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Welcome everyone!

Crisis Dragoon is a Roleplay where two people team up, (one is a dragoon, the other is a dragon) and go through life living with each other while going to school and completing various assignments and high-risk life or death missions.

It's set in a fantasy setting in modern times where dragons and humanoid creatures exist.

Current Races:
Fereece - (Half-human half mammal race)
(And anything in between)

This roleplay even has its own excel character sheet with auto calculations and attribute growth. With an emphasis on creativity.

If you are interested, I run a Roleplay only server in Discord which is open to everyone. If you are interested here is the invite link. Hope to see you there.
In the Interest Check I wrote this....

Due to the fact that this is before the White Fang formed, it doesn't mean we can't have a group of Faunus under a different name who eventually become to be known as the white fang. (If that tickles anyone's fancy) To make this work actually, I was thinking this.

Those who were going to have a White Fang character, instead could be a part of Kittman's group 'The Fangs of Iron' which after the bloody war become known as the White Fang. An idea, but it could work.

As for dealing with the amount of people we have, let me count. (6 Characters) All are accepted, you can make changes to bring characters up to par with their semblence. However, those that are older and graduated, should naturally be more powerful than those that are younger and less experienced. (Not to mention a little weakness allows for easy character development)

It seems that everybody in on board for the Faunus side of things.

I will control the human faction that will be fighting the Faunus, however, feel free to have human or other contacts you can use and talk to.

Because we have 6 people, I would like to try making a day in the RP be 2 rotations (everybody posts twice then the next day starts) We could do more, however, I feel that being able to progress the story would be more healthy for an RP. If you think we need more or less rotations feel free to ask.

If we do 2 rotations, make sure to remember that when you post; that way you can cover enough ground with each post.

If you wanted to, you could pm people directly with how you want to interact with their character, (essentially, you could have 1 person post for multiple) it could be more fluid that way. Once again though, this an idea. Use it if you want.

So I would like people's opinions on this please!
Meeka's Journal
Team: MMJC (Majic)
Day 5

Its a new day, and the first day of classes. I'm not really interested in school, because I already know as much as I need in order to graduate. All of the information I learn today will just be a review I fear. I could be a Professor at this school teaching medicine if I wanted to. Also, getting dressed is another problem when you have a bushy wolf tail and ears. Interestingly, all the clothes I have, are specifically made for my ears and tail in mind. Seriously, this is way creepier than I thought it could get. It even came with instructions on how to hide my ears in plain sight using ribbons and such. Its soooooo creepy. Obviously, the one responsible for my change has to be the one who sent me these clothes and supplies. No one knows that I was forcibly changed into a Fuanus! Or was I? This thought unnerves me the most.

What if I actually chose to undergo this change willfully?

It is possible, but the way I am now, would I have truly chosen that path? Will I ever accept that fact or will I hide this transformation for the rest of my life. I don't know. I do know however, that after I had finished preparing for the day, my team had 5 minutes to get to our first class. Surprisingly, Mishak was able to support all 4 of us on his hoverboard and we made it to our class in record time. The teacher was a green haired caffeine doping man that couldn't stand still. The way he spoke was ridiculously fast too, however, I sense a kindred spirit in him. A common agreement that with knowledge of the past, we can avoid repeating past mistakes. He is incredibly knowledgeable on all subjects history, and his class was quite enjoyable. I think I actually learned a few things I didn't know beforehand. I really should talk with him later to see if I can get my hands on some of the books he studies. Near the end of class however, he imparted his own wisdom on the class and then proceeded to have me and Mishak to demonstrate his wisdom. "Team work is key to survival in these years at the academy." He wanted us to do a team attack to take down a Grimm he had brought to class. Using my semblance, I looked into the future to guess what would happen. Using that knowledge, I imparted it to Mishak and well, he obliterated that poor Grimm when it charged straight at us. Impressed with our effectiveness, the professor congratulated us and that was the end of class. I asked Mishak if he could keep Jon from
getting to close to me, in return he wanted me to hang out with a girl named Nora. Why? Not sure. But if it keeps Jon away, I don't think i'll mind hanging out with another girl.
Once class was over, that was it. Our next class wasn't until tomorrow. So what to do with the entire rest of the day? Once again.... the whole group (except for ever sleeping Cole) looked to me on what to do. I immediately threw an option for lunch, and we all agreed on eating Chinese food. Our group made our way to the tram system to head to Vale for food. The ride was longer than I expected. During it, I looked at our upcoming schedule and various missions we could take. We finally make it to Vale and using the handy GPS App on the Scroll, I was able to find the restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, we find that Cole had gone missing from the group. I naturally thought Mishak was just oblivious to the fact that he had dropped the sleeping Cole, but we all decided on trying to find him. I decided to use my nose as a wolf would to track a scent of their prey. Surprisingly, I was able to pick up his scent and follow it all the way through the city. Of course any normal person near me would wonder why I was constantly sniffing the air, but my team? Yea they asked, but brushed it aside thinking my nose was runny... Wow.... It looks like it will be a lot easier to hide these changes from my team than I thought. After almost an hour of searching the city, we came across the scene of a fleeing vigilante just finishing up some business with a local robber. The police referred to him as the "Collider". Apparently this vigilante is really popular around town here and actually thought of him as a Hero as well.
Either way, it just so happened that we found a sleeping Cole shortly after the vigilante disappeared. His scent was written all over that scene. Could it be? Not sure, more evidence is needed. Either way, we made it back to the restaurant and ordered our food.
Shortly after we finish our food. Another team walks in, among them is a Faunus, she has large tall rabbit ears. I immediately look away trying to not garner attention from her. Mishak of course immediately tries to challenge them to a fight. Thankfully, the very fashionable CoCo declined his offer in a very... forceful yet feminine way? Not sure how to explain the tone. Aside from that, I left the store to get away from the tense situation not wanting to get involved with if a fight started. The Faunus, (I believe her name was Velvet) came out to talk with me. Apparently, other Faunus can tell when they see another Faunus even if that person (me) is hiding it really well. If that is the case... why can't I tell when I see another Faunus? I feel this fact further increases the evidence that I wasn't a Faunus to begin with. Or have I just not ran into a Faunus in hiding? Not sure, more evidence needed. Velvet questioned why I was hiding my Faunus looks. I simply told her the truth. I told her I wasn't a Faunus. Either way, Velvet didn't believe me, (of course she didn't) heck... I wouldn't even believe it myself if I heard it told to me. I explained that I wasn't a Faunus and that I was human at first, and that statement.... only confused the poor bunny even more... I don't blame her though. I'm thoroughly confused and I’m living with it! How? Why? I can’t explain enough of my frustration of my missing past.
Our group made it back to the tram and headed off towards the school again. During the ride, my team and I selected a mission involving medicine. Great. At least I'll know what is going on for once in my life. But, before we head on our mission, I decide to head back to the dorm and create a 'Wake the Dead Potion' in order to keep Cole awake. Result.... Inconceivable. Not only did it not wake him up like it should, he said that it smelled good. It's not called 'Wake the Dead' for no reason. My mother swears that she actually disturbed a passing by spirit with the smell of this potion. I then asked him to drink it. (You should never do that. Ingesting this potion is essentially ingesting deadly poison) and once again, he said it tasted good and went back to SLEEP! HE WENT TO SLEEP AFTER DRINKING DEADLY POISON! HOW! What is he? More data is needed before I make a conclusion. As for Mishak, he wasn't in the room when this all happened, he went to go train in the coliseum. He hasn't returned yet. I wonder what is happening with him?

Well… Mishak came back, more moody than usual, words were fired, he threatened to murder some of us. Blamed me for being a terrible leader. Said he was leaving school and Jax started to celebrate when he heard that. Things got worse, security was involved. Thankfully we didn’t lose our door this time… I am however very worried.

This team is about to fall apart, and there is nothing I can do about it….

Character Sheet


Party: Student
Name: Race Florence
Race: Human (Wants to be a Faunus)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs


Ever since his first run in with a Faunus at the tender age of 8, Race has always wanted to be a Faunus. He thought that they were 'soooooooooooo' cool. He actually wanted to be one so badly that he started wearing fake wolf ears on the top of his head. Ever since that defining moment, Race has always been the subject of ridicule and transfered to pretty much all the schools. He currently resides at Beacon which is a little more tolerant of his interesting life style. Race has trained since that fateful day to be as strong and fast as the Faunus he wants to become. (A wolf) His family, although they still love him, tried their best to correct his ways, but Race wouldn't listen.



Weapon: Tetra Fang
Melee Form:
Ranged Form: None / Arm guards of the claws extend into a powerful shield

Semblance: Radiant Aegis
Appearence Active: Race focuses his aura into a concentrated ball of light (usually from his hand)

A) Can use his aura to strngthen or replenish others
B) Can work as a flashlight
C) Signal Flare
D) Blinding Explosion of Light
E) Can act as a Barrier


Faunus Obsession: Knows "EVERYTHING FAUNUS"
Medical Knowledge
Mimick Wolf Sounds Perfectly

There is the OOC feel free to insert your character in the character tab.
Alright boys and girls here is the OOC I will work on an IC once we get a few more people to divulge there opinions on my ideas.
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