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My life is being a bit hectic atm, may take me a week or so till i finish writing. Sorry if that does happen
Honestly the three goblins sound like a lot of fun
Can I ask what sort of classes there will be? Very interested in making a tactician or dark mage perhaps, none the less i am still highly interested.

Edit: Is the weapon triangle still broken in this, will axes forever be semi-useless.
Here is mine so far, it still needs shuffled around a bit. Was going for a overly theatrical wizard, or and pun intended, a stage mage.

I got 61, which is a Cameo carved in the likeness of a hideous person
My background allows me a trinket from an admirer, should i let you decide on it or should i roll for it?
NM, don't have the time for this sadly
Id prefer dice rolls, but I understand if people want points
Definitely Interested, already got an idea for a character
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