fantasy lover, you'll have an idea. Elves, orcs, trolls, goblins, vampires, werewolves and many more that we'll create. You can be anything as long as it's a humanoid and sentient creature.

I like to throw NPCs and work with more characters than one, but I'll mainly focus on my main.

Tell me if you have any triggers. I like to make my characters suffer, struggle and go through hell, basically, so I need to know the topics you're not comfortable with. I'm fine with everything and have no triggers, except that I just don't like furries. Just can stand them and the whole concept of them :D That doesn't mean that we won't have them included as I imagine the race to be more like the Khajiits from TES series, but I won't be really intrigued if I play against them.

About character's death. I've been known to kill my character as well as other major characters from my old RP partners for the sake of the story, if the story requires it. However, I won't do this mistake again - to kill my character without discussing this with my partner. I've been aiming for the surprise, but it turned out that I've made a lot of people sad and angry, because they have interacted with my character, got to like them and suddenly realize that this character is dead and won't be able to RP with them. So, I'm not opposed to killing my character when it seems logical or necessary, but I'll always discuss major changes like this with you. There won't be bad surprises.

What will happen if we decide to get rid of him? I'll replace him with a new face and your character will be left with the memories. The RP will continue, but with a different character. Or it can end. That is up to us, but I'm aiming for long-term RP.

Post length? Really depends, but this is in the advanced RP forum, so I expect details. Details, details and details. That's what makes an RP exciting. Three good looking paragraphs at least will be fine. From me, you can expect details, internal monologues, thoughts, describing the environment and such.

I expect from this RP epicness, gritty stuff, horrible stuff, horror stuff, sad stuff, tragedy, heavy emotional moments, action, battles, but also happy moments, moments of joy, so when our characters look back, they could say "dammit... all the shit was worth it."

Dark fantasy is what best describes this type of RP.

This will be 1x1 RP over PM.

I can write smut, have no problem with it, but having smut is not a requirement. It is entirely up to you again, though that won't be the main focus of the RP. Fade to black or descriptive sex, I'm fine with both.

As far as for the face claims - well, I kind of want them. Can be either real-life people or art (but not manga/anime). A short bio with an FC will be great.

English is not my mother tongue, but I've never had problems with it with my partners.

Now, I'm sure I'm missing a lot of stuff. Will add them later. If you're interested, please send me a PM with the basic ideas behind your character, your desires for the RP, your ideas and if you have any questions for me. I have some ideas and I'd be happy to start brainstorming with a fellow storyteller.
Answered on pm :)
Humpty Bumpty?
Hey guys!
So I actually got this idea from a movie. What I am searching for is descriptive long term RP partner(20+ y/o if possible) who can play para/quadriplegic character that just got a new assistant.
My girl(18-21y/o) was a criminal that got into a youth detention center/prison. She was enlisted in a program funded by the government for integrating young criminals back into society. So she got a position as an assistant... to your character.

This is the main idea of this RP, we can add other plots and work together to create something good(I have in mind a lot of things, but want to hear your opinion and desires, it won't be my rp, it will be our rp, so I want to build something that we'll both enjoy). Also, expect this rp to have kick-ass action in the near future and possibly fantasy themes, I just love action. Love and romance is something that can happen between our characters, it really depends on what happens in the rp - anything can happen.
The genre can be anything, it's up to us.

So If anyone is interested PM me or write here :)
Hey guys, I'm new here.
I'm interested in witcher based RP sites/forums, if you know or have any, please, link them to me, because I love the games and the books, I really want to "jump" into that universe and have fun.
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