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How come I'm never part of the pinglist lmao

Is this suitable?

And here it is, hoping this will suffice. Really excited about joining this. If anyone could give me their opinion on my race, it would also be much appreciated. ^^
My life is being a bit hectic atm, may take me a week or so till i finish writing. Sorry if that does happen
Honestly the three goblins sound like a lot of fun
Can I ask what sort of classes there will be? Very interested in making a tactician or dark mage perhaps, none the less i am still highly interested.

Edit: Is the weapon triangle still broken in this, will axes forever be semi-useless.
Here is mine so far, it still needs shuffled around a bit. Was going for a overly theatrical wizard, or and pun intended, a stage mage.

I got 61, which is a Cameo carved in the likeness of a hideous person
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