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Sorry, didn't even realise that id put a five there, my bad. Ill fix that up now along with the other stuff i need to do
Whoops forgot about that, try it now.
Click for free nudes(and a wip character sheet i guess...)
I know its not finished yet but hows it coming along?
Dont think ive ever rolled a total of 10 in stats before, at least ive got a fairly balanced character now.
(And Today's lucky numbers are:) 15, 12, 12, 10, 12, 12

Also I'm guessing more exotic races like Tabaxi and Lizardfolk considered as monsters and the such, likely to not be allowed entry in small villages and even refused services at larger settlements? Would it however come to violence if said exotic race were merely walking down a rough city street?
Is this still open for applicants? Was thinking of going as a monk if that role hasnt already been filled
@Alfhedil Ah, sorry about that, should have known as much
From Stardust...

But you keep taking it back
But I want it
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